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Crakehall wills and probate inventories from
the Archdeaconry of Richmond (1589-1700)
Name index:

Abbreviations: W = Will; I = Inventory; A = Administration

Clapham, Adam 1615 W,I
Clapham, Peter 1637 I
Clapham, Richard 1634 I,A
Clapham, Robert (I) 1624 I,A
Clapham, Robert (III) 1664 I
Clapham, Robert(II) 1642 I,A
Clarke, Anne 1681 I
Clarke, Richard 1616 W,I
Clarke, Thomas (I) 1603 W,I
Clarke, Thomas (II) 1630 W,I
Clarke,William 1629 W,I
Collinson, Margaret 1669 W
Collinson, Robert (I) 1627 I,A
Collinson, Robert (II) 1699 W,I
Cooke, George 1623 W,I
Day, Robert 1635 W,I
Harrison, W 1675 W,I
Haw, Jane 1682 W,I
Hinde, Thomas 1699 I
Hird, Brian 1693 I
Hodgson, Robert 1679 I
Horner, Christopher 1676 W,I
Husband, william 1589 I
Jackson, Edward 1660 W
Jackson, Henry 1613 W,I
Jackson, John 1672 I
Jackson, Robert 1662 W,I
Jackson, Thomas 1665 W,I
Jackson, William (I) 1613 W,I
Jackson, William (II) 1619 W
Johnson, John 1661 (d.1660) W,I
Lambert, George 1698 W,I
Langstaffe, Henry 1700 W,I
Lucas, Dorothy 1624 A
Lucas, Henry 1676 W,I
Mason, Dorothy 1624 I
Mason, George 1632 A
Mason, Henry 1671 I
Mason, John 1676 I
Mason, Ralph 1620 W,I
Ridley, Francis 1683 I
Storer, Christopher 1680 I
Storer, George 1620 W,I
Vittie, Richard 1621 W,I
Ward, Elizabeth 1613 W,I
Ward, William 1611 W,I
Ward, William 1623 W,I
Watson, Jacob 1697 W,I
Webster, John 1682 I
Webster, Nicholas 1685 I
Whitton, William 1663 W

Transcribed by Ian Hancock
Crakehall Wills and Inventories from the Archdeaconry of Richmond :
West Yorkshire Archive Service, Chapeltown Road, Sheepscar, Leeds, LS7 3AP