BURNESTON: Transcription of parts of the Burneston Parish Registers - Burials.


Transcribed from photocopies of the original, hand-written, register of BURIALS at Burneston.

1st Page - 10 Oct 1788 to 24 Sep 1789
Oct10thJohn the son of Anne Nicholson widow of Bat*rsby (Batursby?)
 John son of John & Isabel Fall of Nunwick in the Parish of Ripon
Dec5thDorothy the Wife of Francis Ellerton of Scabd Newton
19thDorothy Moss of Scabd Newton
20thElizabeth Hunter widow of Gatenby
21stJohn son of Thomas Granger of Exelby
Jan1stElizabeth the Wife of John White of Theakston
6thJane Tomlinson of Carthorpe Poor??
11thMary Daughter of William & Dorothy Willan of Leeming Poor?
15thJames the Son of James & Frances Wharton of Leeming
30thIsabel the Wife of John Dawson of Leeming
Feb13thSarah Daughter of John & Jane Berwick of Carthorpe
April7thFrancis Walbion(?) of Exelby
10thMrs Barugh of Burneston Widow
May3rdFrancis son of John & Isabel Fall of Nunwick in the Parish of Ripon
27thThe Rev'd Gregory Elsley Clark M.A. Vicar of Burneston
30thWilliam Son of William & Anne Wharton of Leeming
June3rdJane Gatenby of Kirby Fleetham Widow
15thFrances Daughter of John Williamson of Leeming Poor??
17thElizabeth Daughter of William & Eliz Carter(??) of Carthorpe
19thJohn Son of John Carter of Leeming Poor??
24thElizabeth Daughter of Matthew Bulmer of Leeming
July5thGeorge Son of Mark & Sarah D***il of Leeming (Dummil??)
12thWilliam Son of William & Elizabeth Gatenby of Carthorpe
23rdElizabeth Daughter of John & Isabel **inson of Carthorpe
25thIsabella Daughter of Francis Hau*by of Carthorpe (Hauxby??)
29thJane Dunn of Exelby Widow
 John son of James & Anne Manners of Carthorpe
 Hannah Daughter of William & Hannah Clark of Carthorpe
Aug9thThomas ***** *** of the Parish of Grinton
Sep24thRalph Gate of Londonderry

2nd Page - 27 Jan 1799 to 4 May 1800
Jan27thJohn Son of Ann Page, Widow, of Leeming
Feb6thGeorge Son of Ann Page, Widow, of Leeming
28thThomas Madgshon, Son of Mr William and Mrs Mary Robinson of Burneston
Mar13thThomas son of Thomas and Rose Pybus of Leeming
18thMary Daughter of James and Anne Place of Londonderry
Apr4thMary Smith of Carthorpe
June19thEllen Wife of Joseph Hood of Burneston
July14thMary Daughter of John and Alice De**is (Dennis??) of Londonderry (NRY)
15thRichard Jackson of Theakstone
21stAnthony Young of Leeming
22ndGiles Mitchel of the Manor House in the Parish of Kirby Wisk
29thElizabeth Wife of Mr John Ainsley of Theakstone
Sep5thThomas Hodgson of Leeming Street. Coroner's Inquest
21stChristopher *aseborn Son of Anne Scruton of Theakstone
24thMary Daughter of John and **** Smith of Exelby
Nov6thMary Wife of Richard Taylor of Burneston
15thMargaret Daughter of Thomas and Hannah Walton of Burneston
Dec16thIsabel Wife of John Tunstall of Carthorpe
19thElizabeth Daughter of William and Mary Gatenby of Theakstone
22ndWilliam Son of Henry and Ann Fryer of the New Inn Leeming Lane.
Killed by a horse. Coroner's Inquest
Jan8thMr Thomas Scott of Carthorpe
17thAnne Wife of William Wagget of Exelby
20thAnne Daughter of Christopher and Elizabeth Clapham of Clapham Lodge
26thChristopher Son of Matthew and Elizabeth Pearson of Carthorpe
Mar12thJohn Cockshaw of Burneston
23rdElizabeth Daughter of Robert and Ann Wilkin of Exelby
28thFrances Stevenson Widow, of Norton in the Parish of Wath. Aged 82
Apr1stElizabeth Daughter of Thomas and Hannah Walton of Burneston
16thIsabel Daughter of John and Anne Metcalf of Gatenby
20thFrancis Ellerton of Scabbed Newton. Aged 89
May1stMargaret Wife of Edward Wood of Burneston
4thEsther Wife of Christopher Jackson of Burneston

3rd Page - 22 Feb 1804 to 17 May 1805
Feb22ndWilliam Son of Robert and Mary Pattison of Gatenby
25thMary Clapham of Leeming, Widow, aged 83
25thStephen Smith of Sw*inby in the Parish of Pickhill. Coroner's Inquest
25thMary Daughter of Robert and Mary Pattison of Gatenby
Mar9thAnne Kirtlan Daughter of Elizth. Kn. Of the Parish of Bedale
12thRalph Martin of Gatenby. Coroner's Inquest
26thMary Daughter of John and Mary Stelling of Leeming
28thJohn Beckwith of Carthorp
29thJohn Crossley of Leeming
Apr.1stJohn Son of Henry and Eleanor Short of Carthorpe
15thJesse Ann Daughter of Thomas and Ann James of Burneston
16thJames Hayton of Burneston
May8thRobert Son of Robert Jackson of Londonderry
31stHannah Wife of Simon Humphrey of Gatenby
Aug21stRichard Son of John and Anne Bell of Bromaking Grange
Sep2ndJohn Nicholson of Londonderry. Aged 82
6thBenjamin Fogget of Carthorpe
9thSarah Young, Widow, of Thorp Hall Gardens in the Parish of Well
14thJohn Son of John and Priscilla Nattress of Burneston
Oct2ndMary Wife of Francis Ellerton of Scabbed Newton
Dec5thAnne Daughter of John and Mary Proctor of Carthorpe
Jan22ndDorothy Daughter of James and Mary Manners of Londonderry
24thJane Wife of Richard Colinson of Theakstone
Feb3rdRebecca Hesletine Widow, Oak Tree, Leeming Lane
8thEliza Daughter of Thomas and Jane Kirtlan of Allerthorpe
18thWilliam baseborn Son of Elizabeth Hood of Burneston
Apr26thCecilia Daughter of Mr William Ramshaw and Elizabeth his Wife of Leeming
May6thMary Wife of Thomas Mitchel of Gatenby
7thRobert Son of Thomas and Rose Pybus of Leeming
10thElizabeth Kirtlan, Widow, of Bedale
12thGeorge Son of George and Anne Body of Leeming
13thAnne Daughter of George and Anne Body of Leeming

4th Page
23rdThomas Kay of Carthorpe Aged 85
Jun10thMrs. Margaret Fall of Ruddhall in the parish of Catterick Widow Aged 83
29thMary Daughter of William and Mary Kettlewell of Carthorpe
Aug10thThomas Graham of Leeming
Oct12thRobert Harrison of Burneston
Nov30thMary Wife of Thomas Mason of Gatenby
Dec25thElizabeth Daughter of Richard and Dorothy Kirtlan of Scabbed Newton
Jan4thMary Geldert Widow of Leeming
9thJohn Bell of Exelby aged 96
21stJane Bell Widow of Exelby
Feb10thElizabeth Wife of Henry Husband of Hunton
28thMary Edwards of Burneston
Mar22ndEdward Dickenson of Exelby
Apr6thAnne Scruton of Theakstone
May18thPriscilla Wife of John Natress of Burneston
23rdMary Jackson Widow of Burneston
23rdWilliam Bendlowes of Little Carthorpe
31stJohn Brown of Burneston
Jun3rdJoseph Hood of Burneston killed by an accident Coroner's Inquest
10thMary base born Daughter of Mary Beckwith of Carthorpe
12thJohn Butterfield of Gatenby aged 82
24thJohn Son of William Gill of Carthorpe
27thMrs. Catharine Martin Widow of Londonderry
Jul1stMargaret Beckwith Widow of Carthorpe
2ndMary Daughter of William and Frances Spence of Carthorpe

Transcribed from:
The Parish Registers
Transcribed by
John Ellerton ©2002.