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Appleton le Street parish:

Appleton le Street, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Incumbents in All Saints Church, Appleton le Street.

Incumbents of the Parish of Appleton Le Street With Amotherby

Rectors  Patrons
Mr. Stephen de [Eglefeld?], monk of St. Albans1232-1266? Abbot & Convent of St. Albans
Mr. John da Camezano, nephew of Pope Innocent IV?1266-1281? Abbot & Convent of St. Albans
Mr. Robert de Santhorpe, D.C.L.?1281-1313 Abbot & Convent of St. Albans
Sir John de Wodeforde, King's Chaplain1313-1323 Abbot & Convent of St. Albans
Dns. William de Langforde1323-1324 Abbot & Convent of St. Albans
Dns. Walter de Flemyng1324-1358 Abbot & Convent of St. Albans

In 1358 St. Alban's Abbey appropriated the rectory and a perpetual vicarage was ordained;
a second ordination was made in 1368.

Dns. Walter le Flemyng [formerly Rector]1358-1363 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. William de Claypole ? -1367 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. Thomas de Catryk1367-1369 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. John Saddeler de Pykeryng1369- ? Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. Henry Amyasbefore 1406-1414 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. William Bridsall1414-1434 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. John Gygord1434-1438 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. Robert Pape of Wheldrake [buried in the choir]1438-1480 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Mn. William Cleyton M.A. [Onon.]1481-1491 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. Olyver Cudworth1491-1501 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. William Banes B.A. [Oxon.]1501-1537 Abbot & Convent of St. Alban's
Dns. William Houghton B.A., B.C.L. [Oxon.]1537-1570 Lessees of St. Alban's Abbey
Rev. John Lowson B.A. [Cantab.]1571-1573 Queen Elizabeth I
Rev. John Mattison1573-1605 Queen Elizabeth I
Rev. John Storr M.A. [Cantab.]1605-1656? King James I
Rev. William Dove M.A.1662-1696 King Charles II
Rev. Andrew Watson M.A.1696-1706 Sir William Strickland
Rev. Thomas Hodgson M.A.1706-1727 Sir William Strickland
Rev. William Hebden1728-1740 Sir William Strickland
Rev. Robert Peirson M.A.1740-1764 Hugh Cholmley Esq., Whitby
Rev. Luke Thompson M.A. [also Rector of Thwing]1764-1799 Mrs. Grace Thompson, York
Rev. James Jarvis Cleaver M.A. [Oxon.]1800-1854 Rev. Dr. John Cleaver
Rev. Charles Pierrepont Cleaver B.A. [Cantab.]1854-1886 Rev. James Cleaver
Rev. James Legard Peach [Cleaver] M.A. [Cantab.]1886-1888 Exors. of the Rev. C.P. Peach
Rev. Thomas Crofts Ward M.A. [Cantab.]1888-1889 Exors. of the Rev. C.P. Peach
Rev. Maurice Fredrick Bell M.A. [Oxon.]1889-1893 Exors. of the Rev. C.P. Peach
Rev. Harry Ward B.A. [Cantab.] Canon of York1893-1934 Exors. of the Rev. C.P. Peach
Rev. Cecil Willoughby Poignand M.A., R.N. Rtd.1935-1937 Lord Archbishop of York
Rev. John Wansey M.A. [Cantab.]1938-1949 Lord Archbishop of York
Rev. William John Atkinson1949-1956 Lord Archbishop of York
Rev. Thomas Anderson1957-1970 Lord Archbishop of York
Rev. Barry Keeton M.A.[Dunelm.], B.D.[London], A.K.C.1971-1974 Lord Archbishop of York
Rev. Keith Allison B.A. [Hons.] [Dunelm.]1974-1982 Lord Archbishop of York
Rev. Joseph Edward Martin1982-1984 Lord Archbishop of York
Revd. John Richardson [and subsequently Team Rector]1985-1990 Lord Archbishop of York


Team Vicar: Revd. John D. Walker1989-1992
[half time with a parallel appointment as
Clergy Training Officer in the York Diocese]

Team Rector: Revd. Dr. Geoffrey Sedgwick Simpson1990-
Assistant Curate: Revd. Dr. Roger Long1993-

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson