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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for BURNESTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


  • Post Office at Christopher Hewson's, Burneston. Letters via Bedale arrive about 7.40 a.m., and are despatched at 5-40 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Blakeborough Ann, shopkeeper
  • Constantine T., builder and monumental mason
  • Cox Herbert, head gardener
  • Eglin Henry, cattle dealer and rate collector
  • Eglin John, joiner, &c.
  • Eglin Mary, shoe dealer
  • Hartley Rev. John Thorneycroft, Vicarage
  • Hewson Christopher, grocer, Post office
  • Hewson Joseph, draper, Post office
  • Hudson Miss Sarah Ann, schoolmistress
  • Imeson Linton, beerseller, Farmer's Arms
  • Kettlewell John, beerseller, Traveller's Rest
  • Lax John, music teacher and organist
  • May Henry, nurseryman
  • Metcalf Mrs. Mary
  • Metcalfe Mr. Timothy
  • Mitchell Joseph, joiner, &c.
  • Newcombe Thomas, butcher
  • Place Mr. George, Mustardfield house
  • Raper Mark, vict., Woodman Inn
  • Rayne Mrs. Charlotte, dressmaker
  • Thompson John, cattle dealer
  • Thompson John, grocer and blacksmith
  • Wells Tom, tailor and sexton


  • Dovenor Wm., Burneston grange, Londonderry
  • Eglin William (and hutcher)
  • Hollocks Joseph, Smearholme
  • Merrall John, Manor farm
  • Moor Thomas, The Old hall
  • Newcombe Robert (and bone miller)
  • Peacock Richard (yeo.), Street house
  • Robinson Robert Pybus, Oak tree
  • Teasdale John (and machinist)
  • Ward John, Healam Lodge cottage
  • Wood William


  • Post Office at John Umpleby's. Letters, via Bedale, arrive about 8 a.m., and are despatched at 5-15 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Allinson Alfred, brick and tile maker
  • Appleton Lapish, general dealer
  • Baynes Wm. Maddocks, schoolmaster, assistant overseer, and collector and assessor of income tax
  • Blackburn Thomas, joiner, &c.
  • Carthorpe Cottagers' Improvement Society; W. M. Baynes, secretary
  • Clark William, pig dealer
  • Furby Christopher, shoemaker
  • Gatenby Thomas, butcher
  • Gatenby Wm., farmer and vict., Black Bull
  • Greenbank William Rowland, cowkeeper
  • Greensit Thomas, miller, and at West Tanfield
  • Haw Tom, grocer, farmer, and shoemaker
  • I'Anson James, cowkeeper, Mires
  • Johnson Fras., blacksmith
  • Kettlewell Henry, mole catcher
  • Metcalfe Thos., blacksmith and vict., Fox and Hounds
  • Serjeantson Geo. John, Esq., J.P., Camp hill
  • Spence Barker, tailor
  • Thompson Mr. William John
  • Umpleby John, farmer and grocer


  • Ake John, Mount Pleasant
  • Allinson John, Carthorpe farm
  • Beck Matthew John, Carthorpe house
  • Boston William (and nurseryman, &c.)
  • Eyles Warcap, West Lodge
  • Fossick John
  • Hauxwell Thomas
  • Jackson Charles, Little Carthorpe
  • Kitching George, Hallgarth
  • Lambert John
  • Langstaff Robt. and William, Southwood house
  • Manners William (yeo.), Providence cottage
  • Metcalfe Richard, Intake house
  • Pattinson William Edward, Little Carthorpe
  • Robinson George, East Lodge
  • Sherwin Anthony (yeo.)
  • Stead John, Breach house
  • Umpleby Edward


  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank, at R. C. Jackson's, Londonderry. Letters via Bedale, arrive at 8-10 a.m., and are despatched at 5-20 in summer, and 4-20 in winter.


  • Post Office, Leeming, at Thomas Robinson's. Letters via Bedale, arrive at 8 a.m., and are despatched at 5-45 p.m. in summer, and 4-45 p.m. in winter. Wall Letter Box at Exelby cleared at 6-5 p.m. in summer.

Miscellany of trades

  • Allison Misses, Londonderry
  • Auton John, blacksmith, Exelby
  • Auton Thomas, vict., Black Ox, Leeming
  • Bell Mrs. Ann, Exelby house
  • Blackburn Robert, flour dealer, Leeming
  • Brown Thomas, grocer, Leeming
  • Clarkson John, head gardener, Gardeners' cottage, Londonderry
  • Critchinson John, beerhouse, Leeming
  • Dale Wm. Hy., vict., Willow Tree, Leeming
  • Dawson John, vict., Cock't Hat, Exelby
  • Denison Rev. Wm., vicar, Leeming grange
  • Dobby Thomas, shoemaker, Leeming
  • Dumville Charles, mole catcher, Exelby
  • Gibson Robert, master, Leeming Board school
  • Green George Henry, vict., Cleveland Arms, Londonderry
  • Harkness and Sons, nurseryman, Leeming
  • Harrison Mrs. Mary, miller, Leeming
  • Hudson Geo., joiner, &c., and assistant overseer and assessor, Leeming
  • Jackson Mrs. Frances, shopkeeper, Leeming
  • Jackson Ralph Coldbeck, Prudential agent and postmaster, Londonderry
  • Jenkinson Joseph, shoemaker, Exelby
  • Kettlewell John, blacksmith, Exelby
  • Kitching Robert, market gardener, Leeming
  • Langstaff John, butcher, Londonderry
  • Lynn William, vict., Green Dragon, Exelby
  • Merryweather Thomas, tailor, Exelby
  • Mickle Edward, A.P.S., Stanley villa, Exelby
  • Milner Robert, brickmaker, Exelby
  • Nattrass John, gardener, Leeming
  • Nicholson Mrs. Ann, Rose cottage, Exelby
  • Nicholson Mrs. Ann, cowkeeper, Leeming
  • Pearson Robert, bootmaker, Londonderry
  • Pybus Thomas, blacksmith, Leeming
  • Pybus Thomas, blacksmith, Londonderry
  • Quick John, vict., Crown, and butcher, &c., Leeming
  • Robinson Thomas, shoemaker, Leeming
  • Russell Wm. Darby, Esq., J.P., Newton house
  • Smith Mr. Robert, Exelby
  • Thompson Mr. George, Radnor house, Exelby
  • Thompson John, joiner, &c., Exelby
  • Trewhitt Mrs. Margaret, Londonderry
  • Webster Mrs. Jane, Leeming


  • Dale Christopher, Cowfold grange, Leeming
  • Ellerton Thomas, Newton Picot
  • Gothorp George, Clapham lodge, Newton
  • Haw John, Newton Grimscar
  • I'Anson Wm., (and thrashing machine propr.), Leeming
  • Kettlewell George (landowner and butcher), Londonderry
  • Myers Anthony, Newton grange, Londonderry
  • Myers John (and steam thrashing machine proprietor), Leeming
  • Myers Thomas, Westwood house, Leeming
  • Tomlinson Thomas Richard, Londonderry
  • Weld Charles, Londonderry
  • Wilson John, Leeming grange

Farmers in Exelby.

  • Alderson John Richard, High grange
  • Hogg Thomas
  • Kettlewell William
  • Purvis Thomas (yeo.), Pity Me
  • Wells James
  • Yeoman Thomas, Low grange


  • Letters via Bedale.

Miscellany of trades

  • Potter Mrs. Jane, brick and tile maker


  • Gothorp George, Gatenby grange
  • Gothorp Samuel, Thackeray house
  • Gowland Charles
  • Hill William, Skilbeck house


  • Letters via Bedale.

Miscellany of trades

  • Carter Charles, Esq., Theakston hall


  • Bulmer Robt., Theakston grange, Londonderry
  • Metcalfe Miss Hannah (owner)
  • Pearson John
  • Pearson William (and overseer)
  • Simpson Joseph

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.