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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for BEDALE in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Bedale, Christopher Webster, Post Muster.
  • Letters are despatched at half past seven in the evening, and arrive at five in the morning: are open from eight to half-past six.
  • Masham, George Jackson, Post Master.
  • Letters for Bedale are despatched at four in the afternoon, and arrive at half-past eight in the morning.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy,

  • Arden Mrs. Leases
  • Barker Peter, gent. Masham
  • Barker William, gent. Bedale
  • Batty Rev. Richard, Bedale
  • Beresford Admiral Sir John P. M.P. Bedale hall
  • Bolland Mrs. Joseph, Masham
  • Bolland Roger, gent. Masham
  • Bowes Miss Cecilia, Masham
  • Burrill Rev. Joseph, Masham
  • Carter Edward Jonathan, esq. Theakston hall
  • Carter Mrs. Elizabeth, Masham
  • Claridge John, esq. Jervaulx abbey
  • Cleveland the most noble the Marquis of, Newton house
  • Coore Colonel, Scruton
  • Danby William, esq. Swinton park
  • Dinsdale William, esq. Aiskew
  • Dodsworth Sir Edward, bart. Thornton hall
  • Elsley Charles Henry, esq. Patrick Brompton
  • Hammond Richard, gent. Masham
  • Hardcastle Mrs. Elizabeth, Masham
  • Hepple Miss Elizabeth, Masham
  • Hickson Mrs. Ann, Masham
  • Hinks Captain, Cowling hall
  • Hutton Timothy, esq. Clifton castle
  • Leeds his Grace the Duke of, Hornby castle
  • Milbank Mark, esq. M.P. Thorp hall
  • Monson Rev. J. J. T. Bedale
  • Monson the Hon. & Rev. Thomas, Bedale
  • Morton Capt. Harcourt, Masham
  • Morton Miss, Masham
  • Morton Mrs. Elizabeth, Masham
  • Peirce Miss M. A. Bedale hall
  • Powley Mrs. Elizabeth, Masham
  • Pullen Henry Percy, esq. Crakehall hall
  • Raw Mrs. Lydia, Masham
  • Robson Thomas, esq. Holtby hall
  • Saddler Mrs. Masham
  • Scroop Simon, esq. Danby hall
  • Thompson James, gent. Masham
  • Thompson Mrs. Masham
  • Williamson Mrs. Bedale
  • Wilson Mrs. Ann, Masham
  • Wrather Capt. Thomas, Masham
  • Wrather Samuel, esq. Masham
  • Wyvill Marmaduke, esq. in. P. Constable Burton
  • Wyvill Rev. Edward, Fingall rectory

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Bally Ann, Bedale
  • Barker Edmund, (gent.'s boarding) Masham
  • Free School, Masham-Matthew Metcalf, master
  • Grammar School, Bedale-Rev. Richard Baty, master
  • Grammar School, Masham-Rev. Joseph Burrill, master
  • Jackson Elizabeth, Masham
  • Merryweather Miss, Aiskew
  • Naitby David, Bedale
  • National School, Bedale-Thomas Fox, master


  • Burrill Joseph (& registrar of the peculiar & notary public) Masham
  • Glaister Henry R. Bedale
  • I'anson William Raper, Bedale
  • Peacock Thomas Dennis, Bedale


  • Slater William, Bedale
  • Wilson John, Aiskew

Blacksmiths & Farriers,

  • Beckwith William & Thomas, Masham
  • Britch George, Bedale
  • Brown Timothy, Bedale
  • Clough Joseph, Bedale
  • Fleetham Matthew, Masham
  • Fryer Joseph, Aiskew
  • Mallaby Peter, Masham

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Clarkson William, Bedale
  • Dowson Edward, Masham
  • Elsworth William, Masham
  • Elwood John, Bedale
  • Haste John, Masham
  • Hird Robert, Bedale
  • Leathley William, Masham
  • Mainman John, Masham
  • Moore Joseph, Masham
  • Pybus Edmund, Masham
  • Stapleton John, Bedale
  • Sturdy Francis, Masham
  • Towler Isaac, Masham
  • Towler Thomas, Masham
  • Walton William, Bedale
  • Wharton Thomas, Masham

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Arty John William, Bedale
  • Fryer William, Bedale
  • Thompson Thomas, Bedale


  • Lightfoot William, Masham
  • Plewes Henry, (& maltster) Bedale
  • Wood John, Masham


  • Banks Joseph, Bedale
  • Breathwait John, Aiskew
  • Hewson William, Bedale
  • Imeson Richard & Robert, Masham
  • Jackson Thomas, Masham
  • Nicholson Henry, Bedale
  • Plewes Peter, Masham
  • Whitton George, Aiskew
  • Williamson John & William, Masham
  • Wood William, Masham

Carpet, Damask, Diaper & Linen Manufacturers,

  • Lodge Francis, Aiskew
  • Webster & Son (& dyers) Aiskew

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Hawkin John (and oil and colourman) Masham
  • Place Thomas, Bedale
  • Slater John, Bedale


  • Duffield James, Masham
  • Duffield John & Edward, Masham
  • Fisher John, Aiskew
  • Scurrah John, Bedale

Corn Millers,

  • Jackson William, Masham
  • Prudah John, Aiskew


  • Sadler Thomas, Bedale
  • Wright Thomas, Bedale

Flour & Provision dealers,

  • Barker William, Bedale,
  • Deighton Christopher, Bedale
  • Husband John, Bedale
  • Jackson George, Masham
  • Jackson Peter, Masham
  • Kay Ann, Bedale
  • Marsden Mary, Masham
  • Metcalf John (& straw hat maker) Bedale
  • Pybus William, Masham
  • Slater James, Bedale

Grocers and dealers in Sundries,

  • Blackburn James, Masham
  • Burton John (& spirit) Bedale
  • Clarkson William, Masham
  • Coldbeck Elizabeth, Masham
  • Durham Thomas and Sons (and tallow chandlers) Masham
  • Kirby William, (& spirit) Bedale
  • Kirtlan George, Bedale
  • London William, Masham
  • Metcalf Henry, Masham
  • Newstead Thomas, Bedale
  • Porter John, Bedale
  • Theakston Thomas, Masham
  • Weatherill John, Bedale


  • Black Swan, Richard Bedford, Bedale
  • King's Head, Jonathan Lightfoot, Masham


  • Fryer William, Bedale
  • Jackson George, Masham
  • Terry William, Masham
  • Thompson Thomas, Bedale

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Brechin Ralph, Bedale
  • Clark George & Son, Bedale
  • Fisher John, Masham
  • Fryer George, Masham
  • Gill William, Bedale
  • Metcalf James, Masham
  • Myers Thomas, Masham
  • Peacock William, Bedale
  • Pullen Thomas, Masham
  • Storey Henry, Bedale

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Durham John, Masham
  • Shepherd Edward, Bedale
  • Sherwood William, Bedale
  • Sweeting William, Bedale
  • Theakston Thomas, Masham

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Chapman Mary, Bedale
  • Johnson Sarah, Masham
  • Keaton Mary (& straw hat maker) Bedale
  • Place Mary Ann, Bedale
  • Thompson Elizabeth, (& straw hat maker) Masham

Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Caven & Son, Aiskew
  • Deighton Christopher, Bedale
  • Robinson William, Bedale

Painters, House, Sign, &c,

  • Bucktrout Thomas, Bedale
  • Bucktrout William, Aiskew

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Barras George, Bedale
  • Bucktrout Robert, Bedale
  • Calvert George, Masham
  • Chapman Joseph, Bedale
  • Lee Richard, Masham

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Court Henry, Bedale
  • Webster William, Bedale


  • Arnett John, Bedale
  • Hewson Thomas, Bedale
  • Kay Simon & William, Bedale
  • London James, Masham
  • Motley Thomas, Bedale
  • Nicholson Francis, Bedale
  • Stott Thomas, Masham

Stone Masons,

  • Akers Benjamin, Swinton
  • Clarkson Matthew, Masham
  • Clarkson Thomas, Masham
  • Hall William, Masham
  • Horner Abraham, Bedale
  • Johnson Robert, Bedale
  • Pearson Robert, Bedale

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Deighton Mary, Masham
  • Dixon Hannah, Masham
  • Duffield James, Masham
  • Naitby Elizabeth, Bedale


  • Campbell & Buckle, Bedale
  • Hutchinson Richard Ella, Masham
  • Jackson Matthew, Masham
  • Lightfoot Joseph, Masham
  • Spence William, Bedale
  • Theakstone William, Bedale

Marked thus * are also Drapers.

  • *Atkinson Mark, Bedale
  • Buckle Thomas, Masham
  • Carter John, Bedale
  • Ellick James, Bedale
  • Ellick William; Bedale
  • Gale Thomas, Bedale
  • *London William & John, Masham
  • Matthews Thomas, Masham
  • Pearson John, Bedale
  • Richardson Francis, Aiskew
  • *Smith George, Bedale
  • *Thompson Robert, Masham
  • Towler Samuel, Masham

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Black Bull, Simon Blinkhorn, Bedale
  • Boar, James Walker, Bedale
  • Board, Edmund Barker, Masham
  • Board, Ann Hawkswell, Masham
  • Bull Inn, John Wood, Masham
  • Cross Keys, George Hopper, Bedale
  • Fleece, William Holmes, Bedale
  • George & Dragon, Thomas Handley, Masham
  • Golden Lion, Christopher Dobby, Bedale
  • Green Dragon, Edward Saddler, Bedale
  • King's Head, Henry Nicholson, Bedale
  • Lord Nelson, Henry Lofthouse, Masham
  • Malt Shovel, George Humphreys, Aiskew
  • Old Anchor, William Slater, Bedale
  • Royal Oak, William Smith, Bedale
  • Royal Oak, Robert Welford, Masham
  • Wagon, Joseph Fryer, Aiskew
  • Wagon & Horses, Benjamin Thompson, Bedale
  • White Bear, Anthony Gill, Masham
  • White Bear, Robert Pearson, Bedale

Watch & Clock Masers,

  • Pearson Hannauia, Bedale
  • Raper Thomas, Bedale
  • Simpson John (& cut glass dealer) Bedale
  • Terry William, Masham


  • Bateman Michael, Aiskew
  • Clarkson William, Bedale
  • Johnson James, Bedale
  • Merryweather Richard, Aiskew

White Smiths,

  • Goundry William, Masham
  • Pearson William & Jonathan, Bedale

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Atkinson Henry, Bedale
  • Lightfoot John, Masham
  • Smith William, jun. Bedale

Woolstaplers & Combers,

  • Clarke Joseph, Masham
  • Cummins Ralph, Masham
  • Gale Robert, Bedale
  • Jackson James, Masham
  • Jackson William & Edmund, Masham
  • Welford Christopher, Masham
  • Whitelock Joseph, Masham
  • Williamson William, Masham


  • Alton & Co. timber merchants, Masham
  • Ascough Henry, fellmonger, Masham
  • Askey John, gun maker, Bedale
  • Baily William, turner, Bedale
  • Bateman Michael, machine maker, Bedale
  • Bray Thomas, weaver, Masham
  • Burton John, agent to the County Ore office, Bedale
  • Clarkson John, holier, Masham
  • Cooper Jane, confectioner, Bedale
  • Cult George, artist, Masham
  • Durham Thomas, merchant, Masham
  • Haste William, cloth manufacturer, Masham
  • Husband William, glover, Masham
  • Imeson & Blackburn, iron merchants, Masham
  • Johnson Robert, basket maker, Bedale
  • Prest James, flax manufacturer Burton house
  • Saving's Bank, Bedale- Hon. & Rev. T. Monson, treasurer
  • Taylor Richard, printer & stationer, Bedale
  • Thwaites Richard, sieve maker, Masham
  • Trumper Henry, land agent, Swinton


  • To Leeds, the Courier (from Richmond) calls at the Fleece, Bedale, every morning (Sundays excepted) at six; goes through Ripon and Harrogate.
  • To Middleham, the Highflyer (from York) calls at the Lord Nelson, Masham, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at half. past seven.
  • To Richmond, the Courier (from Leeds) calls at the Fleece, Bedale, every evening (Sundays excepted) at eight.
  • To York, the Highflyer (from Middleham) calls at the Lord Nelson, Masham, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at seven; goes through Ripon and Boroughbridge.


  • To Bedale, Joseph Rayner, from Masham, every Tuesday.
  • To Leeds, Joseph Rayner, John Sturdy & Joseph Towler, from Masham, every Monday and Thursday.
  • To Leyburn, John Sturdy and Joseph Towler, from Masham, every Friday.
  • To Richmond, Thomas Hodgen & William Hird, from Bedale, every Saturday.
  • To Ripon, Joseph Rayner, John Sturdy & Joseph Towler, from Masham, every Monday and Thursday.
  • To Thirsk, Thomas Hodgen & William Hird, from Bedale, every Monday.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003