Alne, Memorial Plaque transcription


Alne parish:

Alne, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I and II Memorial Plaque in St. Mary's Church, Alne.

Pro Patria Pro Deo

To The Glory Of God

And In Honoured Memory Of Those Who Fell
In The Great War 1914 - 1918

Lieut. Francis J. Gunter, 11th Hussars, 24-5-1915
Pte. Alma Foster, 9th W. Yorks., 9-8-1915
Pte. George H. Andrews, N. Fus., 18-2-1916
Pte. Albert Harland, W. Yorks., 1-7-1916
Pte. Percy Smith, N. Fus., 1-10-1916
Pte. Robt. H. Midgley, 3rd Yorks., 2-11-1916
Pte. William A. Sinclair, A.C.C., 4-4-1917
Pte. Geo. Ward, E. Yorks., 12-5-1917
Pte. John F. Colley, R.A.F., 1-8-1917
Sergt. Stephen Barker, 12th W. Yorks., 26-9-1917
2nd Lieut. Henry S. Mintoft, 1st E. Yorks., 4-10-1917
Pte. John J. Barker, 1st Bat., Colds. Gds., 27-11-1917
Pte. Chas. T. Hutton, 47th Bat., M.G.C., 23-3-1918
Pte. Geo. H. Binns, 1st, 9th Royal Scots., 12-4-1918
Major Hy. C. Oxley, S. Wales Bords., 18-4-1918
Cpl. Richd. Butterfield, 11th E. Lancs., 28-6-1918
Pte. A. Elsegood, N. Fus., 8-7-1918
Pte. R. Sam Warner, 1st Bat., N. Fus., 5-8-1918
Sergt. A. Rennison, M.M.L. Fus., 2-10-1918
Cpl. Wm. Owen Palliser, 7th Bat., Y. Reg., 27-10-1918
Pte. James Morrell, 8th Bat., Yorks., 27-8-1918

† Their Name Liveth For Evermore †

Erected by the Parishioners
of Alne With Aldwark

1939 - 1945

Boy1stClass James Arthur SmithRoyal Navy14 October 1939
Drv.Cecil Claude BennettR.A.S.C.29 May 1940
Gnr. Donald DuellR.A. 10 March 1944
Pte. Arthur Charles BennettK.O.Y.L.I.17 June 1944

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson