Castleton, Memorial Plaque transcription


Danby parish:


Castleton, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I Memorial Plaque in St. Michael's Church, Castleton.

This Baptistry Screen was erected by
Children of Danby Parish in dear
memory of Fathers and Brothers who
laid down their lives in the Great War.

Meriel Atkinson  Martin Helm  John Potter
John Baynes Crispin Helm George Pybus
George H. Baynes Mary Helm Doris Pybus
Mary Baynes Dorothy Hewison Willie Raw
Robert W. Baynes Marjory Hewison Emma Raw
Ina Boyes Mary Kitching Mary B. Robinson
Edgar Carter Evelyn Layton Thomas D. Robinson
Minnie Clemmitt Percy Lynas Emily Robinson
Nellie Coverdale Alexander L. Macmillan Joyce Robinson
Hon. Ruth Dawnay Wm. S. Geo. Macmillan Willie Scarth
Lily Farrow Oswald Mead Kathleen Scarth
Joseph Featherstone Lester Mead M.M.Montgomery Smith
Albert Featherstone George Mead S. Mead Smith
Leslie Featherstone Norah Mead John Stockton
Margaret Featherstone Margaret Mead Anne Joyce Stockton
Henry T.R. Flintoft Allen Mead Lily Stockton
Kenneth Flintoft Mary Mead Rosa Stockton
Gladys Fowle Amy Padgett Tom Underwood
Dorothy Frank Donald Parkinson Hugh Underwood
Albert Garrett Gerald Peacock Jack Underwood
John Helm Willie Peill Greta Watson
  Gladys Peill  
The Coral League.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson