BURNESTON: Burneston Parish Registers, 1738-9.


Baptisms Since the Visitation on Thursday May the 4th 1738
a Copy of the Register of Burneston

Baptisms 1738-9
May5Christopher and Janet Children of Thomas Hobson of Exelby
July29George Son of George Jones of Leeming
July30Anthony Son of Richard Pybus of Leeming Street
Oct30Dorothy Daughter of Christopher Gowland of Carthorp
Jan25Mary Daughter of Joseph Cunningham of Exelby
27Francis Son of Francis Deighton of Carthorp
Feb24Marmaduke Son of Marmaduke Tomlinson of Carthorp
May20Dorothy Daughter of James Wharton of Leeming
May27Ann Daughter of William Barrick of Carthorp
Jun1Elizabeth Daughter of Robert Wilkinson of Leeming Street
Jun2Mary Daughter of William Smith of Carthorp
17Mary Daughter of John Robinson Vicar of Burneston



Aug31Francis Ellerton of the Parish of Beedall(sic) and Dorothy Scot of Nuton in the Parish of Burneston with Publication of Banns
Sep4Richard Brunton of the Parish of Burneston and Mary Snowdon of the Parish of Well with Licensce(sic)
Sep22George Hollins of Burneston and Alice Caslin of Crakhall in the Parish of Beedall with License(sic)
Sep28Christopher Hunton of Swainby in the Parish of Pickhall and Mary Preston of Allerthorp in the Parish of Burneston with Publication
Nov?25Robert Blackburne and Dorothy Burneston both of Carthorp with publication
Apr23William Raper and Ann Ibbison
24Clement Harrison and Elizabeth Spooner both of Burneston with publication

Transcribed from:
The Parish Registers
Transcribed by
John Ellerton ©2002.