Cayton Cemetery Grave Photographs Introduction and List


Cayton Cemetery is situated at the southern end of the village of Cayton, the eastern side of it forming part of the boundary with the hamlet of Killerby. The cemetery is a long narrow plot orientated north - south, the gates being at the northern end and the cremation plots being in the south west corner. The earliest memorial stone is dated 1925 and the cemetery now appears to be close to full capacity. The graves are arranged in three or four long rows with the stones facing inwards towards the path.

One notable grave is that of Czeslaw Bartoszko, a Pole who fought in the Second World War. The cemetery warden told me that the headstone faces away from the main path in the direction of Poland. There are four other war graves in the cemetery, namely those of Sergeant C R Marshall, Sergeant R Sheard, Sick Berth Attendant R H Tyson and Adjutant Edna M Mortimer.

Complete transcriptions of the inscriptions existing in 1998 can be found in the East Yorkshire Family History Society's book 'Cayton Memorial Inscriptions' together with a plan of the cemetery at that date. Where I have attributed identities named on gravestones by their position in relation to others it is on the basis of this book - these are indicated by an asterisk against the surname in the link list below.

These photos of the Cayton Cemetery gravestones etc. were taken in 2017 and consequently no graves after this date appear here.

The links given below take you to the first photo of the grave of the relevant name.

The number for the photograph is given in the caption below the photograph.

There are three sizes of photos: the thumbnail images which link to a page containing a larger image (640 by 480 pixels), and then a full size image which is linked from the previously mentioned larger image. The full size image can of course be saved for your own personal use.

The listing of names on the cemetery photographs
Photos of Graves in the Church Graveyard

Graves in the cemetery
!General  Adamson  Alden  Allamby  Allchurch  Allen 
Ambler  Armstrong  Arnell*  Arnell  Ashton  Aspinall 
Baines  Baker  Barker  Bartoszko  Baxter*  Beaumont 
Bell  Bennett  Berriman  Best  Beswick  Binns 
Birchall  Blackburn  Blears  Blenkin  Booth  Borrows 
Bowes  Boyle  Boys  Brain  Braithwaite  Bramhall 
Bravender  Breward  Brice  Brooks*  Brown  Burton 
Campion  Cantwell  Carpenter  Cartwright  Chamberlain  Charles 
Charlton  Clarke  Clay  Clithero  Cockerill  Colling 
Collins  Collinson  Cooper  Coppinger  Coultas  Croft 
Crosby  Curson  Cuthbert  Dale  Davies  Dennis 
Dennison  Dixon  Dobson  Dodd  Dolton  Dunn 
Earnshaw  Elliot  Ellis  Emmerson  Featherstone  Fenwick 
Firth  Fisher  Fletcher  Ford  Foster  Fowler 
Freeman  Gannon  Garrett  Garside  Gates  Gazey 
Gibb  Gibson  Glave  Godfrey  Godson  Goforth 
Goodall  Gosling  Greaves  Green  Grimwood  Hall 
Hammond  Hanson  Hardcastle  Harper  Harrison  Hart 
Hartley  Harvey  Haw  Hawkins  Headley  Heelbeck 
Heinke  Hewson  Hodgson  Holdsworth  Homer  Hood 
Hopper  Horsley  Howells  Hunt  Hutchinson  Jackson 
Jaques  Jeeves  Jennings  Johnston  Jones  Kemp 
Kerr  Kirk  Kirkwood  Knott  Lazenby  Lee 
Lennard  Liley  Littlewood  Lodge  Lofthouse  Machale 
Mackley  Mainprize  Mallet  Mann  Marshall  Martin 
Mason  Matthew_Lyon  Maw  McCorriston  McDonic  McLaren 
McLintock  Meadows  Micklethwaite  Mitchinson  Moment  Monkman 
Moody  Morley  Mortimer  Mosby  Nellist  Newham 
Newlove  Nichols  Nicklin  Nixon  Norman  North 
Novis  O'Connor  Oakley  Outhart  Park  Parkinson 
Pashby  Paylor*  Peacock  Pearson  Peel  Penny 
Perry  Pickering  Pickup  Pledger  Priestley  Proctor 
Renton  Riches  Robinson  Robson  Roskilly  Saltmer 
Sanderson  Savage  Sawdon  Sedman  Sellars  Sellers 
Shaw  Sheard  Skilbeck  Smith  Southwell  Speck 
Stainthorpe  Stanley  Stephenson  Stockill  Stringer  Stubbs 
Sunderland  Tankard  Taylor  Terry  Thompson  Thornton 
Tindall  Tingle  Tyreman  Tyson  Unknown  Unknown* 
Waddington  Wall  Walshe  Ware  Waterhouse*  Wealleans 
Webster  Wellman  Westwood  Whitaker  Whittaker  Wilcock 
Williams  Willings  Wilson  Wood  Woodall  Wright 
* Please note that the "Unknown*" section contains those with unreadable full surnames.

Happy hunting!

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