Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for AMPLEFORTH in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Postal address, Ampleforth, Oswaldkirk, York.


  • Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank at Mrs. Rhoda Ludley's. Mails arrive from Oswaldkirk at 8-40 a.m., and are despatched at 4-15 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Ampleforth College - Very Rev. Thomas Anselm Burge, O.S.B., prior; Rev. Joseph Anselm Wilson, D.D., sub-prior; Rev. Henry Bede Polding, O.S.B., parish priest
  • Balderson William, painter, paperhanger, and grocer, &c.
  • Banks Richard, cart owner
  • Beadnell Bower, tailor
  • Beadnell Thomas, tailor
  • Benson Henry, butter and egg factor, &c.
  • Benson Jane, huckster
  • Benson John, butter factor, &c.
  • Benson Luke, Brook house
  • Bosomworth Richard, gardener
  • Carlisle Thomas, cowkeeper
  • Coulson William, cowkeeper
  • Cowell George, marine store dealer
  • Dennis James, miller, Ampleforth mill
  • Dickinson Miss Christiana, dressmaker
  • Dickinson Thomas, bootmaker
  • Dukes John, grocer and draper
  • Easterby Miss Dinah
  • Freer George, market gardener
  • Freer John, tailor and grocer, &c.
  • Garbutt James, grocer, &c.
  • Hardy Henry, police constable
  • Hicks Rev. John Thomas Forbes, vicar
  • Howard John, schoolmaster, &c.
  • Kemp David, cattle dealer
  • Manby Rev. A. F., curate
  • McNally Miss Mary, Catholic schoolmistress
  • Metcalfe Wm., builder, farmer, insurance and manure agent, and income tax collector
  • Montgomery Mrs. Ann, Elm bank
  • Munby Ed., agent for Major Stapylton, The Hermitage
  • Nalton William, grocer, &c.
  • Perry John, agent, The Grange
  • Preston & Son, builders and monumental masons. Prospect house
  • Preston Edward Richard (Preston & Son)
  • Preston Richard (Preston & Son)
  • Pringle Thomas, cowkeeper
  • Reading Room
  • Shepherd Charles, cattle dealer
  • Shepherd George
  • Shepherd Robert, general smith
  • Smailes Miss Hannah
  • Smailes Richard, mason
  • Smith Miss Jane
  • Suffill William, butcher
  • Thompson F., monumental mason and builder
  • Thompson Francis William, grocer
  • Thompson Francis, bootmaker
  • Thompson John, cowkeeper
  • Thompson Robert, grocer and draper
  • Walker William, bootmaker
  • White Horse; Mrs. Mary Watson
  • White Swan; John Thomas Stanhope
  • Withington George Herbert, physician
  • Worthy William Henry, joiner
  • Wright Jacob, brick and tile manufacturer; and at Fryton
  • Wright William, tailor


  • Banks William, to Thirsk on Mondays, and Helmsley, Fridays
  • Benson L., to Helmsley, Tuesdays and Fridays


  • Ashton William
  • Banks Mrs. Arabella and John, Old Vicarage
  • Banks Robert
  • Bell Mark, (and coal dealer and carter)
  • Benson William
  • Calvert John
  • Cooper (Mrs.) Lydia Jemima, Henry, & James
  • Denniss James, Ampleforth mill
  • Flintoft Robert, Lowlands
  • Garbutt Robert, Watergate, Thorpe-le-Willows
  • Gilbertson Ann, Lodge field, Gilling
  • Kemp Mrs. Ellen
  • Maynard William, Carr villa
  • Nalton John, Hagg house
  • Nicholson Joseph, Plantation
  • Ransom Japhet
  • Ransom Joseph
  • Stanhope John, Rose cottage
  • Tyreman John, Carr house

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.