Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.




Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: DANBY.     Church dedication: PATRON SAINT NOT KNOWN.     Church type: Perpetual Curacy.

Area, 13,860 acres. Langbarugh liberty, E.D - Population, 1,392 *2. Church-room, 520 *3; Net value, £96. -This Church was given by Robert de Brus to the Prior and Convent of Guisbrough, to which it was appropriated, but no Vicarage was ordained therein, and the Minister was one of the Curati Conductivi from the Monastery of Guisbrough.

Patron, Lord Viscount Downe.

The Church is valued in Pope Nicholas's first taxation at £13. 6s. 8d., and in the new taxation, at £8. In 1707 the curacy was certified at £16. 3s.: and in 1818 at £90 per annum *4.

Augmented in 1767 with £200. In 1809 with £200; and in 1813 with £1,400; and in 1827 with £200, both from the Parliamentary grant, and all by lot.

The tithes are extinguished.

Mr. Graves gives a catalogue of the Curates.

9th February 1781, faculty granted to build a gallery.

28th April 1797, faculty to rebuild part of the Church and also to rebuild the gallery.

1st August 1808, faculty to build a gallery.

No glebe house.

The Register Books commence in 1585 ; chasms, 1727-1734, 1742-1748. -Vide transcripts at York.

Samuel Rabanke's charity by deed, dated 24th February 1631. rent charge of £18. 10s. per annum. 3s. each month is paid to nine poor persons of Danby, chosen by the minister, church-wardens, and overseers, with the concurrence of the owner of the estate charged ; 10s. per annum, for a sermon on the 9th December, and 1s. per annum in lieu of a peck of rye to each of the said poor people after such sermon.

Roger Bell's charity, by will, dated 26th January 1721. rent charge of 10s. per annum, to the poor.

Joseph Dunn's charity, by will in 1716. rent charge of 20s. per annum, to the poor, and made payable upon his gravestone.

Thompson's rent charge, 8s. per annum to the poor, origin unknown.

Rent charge of 5s. per annum, donor unknown.

Poor Houses. Two cottages and rent charge of £1 per annum, which is paid to the inmates, after defraying repairs.

School. There is a rent charge of 20s. per annum. Donor unknown. Two poor children taught to read and write. Other poor children are also taught, £105 having been raised by subscription to provide a fund for education. -Vide 7th Report, page 715.

Post town: Guisbrough.

Torre's MS., page 464. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. iii. page 156. Nonae Rolls, page 232. Mon. Angl., vol. vi. page 267. 276. Burton's Monasticon, page 343. Graves' Cleveland, page 270.

*1 Dan, a low and deep dale, By, a dwelling, or, Danes By, the dwelling of some Dane.

*2 Thirty-one men were employed in 1831, as Coal Miners.

*3 Returned in 1818 at 600.

*4 See Valor Eccl. vol. iii. page 80, for the value of the appropriation.

From the original book published by
George Lawton in 1842..
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