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Bedale parish:

Bedale, Benefactions transcription:

The Further List of Benefactions in St. Gregory's Church, Bedale.

A Further Account of the Pious and Charitable Gifts of Several Benefactors to the town of Bedale.

Item. William Raper late of Bedale, deceased, by his last Will & Testament gave Ten Pounds to be put out & the Interest to be distributed by Rector and Twenty four amongst the poor of Bedale at Christmas.

Item. Mary Raper Daughter of the said William Raper gave the like sum of Ten Pounds to be put out & the Interest to be distributed by the Rector amongst the poor of Bedale at the Time above mentioned For which two sums there is a bond in the Vestry of this Church.

Item. Doctor Samwaies by Will left a yearly rent charge of Ten Pounds out of Lands in Middleton to Bedale Hospital for ever.

The Rev'd Edward Place Clerk, late Rector of this Parish by Will left Twenty Pounds the yearly interest of which is to be laid out in Coals for the use of the Brethren of Bedale Hospital.

Mr. Robert Harrison by his Will left Thirty Pounds the yearly interest which is to be paid out in Bread to be distributed among the poor of this Parish every Christmas.

The yearly interest of other Ten Pounds found in the Chest in the Vestry room, of which no certain account can be given how it arose is distributed every year along with the Sacrament money among the poor of the Parish.

John Pearson by Will left twenty pounds the yearly interest thereof to be laid out in Coals for the use of the Brethren of Firby Hospital.

Doctor Samwaies by Will left certain lands at Thirn. for the use of the Poor of the Township of Bedale for ever.

Mary Atkinson by Will left two hundred pounds the yearly produce to be applied to the use of the poor of the Township of Bedale in lieu of which two thirds of the yearly rent of Hasleflat at Crakehall is applied to the same use the said Hasleflat being purchased with the said two hundred pounds, & one hundred pounds more left by Mr. William Hayton for teaching six poor boys at Bedale.

Item. Mrs Mary Harrison, Widow by her Will left Ten Pounds the yearly Interest of which is to be distributed annually in bread to the Poor of the Town of Bedale on the fifth day of October.

A.D. 1782

The late Mr. James Shepherd of Lancaster Gate London formerly of Bedale, who Died 25th July 1891 by his Will bequeathed to the Rector & Churchwardens of the Parish of Bedale the sum of £1,000 free of legacy duty for the benefit of the Poor of the Parish of Bedale.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson