ALNE: Alne Burials, 1781-1792


25.01.1781NEWHAMAnn66FeverWid. of Samuel Newham of Youlton & dau. of Thomas Brown
28.01.1781WADEJohn74Old ageGlazier of Alne & son of John Wade of Affrington, Yeoman
17.02.1781PLOWMANSarah84Old ageWid. of Thomas of Tollerton, Farmer & dau. of Rich Dalton of Wigginton
20.02.1781MENNELLHenryunder 2Coughs & FitsSon of Richard Mennell of Tollerton, Tinker
18.03.1781ROBINSONMary4 monthsCoughs & FitsDau. of Jas Robinson of Tholthorpe, Labourer
03.04 1781HANSELLAnn85Rheumatic PainsRelict of Wm Hensell of Alne
16.04.1781FOSTERPickard84Stroke of the PalsyDau. of Geo Ferriman & widow of John Foster, Bricklayer
19.04.1781DOVEGeorgea few weeksConvulsionsTwin son of Thomas Dove of Youlton, Farmer
19.04.1781DOVEWilliama few weeksConvulsionsTwin son of Thomas Dove of Youlton, Farmer
27.05.1781MOOREYWilliam8 yrs 6 mthsFeverSon of Wm Moorey of Tollerton, Lab and a Roman Catholic
07.06.1781WALLISChristianna66Mortification of footWife of Mr Alderman Wallis of York & dau. of Rev Tennent of Ely
08.07.1781JEFFERSONAnn56DropsyWidow of Jno Jefferton of Flawith & dau. of a pauperman of Willstroppe
03.08.1781HAWKINSRichard62Sudden death at workFarmer & son of Richard Hawkins formerly of Belborough, Farmer
04.08.1781CHAPMANJohn30ConsumptionBroken farmer of Wiggington & son of Francis Chapman of Tollerton
07.08.1781HODGSONWilliam49FeverBachelor of Huby & son of Thomas Hodgeson of Huby, lately of Tollerton
14.08.1781DUNNINGTONJane66Pining awayWife of Jno Dunnington of Alne, carpenter & dau. of Jonathan Foster, Alne
11.09.1781ANDERSONEleanor54Complaint of the BowelWid of Richard Anderson of Aldwark & dau. of Peter Robinson of Alne
21.10.1781WARINGMichael59Sudden deathFarmer of Tollerton
13.12.1781DOBSONAnn85Old ageSpinster of Alne & dau. of James Dobson of Alne
31.12.1781HAREWilliam70Decay of NatureWheelwright of Tholthorpe
01.01.1782BROWNHannah15 weeksAn inward complaintDau of Mr Brown of Tollerton
27.01.1782MENNELLEdward20 weeksAn inward complaintSon of Richard Mennell of Tollerton.
03.02.1782JEFFERSONThomas28Violent death by wheels of loaded waggonSon of John Jefferson late of Flawith.
08.02.1782BARKERWilliam11 weeksConvulsionsTwin of William Barker of Youlton, Farmer
08.02.1782BARKERMary11 weeksConvulsionsTwin of William Barker of Youlton, Farmer
08.02.1782FOUNTAINSAnn1 dayNot of full timeDau. of Nathaniel Fountains of Tollerton, Farmer
17.02.1782FOUNTAINSMary64Stoppage of HeartWidow of Natnaniel Foutains of Tollerton, Farmer
26.02.1782FAWDINGTONElizabeth13 weeksPining awayDau. of John Fawdington of Tollerton, Yeoman
12.03.1782KITCHINGMary58Decay of NatureWidow of Jno Kitching late of Alne & dau. of Jno Foster
13.03.1782APPLEGARTHElizabeth79Died asleepWidow of William Applegarth late of Aldwark, Farmer
21.03.1782JOHNSONRobert69FeverCordwainer of Tollerton
31.03.1782TENNANTGeorge66Palsy of the BowelsLabourer of Tollerton
21.05.1782KITCHINGThomas68Decay of NatureYeoman of Tollerton & son of Thomas Kitching of Alne, Yeoman
22.05.1782HARRISONIsabel81DropsyWidow of Thos Harrison late of Alne
04.07.1782HAXBYWilliam48InfluenzaLate of Settington upon Wolds but now of Alne
24.07.1782GAWTROPAnn63FeverWife of Samuel Gawtrop of Alne
02.08.1782COLLEYJohn44Natural DecayFarmer of Flawith & son of Jno Colley of Flawith, Farmer
06.10.1782HAWKINSAnn9SmallpoxDau. of Richard Hawkins late of Alne, Farmer
16.10.1782GOWLANDThomas68FeverFarmer of Tollerton & son of Robert Gowland nr Richmond, Yorkshire
07.11.1782MILLSMary77Decay of natureWife of John Mills of Tollerton, Yeoman
24.11.1782SIMPSONJohn1 year plusSmallpoxSon of Richard Simpson of Aldwark, Farmer
07.12.1782WARDElizabeth75Decay of NatureWife of James Ward of Tollerton, late Farmer
07.12.1782BROWNGeorge3 weeksFitsSon of Thomas Brown of Tollerton, Farmer
13.01.1783FLAWITHJane63FeverSingle woman & dau. of William Flawith of Tollerton
27.03.1783FALLMary82StrokeWidow of Richard Fall of Alne
21.04.1783JEFFERSONStephen19ComsumptionSon of Thomas Jefferson of Tholthorpe, Yeoman
30.04.1783WRIGHTRobert  Spurious son of Mary Wright of Sutton on the Forest.
05.05.1783FAWBERTJames30FeverAledraper of Alne & son of T Fawbert of Tollerton, Farmer
17.05.1783FAWDINGTONMary2 daysConvulsionsDau. of Jno Fawdington of Tollerton
31.05.1783WRIGHTWilliam90Old ageFarmer of Tollerton
02.06.1783MITCHELLEdward46Decay of NatureMiller of Rashelf & son of Jno Mitchell of Alne, Miller
01.07.1783ANDERSONAnn95DeclineRelict of Richard Anderson, Weaver of Aldwark
02.07.1783FOSTERPickard20 years plusComsumptionDau. of John Foster of Alne, Bricklayer
27.07.1783CUSSANSMary68DistemperSpinster of Tollerton & dau. of Richard Cussans, Butcher, late of Tollerton
29.08.1783LILLEYJohn72DeclineInnkeeper of Tollerton & son of Richard Lilley, Innkeeper.
30.09.1783SPENCEMary83FeverWife of Thomas Spence of Tollerton, Farmer
29.11.1783FAWDINGTONThomas54FeverLabourer of Tollerton & son of Wm Fawdington, once a reputable Farmer
07.01.1784WRIGHTEdward64FeverFarmer of Youlton & son of Edward Wright of Wigginton
19.01.1784DODGSONWilliam74Rheumatic PainsFarmer of Tholthorpe
20.01.1784DIXONJane2 weeksA complaint of the bowelsDau. of William Dixon of Tholthorpe
01.02.1784PARKERIsabel8 daysConvulsionsDau. of John Parker of Flawich
11.02.1784ELLISERichard41Violent FeverThe younger & son of William Ellise of Tholthorpe, Farmer
18.02.1784SCOTTAnn70Decline & Violent PainsWife of Robert Scott of Aldwark, a poor man in Almshouse
20.02.1784HALLEsther67Decay of natureWidow of John Hall late of Tholthorpe, Yeoman
05.03.1784BURTONThomas84DeclineOf Easingwold
21.03.1784REYNOLDSElizabeth11 weeksDeclineDau. of Emanuel Reynolds of Lane House, Farmer
30.04.1784SCOTTRobert73DropsyA poorman from Aldwark
04.05.1784PENROSEDorothy68FeverWife of William Penrose of Alne
12.05.1784JEFFERSONElizabeth79FeverWidow of John Jefferson of Youlton, Farmer
16.06.1784FOSTERAnn  Wife of John Foster of Alne, a pauper
04.07.1784SCOTTAnn31ConsumptionSpinster & dau. of Robt Scott late of Aldwark
27.07.1784GOWLANDMargaret66DropsyFrom Linton upon Ouse & widow of Thos Gowland late of Tollerton, Farmer
23.08.1784FARRAYWilliam70FeverLabourer of Tollerton
25.08.1784KITCHINGJane27DeclineSpinster of Alne & 3rd dau. of John Kitching of Alne, Yeoman
28.09.1784DODGSONMary73FitsWife of the late William Dodgson of Thorland? Farmer
25.11.1784BELLElizabeth35DeclineWife of Thomas Bell of Wigginton, Farmer & dau. of Wm Brown of Youlton
28.11.1784BLANDWilliam84Old ageOf Flawith formerly of Craike in the country of Durham
04.01.1785BANKSGrace8 daysConvulsionsDau. of John Banks of Flawith.
13.01.1785TENNANTMary66Nervous complaintWid. of George Tennant late of Tollerton, Labourer
23.01.1785HOPWOODAnn70Rheumatic PainsWife of Thomas Hopwood of Aldwark, Farmer
24.01.1785ELLISEEsther82Old ageWife of Richard Ellise of Tholthorpe, Farmer
06.02.1785COOPLANDKatherine59DeclineWife of John Coopland of Alne, Cordwainer
11.02.1785DUNNELLJane14 daysConvulsionsDau. of Robt Dunnell of Tholthorpe, Labourer
15.03.1785FAWDINGTONRobert4 monthsConvulsionsSon of Robert Fawdington of Tollerton, Wheelwright
18.03.1785JACKSONMary67FitsWife of George Jackson of Tollerton, Labourer
05.04.1785SPENCEThomas80FeverWidower & Farmer of Tollerton
03.05 1785CUSSANSRichard66Obstruction in BreastBachelor & Butcher of Tollerton & son of Richard Cussans of Tollerton
13.07.1785PRATTBenjamin20ConsumptionTailor of Newton Moor by Easingwold, Bachelor & son of W Pratt of same
29.07.1785FOWLERJonathan60DropsyA pauper of Flawith
31.07.1785KENDRAYJohn8Smallpox2nd son of William Kendray. Yeoman of Flawith
04.08.1785WETHERILLAgnes81AsthmaWid of Christopher Wetherill late of Tholthorpe
17.08.1785COLLEYAnn6SmallpoxDau. of William Colley of Tollerton, Farmer
29.08.1785CLOUGHMary7+SmallpoxDau. of Jonathan Clough of Tollerton, Labourer
01.09.1785CUSSANSBetty13 daysPinning awayDau. of William Cussans of Tollerton, Butcher
02.09.1785DUNNINGTONWilliam14 monthsDeclineSon of William Dunnington of Alne, Wheelwright
12.09.1785PENROSEElizabeth9 weeksSmallpoxSpurious dau. of Elizabeth Penrose, A stranger
01.10.1785COLLEYJacob8SmallpoxSon of Jacob Colley of Tollerton, Farmer
04.10.1785CUNDELLJohn65Decay of NatureSon of William Cundell
07.10.1785BRUCEWilliam16Cold?Son of William Bruce of Tollerton Forest, Farmer
04.11.1785BROWNThomas32ConsumptionSon of William Brown of Youlton, Farmer
20.11.1785STUBBSJohn13 weeksFitsSon of Joseph Stubbs of Aldwark, Labourer, pauper
14.01.1786MITCHELLMary74Asthma & PalsyWife of Thomas Mitchell of Alne formerly a Miller
23.01.1786POTTSMichael85Old ageA poor man from Alne
28.01.1786STEELJohn78Mortification of legsOf Alne formerley a Tailor
06.03.1786GRAVESJohn31ConsumptionA Joiner & Bachelor of Alne
08.03.1786CLARKEThomas60PalsyFormerly a School Master of Tholthorpe, a poor man
13.04.1786CHAPMANElisabeth66FeverWife of William Chapman of Tollerton, A papist
21.04.1786TINDALSarah2ConvulsionsDau. of William Tindal of Tholthopre, Labourer, a poor man
30.04.1786DUNNINGTONSarah1Decay of natureOne of the spurious twins of Elizabeth Dunnington of Alne
24.05.1786CHAPMANFrancis63FeverLabourer of Tollerton, a Roman Catholic
31.05.1786PALLISERMary8 monthsCoughDau. of Richard Pallises of Tollerton, Cordwainer
07.06.1786BANKSJemima31ComsumptionWife of John Banks of Flawith
13.06.1786MOONElizabeth24FeverDau. of William Moon of Alne, Yeoman
26.06.1786WHITEAnn80DeclineWife of Thomas White of Alne
28.06.1786BURGESSJohn22ComsumptionSon of John Burgess of Alne, Weaver
05.07.1786CLARKEMary31ComsumptionWife of Thomas Clarke alias Tod? Of Tholthorpe, Wheelwright
06.07.1786LILLEYThomas68DropsyCordwainer & son of Richard Lilley of Tollerton, Innkeeper
17.07.1786GRAVESAnn1 yearHooping CoughDau. of David Graves of Alne, Labourer, Pauper
06.08.1786SALMONWilliam9 months Son of Christopher Salmon of Alne, Cooper
09.09.1786JACKSONMary64DeclineWife of William Jackson of Aldwark, Farmer
03.10.1786CALVERTJane3Hooping CoughSpurious dau. of Sarah Calvert of Aldwark
03.10.1786FOSTERJohn84DeclineOf Alne, late Farmer, but now a pauper
18.10.1786PENRITHJohn91Decay of the brainLabourer of Alne, Pauper
21.10.1786DIXONWilliam2 monthsDeclineInfant son of William Dixon of Tholthorpe
07.11.1786PALLISERIsabell85DeclineWidow of Tollerton
24.11.1786FOSTERDeborah71Paralytic StrokeWife of John Foster of Tholthorpe
29.11.1786HAREWilliam25ComsumptionTaylor of Sutton on the Forest, son of Wm Hare late of Tholthorpe
25.12.1786FAWDINGTONIsabell70DecayWidow of late Thomas Fawdington, Wheelwright of Tollerton
00.01.1787BARKERHannahnot 2 yrs oldHooping CoughSpurious dau. of Hannah Barker of Tholthorpe
05.01.1787ANDREWMargaret67Declay of NatureWid. of late John Andrews, Farmer of Aldwark
11.01.1787HALLThomas9 monthsSmallpoxSon of Thomas Hall of Alne, Labourer
28.01.1787SCROGGSAnn46DeclineWife of Rev TA Scroggs vicar of Alne
31.01.1787TINNESWOODWilliam8SmallpoxSon of William Tinneswood of Alne, Farmer
02.02.1787BROWNWilliam72Decay of NatureLate Farmer of Youlton & son of Thos Brown
25.03.1787GUDGEONAnn1DeclineSpurious dau. of Elizabeth Gudgeon of Alne
03.05.1787MOONWilliam58DeclineYeoman of Alne & son of ? Moon of Stillington
27.05.1787POTTSElizabeth70Decay of NatureWidow of Michael Potts of Aldwark, a poor woman
09.06.1787GARFORTHWilliam1Worm FeverSon of Abraham Garforth of Tollerton, Labourer
23.06.1787WEBSTERJohn8PiningSon of Thomas Webster of Flawith, Thatcher
06.07.1787ANDREWEleanor41DropsyWife of William Andrews, Weaver of Tholthorpe
17.07.1787THOMPSONRobert38DropsyA pauper, Labourer from Alne & son of Thomas Thompson of Tollerton
27.07.1787JEFFRAYRichard25FeverA poor servant of Tholthorpe & son of William Jeffray a poor labouring man
27.08.1787HARESarah33DeclineWife of Thomas Hare of Tholthorpe, Cordwainer
21.09.1787STOTTMary15DropsyDau. of Thomas Stott of Tollerton, Carpenter. A roman catholic
21.10.1787TAYLORFrancis1FitsSon of Wm Taylor of Tollerton, a Merchant Tailor
03.11.1787ROBINSONJohn72DeclineYeoman of Alne & son of Thomas Robinson of Alne, Cordwainer
22.12.1787ESHELBYJoseph6 yrs 5 mthsMortification of the Bowels4th son of Thomas Eshelby of Aldwark, Yeoman
25.12.1787FAWDINGTONJohn6 weeksConvulsionsSon of John Fawdington, Yeoman of Tollerton
17.01.1788DOLBYCarolina31Decay of NatureWife of Thos Dalby of Alne, Labourer, pauper
20.02.1788BROWNSusanna62DelineOf Easingwold. Widow of William Brown late of Youlton
02.03.1788PLUMMERJane66Inflamation of BowelsWife of George Plummer Farmer of Tollerton
04.03.1788CUSSONSAlice59Rheumatics in the headRelict of William Cussons of Tollerton, a poor woman
26.04.1788BONNARDMargaret DeclineTwin child of Richard Bonnard of Tollerton, Miller
14.06.1788ANDERSONRichard33Stagnation of bloodof Alne, son of Richard Anderson of Aldwark, Farmer
22.06.1788GRICEWITHWilliam3+SmallpoxSon of William Gricewith of Tholthorpe late Farmer
17.07.1788LUPTONMary63AsthmaAn old maid of Tollerton
17.07.1788FISHERMary2SmallpoxDau. of Roger Fisher of Tholthorpe, Labourer
24.07.1788DIXONThomas1 monthFitsSon of William Dixon of Tholthorpe, Labourer
27.07.1788FISHERJohnnearly 7 mthsSmallpoxSon of Roger Fisher of Tholthorpe, Labourer
16.08.1788GALTRYSAlice37DeclineWife of George Galtrys of Tollerton, Labourer
01.09.1788CUSSONSSarah1 yr 27 weeksA wearingSpurious dau of Mary Cussons of Tollerton
03.09.1788CALVERTMary82Old age & FeverWidow of William Calvert late of Tollerton, Cooper
03.10.1788WEBSTERMary41DeclineWife of Thomas Webster of Flawith, Labourer
18.10.1788ROBINSONAlice35DeclineWife of James Robinson of Tholthorpe, a pauper
02.12.1788FOSTERMary28FeverDau. of George Foster of Alne, Bricklayer
09.12.1788SHEPHERDAnn23FeverDau. of John Shepherd late of Aldwark, Labourer
03.01.1789CHAPMANMary67DropsyA poor widow of Tollerton, relict of late Fran Chapman
06.01.1789PECKETTThomas79Dropsical ComplaintOf Alne, late Farmer of Aldwark
08.01.1789FARRAHMary91Worn out with old ageA poor woman from Easingwold & wid. of late Wm Farrah of Tollerton
16.01.1789PANNETTWilliam79DeclineLabourer of Tollerton
22.01.1789WARDJames82Worn out with old ageA Farmer formerly of Tollerton
27.01.1789PLUMMERRobert54DeclineA Taylor of Alne & son of William Plummer of Alne, Yeoman
01.02.1789APPLEGARTHJohn72 Yeoman of Aldwark & son of Wm Applegarth of Wath House.
11.02.1789TERRYSarah26DeclineSpinster & dau. of John Terry of Youlton, Labourer, Pauper
28.02.1789POLLARDGeorge13Cold & HoarsenessSon of Thos Pollard of Tollerton, Labourer
17.03.1789DODGSONElizabeth31DeclineWife of Benjamin Dodgson of Tholthorpe
30.04.1789GRAVESEllis39DeclineWife of David Graves of Hustwhaite, a pauper
01.05.1789DUNNINGTONWilliam5Scarlet FeverSon of John Dunnington of Alne, Wheelwright
04.05.1789PARKERMary9 weeksScarlet FeverDau. of John Parker of Flawith, Farmer
05.05.1789DUNNINGTONCatherine4Scarlet FeverOne of the spurious twins of Elizabeth Dunnington of Alne
06.05.1789ANDERSONAnn66 or 69Apoplexy & FitWife of Thomas Anderson of St Georges Grange, Yeoman
08.06.1789GALTRYSAnn76DropsyWid. of Thomas Galtrys late of Tollerton, Farmer
19.06.1789BLANDWilliam51DeclineLabourer of Flawith & son of Wm Bland formerly of Craike
19.07.1789TINDALAlice15DeclineDau. of George Tindal of Alne, Labourer
16.07.1789CUSSONSJohn80DropsyOf Flawith
18.07.1789CUSSONSAlice77Dropsy & AsthmaAn old maid from Flawith, sister of the above J Cussons
08.10.1789PEACOCKHannah48DeclineWife of Francis Peacock of Flawith, Farmer
11.10.1789CLARKEMary13DeclineDau. of Thos Clarke of Tholthorpe, Carpenter
21.10.1789PRATTMary1ConvulsionsDau. of Thos Pratt of Tollerton, Blacksmith
23.10.1789HUDSONAnn31DeclineWife of James Hudson of Alne, Cordwainer
09.11.1789WRIGHTElizabeth27DeclineDau. of Edward Wright late of Youlton, Farmer
13.11.1789JEFFERSONJane80Worn out with old ageWid. of Leo Jefferson late of Aldwark, Farmer
21.01.1790RICHARDSONMary67A wearingWife of William Richardson of Tollerton, a poor man
25.01.1790VASEYFrances65Decay of natureA poor woman from Tollerton deaf & dumb from a child
29.01.1790BONNARDElizabeth3MeaslesTwin dau. of Richard Bonnard of Tollerton, Miller
16.02.1790FOSTERJohn73FeverFarmer of Tholthorpe
18.02.1790BLANDJoseph14Sudden death by fitOf Tholthorpe & son of Wm Bland deceased of Flawith
05.03.1790POOLRobert82Worn out with old ageLords Bailiff of Alne
06.04.1790TINDALLJohn77AsthmaOf Tholthorpe
22.04.1790HAREWilliam5FeverSon of Thomas Hare of Tholthorpe, Cordwainer
24.04.1790GRAVESRichard77Decay of natureA poor man from Alne
20.05.1790HUDSONWilliam2yrs 6 mthsDeclineOf Alne
22.05.1790GALTRYSMary12DeclineDau. of George Galtrys of Tollerton, Labourer
22.06.1790REYNOLDSJohn4 monthsChin CoughSon of Emanuel Reynolds of Tollerton Forest, Farmer
25.06.1790CUSSONSRichard79GravelYeoman of Tollerton
27.06.1790ESHELBYAnn48Inflamation of BowelsWife of Thomas Eshelby of Aldwark
26.08.1790NEVISONJane59Rheumatic PainsWife of John Nevison of Tholthorpe, Householder
26.09.1790CLISHEROMary78DeclineWid. of John Clishero of Flawith
12.10.1790ANDREWSWilliam44DeclineWeaver of Tholthorpe
24.10.1790SHEPHERDAnn84Old ageWid. of Wm Shepherd late of Tollerton, Yeoman
15.11.1790ECCLESLucy77DropsyWife of Wm Eccles of Tholthorpe, Farmer
18.11.1790FOSTERElizabeth3 daysAbortionDau. of Richard Foster of Tholthorpe, Farmer
19.12.1790PENROSEMary76Decay of NatureWid. of George Penrose of Alne, a poor woman
24.12.1790AKERSJane78DropsyWid. of Thos Akers late of Tollerton
04.03.1791CALVERTRobert79FeverHouseholder of Tholthorpe
08.03.1791REYNOLDSIsabel3wks 3 daysConvulsionsOf Lane House nr Tollerton
03.04.1791BARTONMary33A Bilious complaintWife of Thos Barton of Scriven Park
07.04.1791FOXFrances10 or 16DeclineOf Linton Woods. Neice of the wife of Leo Hall
28.04.1791WHITEThomas77Decay of NatureTaylor of Alne & householder
10.05.1791PRESTMatthew72Decay of NatureHouseholder of Aldwark
28.05.1791THOMPSONRobert86Worn out with old ageOf Tollerton, a lodger
02.07.1791ECCLESWilliam84A Stoke & FeverFarmer of Tholthorpe
06.07.1791HARRISONJames77Old age & SicknessA poorman of Alne
18.07.1791MARSHALMiles41Decay of NatureTaylor of Flawith & son of Thos Marshal deceased
18.07.1791TINDALMary5 weeksConvulsionsA child of George Tindal of Alne
05.08.1791CLARKEElizabeth82Old ageWife of Richard Clarke of Tholthorpe
10.09.1791PLOWMANAnn75Rheumatic PainsWid. of Richard Plowman of Youlton
02.10.1791TERRYEdward20FeverSon of Jno Terry of Youlton, a poor man
13.01.1792DOWSONAnn59DeclineWife of John Dowson of Alne, a poor man
26.01.1792CUSSONSSeth23FeverSon of William Cussons of Tollerton deceased
31.01.1792BELLERBYElizabethInfantConvulsionsDau of William Bellerby of Tockwith
20.02.1792BRITTONGeorge48Vein in lungsA poor man from Alne
05.03.1792SMITHJohn21Deep comsumptionA pauper of Easingwold
29.03.1792FOSTERJohn1 dayAbortiveA child from Tholthorpe
21.04.1792TERRYJane14WearingA poor child of Youlton
20.05.1792AKERSAnn83Old ageWidow of Crankley in the parish of Easingwold
24.05.1792DUTCHBURNWilliam8Stoppage of heart called CroupSon of Chris Dutchburn a poor man of Alne
03.06.1792WRIGHTMary61DropsyWife of William Wright of Tholthorpe
10.06.1792BONDHannah29DeclineWife of Charles Bond of Linton upon Ouse, a poor man
15.07.1792HODGSHONThomas85Old ageSenior of Tollerton, a boarder near his son
22.07.1792DODDAnn29Decay of NatureDau. of John Dodds of Alne, Farmer
29.08.1792CALVERTSarah82Old ageOf York & wid. of Robert Calvert of Tholthorpe
21.09.1792DUNNINGTONJohn84Old ageCarpenter of Alne
28.09.1792ELLISMary63Sore LegWife of Thos Ellis of Alne
05.10.1792COPLEYJohn19DeclineSon of Joseph Copley of Tollerton
01.11.1792SALMONFrances30DeclineWife of Christopher Salmon of Alne, Cooper
02.12.1792MARSHALJohn87Old ageA poor labouring man of Aldwark
02.12 1792VARLOWElizabeth39DeclineSpinster of Tollerton
26.12.1792PANNETTMary86Paralytic StrokeA poor widow of Alne

Transcribed by Carol Ryan © 2014