Yedingham Directory of Trades and Professions for 1905


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for YEDINGHAM in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

General information:
  • Parliamentary Division, Buckrose.
  • County Council, East Riding.
  • Postal Address ---Yedingham, Heslerton, York.
  • Post ---Delivered from Heslerton, 9 a.m.; dispatch, wall box, 5 p.m. Sundays delivered 9 a.m., collect on return.
  • Nearest Telegraph Office, West Heslerton, 2½ miles.
  • Telegrams---Yedingham, Heslerton, York.
  • Telegrams can be dispatched from NER Station, Heslerton, 1½ miles.
  • Parish Meeting---Overseers, F.W. Lamplough and Geo. R. Harrison.
  • Yedingham Church---Rev. R.C. Atkinson, Vicar.
  • Wesleyan Chapel (Sherburn Circuit).
  • Voluntary Schools---Schoolmistress, Miss Lomas.
  • Nearest Railway Station---Heslerton, NER (York and Scarborough Line).
Gentry &c.:
  • Atkinson, Rev. R.C., The Vicarage.
Miscellany of trades
  • Baker, John, farmer.
  • Baker, Harold, farmer.
  • Baker, William, farmer.
  • Barker, Robert, farmer.
  • Boak, John, farmer.
  • Botterill, William, farmer.
  • Dobson, John, shoemaker.
  • Dunn, James, labourer.
  • Elsworth, John E., farmer.
  • Featherstone, John, Providence Inn.
  • Harrison, George R., farmer.
  • Harrison, Robert, farmer.
  • Holmes, Henry, labourer.
  • Lamplough, F.W., farmer.
  • Lomas, Miss, schoolmistress
  • Lockey, J., farmer.
  • Mainprize, G., Abbey Farm.
  • Monkman, Charles, tailor.
  • Morley, George, farmer, Bridge Farm.
  • Rogers, Fred, blacksmith (residence, Allerston).
  • Storrey, J.
  • Stephenson, Samuel, labourer.
  • Swain, Robert, labourer.
  • White, George, labourer.
Miscellany of trades
  • These are all the names for Yedingham given in my copy of the 1905 District Directory and end on page 322. Pages 323-334 (the beginning of the Whitby Directory, which is street but not name indexed and begins at Esk Terrace) have been torn out.

Transcribed by Pam Smith.