Carlton in Cleveland BTs 1603-1699




Bishop's Transcripts, 1603-1698 from microfilm

Transcribed by Dave King (Nuneaton, UK)

[square brackets] indicate uncertain words.
[?] indicates unreadable characters/words
The transcript is complete for the existing pre 1700 Bishop's Transcripts. Unfortunately, the survival is very patchy, but it does provide a glimpse into the period before the earliest surviving Parish Registers for Carlton.
Dates used are "old style" dates.


Willia Malla sonne to Richard Malla was bap 18 May 1603
Francis Scarthe sonne to Thomas Scarthe was bap 4 Dec ano ut supra
Richard Gowland sonne to Thomas Gowland was bap 15 Jan 1603
Xpofer Fishwick sonne to Willia Fishwick was bap 8 Jan ano 1603
Willia Malla was buried the 8 Nov ano ut supra


Xpofer Fishwicke sonne to Willia Fishwick bap 8 Mar 1604
Thomas Talerson was buried 14 Aprill 1604
vidua Barnes was buried 4 Jun 1604
Willia Preston was buried 21 Jun 1604
Ane Fishwick daughter to Robert Fishwick was bap 8 Aug 1604
Francis Scarth was buried [?] Sep 1604
Henry Darnton sone Henry Darnton was bapt 14 Aug 1604
Henry [?Atkinson?] was buried the 11 Nov 1604
Margery Clark daughter to Leonard Clark was bap 2 Dec 1604
Thomas Hackforth sone to Joh Hackforth was bap 21 Dec 1604


Jacobi Robinson filius Mich: 16 Apr 1617
Maria Clerke filia Johannis Clarke 7 Aug 1617
Elizabetha Mawlam filia Thoma Mawla 1 Sep 1617
Johannis Gowland filius Thoma Gowland 21 Dec 1617
Anna Braughe filia Roberti Broughe 7 Jan 1617
Elizabetha Tweddall filia Henrie Tweddall 13 Feb 1617
Rich Scarth filius Thoma senr 22 Feb 1617
Rich Clarke filius Rich Clarke 8 Mar 1617

Rich Robinson & Jane Scarth 2 Feb 1617
Francis Laykin & Alice Penlington 19 Oct 1617
Will Wetherall & Ann Atkinson 23 Nov 1617
George Bowes & Margery Chapman 2 Dec 1617
Willm Prissick & Ann Chipping 19 Jan 1617
[?] Gowland & Meryall [?]leden [?] Jan 1617

[?]beth Barber was buried the 25 Mar 1617
Willia Atkinson was buried the last day of Mar 1617
Tho. Scarth senr was buried the 8 Apr 1617
Phillipe Clarke was buried 19 Apr 1617
Anne Darnton was buried the second of May 1617
Jane Sowley was buried the 15 Jun 1617
Elizab. Prissick was buried the 6 Oct 1617
Issab. Mawla was buried the 11 Jan 1617
Margrett Taylorson was buried 30 Jan 1617


James Smith s. Francis Smith 15 Apr 1632
Henry Mawlham s. Henry Mawlham 16 May 1632
Thomas Taylorson s. Lanclott Taylerson 18 Jun 1632
Thomas Shepheard s. Raiph Shepheard 19 July 1632
John Scarth s. John Scarth senior 27 Dec 1632

Thomas Hunton of the parish of Osmotherley & Ann Mawlam otp 29 Apr 1632
James Hubbock & Elizabeth Prissick both widd[?] 4 Dec 1632

Barbary Douthwhayte w. of Robert Douthwhate 10 Jun 1632
Issabell Hubbock w. of James Hubbock 15 Jun 1632
Christofer [?]be an householder 20 Aug 1632
Katharyne Douthwhayte w. of Robert Douthwhayte senr 10 Feb 1632


Thomas Cornforth s. Henry Cornforth 23 Jun 1633
William Pearson s. John Pearson 13 Oct 1633
Anne Smith d. Francis Smith 22 Dec 1633
Margery Atkinson d. Henry Atkinson 26 Jan 1633
Francis Mawlam d. Henry Mawlam 28 Jan 1633
Thomas Prest s. Thomas Prest 23 Feb 1633

Robert Douthwaite & Tamazin Casby of Kirby 7 Jul 1633

We had not any these xiii [sic] months


Anne Manners d. Christofer 6 Jul 1634
Issabell Hubbock d. James Hubbock 13 Jul 1634
John Darnton s. Tho. 30 Sep 1634
Robert Blayby s. Edw. 12 Oct 1634
Christofer s. Christofer Key of Little Busby 9 Nov 1634
Tho. Gowland s. Richard Gowland 22 Jan 1634
Jane Scarth d. John Scarth 22 Feb 1634
Mary Shepheard d. Raiph 22 Feb 1634
Mathew Heddon s. Thomas Heddon 25 Feb 1634

Richard Gowland & Margrett Rutter of Stuxley pish 4 May 1634
Raiph Lee & Margrett Wilkinson of Kirby 26 May 1634
Tho. Scruby & Margrett W[?]inneson 12 Oct 1634

Mary Garbutt 29 Apr 1634
Ann Manners 16 Jul 1634
Wm Wrietman 18 Jul 1634
Dorothy Maynard 20 Dec 1634
Alice Prest 21 Jan 1634


Dorithy Manners d. Christopher Manners ? Aug 1635
Tamazin [?]nby d. Tho. [?]nby 30 Aug 1635
[?]e Greenside d. Thomas Greensyde 18 Oct 1635
Elizabeth Cornforth d. Henry Cornforth 24 Mar 1635

We hade not any in that tyme.

[?] Preston [?] 1635
Alice Prest 6 [?] 1635
Francis Gowland [?] May 1635
Isabell Hubbock [?] [?]
[?] Barber widdow [?] Nov 1635
Grace Preston [?] Jan 1635
Phillis Mawlam wife of Henry Mawlam [?] Feb 1635
[?] [?]nby widd 19 Feb 1635
[?Fr Taylor?] 23 Feb 1635


John Taylorson s. Lanslott Taylorson 26 Mar 1637
Francis Smith s. Francis Smith 7 Apr 1637
Alice Scarth d. John Scarth senr 12 June 1637
Issabell Scarth d. Thomas Scarth 22 Sep 1637
Alice Heddon d. Thomas Heddon 20 Dec 1637
Henry Blayby s. Edward Blayby 4 Mar 1637

we had not any this last year.

Henry Atkinson a H[?]man 28 Mar 1637
Francis Smith s. Francis Smith 14 Apr 1637
Tho. Gowland s. Richard Gowland 31 Mar 1637
Ann Mawlam widdow 18 Nov 1637


Henry Smith s. Francis Smith 23 Apr 1638
Henry Greensyde s. Thomas Greensyde 9 Aug 1638
Elizabeth Sheeheard d. Raiph Shepheard 9 Sep 1638
John Cornforth s. Henry Cornforth 1 Oct 1638
[Tho?] Gowland s. Richard Gowland 23 Oct 1638
[Dowrey?] Sparlin d. Francis Sparlin 3 Dec 1638
Alice Colson d. John Colson 25 Feb 1638

Richard [?]iton & [?] Atkinson widow 20 Sep 1638

Margrett Thomson widdow 15 Apr 1638


Alice Coulson d. John Coulson 25 Feb 1639
[Grace] Morley d. John Morley 19 May 1639
Henry [?]by s. Thomas [?]by 25 July 1639
Issabell Cropton d. Richard Cropton 10 Dec 1639
Margaret Prest d. Thos Prest 5 Oct 1639
Mary Scarth d. Thos Scarth 13 Jan 1639
Francis Sparlin s. John Sparlin 13 Apr 1639
John Coates s. William Coates 19 Apr 1639
** note the previous two entries would appear to be entered in this year in error, as they also occur in the 1640 list of baptisms, and looking at the dates, the sequence would indicate that they are indeed after the end of the year 1639, rather than at the beginning **


Alice Sparling d. John Sparling 29 Mar 1639
Richard {?}son 24 Mar 1639
John Gowland s. Richard Gowland 21 Aug 1639
Margaret Prest d. Thos Prest 13 Oct 1639
Ellen Prest wiefe of Thomas Prest 20 Feb 1639


Frances Sparlin s. John Sparlin Apr 13 1640
John Coates unlawfully begotten [?] the body of Margaret Atkinson by Willia Coates
a servant Apr 19 1640
Xpofer Darnton s. Thos Darnton 20 Aug 1640
Tho Smith s. Francis Smith 27 Aug 1640
Richard Scarth s. Jos Scarth Elder Oct 18 1640
Elizabeth Gowland d. Richard Gowland Oct 25 1640
Jane Faucett d. Thos Faucett Nov 9 1640
Thos Greensydes s. Tho Greensydes Dec 13 1640
John Colson s. John Colson 10 Jan 1640/1


Ellen Prest wife of Tho Prest 20 Feb 1640
John Fiswick s. Tho Fiswick 2 Jun 1640
John Cornforth s. Henry Cornforth 3 Nov 1640
Anne Fishwick wife of Tho Fishwick 1 Dec 1640
old Jane Preston 11 Mar 1640/1


Katherina Scarth d of Roberti Scarth 16 Apr
Henry Prist s of Jacobi Prist [?]
Johannis Hansale s of Gulielmi Hansale [?] June
Margareta Scarth d of Thoma Scarth [?] July
Johannes Scarth s of Johannes Scarth 17 July
Henry Bairnes s of Thoma Bairnes 21 Aug
Maria Scarth d of Thoma Scarth 17 Aug
Anna Hubbocke d of Jacobi Hubbocke [?]
Johannes Scarth 1 March
Radolphus Shepheard 21 Apr
Elizabetha Scarth Spinster 21 Jul
Humphens Bell 19 Aug
Anna Bayrnes uxor Thomas Bayrnes 6 Sep



Thomas Fairweather the s of Thomas Fairweather 13 May
Johannes Douethwaite s of Gulielmo Douethwaite 22 Jun
Anna Blakey d of Roberti Blakey 19 Sep
[?] Maulam d of Thoma Maulam 28 Sep
Margareta Bowes d of Georgii Bowes 29 Oct
Richard Cornforth s of Henrici Cornforth 20 Nov
Jana Shepheard d of Johannis Shepheard 15 Feb
Johannes Gowland s of Richard Gowland 23 March
Thomas Maulam senr [?]
Henry Prist filius Jacobi Prist 10 Sep

Johannes Taylorson & Alicia Scarth 23 Oct


William Taylerson the son of John Taylerson 12 July
Mary Midleton d of Robert Midleton 30 Aug
Dorothy Armstrong d of George Armstrong 6 Sep
Richard Scarth s of John Scarth of the Low Fields 14 Mar
Henry Maulam the elder 18 Aprill
Alice Scarth d of John Scarth 14 May
Richard Scarth the s of John Scarth of the Low Fields 19 Mar
Old Anne Clarke 17 November
Mary Midleton d of Robert Midleton 10 Decem
Richard Maulam of [?] & Isabel [?] of Carlton 14 Sep


Sarah & Katherine Scarth the twin d of John Scarth 11 April
Jane Darnton the d of John Darnton 4 May
William Scarth the s of Thomas Scarth 16 May
Elizabeth Penlineton the d of William Penlington 30 June
Isabell Maulam the d of Thomas Maulam 25 July
Isabell Cornforth the d of Henry Cornforth 21 Aug
George Scarth the s of Thomas Scarth 27 Sep
Elizabeth Taylerson the d of John Taylerson 22 Jan
Jane Tippin the d of Robert Tippin 16 Feb
Mary Midleton the d of Robert Midleton 19 Feb

Christopher [Gustrip] of ..ingley who dyed at [??] 9 Apr
Isabell Blakey the wife of Edward Blakey 6 Sep
Isabell Kell a traveller that dyed at Henry Cornforthes 24 November
George Scarth the s of Thomas Scarth 23 Jan

Robert Tippin & Elizabeth Sparlin 28 April
Thomas Jackson & Merrall Taylerson 11 May
Thomas Bayrnes & [??] 9 Feb


Ane Bowes the d of [Peary] Bowes 30/4/1665
John Blaky the s of Robert Blaky bap [?]
Jane Hubucke the d of James Hubuck bap [?]
Margery Scarth the d of John Scarth bap October [?]
Francis Fairweather the son of Thomas Fairweather bap October [?]
William Shephird the son of John Shiphird bap [?]
Thomas Barnes the son of Thomas Barnes bap February [?]
[?] Darnton the d of John Darnton bap Feb [?]

Thomas Frankland the s of James Frankland 9 May
Thomas Barnes the son of Thomas Barnes 19 Feb


[?] Scarth the son of John Scarth bapt 13 May
Robt Scarth the son of Thomas Scarth bapt July 14
[?] [?] the d pf James Frankland bapt July 29
Ann the d of John Cornforth bapt Aug 5
Catherine the daughter of [?] Scarth bapt Aug 26
[?] the son of Cuthbert Robinson bapt Octo 26
William the son of Robert Midleton bapt Jan 4
Raiphe the son of Henry Cornforth bapt Feb 7
Thos Taylerson the son of John Taylerson bapt Mar 10
[?] the d of Robert Blaky [???]
Jane Hubbocke the d of James Hubbocke buried 22 April
Henry Cornforth buried 17 Sept



Anne the unlawfully begotten daughter of Georg Stubbes & Margaret Shepheard was bapt 7 July
Margaret Beadnell the daughter of Robt Beadnell was bapt 29 July
James Hubbocke the son of James Hubbocke was bapt 20 October
James Gowland the son of Rich Gowland was buryed 26 May
Rich Scarth the son of Tho. Scarth was buryed 26 Aug
Sarah Scarth the d of John Scarth was buryed 13 Nov
Tho Taylerson tghe s of John Taylerson was buryed 12 Nov
Anne the unlawfully begotten daughter of Georg Stubbes & Margaret Shephead was buryed 21 March

Marr none


Elizabeth Blakey the d of Robert Blakey was bapt 28 [?]
Tho Maulam s of Thom Maulam [???]
Thos Darnton the son of John Darnton was bapt 26 [?]
Frances [?] the daughter of William [??]sell was bapt 30 Aug
Dorothy Scarth the daughter of John Scarth was bapt 4 [?]
Robert Cornforth the son of John Cornforth was bapt 11 [?]
George Midleton the son of Robert Midleton was bapt [?] Jan
Thos Barnes the son of Thomas Barnes was bapt [?] Feb
Christopher Gowland the son of Richard Gowland the younger was bapt 28 Feb
[?]lice Maulam the daughter of [??] Maulam was buryed [?] July
Elizabeth Darnton the daughter of John Darnton was buryed [?] July
Thomas Darnton was buryed [?] November
[??] Taylorson was buryed [?] [?]
[?] [?] the son of Thomas [?] was buryed 11 [?]


William Blakey the son of Robert Blakey was bapt Aug 20
Jane Scarth the daughter of Hen Scarth was bapt Nov 5
Robert Kitchin the son of John Kitchin was bapt 25 Jan
Elizabeth Maulam the daughter of Thomas Maulam was bapt 28 Jan
Alice Taylerson the daughter of John Taylerson was bapt 4 Feb
Christopher Beadnell the son of Robert Beadnell was bap 24 Mar
Margaret Greesides widdow was buryed 13 Aug
Katherine Garnet widdow was buryed 30 Nov

marr none


Anne Midleton the daughter of Robt Midleton was bap July 26
Richard Bowes the son of Geo Bowes was bapt Nov 10
Isabell Kitchen the daughter of John Kitchen was bap Feb 27
Richard Gowland the son of John Gowland was bapt Mar 2
Robert Kitchin the son of John Kitchin was buryed May 8
William Douethwaite was buryed Dec 29
Margery Mason widdow was buryed jan 6
Joan Sigsworth spinster was buryed Feb 4
Frances Manners widdow was buryed Feb 19


Mary the daughter of John Prest was bapt April 1
Elizabeth the daughter of John Scarth was bap June 29
Anne the daughter of John Phillipps was bapt Aug 7
Henry Cornforth senr was buryed 9 Feb
Thomas Fishwicke was buryed 27 Feb
Kath Barton spinster who was brought by warrant from towne to towne died at Carlton & was buryed 18 March

marriages none


Gregory the son Hen[??] was bap April 8
John the son of Robert Beednell was bap April 29
Anne the daughter of Hen Greensides was bapt Aug 26
Mary the daughter of John Phillipps was bap Sep 16
Daniell the son of John Taylerson was bapt 12 Mar

none buried

none married


John the son of John Gowland was bapt the 9 Feb
James Gowland the son of John Gowland was buryed 22 May
Margaret Gowland was buried August 13
Margaret Cronton Spinster was buryed Octo 5
Anthony Bayrnes batchelor was buryed jann 15
Geo Armstrong & Eliza Prissicke were marryed May 9
Willm Prissicke & Mary Hutchinson were marryed May 9
Francis Sparling & Jane [??]erson were marryed Nov [?]
James Britton jun & Jane Barley were marryed Nov 19
Willm Wethereld & Eliza Pearson were marryed Feb 11


Jane daughter of Wm Edley bap 26 November
Mary daughter of Rob. Taylorson bap 9 February
Thomas son of John Kitching bap Feb 21
Frances Hornfell buried 31 March
Thomas Scarth buried 5 May
James Prest and Mary Richinson married 28 November


Richard Prest and Joan Scarth married June 4
Richard Scarth was buried April 28
Elezabeth Scarth was buried May 6
[Jane Hedley] Dec 11
Ann Philip was buried Mar 18
George the son of James Prest was baptised 17 December
Richard Joanson was baptised [?] of May


Rachell daughter of Wm Hedley bapd ye 5 of January
Hannah & Dina daughters of John Hutchinson baptised ye 9 of Feb


Thos Rigg and Margaret Fairweather married ye 24 Feb
Rich Barley buried ye 25 of April
Wm Hansale buried ye 2 of June
James Britton buried ye 14 Feb
Tomison Muburn buried ye 22 of March


Jane daughter of James Britton baptised ye 10 of May
Richard Fairweather and Mary Marshall married ye 28 of Aprill
Wm Blakey and Isabel Gowland married ye 26 of January
Richard Hedon buried ye 4 of December


[?] son of Jhon Wood baptised
September Tomison daughter of George Kitching baptised
November James Hubbock & Eliz Mothergale married
John Darnton buried
Wm Hedley buried
January 11 Francis Darnton buried
January [?] Thos Cornforth buried
January 20 Berbera Sperling buried

(note: appear to be signed by John Prissick as church warden.)

Transcribed by Dave King
Microfilm of the
Bishop's Transcripts