Bedale Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1890


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for BEDALE in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


  • Parish Church - Rev. J. G. Beresford; Sundays, 8 a.m., 10-33 a.m., 6-30 p.m.; daily, 8-45 a.m.
  • Roman Catholic (Aiskew) - Rev. Jas. A. Butler; Sundays, 9 a.m. and 10-30 alternately, and 6-30 p.m.; daily, 9 a.m.
  • Wesleyan - Rev. E. Russell and Rev. W. Barnes, Sundays, 10-30 am., 6-30 p.m.; Wednesdays; 7-30 p.m.
  • Baptist - Rev. G. Charlesworth;Sundays, 10-30 a.m., 6-30 p.m.; Wednesdays, 7-30 p.m.
  • Primitive Methodist (Aiskew) - Rev. A. J. Bull; Sundays, 2 p.m., 6-30 p.m.: Thursdays, 7-30 p.m.
  • Salvation Army (Aiskew) - Sundays, 11 a.m., 6-30 p.m.

  • Chairman - Charles Carter, Esq.
  • Beresford-Peirse Sir H. M. de la Poer, Bart.
  • Booth W. C., Esq.
  • Dodsworth Sir C. E. S., Bart.
  • Elliot G. W., Esq.
  • Gothorp J., Esq.
  • Hutton-Squire R., Esq.
  • Lascelles Capt. D. A. G.
  • Lawson Sir John, Bart.
  • Lister S. C., Esq.
  • Lister S. C., junr., Esq.
  • Milbank Sir F. A., Bart.
  • Milbank H. W. V., Esq.
  • Milbank P. C., Esq.
  • Rouse H., Esq.
  • Russell W. D., Esq.
  • Clerk - E. D. Swarbreck.
  • Petty Sessions are held every alternate Tuesday, in the Court House, Town Hall, at 12 o'clock noon.
  • Police Station (Aiskew) - - John Holmes, inspctr.
  • County Councillor - Sir Hy. Monson de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, Bart., Bedale hall

  • Chairman of Board of Guardians - J. Gothorp, Esq., J.P.
  • Vice-Chairmen - Messrs. James Ingledew and Henry Calvert
  • Clerk - E. D. Swarbreck
  • Treasurer - Benjamin Purchas
  • Medical Officers Public Vaccinators - Bedale North District, T. Horstall, M.R.C.S., L.S.A.; Bedale South District, T. P. Fothergill, M.D.; Kirklington District, G. Mickle, M.A., M.B., C.M.; Masham District, H. Horsfall, M.D.
  • Superintendent Registrar - E. D. Swarbreck; deputy, Albert Wiggell
  • Registrars of Births and Deaths - Bedale Sub-District, Samuel Tasker; deputy, W. Vasey. Masham District, William Jackson, junr.; deputy, Wm. Jackson, senr.
  • Registrar of Marriages - W. Shepherd; deputy, John Swinbank
  • Relieving Vaccination Officer - G. Williamson
  • Collector of Poor Rates - Samuel Almgill
  • Union Workhouse - Saml. Tasker, master; Mrs. Jane Gray, matron; T. Horsfall, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., medical officer; Rev. J. G. Beresford, acting chaplain The Guardians meet every alternate Tuesday, in the Board Room, Union Workhouse, at 10-30 a.m.

  • Clerk - E. D. Swarbreck
  • Treasurer - Benjamin Purchas
  • Medical Officer of Health - H. Horsfall, M.D.
  • Inspector of Nuisances - George Williamson Meetings are held monthly.

  • Clerk - E. D. Swarbreck
  • Inquiry and Attendance Officer - G. Williamson Meetings are held monthly.

  • Clerk - E. D. Swarbreck
  • Treasurer - Benjamin Purchas
  • District Surveyor - John Scott Meetings are held monthly.

  • Supervisor - John Hannay
  • Officer of Excise - Alfred H. Kirkby
  • Steward of the Manor (prebend) - E. D.Swarbreck
  • Surrogate for granting Marriage Licenses - Rev. T. M. Raven
  • Clerk to Commissioners of Taxes - J. F. Mickle
  • Sheriff's Officer - Wm. Walker
  • Superintendent of Charities - George Anderson
  • Parish Clerk and Sexton - Thomas Wake
  • Collector of Market Tolls - Mrs. Eliz. Archer
  • Town Hall Keeper - Robert Dawson
  • Town Crier and Bill-poster - George S. Jackson

  • President - Sir C. E. S. Dodsworth, Bart.
  • Vice-President - Sir F. A. Milbank, Bart.
  • Secretary and Librarian - G. F. Merrin Open week days, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

  • Captain Commanding - C. Clarke, junr.
  • Lieutenant - C. L. N. Maister
  • Acting Surgeon to Regt. - T. Horsfall, M.R.C.S., L.S.A.
  • Bandmaster - W. H. Brown Strength of the company, 120 men.

  • Secretary - Thomas Linscott
  • Treasurer - Joseph Williamson
  • Relieving Officer - William Pickersgill 300 members; [meetings fortnightly, at Royal Oak Hotel

  • President - Sir H. Beresford-Peirse, Bart.
  • Hon. Treasurer - William Kirby
  • Secretary - T. Linscott
  • Conductor - Hon. Lucien Powlett

  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph, Savings Bank, Annuity and Insurance, and Inland Revenue Stamp Office; postmaster, James Thomas Allaway.

    From London and all parts, per mail cart, from Northallerton, daily 5-30 a.m.
    From London and all parts, per rail, week-days 8-10 a.m.
    From London and all parts, per rail, week-days 4-30 p.m.
    From Askrigg, Aysgarth, Bainbridge, Carperby, Finghall, Hawes, Leyburn, Redmire,
    Thoralby, West Burton, Wensley, and West Witton, per rail, week-days 6-10 p.m.
    From Burrill, Masham, Middleham, Thornton Steward, and Thornton Watlass, per
    mail cart, daily 6-30 p.m.
    From Blowhouses, Burneston, Carthorpe, Crakehall, Exelby, Fencote, Grazing Nook,
    Hackforth, Hoitby, Hornby Castle, Kirkby Fleetham, Kirklington, Langthorne,
    Leases, Leeming, Leeming Bar, Newton-le-Willows, Nosterfield, Patrick Brompton,
    Scruton, Snape, Spring Houses, Tanfield, Well, West Appleton, per rural postmen,
    week-days 6-30 p.m.
    Winter months 5-30 p.m.

    Box closes.
    To Burrill, Masham, &c., as above, per mail cart, daily 6-30 a.m. 5-30 a.m.
    To Blowhouses, Burneston, &c., as above, per postmen, week-days 6-45 a.m. 5-30 a.m.
    To Askrigg, Aysgarth, &c., as above, per rail, week-days 8-00 a.m. 7-30 a.m.
    To London and all parts via York, per rail, week-days 8-45 a.m.
    To part of North and Scotland via Darlington, London and the
    South via York, week-days (parcels not accepted later than 11-15) 11-50 a.m.
    Parcels only, week-days 5-50 p.m. 5-15 p.m.
    To London and all parts, per mail cart, to Northallerton, daily 7-20 p.m. 7-0 p.m.

    Town deliveries commence at 7-0 a.m., 4-45 p.m., and 7-30 p.m. The office is open for the sale of stamps, postal orders, registration and acceptance of parcels, and delivery of letters to callers, from 7-0 a.m. to 8-0 p.m.; for telegraph business, 8-0 a.m. to 8-0 p.m.; for money order business, payment of postal orders, Inland Revenue stamps and licenses, annuity and insurance, and savings bank business, 9-0 a.m. to 6-0 p.m. (Saturdays till 8-0 p.m.) On Sundays, for the sale of stamps and delivery of letters to callers, 7-0 a.m. to 10-0 a.m.; for telegraph business 8-0 a.m. to 10-0 a.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Allaway James Thomas, postmaster and stamp distributor, Market place
  • Almgill Samuel, poor rate collector, Market pl
  • Alton Mr. Thomas, South end
  • Armstrong Leonard Henry (Fothergill &
  • Armstrong), B.A., Cantab.; M.R.C.S., L.S.A., medical officer and public vaccinator for Bedale dist., Leyburn Union, St. Gregory's
  • Barnes Rev. William (Wesleyan), Wycar
  • Barras Mr. George, South end
  • Barugh Mrs. Elizabeth, Market place
  • Beresford Rev. John Geo., M.A., The Rectory
  • Beresford-Peirse Sir Henry Monson de la Poer, Bart., J.P., D.L., Bedale hall; Carlton Club, London, S.W.; Yorkshire Club, York
  • Brown Richard Thomas, cowkeeper
  • Brown William Henry, secretary and manager of Gas works, Market place
  • Clarkson J. Christian, gardener, Gardener's lodge
  • Douthwaite Mrs. Elizabeth, Emgate
  • Firth A., painter (Bucktrout & Firth), Wycar
  • Firth Mr. Thomas, Beech cottage
  • Fothergill Thomas Prince (Fothergill & Armstrong), M.D., medical officer and public vaccinator for South Bedale district, Bedale Union, St. Gregory's
  • Gibson Charles Dunn (Gibson & Smith),ironmonger, Market place
  • Harrison William, threshing machine proprietor, Market place
  • Heslop Miss Dorothy, Sussex street
  • Hird J., fellmonger and woolstapler, Emgate
  • Horsfall Thomas, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., medical officer and public vaccinator for North Bedale district, Bedale Union; medical officer to Union Workhouse, assistant surgeon 1st Volunteer Battalion (Princess of Wales' Own) Yorkshire Regt., Market place
  • Jopling Mr. John, South end
  • Kirby Mr. William, Market place
  • Kirkby Alfred Henry, Inland Revenue officer, Sussex villa
  • Kirkby Miss Margaret, South end
  • Kyle Mr. Robert, Cottage terrace
  • Miner William & Son (Robert), brick and tile makers, Lord's moor
  • Moses Mrs. Margaret, No. 2 The Villas
  • Nicholson John, cooper, South end
  • Outhwaite Mrs. Hannah (Outhwaite & Clarke), draper, Market place
  • Pearson William (William Pearson & Co.), ironmonger, Market place
  • Pinkney Mr. John, No 1 The Villas
  • Porter W. (C. Porter & Co.), grocer, Market pl
  • Purchas Benjamin, bank manager, and treas. to Guardians, Rural Sanitary Authority, and School Attendance Committee, Bedale Union, and Hang East Highway Board, Bank house
  • Pybus George, commercial traveller, South end
  • Routh Rev. William, M.A., Master of Grammar School; h Market place
  • Russell Rev. Edward (Wesleyan), Wycar
  • Sadler Mr. Edward, The Cottage
  • Speight Albert, organist, South end
  • Swarbreck Edward Dukinfield, solicitor, perpetual commissioner and commissioner of oaths, clerk to magistrates, division of Hang East; clerk to Guardians, to Assessment Committee, Rural Sanitary Authority, and School Attendance Committee, Bedale Union; to Hang East Highway Board, and Superintendent Registrar, Market place
  • Tacker Saml., workhouse master and registrar of births and deaths
  • Tottie Mrs. Frances C., The Grange
  • Towler Reuben, seedsman, Market place
  • Walker Mrs. Margaret, Barras terrace
  • Walker William (W. Walker & Son), auctioneer and sheriff's bailiff, Market place
  • Ward Mr. George, South end
  • Yeoman John, photographer, Market place


Academies & Schools.

(Marked 'b' take boarders.)
  • b Bolland Miss Sarah Ann, Brooklyn house
  • Grammar - Rev. Wm. Routh, M.A., master; Rev. E. C. Stukeley, B.A., assistant
  • National - Thomas Linscott, master; Joseph Y. Slator, assistant; Miss Ellen Hadwen, mistress; Miss Emily Anderson, assistant
  • bRichardson Miss Sarah, Wycar house

  • Bacon Richard, 5 The Villas
  • Day Mrs. Margt., South end
  • Wray Mrs. Jane, Emgate

  • Imeson R. & Son (Tuesdays)
  • Northallerton Live Stock Mart Co., Ltd. (alternate Tues.)
  • Walker W. & Son (and china, glass, and earthenware dealers), Market place

  • J. Backhouse & Co. - branch (Tuesdays)
  • Savings - G. Anderson, actuary
  • Swaledale and Wensleydale Banking Co., Ltd. - Branch (draw on Glyn & Co., London), Market place; Benjamin Purchas, mngr.

  • Brown Richard, Sussex street
  • Hall John, The Wynd
  • Merrin George Frederick (and whitesmith, and sec. and librarian to Young Men's Institute), South end

Booksellers, Stationers, Printers, & Newsagents,
  • Horner Robert H., Town hall
  • Vasey William (and publisher of Bedale Almanac, and deputy registrar of births and deaths), Market place

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.
  • Croft John (and china, glass, and earthenware dealer), Market place
  • Husthwaite James, Emgate
  • Kitching Thomas, South end
  • Metcalfe Wm. Hy., South end
  • Nicholson Wm. & Son (Fras. James), Market place
  • Smith Miss Eliz. A. (and fancy goods dealer), Market place
  • Straffen John R., Market pl

  • Bulmer (Thomas) & Buckle (John), South end
  • Horner T. & J. A., South end
  • Mace Thomas, Emgate

  • Butterfield W. (pork), Market pl
  • Gatenby John Francis (and fruiterer), Emgate
  • Taylor Wm. (and Temperance Hotel), Market place
  • Walker John W., South end

Cabinet Makers.
  • Megson John, Market place
  • Richardson Fras., Market pl
  • Rose George, South end

  • Hartley John Wm.; to Masham (Tuesdays), from Wagon and Horses, at 3 p.m.
  • Hunt J.; to Thornton Watlass (Tuesdays), from King'sHead
  • North Eastern Ry. Co. (general)
  • Ryder Wm. A.; to Masham (Tuesdays), from White Bear

  • Dobby William, Bridge street
  • Johnson David, Sussex street

  • Bellamy Robert (and dentist), Market place
  • Swinbank J. (and dep. registrar of marriages), Market place

Chimney Sweepers.
  • Horner William Henry
  • Morton Thomas

Confectioners and Bread Bakers.

(Marked b are Bakers only.)
  • Backhouse Misses Ann & Margaret, Emgate
  • Hird Mrs. Jessie, Emgate
  • b Lofthouse Mrs. Mary
  • Megson Mrs. I., Market place
  • b Metcalfe Christopher

Corn & Flour Dealers.
  • Clapham Richard (and rope maker), Market place
  • Jopling Joseph, South end
  • Park Richard, Market place
  • Race Byers, Market place

Dealers (Various).
  • Beckwith Jas., leather cutter and currier (Tuesdays)
  • Caygill John (coal)
  • Charlish William (fish)
  • Hall Mrs. M. (German yeast)
  • Heugh Mrs. J. (Berlin wool)
  • Jameson Christopher Banks (sewing machine), Market pl
  • Nicholson Fras. Jas. (fruit and potato), Market place
  • Nicholson Mrs. Ruth(paperhangings)
  • Simpson Mrs. Mary A. (game), Market place

  • Asquith Miss Mary Ann
  • Baxter Miss Elizabeth
  • Boddy Miss Margaret
  • Hall Miss Mary Ellen
  • Johnson Miss Elizabeth
  • Martin Miss Eliza
  • Metcalfe Miss Jane
  • Place Miss Isabella
  • Smith Mrs. Sarah
  • Walton Miss Sarah Ann
  • Weatherill Mrs. Jane Eliz.

  • Fletcher Thomas (and horsebreaker), King's Head
  • Kay George, Beukhill
  • Petch William, Lord's moor
  • Shepherd Edward (yeo.), Flood bridge; h Aiskew
  • Turnbull (John) & Baines (Wm. Jas.), Low Ash bank
  • Weighell Jph., Green Dragon
  • Wilkinson Thomas & Son (Ralph), Bedale wood
  • Yeoman Thomas, Brick Shed farm; h Exelby

Grocers and Provision Merchants.
  • Kay William, Market place
  • Nicholson M. W., Market pl
  • Petch William, Market place
  • Porter Chas. & Co., Market pl
  • Powell I'anson, Market place
  • Trewhitt J. Walker Wardell, Market place

Gun and Fishing Tackle Maker.
  • Askey Mrs. Jessie, Market place

  • Metcalf John William (and tobacconist), Emgate
  • Nicholson David (and photographer), Emgate

Hotels, Inns, and Public Houses.
  • Black Swan (and posting), Market pl; Mrs. M. A. Stanwise
  • Boar's Head, Market place; William Hall
  • Crown and Anchor, Emgate; George Weatherill
  • Fleece, Market pl; G. Lowis
  • Green Dragon, Market place; Joseph Weighell
  • King's Head, Market place; Thomas Fletcher
  • Oddfellows' Arms, Emgate; Thomas Mace
  • Royal Oak (and posting), Market place; Wm. Pickersgill
  • Wagon and Horses, Market place; Wm. Saml. Everett
  • White Bear, Bridge street; Mrs. Jane Brown

Insurance Agents.
  • Atlas (Fire & Life); Gibson & Smith
  • Midland Counties (Fire & Life); John Swinbank
  • Norwich Union (Fire); Benj. Purchas
  • Phoenix (Fire); E.D.Swarbreck
  • Reliance (Life); J. Swinbank

Ironmngrs., Plumbers, Glaziers, & Gasfitters.

(Marked i are Ironmongers only. Marked p are not Ironmongers.)
  • Gibson & Smith, Market pl
  • Pearson W. & Co., Market pl
  • i Pearson William, Market pl
  • p Pybus John, South end
  • p Swales Charles, Market pl

Linen and Woollen Drapers.
  • Braithwaite J. & M., Market pl
  • Nicholson Wm. (and milliner), Market place
  • Outhwaite & Clark, Market pl
  • Peacock Mrs. Elizabeth (and milliner), South end
  • Shepherd E. & Son, Market pl
  • Straffen John Robert
  • Wheldon James (and milliner), Market place

Painters and Paperhangers.
  • Bucktrout & Firth, Wycar
  • Cooke Thomas, The Wynd

Saddlers and Harness Makers.
  • Kay Edward, Market place
  • Weatherill George, Emgate
  • Wilkinson John (and Temperance Hotel), Market place

  • Calvert Henry & Son (alternate Tuesdays)
  • Gardiner George J. E.(alternate Tuesdays)
  • Swarbreck Edward Dukinfield
  • Teale John (Tuesdays)

  • Goodrick Mrs. M. A., Emgate
  • Holmes Mrs. Ellen, Emgate
  • Williamson John, South end

  • Fothergill & Armstrong
  • Horsfall Thomas

Tailors and Outfitters.

(Marked t are Tailors only.)
  • Anton Thomas, South end
  • t Graham William, Barras ter
  • Nicholson William
  • Outhwaite & Clark
  • t Pearson James, Market pl
  • Pearson John, Emgate
  • Shepherd E. & Son
  • Wake Thomas (and parish clerk), South end
  • Wheldon James
  • t Williamson John

  • Iddison T. W., Market place
  • Morton Edwin, South end
  • Summers J. R. (and jeweller), Market pl; h 3 The Villas

Wine and Spirit Merchants.
  • Plews & Sons
  • Porter Charles & Co.
  • Trewhitt John W. W.

  • Post Office at Wm. Pearson's, Leeming Lane Station. Letters via Bedale arrive at 7-20 a.m., and are despatched at 5-30 p.m. in summer, and 4-30 p.m. in winter.
Miscellany of trades
Marked 1 reside at Leeming Bar, and the rest at Aiskew or where specified.
  • Anderson George, savings bank actuary, and superintendent of the Bedale charities
  • 1 Atley George, station master, Leeming Lane station (Northallerton and Hawes Branch, N. E. Railway)
  • 1 Banks Christiana, shopkeeper
  • Bartlett Mr. Charles
  • Bell Robert, Esq., Major, late 5th Dragoon Guards, Aiskew Manor house
  • 1 Bell Robert, cowkeeper
  • Braithwaite Abraham, mason and builder
  • Buckle John (Bulmer & Buckle, Bedale), mason and builder
  • Bull Rev. Alfred John (Primitive Methodist)
  • Butler Rev. Jas. A. (Catholic)
  • Caygill Edmund, fruit and potato dealer, Leeming bridge
  • Chittenden Horace Joseph, tailor
  • Clark Edwin (Outhwaite & Clark, Bedale), draper, Barras cottage
  • Clowes Mrs. M. E., vict., Malt Shovel Inn
  • Croft Mrs. Sarah Ann
  • Dale William Henry, agent for the Prudential Assurance Co.
  • Dalton Mr. George
  • 1 Dent George, beerhouse, Moulders' Arms
  • 1 Eagling Wm., brick and tile manufacturer
  • Hannay John, supervisor of excise
  • 1 Harkness & Sons (Robt. & John), rose growers and nurserymen, The Grange nurseries
  • Harrison Thomas, cowkeeper, Tutin house
  • Holmes John, inspector of police, N. R. Police station
  • Horner William, boot and shoe maker
  • 1 Hudson Matthew, foreman
  • Hudson Wm., vict. and farmer, Brewers' Arms
  • 1 Jackson Mrs. Frances, Elm Tree villas
  • Jackson George Smith, billposter, &c.
  • Johnson Mrs. Ann
  • 1 King B. G., cashier to Messrs. Plews & Sons
  • Lambert Maria, shopkeeper
  • Lambert Mr. Robert
  • 1 Lambert Robert, beerhouse, Sportsman Inn
  • Lascelles Capt. David Arthur George (late 47th Regiment), J.P., Aiskew house
  • Leng Mr. John
  • 1 Louis Frank Wm., vict., Leeming Bar Hotel
  • 1 Maclay Miss Jane, schoolmistress, Little Leeming school
  • 1 Mattison F. & Co., iron and brass founders, agricultural implement manufacturers, gas manufacturers, and saw mill proprietors, Leeming Bar foundry, Leeming Lane station
  • 1 Mattison Francis (F. Mattison & Co.), Elm Tree villas
  • 1 Mattison William (F. Mattison & Co.), Elm Tree house
  • McDonic Reed, grocer, &c.
  • Merryweather A., joiner and wheelwright
  • Mickle John Fothergill, clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes
  • 1 Milburn Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Park Richard, corn and flour dealer
  • Pearson Frederick, whitesmith (j.) and cowkeeper, Leases
  • Pearson Richard Dearlove, station master, Bedale station (Northallerton and Hawes Branch, N. E. Railway)
  • 1 Pearson William, bootmaker and Post office
  • 1 Plews & Sons, brewers, maltsters, wine and spirit merchants, The Vale of Mowbray, Brewery, Leeming Lane station
  • 1 Plews T., com. trav. to Messrs. Plews & Sons
  • Robinson Mrs. Hannah, Aiskew villa
  • Robson Lancelot Tones, gent., Elmwood house, Leeming bridge
  • Saxton Joseph W., clerk to Mattison & Co.
  • Shepherd Edwd. (Shepherd & Son, of Bedale), draper; h Beechwood house
  • Shepherd William (Shepherd & Son), registrar of marriages, Beechwood house
  • Simpson Christopher, cowkeeper and carter
  • Towler Reuben & Son (Robert Henry), nurserymen and seedsmen
  • 1 Webster William, cowkeeper
  • Whitelock Mr. Matthew
  • Whitmore Mrs. Elizabeth, beerhouse
  • Whitton William, fruiterer
  • Wiggell Albert, solicitor's clerk and assistant overseer for Aiskew Township
  • 1 Williamson J., brewer to Messrs. Plews & Son
  • Wilson-Todd Capt. Wm. Pierrepont (Late 4th Hussars), master of the Bedale hounds, Leases hall
  • Wray Charles, manure manufacturer
  • Wright John, vict. and farmer, Greyhound Inn

  • Barker George, Leases farm and Far fields
  • Calvert George
  • Carter George (and land agent to Sir Henry Beresford-Peirse), Sand hill
  • Dinsdale Thomas
  • Green Robert, Warwick house
  • I'Anson William, Rufflers corner; h Leeming
  • Metcalfe Thomas, Aiskew farm
  • Park John (and corn miller and saw mill), Aiskew mill
  • Strangwayes Edward & Thomas, Leases
  • Taylor John Benjamin, Leases Hall farm
  • Whitton Arthur (and butcher)
  • Wilson John, Bridge farm
  • Wright James, Aiskew House farm
  • Wright T. A., Aiskew grange and Micklebrack

  • Post Office at Miss Horner's. Letters arrive daily via Bedale at 6-40 am., and are despatched at 6-5 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Armstrong William, shoemaker
  • Broadley Paul, hawker
  • Dawson Mr. Abner Beck, The Grange
  • Dodsworth Lady Anna Julia (Dowager), Cowling hall
  • Hartley George, cowkeeper
  • Horner Miss Mary, postmistress
  • Meynell Thomas, blacksmith
  • Plews Miss Martha, dressmaker

  • Bell Christopher, Manor house
  • Bulmer Thomas, The Manor housc
  • Elgie Matthew, Cowling hill
  • Johnson John (and timber merchant), Bog hall
  • Thompson Thomas, High Pond house (letters by Newton-le- Willows)

  • Letters via Bedale.
Miscellany of trades
  • Bushby John, cowkeeper
  • Rouse Harry, Esq., J.P., D.L., North Riding of Yorks, late Lieut. 2nd West York Yeo. Coy., Firby hall, Reform and Windham clubs, S.W.
  • Storey Henry, stone mason and cowkeeper, Manly cottage

  • Bowe William Tilsley, Ash bank
  • McConnell John, Firby house and Mile house

  • Letters via Bedale.
Miscellany of trades
  • Spence William, gamekeeper, Bedale park

  • Carter Geo., Rand grange; h Sand hill, Aiskew

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