Coneysthorpe, War Memorial transcription


Barton le Street parish:

Coneysthorpe, War Memorial transcription:

The 1914-1918 War Memorial in Coneysthorpe Village.

The front of the memorial (see also Photo)


to the Glory of God
and as a thankoffering to
the men of
Coneysthorpe and
Henderskelfe who served
in the Great War

The right hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

W Beddell
T Bickers
H D Brown
D Coates
H Coates
T H Coates
W Coates
W Etty

The back of the memorial: (see also Photo)

H Hall
J Hall
F Houldershaw
A Lishman
G Lishman
N Lishman
A Morley
E Newlove
W Newlove

The left hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

A Pinkney
H Pinkney
E Prest
W Prest
F Radford
R Richardson
E Sutton
W Watson

Data transcribed by
Sandra Welburn.
from photography by Colin Hinson