BURNESTON: Burneston Parish Registers, Burials 1828.


Burials in the Parish of Burneston in the County of York in the Year 1828

Transcribed from photocopies of the original printed forms for BURIALS
at Burneston into which the details have been hand-written.

Page 39
No 311Apr23Thomas Son of John and Mary Vester of Carthorpe 2 years
No 312Apr30Agnes Wife of Robt Fryer of Burneston 35 years
No 313May2William Hay of Carthorpe 72 years
No 314May10/18Robt Son of Francis and Mary Bowes of Burneston 9 years
No 315May25Eleanor Todd of Leeming 64 years
No 316May20Ann Metcalfe of Bellerby in the parish of Spenithorne 40 years
No 317Jun16Mary Sadler of Carthorpe 94 years
No 318Jun23Isabella Tate of Carthorpe 21 years
Page 40
No 319Jul24Peter Haw of Carthorpe 7* years (70 or 75)
No 320Aug11Hannah Wife of Philip Braithwaite of Burneston 79 years
No 321Aug31Elizabeth Bridge of Bedale 69 years
No 322Sep3Sarah Simondson of Burneston 86 years
No 323Sep21John Marmaduke Son of J** Marmaduke and Mary Fossick 10 months
No 324Oct20Francis Ellerton of Intach(Intack) House Nr. Londonderry 74 years
No 325Oct29Dorothy Bain of Leeming 34 years
No 326Dec6Robert Son of Thomas and Ann Holmes of Leeming 21 weeks

Transcribed from:
The Parish Registers
Transcribed by
John Ellerton ©2002.