BURNESTON: Burneston Parish Registers, 1754-5.


The Register for the Parish of Burneston from
the Visitation held on the 27th day of May 1754
Till Tuesday the 10th day of June 1755.

Jun5Sarah Daughter of Robt. Chadwick of Burneston
30Mary Daughter of John Hunton Junr. of Carthorp
Jul7Alice Daughter of Rob.t Walker of Leeming
Oct7Dorothy Daughter of George Spence of Burneston
21Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas Kay of Carthorp
27Elizabeth Daughter of Henry Chambers of Leeming
Dec7Christopher Son of Marmaduke Gill of Carthorp
15Francis Son of Francis Ellerton of Nuton
16John Son of Edward Johnson of Burneston
Jan12George Son of William Woodhouse of Carthorp
Feb23Joseph Son of Richard Humphrey of Leeming
Mar1stRobert Son of Robert Musgrave of Leeming
Apr22Margaret Daughter of John Gullis of Carthorp
30Thomas and George Twin Sons of William Moss of Nuton
May4Elizabeth Daughter of Christopher Tanfield of Carthorp
4Thomas Son of Thomas Scot Junr. of Carthorp
Jun8John Son of William Davison of Burneston
8John Son of Thomas Fall of Theakston

Jun26George Johnson and Ann Montgomery both of Carthorp by license
Sep16Thomas Welford of Rippon and Elizabeth Hewson of Leeming by Banns
Sep26Henry Dinsdale and Ann Chambers both of Gatenby by License
Nov23James Galloway of Little Danby and Jane Thackerah of Leeming by Banns
May26John Boddy and Margaret Bell both of Exelby by Banns

Transcribed from:
The Parish Registers
Transcribed by
John Ellerton ©2002.