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An Index to Crakehall Gravestones

Almgill Elizabeth wife of Samuel Almgill
Almgill Mary Eleanor
Almgill Mary Rebecca
Banks Dorothy
Banks William
Barker John
Barker Mary
Bell James
Bell Jane
Bell Sarah Ann
Binks Flora E.S. dau. of John and Eleanor Binks
Braithwaite Ann
Braithwaite Margaret
Braithwaite Phillip
Brown Margaret
Brown Mary
Brown Richard
Butler Isabella
Cann Edward
Cannon Thomas
Castling Ann (I) née Marshall
Castling Eleanor
Castling William
Castling William
Castling Ann (II)
Charlton Jane
Clarkson Christopher
Dinsdale Henry
Dinsdale Mary (I)
Dinsdale Mary (II)
Dobson Elizabeth
Dobson Henry
Eden Elizabeth
Eden Isabella of Langthorne
Eden James
Eden Mary of Langthorne
Firbank Margaret wife of Christopher Firbank
Gale Elizabeth
Gale John (I)
Gale Mary
Gale Robert
Gann Charlotte wife of Edward Gann
Graham William
Hall Ann
Hall Ann
Hall George Edwin of Manchester
Hall Jane dau. of Stephen and Elizabeth Hall
Hall William
Hallaway Ann Maria dau. of Jabez and Jane Hallaway
Hallaway Louisa
Hallaway Mary Ann
Hallaway William
Hanby Christopher
Hanby Sarah
Harker Jarvis
Harker Margaret
Hobson Matthew
Holmer Mary
Holmer Thomas
Huckins Sarah Hannah
Huckins Thomas Henry
Hudson Isaac
Hudson Matilda
Hudson Thomas Rimer
Hutchinson Barbara dau. of Thomas and Isabella Hutchinson
Ianson George
Idler Thomas S
Johnson Elizabeth
Johnson Esther
Johnson Jane
Johnson John
Johnson Thomas
Johnson William
Loadman Isabella
Loadman John
Marshall Jane
Marshall Thomas
Masterman Ann
Masterman Thomas
Merryweather Anthony
Merryweather Ellen
Moses Jane of Langthorne
Nicholson John William
Nicholson Thomas
Outhwaite Sarah of Langthorne
Outhwaite William of Langthorne
Pattison Ann
Pattison Robert
Race Elizabeth wife of Benjamin Race
Ramsden George
Ramsden Mary
Rimer Matthew
Rymer Isabella wife of Matthew Rymer
Rymer William
Sadler Dorothy
Sadler George
Sadler Thomas
Sedgwick Elizabeth
Sedgwick Henrietta
Sedgwick James
Sedgwick Jane
Sedgwick Mary Isabella
Simpson Frances
Simpson John
Stanley Elizabeth wife of Henry Stanley
Stanley Margaret
Stanley Robert Gale
Stout John Gale
Tattersall Jane wife of Thomas Tattersall
Tattersall John
Tunstall James
Tunstall Jane
Turner Esther
Ward Ann
Ward Thomas
Webster Elizabeth dau. of William and Elizabeth Webster
Webster Frances
Webster Henry
Webster Jane
Webster William

Transcribed by Ian Hancock
Churchyard Memorials, St Gregory's, Crakehall :
A full transcript is available for purchase from the Cleveland Family History Society
and from the Society of Genealogists.