Appleton le Street parish:


Amotherby, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Incumbents in St. Helen's Church, Amotherby.

The Clergy of the Parish of
Appleton - Le - Street With Amotherby

RECTORS John Storr M.A.1605
Stephen de [Eglefeld?]1232 William Dove1662
John de Camesane1279 Will Dunn1683
Robert de Sawythorpec.1288 Andrew Watson M.A.1696
Hugh de Wodeford1314 Thomas Hodgson M.A.1706
William de Langford1323 William Hebden B.A.1728
William Fleming1324 Robert Peirson M.A.1740
   Luke Thompson M.A.1764
VICARS James Cleaver B.A.1800
Simon1273 Charles Cleaver B.A.1854
Roger de Swynton1309 James Peach M.A.1886
William de Claypole1365 Thomas Ward M.A.1888
Thomas de Catterick1367 Maurice Bell M.A.1889
John de Pickering1369 Harry Ward M.A. [Canon of York1893
Henry Amyas1406 Cecil Poigand M.A.1935
William Birdsall1414 John Wansey M.A.1938
John Gygord1434 William Atkinson1949
Robert Pape1438 Thomas Anderson1957
William Clayton1481 Barry Keeton M.A., A.K.C.1971
Oliver Cudworth1491 Keith Allinson B.A.1974
William Banes1501 Joseph Martin1982
William Houghton B.C.L.1537 John Richardson1985
John Cowson B.A.1571   
John Mattison1573   

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson