Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for BROTTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Post, Money Order, Savings and Telegraph Office, near the Station. Brotton, R.S.O. Arrivals, 7-27 a.m. and 6-42 p.m.; Sunday, 8-40 a.m. Despatches, 9-15 a.m. and 6-15 p.m.; Sunday, 6-15 p.m. Wall Box, 73, High Street, collection, 5-30 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Anderson Barbara Routledge
  • Bell Bros., Ltd. (ironmasters), Lumpsey and Huntcliffe mines; agent, A. L. Steavenson; manager, D. W. Dixon
  • Bell Rev. James, M.A., rector and surrogate
  • Brotton Gas Light and Coke Co.; secretary, Joseph Taylor; manager, Robert Scott
  • Brotton Institute, High street; Thos. Welford, keeper
  • Burrows Miss Eliz., dressmaker, 7 Abbey st
  • Burrows Jane Hill, school (Carlin How); h 7 Abbey street
  • Cassey Sarah Jane, dressmaker, 8 Ings lane
  • Catron Joseph, stationer, &c.
  • Cleveland Cottage Hospital: hon. sec., F. Stokes
  • Cleveland Hall; agent, Joseph Faulkner, 28 Errington street
  • Cooper Francis, stocking knitter, Errington st
  • Coulson Joseph, under manager, Day's terrace
  • Cross Henry, joiner, &c., 4 Ings lane
  • Cross Miss Mary, Wilson street
  • Day Ralph, 1 Day's terrace
  • Dixon David Watson, manager, Brotton hall
  • Dixon Miss Fanny, 7 Ings lane
  • Elciegood James, marine store dealer, Child st
  • Fletcher William, blacksmith
  • Gascoign Robert, assistant superintendent to the Prudential Assurance Co., 48 Foster st
  • Glover Miles, general dealer
  • Henwood Miss Jessie Mary, mistress, girls' Board school
  • Henwood Miss, dressmaker, Skelton lane
  • Hicks Ed., chief boatman, Old Saltburn
  • Hodge Henry, draper
  • Huntrods Israel, shopkeeper, 32 Errington st
  • Hutchinson Mrs. Frances, Brotton lodge
  • Hutton Bartholomew, general dealer
  • I'Anson Edwin, master, boys' Board school
  • Johnson Alice, seminary, Brotton house
  • Johnson Rev. Christphr., curate, Brotton house
  • Jolly Hamilton Wm., surgeon, 19 Errington st
  • Life Boat, Old Saltburn; hon. sec., T. S. Pearson: coxs., G. Colledge
  • Lister John, blacksmith
  • Maddison Alfred Pearson, station master and goods agent
  • Merryweather Alfred Joseph, general draper, 73 High treet
  • Moffatt William, general draper, 88 High st
  • Morrison & Co. (ironstone mine); John Fleming, proprietor, h Newcastle: Joseph Farrow, manager, Hunley house; George Taylor, agent, The Grange
  • North Eastern Bank (Loftus Branch); open Fridays, 9-30 to 10-30; agent, R. M. Dunn
  • Padgett Robert, painter, &c., 114 High street
  • Parish Mary, general dealer, Child street
  • Pett John, stationer, &c., 8 Errington street
  • Plews Charles, boot and shoe dealer, 17 Errington street
  • Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, John Lawson; Brotton, High street, attend, Saturday, 2-30 to 4-0 p.m.; Carlin How, last Saturday in each month, 10 to 11-0 a.m.
  • Ridley Sarah, shopkeeper, High street
  • Robinson John, inspector of permanent way, High street
  • Russell John Thomas, tailor, &c., 15 Jackson st
  • Salvation Army Barracks, old Methodist chapel
  • Sinton Miss Alison Hall, mistress, infants' Board school
  • Snaith Robert Woodwark, general draper, 108 High street
  • Stamp Robert, miller, Saltburn mill
  • Taylor Thomas, surgeon, The Close
  • Tuck Charles, tailor, 2 Child street
  • Walker Thompson Farmery, chemist, &c., 65 High street
  • Walton John, colliery engineer
  • Water Co. (Cleveland); sec., William I'Anson, Milton street, Saltburn
  • Waters George, joiner. &c.
  • Watson William, under manager, Day's terrace
  • Welford Joseph, shoe dealer and outfitter
  • Welford Robert, hairdresser
  • Wright Harry, stationer, &c.
  • Young James, clerk, Day's terrace


  • Adamson Joseph, 80 Errington street
  • Bell George, High street
  • Catron Michael, High street
  • Horsley Thomas, 13 and 15, Errington street
  • Knaggs George, High street
  • Rawlings Richard, 7 Jackson street
  • Scott, John Wm., 37 Errington street


  • Allison John, Barns
  • Bell Richard, Shepherd House
  • Carnforth John, Ladegate
  • Farndale Math., Cragg Hall
  • Gill Sarah, Warcett
  • Hall Mark, Hunley
  • Ramshaw Robert, Mill Holme
  • Rigg Joseph, Low Moor
  • Stamp Robert, Old Saltburn
  • Stubbs Henry, Grips House
  • Ventress George, High street
  • Webster Richard, High street


  • Faulkner Joseph, 28 Errington street
  • Hattherton Robert, Ings lane
  • Hopper William, 14 Errington street
  • Hugill William, 87 Jackson street
  • Jackson Thomas Hill, 9 & 121 High street
  • James Thomas, 8 Jackson street
  • Loftus Co-operative Society (branch), Errington street
  • Marley George, 118 High street
  • Nixon John, 39 Errington street
  • Nixon William, Foster street
  • Riding Thomas, 2 Jackson street
  • Wilson Joseph, 8 Abbey street

Inns, &c.

  • Crown Hotel; Andrew Wilson
  • Green Tree; George Webster
  • Queen's Arms; Ann Goodfellow
  • Royal Hotel; Louis Robert Middleton
  • Ship Inn, 125 High street; James Blackett
  • Ship Inn, Old Saltburn; John Temple
  • Shoemakers' Arms, beerhouse; John Simpson
  • Station Hotel; James Suggett
  • beerhouse; Catron George, 7 Errington street


  • Postal Address: Carlin How, R.S.O.

Miscellany of trades

  • Carlin How Ironstone Mines, Bell Bros., Ltd., proprietors; A. L. Steavenson, Agent; A. Varty, manager
  • Farndale Chas., farmer, Stankhouse
  • Featherstone Joseph, Kiltonthorpe
  • Garbutt John, miller and assistant overseer
  • Lancaster George, farmer, Kilton Hall
  • Soulby Joseph, Sykes


  • Post, Money Order, and Savings Bank, Carlin How, R.S.O. Deliveries, 8 a.m.; Sundays, 9 a.m. Despatches, 9-5 a.m., and 5-53 p.m.; Sundays, 3-35 p.m. John Henry Richlieu, postmaster and newsagent. Post, Money Order, and Savings Bank, Skinningrove, Carlin How, R.S.O. Deliveries from Carlin How. Despatches from here, 5-30 p.m. No business on Sunday. Wm. Johnson, postmaster and grocer.

Miscellany of trades

  • Allinson John, vict., Tim's Coffee house
  • Anderson Dr. (Loftus) ; res. assistant, Thos. Galbraith
  • Bell Bros., Ltd., Carlin How Mines; agent, A. L.Steavenson; manager, Armstrong Varty
  • Burrow Miss Jane Hill, Infant school
  • Carr Miss Mary A. Wilson, Infants' British school
  • Collier Wm., sec. and manager of Gas Company
  • Dart John, general dealer
  • Featherstone Rd., keeper of powder magazine
  • Hall Thomas, farmer
  • Harrison Thomas, grocer, &c.
  • Holmes John William, cashier
  • Huby William, stationmaster
  • Jackson Robt., general dealer and beer retailer Carlin How
  • Magor Richard, grocer, &c.
  • Pease & Partners, Ltd., Messrs., Lofthouse Mines; manager, Wm. Moore
  • Phillipson Dryden, grocer, &c.
  • Richlieu Miss Eliz., dressmaker, Carlin How
  • Riding Miss Leonora, dressmaker, Railway cottages
  • Robinson Math., master, British school
  • Skinningrove Amic. Industrial Society, Ltd., general dealers; Thos. Egglestone, manager
  • Skinningrove Hospital; president, Wm. Moore, Esq.; med. officer, Dr. Anderson; matron, Miss Susannah Mackey
  • Skinningrove Iron Co., Ltd.; man. director, F. C. Hutchinson
  • Skinningrove Literary Institute; president, Wm. Moore, Esq.; sec., Rd. Taylor
  • Stonehouse Roger, The Lodge
  • Thompson Thomas, butcher
  • Wood Thos. Wm., victualler, Maynard Arms

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