Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for CATTERICK in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank, Catterick; Mr. Thomas Lawson, postmaster. Letters arrive daily from Darlington, per mail cart, at 6-45 a.m. They are despatched on week-days at 6 p.m., and on Sundays at 6-5 p.m. Letters should be addressed Catterick, Yorkshire.

Miscellany of trades

  • Abbott James, owner of entire horse
  • Bennison Mrs. Sarah, confectioner
  • Boddy John, grocer, &c.
  • Boddy Richard, assistant overseer for Brough and Catterick; and income tax collector for Brough, Catterick, Killerby, and Tunstall townships
  • Boddy Thomas, grocer, &c.
  • Booth William Charge, Esq., J.P., Oran
  • Burrows Mrs. Dorothy
  • Carter-Squire Joseph, Esq.
  • Catterick Endowed School; Robert Benson Scambler, master
  • Coates Frederick, joiner and parish clerk
  • Coates Mrs. Ruth, dressmaker
  • Coates Thomas, joiner and cartwright
  • Cockcroft Miss Jane, ladies' private school
  • Cockcroft Mr. William, surgeon (retired)
  • Daniel Mr. Thomas William
  • Davison Mrs. Robert
  • Dunn Edward, sergeant drill instructor
  • Ellerton James, tailor
  • Fryer Miss Isabella
  • Fryer William, butcher
  • Garde Rev. Richard, B.A., The Vicarage
  • Green John, sergeant-major (retired)
  • Hanby Christopher, blacksmith
  • Hanby Thomas, shoemaker
  • Harrison Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker
  • Harrison Richard, corn miller, Catterick mill
  • Hewson Mrs. Margaret
  • Hoggett Mr. Thomas
  • Hutchinson & Waldy, surgeons
  • Hutchinson Jno. Hanley (Hutchinson & Waldy)
  • Jamson William, painter and paperhanger
  • Kay George, joiner and cabinet maker
  • Lawson Thomas, postmaster and newsagent
  • Mackenzie Archibald, mason and builder
  • Mackenzie Benjamin (G. & B. Mackenzie), and monumental mason and grocer, High green
  • Mackenzie George & Benjamin, builders
  • Morton Robert, cowkeeper
  • Pallister John, coachman, &c., to Rev. R. Garde
  • Poole Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker
  • Reynoldson Mrs. Mary, grocer
  • Rogers William, blacksmith
  • Rowntree William, boot and shoe maker
  • Saul Miss, teacher of music
  • Skellon Miss Emily
  • St. Paulinus' Academy (Cath.); Thos. Skellon, principal; J. Skellon (of London University), assistant
  • Storey Joseph, butler to Sir J. Lawson
  • Subscription Library; Srgt. E. Dunn, librarian
  • Taylor William, tailor
  • Tennet George Lax., grocer, &c.; h Richmond
  • Toas Walter Jph. & Thos., boot & shoe makers
  • Todd John, joiner and cartwright
  • Waldy John, (Hutchinson & Waldy)
  • Ward Miss Ann
  • Ware Rev. Reginald Joseph Wilmot, curate
  • Weavers Mr. Emanuel James
  • Wilson Mrs. Margaret, Leeming Lane cottage
  • Wilson Miss Maria
  • Wilson William, tailor
  • Wray John, tinsmith, &c.
  • Wray William, painter and decorator


  • Baines John Thomas, Prospect hill
  • Cooper David, Bainesse
  • Hutchinson Teasdale Hilton, Manor house

Hotels, Inns, &c.

  • Angel Inn; Joseph Imeson, (and farmer)
  • Bay Horse; Joseph Sayer
  • Golden Lion; John Thomas Gill
  • Oak Tree Inn; Miss Elizabeth Hayes
  • Three Horse Shoes (beerhouse); J. Cartwright


  • Letters for East Appleton arrive via Catterick, but for West Appleton they come via Bedale.

Miscellany of trades

  • Barrett Thomas, head gamekeeper to the Duke of Leeds, Hornby park
  • Jones Stephen Thackeray, land agent to the Duke of Leeds, Winter field
  • North John, farm bailiff, Winterfield


  • Greenwell Alfred John, East Appleton
  • Kay John, Bell mount, and West Appleton
  • Norfolk William, Appleton Old hall
  • Ramshay Christopher Arthur, East Appleton
  • Smith Henry, Rudd Hall farm
  • Smith John & Son, West Appleton


Miscellany of trades

  • Guthrie J. M., Esq., Capt., late 19th Hussars, Killerby castle
  • Spence Barnard, farm bailiff


  • Simpson Richard, Hook Carr hill


  • Letters via Catterick.

Miscellany of trades

  • Arnold The Very Rev. Canon Walter (Catholic)
  • Duck Mrs. Ann, Wood house
  • Gardom George Frederick, land agent to E. H. Courage, Esq., The Bridge Hotel
  • Grocock Charles, blacksmith, Catterick bridge
  • Hardcastle Joseph William, vict., George and Dragon Hotel, Catterick bridge
  • Lawson Sir John, Bart., Brough hall
  • Pybus Charles Joseph, land agent to Sir John Lawson, Brough park


  • Kirkbride Henry, Ash house
  • Robinson Christopher, St. Giles
  • Slater Isaac Calam, Thornbrough
  • Storey Richard, Breckonbrough


  • Letters via Richmond, Yorkshire.

Miscellany of trades

  • Barker William, shoemaker
  • Metcalfe Elick, shoemaker
  • Metcalfe J., vict. and farmer, Hildyard Arms
  • Pounder William, shoemaker
  • Sayer Arthur Edward, blacksmith


  • Bagley Thomas
  • Eden John, Wintylow
  • Holdsworth Joseph & Son (Joseph, junr.)
  • Lodge Matthew, Colburn hall
  • Marriner Robert
  • Plews Jas. & Sons (Wm. & Isaac), Harley hill
  • Plews Thomas, Pin hills
  • Robinson William and Jacob, Piper hill


  • Letters arrive via Richmond, Yorkshire, by foot messenger.

Miscellany of trades

  • Atkinson Mark, grazier and cowkeeper
  • Blyth C., cowkeeper and milk seller, Sand beck
  • Bolland John, carrier, Sleegill
  • Burn Matthew, cattle dealer, Sleegill
  • Carter William, woodman, Woodhouse cottage
  • Chandler Robert, cowkeeper and grazier
  • Coates Thomas, joiner and cartwright
  • Gregg John, grazier, Sleegill
  • Horner Miss Ann, vict., Volunteer Inn
  • Lawson Richard, vict. and farmer, Holly Hill Inn, Sleegill
  • Lewis Matthew, joiner, carpenter, and cowkeeper, Sleegill
  • Mansfield John, blacksmith
  • Metcalfe Christopher, grazier and parish clerk
  • Metcalfe Robert Robinson, grazier
  • Metcalfe Robert, corn miller, Hipswell mill
  • National School, Robt. Hy. Glenton, master; Mrs. Glenton, sewing and infant mistress
  • Parnaby William, stone mason, &c.
  • Wright William, vict. and blacksmith, Good Intent, Sleegill


  • Barker James, Hipswell hall and Hagg
  • Carter Joseph, Holly house
  • Harrison Wm. (and horse breeder), Waitwith
  • Pearson Lancelot, Carnagill and Waitwith
  • Plews William, Wood house
  • Severs Mrs. Margaret, Pleasant dale
  • Singleton Thomas, Park house
  • Walburn Thomas, Hipswell lodge
  • Walker Other, High Sand beck
  • Watson John, White house, Waitwith
  • Wilkinson James, Waitwith


  • Letters arrive via Richmond, Yorkshire.

Miscellany of trades

  • Dodd Miss Annie, schoolmistress
  • Dodd Messrs., coal owners, Hudswell colliery
  • Glenton Mrs. H., vict., George and Dragon
  • Hogg Mr. Henry, Rock house
  • Langstaff George, engineer, Bute cottage
  • Mangles Mr. Wm., Spring villa, Middlemoor
  • Parnaby James, junr., shoemaker, Scarcote
  • Torbett Rev. James English, B.A. (Trinity College, Dublin), The Vicarage
  • Usher Mrs. Jane


  • Arklie Mrs. Margaret
  • Atkinson John, Quarry farm
  • Bulmer John
  • Carter Mrs. Ruth
  • Close James
  • Davison George (and shopkeeper)
  • Dinsdale James, Broakes
  • Eales John, Broakes
  • Eddy John, Vicar's green
  • Harrison James, Hill top, Waitwith
  • Harrison William, Waitwith bank
  • Jefferson Thomas, Manor house
  • Meynell Thomas, Broakes
  • Middlemiss Thomas (and butcher), Bell mount
  • Parnaby James, Scarcote
  • Peacock Matthew, Under Banks
  • Pearson Mark
  • Pearson Robert, Broakes
  • Pearson Stephen, Broakes
  • Pickersgill Francis, Broakes
  • Pickersgill John, Grange close
  • Pickersgill Mrs. R. & Son (J.), Hudswell grange
  • Pickersgill Rd. & Francis, Close farm, Broakes
  • Pickersgill Richard (and corn and flour merchant), Under banks
  • Robinson Christopher
  • Waddington Mary & Son (Wm.), Throstle gill
  • Whitby Peter
  • Whitby Thomas
  • Wilson William Robinson, Thorpe-under-Stone


  • Part of this township is in the parish of Patrick Brompton. Letters arrive via Richmond, Yorkshire (per foot messenger).

Miscellany of trades

  • Annesley Rev. Henry Arthur, K.C.L., Th.A., incumbent of Hipswell, Hipswell vicarage
  • Burn William, estate bailiff, Scotton lodge
  • Langstaff Nathan, caretaker, Scotton hall
  • Stevenson Mrs. Ellen Emily, Scotton hall


  • Bowe Joseph, Scotton house
  • Hebdon William, Crake Dub
  • Hebdon William, Low hall
  • Jackson John, Risedale
  • Sayer Benjamin (and blacksmith)
  • Severs George, Field house
  • Severs Joseph, Scotton fields
  • Stubbs Peter, Ulwith farm
  • Stubbs William, Druggon hill


  • Letters arrive via Catterick.

Miscellany of trades

  • Barker Thomas, commission agent
  • Fullerton Alexander, joiner
  • Hodgson John, carrier
  • Hodgson Robert, grocer and blacksmith
  • Jackson Thos. Powell, vict., Sportsman's arms
  • North John, stonemason
  • Park John, schoolmaster and assistant overseer, National school
  • Pounder James, shoemaker
  • Raper John, tailor
  • Saltmarsh Charles, gamekeeper to Sir John Lawson, Brough lodge
  • Sayer Benjamin, blacksmith
  • Sherrington Simon, shoemaker
  • Smurthwaite John, vict., Bay Horse Inn


  • Barker Hutchinson
  • Cooper D., The Mount; h Bainesse, Catterick
  • Dunn Francis & Richard, Tunstall grange
  • Fryer John (and butcher), Mount Pleasant
  • Hunter John (and shopkeeper)
  • Jackson Robert
  • Robinson John Standen, Tunstall hill
  • Russell John, Silver hill
  • Wilkinson William, Manor house

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.