BURNESTON: Burneston Parish Registers - Marriages, 1741-3, 1751-3.


Jan26Francis Robin and Mary Pibus(??) of Leeming Street wth Publication
Feb4John Th*rlaway of Bedale and Ann Basse with Publication
Mar31Robert *yanson(I'anson?) and Mary Firby with Publication
Apr30Robert *****(Nesan?) of Scruton(?) and Hannah Moss wth. Publication
Nov28George Smith of Burneston & Mary E*ba*k(?)
Dec29Thomas Dennison of Leeming & Mary Wilson
Feb27John Boddy of Exelby & Elizabeth Wilson
Apr25John Humphreys of Sezzah(?) & Ann Hutchinson of Leeming
May2William Leekenby of Theakston & Frances Gale of Exelby
Nov5Thomas Pearson and Mary P****(Press??) of Carthorp with Publication
9Peter Reynold of Cathasack(?) and Isabel Dunn of Exilby with publication
Feb14Thomas Robinson of East Witton Parish and Elizabeth Simonson of Burneston with publication
Jan17Thomas Curry of Catterick & Margaret Atkinson of Carthorp with Licence
May6John Crosley of Theakston & Isabel Lumley of Leeming with publication
Aug26Leonard Grainge of Dallagills and Elizabeth Hunter of Burneston with Publication
Nov12Edward Robinson and Mary Kettlewell of Theakston with Publication
Nov17George Ellerton and Elizabeth Smith both of Leeming with Publication
Dec20Robt. Musgrave of Leeming and Eliza. Snickersgill of Manfield with Publication
Mar24Francis Rainton of Spennithorne and Ann Fothergill of Tunstill with License
Apr5Richard Humphreys and Tabitha Lupton of Leeming with Publication
May19Richard Allan of Hornby and Jane Mason of Exelby with Publication
May20William Geldert of Burneston Junr. and Mary Thompson of Gilling with Publication
Jun2William Johnson of gatenby and Elizabeth Sturdy of Maunby with License
Jul23John Walker and Mary Johnson both of Beedale with License
Nov27Jonathan Walton of Brompton upon Swale and Hannah Mitchel of Burneston with Publication
Jan8John Butterfield and Ann Johnson of Gatenby with Publication
Feb12Robert Harrison and Mary Walker of Burneston with Publication

Transcribed from:
The Parish Registers
Transcribed by
John Ellerton ©2002.