Danby Parish Registers - Baptisms 1585-1679.


Transcription of the Danby Registers - Baptisms 11585-1679.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateName(s) and relationship
02/04/1585Richus. Farewether filius Johis. Farew. ijdo die Aprilis
07/04/1585Georgius Shepheard filius Johis. Shepheard vijmo die Aprilis.
25/04/1585Margreta Agar filia Johis. Agar xxvto die Aprilis
25/04/1585Agnes Carre filia illegittim. Agnetis Carre xxvto die April.
07/05/1585Ana Sheales filia Johis. Sheales vijmo die Maii
09/05/1585Jana Harwoodd filia Mathei Harwood ixno die Maii
09/05/1585Henricus Woodd filius Thorne Woodd ixno die Maii
23/05/1585Priamus Wilkinson filius Tho. Wilkinson cler. xxiijtio die Maii
26/05/1585Nicholaus Stringar filius Richi. Stringar xxvjto die Maii
01/06/1585Thomysina Rudd filia Willmi. Rudd primo die Junii
13/06/1585Willmus. Farewether filius Tho. Farewether xiijto die Junii
20/07/1585Ana Franckland filia Georgii Franckland xxmo die Julii
18/07/1585Johes. Lasie filius Thorne Lasie xviijth die Julii
08/08/1585Milo Wilson filius Wmi. Wilson viij die Augustii
20/08/1585Tho. Turpyn filius Georgii Turpin xxmo Augustii
10/10/1585Alicia Preston filia Johis. Preston xmo die Octobris
17/10/1585Elizabetha Joneson filia Georgii Joneson xvij die Octob.
07/11/1585Alicia Hartus filia Ste. Hartus vijmo die Novemb.
07/11/1585Maria Franckland filia Wmi. Franckland vijmo die Novemb.
09/11/1585Alexander fili. Mulieris Peregrinae nono die Novembris
21/11/1585Merialis Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey xxj die Novemb.
12/12/1585Joana. Rawlinge filia Robti. Rawlinge xij die Decembris
28/12/1585Stephanus Franckland filius Ste. Franckland xxviij die Decemb.
01/01/1585Maria Pearson filia Georgii Pearson primo die Januarii
02/02/1585Willmus. Clerke filius Wmi Clerke ijdo die Februarii
02/02/1585Maria Cartwright filia Johis. Cartwright ijdo die Feb.
27/03/1586Edmundus Sheales fil. Georgii Sheales xxvijmo die Martii
27/03/1586Petrus Fentresse filius Wmi. Fentres xxvijmo die Martii
27/03/1586Maria Suggette filia Robti. Suggette xxvijmo die Martii
03/04/1586Agnes filia Wmi. Brantinga[m] iijtio die Aprilis
05/04/1586Tho. Nellest filus. Richi. Nellest vto die Aprilis
10/04/1586Elizabetha Fletcher filia Anthoii. Fletcher xmo die Aprilis
20/04/1586Helena Thomson filia Robti. Thomson xxmo die April.
24/04/1586Robtus. Dowson filius Ste. Dowson xxiiijto die Aprilis
05/05/1586Tho. Bulma[n] filius Robti. Bulma[n] vth die Maii
15/05/1586Issabella Yonge filia Nicholai Yonge xvth Maii
15/05/1586Alicia Cawen filia Georgii Cawen xvth Maii
10/06/1586Ana Harwoodd filia Robti. Harwoodd xth Junii
17/07/1586Elizabetha Raynoldes filia Robti. Raynoldes xvijth Julii
11/09/1586Richus. Hill filius Wmi. Hill xj Septembris
12/10/1586Beatrix Ulliotte filia Anthonii Ulliott xij Octobris
14/10/1586Johes. Dale fili. Thorne Dale xiiijth Octobris
16/10/1586Robtus. Agar filius Petri Agar xvjth Octobris
16/10/1586Thomas Parker filius Johis. P'ker xvjth Octob.
18/10/1586Katherina Pavye filia Petri Pavye xviijth Octob.
30/10/1586Ana Scotte filia Johis. Scotte xxxth Octobris
04/12/1586Margreta Campio[n] filia Thorne Campio[n] iiijth Decembris
13/12/1586Johes. Colson filius Leonardi Colson xiijth Decembris
20/02/1586Thomas Franckland filius Petri Franckland xxth Feb.
24/03/1586Dorothea Hewardyne filia Raphi. Hewardyne xxiiij Martii
25/03/1587Henricus Chapma[n] filius Janae Chapma[n] xxvth Marcii
02/04/1587Agnes Boyes filia Johis. Boyes ij Aprilis
09/04/1587Robtus. Joneson filius Georgii Joneson ixth Aprilis
14/04/1587Francisca Franckland filia Wmi. Franckland xiiij Aprilis
18/04/1587Willmi. Fetherstone filius Thorne Fetherstone xviijth Aprilis
11/06/1587Georgius Franckland filius Johes. Frankland xjth Junii
16/06/1587Elizabetha Cole filia Robti. Cole xvjth Junii
27/06/1587Alicia May filia illegittima Catherinae May xxvijth Junii
23/07/1587Alicia Fentres filia Wmi. Fentres xxiijth Julii
30/07/1587Issabella Franckland filia Georgii Franckland xxxth (?) Julii
15/08/1587Willm. Fletcher filius Robti. Fletcher xv Augustii
09/09/1587Jana Owston filia Johis. Owston ixth Septembris
10/09/1587Alicia Harland filia Richi. Harland xth Septembris
20/08/1587Ana Stringer filia Rici. Stringar xxth Augustii
17/09/1587Ana Dale filia Anthonii Dale xvijth Septembris
21/09/1587Georgius Boyes filius Johis. Boyes de Egton xxj Septem.
15/10/1587Thomas Prudome filius Thorne Prudome xvth Octob.
07/01/1587Agnes Foster filia Mulieris Pergrinae vijth Januarii
21/01/1587Michaell Marshall filius Jacobi Marshall xxjth Januarii
22/01/1587Richus. Dune filius Francisci Dune xxijth Januarii
11/02/1587Matheus Cowtus filius Barnardi Cowtus de Comondale xjth Feb.
27/03/1588Maria Yonge filia Nicholaii Yonge xxvijth Marcii
14/04/1588Johes. Fraunckland filius Georgii Franckland xiiijth Aprilis
15/05/1588Willmus. Scotte filius Johis. Scotte xvth Maii
08/05/1588Elizabetha Hartus filia illegittima Janae Hartus viijth Maii
12/05/1588Petrus Agar filius Georgii Agar xijth Maii
19/05/1588Georgius Fletcher filius Johis. Fletcher xixth Maii
22/05/1588Franciscus Harland filius Johis. Harland xxij Maii
21/06/1588Issabella Rudd filia Thorne Rudd xxj Junii
30/06/1588Robtus. Hardyn filia illegittimus Wmi. Hardyn xxxth Junii
07/07/1588Johes. Hartus filius Stephanii Hartus vijth Julii
11/08/1588Elizabetha Franckland filia Wmi. Franckland xjth Augustii
11/08/1588Margreta Gatenbye filia Richi. Gatenbye xjth Augustii
18/08/1588Richus. Dowson filius Stephanii Dowson xviij Augustii
18/08/1588Johes. Hewet filius Johis. Hewet xviij Augustii
18/08/1588Willmus. White filius Robti. White xviij Augustii
01/09/1588Emota Cawen filia Henrici Cawe[n] 1 Septembris
08/09/1588Thomas Watson filius Johis. Watson viijth Sept.
09/09/1588Thomas Cawen filius Georgii Cawen ixth Septemb.
06/10/1588Petrus Lasye filius Thorne Lasye vj Octobris
16/12/1588Francisca Franckland filia Johis. Franckland xvj Decembris
22/12/1588Thomas Morgaine filius Richi. Morgan xxij Decembris
01/01/1588Thomas Farewether filius Petri Farewether primo Januarii
05/01/1588Thomisina Turpin filia Georgii Turpin vth Januarii
06/01/1588Georgius Marshall filius Thorne Marshall vjth Januarii
07/01/1588Margreta Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey vijth Januarii
07/02/1588Margeria Allanbye filia Jacobi Allanbie de Comondale vijth Februarii
12/02/1588Willm. Agar filius Petri Agar xijth Februarii
16/02/1588Thomas Fentres filius Henrici Fentres xvj Februarii
02/03/1588Agnes Thompson filia Rowlandi Thompson secundo Marcii
14/03/1588Jana Shento[n ?] filia Thorne Shento[n 2] xiiij Martii
17/03/1588Cuthbertus Suggette filius Johis. Suggette xvijth Marcii
25/04/1589Elizabetha Dale filia Thorne Dale xxvth Aprilis
27/04/1589Johes. Cartwright filius Johis. Cartwright xxvij Aprilis
11/05/1589Maria Harwood filia Mathei Harwood xjth Maii
20/05/1589Margreta Suggette filia Robti. Suggette xxth Maii
22/06/1589Thomisina Barughe filia Wmi. Barughe xxij Junii
29/06/1589Filia ill aittima Willmi. Anderson xxix Junii
07/09/1589Johes. Dale filius Thorne Dale vijth Septembris
14/09/1589Margreta Colson filia Leonardi Colson xiiijth Septemb.
12/10/1589Margreta Fletcher filia Johis. Fletcher xij Octob.
29/10/1589Thomas Franckland filius Petri Franckland xxixth Octobris
19/10/1589Johes. Nellest filius Richi. Nellest xixth Octobris
30/11/1589Thomas Fletcher filius Robti. Fletcher xxx Nouemb.
14/12/1589Ana Franckland filia Willmi. Franckland xiiij Decemb.
08/02/1589Elizabetha Franckland filia Petri Franckland viij Februarii
13/02/1589Richus. Sheales filius Georgii Sheales xiijtio Feb.
19/03/1589Filius illegittimus Thorne Smalwood xix Marcii
22/03/1589Thomasina Suggette filia Johis. Suggette xxijth Marcii
29/03/1590Maria Prudome filia Thorne Prudome xxix Marcii
05/04/1590Petrus Dickson filius Willmi. Dickson vth Aprilis
20/04/1590Agnes Watson filia. Thorne Watson xxth Aprilis
17/05/1590Georgius Joneson filius Georgii Joneson xvijth Maii
21/05/1590Beatrix Woodd filia Jacobi Woodd xxjth Maii
19/06/1590Thomas Carre filius Johis. Carre xix Junii
05/07/1590Thomas Franckland filius Georgii Franckland vth Julii
23/08/1590Agnes Rudd filia Willmi. Rudd xxiij Augustii
13/09/1590Robtus. Marshall filius Thorne Marshall xiij Septemb.
29/09/1590Michaell Garbut filius Johis. Garbutt xxix Septemb.
04/10/1590Robtus. Marshall filius Johis. Marshall iiij Octob.
22/10/1590Thomas Harwoodd filius Mathei Harwood xxij Octob.
30/11/1590Richus. Yonge filius Nicholas Yonge xxxmo Novemb.
07/01/1590Thomas Hodshon filius Raphi. Hodshon vijth Januar.
23/01/1590Issabell Sanderson filia Lawrencii Sanderson de Comondale 23 Janu.
23/01/1590Petrus Franckland filius Johis. Franckland xxiij Januar.
31/01/1590Johes. Laverock filius Petri Laverocke xxxjth Januar.
05/02/1590Johes. Taller als. Batson filius illegittimus Petri Taller et Janae Batson 5 Feb.
04/03/1590Alicea Wilson filia Johis. Wilson iiijth Marcii
14/03/1590Alicea Dowson filia Stephani Dowson xiiij Marcii
14/03/1590Nicholaus Hartus als. Chapma[n] filius illegittimus Tho. Hartus et Janae Chapma[n] 14 Mar.
24/04/1591Agnes Hodshon filia Georgii Hodshon xxiiij Aprilis
25/04/1591Agnes Fentres filia Henrici Fentres xxvth Aprilis
09/05/1591Walterus Hodshon filius Bartholomei Hodshon ixth Maii
20/06/1591Richus. Franckland filius Wmi. Franckland xxth Junii
20/06/1591Jana filia ejusdem Wmi. Franckland xxth Junii
20/06/1591Maria Bowre filia Wmi. Bowre de Comondale 20 Junii
11/07/1591Richus. Turpin filius Georgii Turpin xjth Julii
11/07/1591Agnes Franckland filia Johis. Franckland xjth Julii
20/07/1591Beatrix Grainge filia Willmi. Grainge xxth Julii
01/08/1591Georgius Cawen filius Georgii Cawen primo August.
08/08/1591Willmus. Scotte filius Johes. Scotte viijth Augustii
08/08/1591Elizabetha Laverocke filia Georgii Laverocke viijth Aug.
22/08/1591Thomas Franckland filius Georgii Franckland xxijth Aug.
29/08/1591Agnes Mason filia Hugonis Mayson xxixth August.
19/09/1591Elizabetha Hollens filia Oliveri Hollens xixth Septemb.
26/09/1591Xpoferus Talier filius Petri Talier xxvj Septemb.
07/11/1591Ana Dale filia Thorne Dale vijth Novembris
28/11/1591Richus. Coverdale filius Jacobi Coverdale xxviijth Novemb.
12/12/1591Maria Paule filia Francisci Paule xijth Decemb.
27/12/1591Elizabetha Prudome filia Thorne Prudome xxvijth Decemb.
09/01/1591Stephan. Gatenby filius Richi. Gatenbye ixth Januar.
16/01/1591Jana Dale filia Anthonii Dale xvj Januar.
06/02/1591Henricus Boyes filius Thorne Boyes vjth Februar.
06/02/1591Jana Franckland filia Petri Franckland vjth Februar.
06/02/1591Willmus. Barughe filius Willmi, Barughe vjth Februar.
13/02/1591Ana. Stringer filia Richi. Stringer xiij Febr.
20/02/1591Petrus Featherstone filius Thorne Fetherston xxth Febr.
20/02/1591Issabella Woodd filia Jacobi Woodd xxth Februarii
05/03/1591Elizab. Yonge als. Dune filia illegitt. Henric. Yonge et Janae Dune 5 Marcii
12/03/1591Elizab. Colson filia Leonardi Colson xij Marcii
25/03/1592Thomas Franckland filius Johis. Franckland xxv Marcii
25/03/1592Maria Fletcher filia Johis. Fletcher xxvth Marcii
02/04/1592Rosamonda Smeaton filia Thorne Smeaton ijdo Aprilis
09/04/1592Thomas Lasye filius Thorne Lasye ixth Aprilis
23/04/1592Richus. Thomson filius Rowlandi Thomson xxiij Aprilis
30/04/1592Johes. Shepheard filius illeg. Francisci Shepheard xxx Aprilis
01/05/1592Alicea Boyes filia Georgii Boyes primo Maii
04/05/1592Alicea Coverdale filia Stephani Coverdale iiij Maij
29/05/1592Elizabetha Hill filia Edwardi Hill xxixth Maii
29/05/1592Issabella Suggette filia Johis. Suggette xxixth Maii
11/06/1592Mabella Thomson filia Robti. Thomson xjth Junii
18/06/1592Jana Marshall filia Johis. Marshall xviij Junii
21/06/1592Francis Marshall filius Thorne Marshall xxj Junii
23/06/1592Alicea Yonge filia Tho. Yonge de Comondale 23 Junii
07/07/1592Thomas Sheales filius Georgii Sheales vijth Julii
16/07/1592Thomas Grindon filius Robti. Grindo[n] xvjth Julii
30/07/1592Emota Cartwright filia Johis. Cartwright xxxth Julii
30/07/1592Francis Batey filius Willmi. Batey xxxth Julii
06/08/1592Elizabetha Graystocke filia Wmi. Graystocke vjth August.
06/08/1592Robtus. Franckland filius Johis. Franckland vjth August.
06/08/1592Jana Morgan filia Richi. Morgan vjth August.
13/08/1592Thomas Franckland filius Stephani Franckland xiij Aug.
13/08/1592Alicia Franckland filia Stephani Franckland xiij Aug.
20/08/1592Richus. Agar filius Johis. Agar xxth Augustii
20/08/1592Emotta Dale filia Johis. Dale xxth August.
24/09/1592Aylse Heslewoodd filia Johis. Heslewoodd xxiiij Septem.
18/10/1592Thomas Slater filius Thorne Slater xviij Octob.
23/10/1592Willmus. Watson filius Thorne Watson xxiij Octobris
23/10/1592Margreta Grainge filia Wmi. Grainge xxiij Octob.
29/10/1592Thomas Suggette filius Robti. Suggette xxix Octob.
06/11/1592Thomisina Hodshon filia Bartholomei Hodsho[n] vj Novemb.
15/11/1592Merioles Atkinson fili[a] Raphi. Atkinson xvth Novemb.
19/11/1592Agnes Franckland filia Georgii Franckland xix Novemb.
23/11/1592Thomas Garbut filius Johis. Garbut xxiij Novemb.
31/12/1592Thomisina Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey xxxjth Decemb.
14/01/1592Agnes Marshall filia Thorne Marshall xiiij Januar.
16/01/1592Lucea Pincknay filia Jacobi Pincknay xvj Januar.
19/02/1592[blank] Scotte the daughter of Johis. Scotte xixth Feb.
04/03/1592Jana Harland filia Johis. Harland iiij Marcii
04/03/1592Meriales Howpe filia Georgii Howpe iiij Martii
07/03/1592Adam Wilson als. Smith filius illeg. Wmi W. et Eliz. Smith 7 Marcii
11/03/1592Willmus. Franckland filius Petri Franckland xjth Marcii
25/03/1593Jana Dale filia Johis. Dale xxvth Marcii
02/04/1593Jana Thomson als. Rogers filia illeg. Wmi. Tho. et Janae Rogers 2 Aprilis
04/04/1593Georgi Hollens als. Watson filius illeg. Tho. Hollens et Janae Watson 4 Apr.
08/04/1593Willmus. Agar filius Rogeri Agar viijth Aprilis
08/04/1593Raphus. Withome filius illegit. Johis. Withome et Agnet. Campio[n] viijth Aprilis
09/05/1593Agnes Batson filia Lawrentii Batson de Comondale ixth Maii
20/05/1593Alicea Laverocke filia Georgii Laverocke xxth Maii
24/05/1593Willmus. Boyes filius Jacobi Boyes xxiiij Maii
24/05/1593Jana Dale filia Thorne Dale xxiiij Maii
03/06/1593Thomas Yonge filius Nicholai Yonge iij Junii
03/06/1593Elizabetha Yonge filia Nicholaii Yonge iij Junii
03/06/1593Alicea Carre filia Johis. Carre iij Junii
05/06/1593Willmus. Marshall filius Jacobi Marshall vth Junii
10/06/1593Myles Frankland filius Petri Frankland xth Junii
29/06/1593Jana Foard filia Xpoferi Foard xxixth Junii
01/07/1593Willmus. Joneson filius Georgii Joneson 1 Julii
08/07/1593Thomas Campio[n] filius Thorne Campio[n] viij Julii
05/08/1593Thomas Wilson filius Robti. Wilson vth August.
24/08/1593Petrus Coverdale filius Jacobi Coverdale xxiiij Aug.
01/10/1593Thomyson Hodshon filia Georgii Hodshon 1 Octob.
07/10/1593Margreta Boyes filia Thorne Boyes vijmo Octob.
28/10/1593Janetta Suggette filia Johis. Suggett xxviij Octob.
11/11/1593Alicea Fletcher filia Robti. Fletcher xjth Novemb.
05/12/1593Issabella Groystocke filia illeg. Raphi. Groystocke et Franciscae Agar 5 Dec.
21/12/1593Jana Wilson filia Willmi. Wilson xxjth Decemb.
27/06/1593Petrus Franckland filius Johis. Franckland xxvijth Junii
27/06/1593Jana Fletcher filia Johis. Fletcher xxvijth Junii
17/02/1593Thomas Colson filius Leonardi Colson xvijth Feb.
17/02/1593Franciscus Turpin filius Georgii Turpin xvijth Feb.
17/02/1593Elizabetha Wilson filia Johis. Wilson xvijth Feb.
27/02/1593Emmotta Watson filia Georgii Watson xxvijth Feb.
06/03/1593Samuell Prudome filius Thorne Prudome vjth Marcii
20/03/1593Ana. Franckland filia Petri Franckland xxth Marcii
02/04/1594Maria Marshall filia Johis. Marshall secundo Aprilis
02/04/1594Jacobus Scowley filius illegittimus Johis. Scowley secundo Aprilis
03/05/1594Elizabetha Woodd filia Jacobi Woodd iijtio Maii
12/05/1594Thomas Cowtus filius Stephani xij Maii
09/06/1594Richus. Dale filius Thorne Dale ixth Junii
13/06/1594Johes. Pate filius Robti. Pate xiij Junii
16/06/1594Elizabetha Sheales filia Georgii Sheales xvj Junii
23/06/1594Aylse Swale filia Francisci Swale de Rosdale xxiij Junii
13/07/1594Agnes Slee filia Raphi. Slee xiij Julii
13/07/1594Thomas Coverdale filius Stephani Coverdale xiij Julii
14/07/1594Thomas Hodshon filius Bartholomei Hodshon] xiiij Julii
14/07/1594Franciscus Mead filius Johis. Mead xiiij Julii
28/07/1594Johes. Stringar filius Richi. Stringar xxviij Julii
23/09/1594Willmus. Laverocke filius Wmi. Laverocke xxiij Septemb.
23/09/1594Nicholas Prisball filius Rogeri Prisball xxiij September
29/09/1594Johis. Gatenbie filius Richi. Gatenbie xxixth Septemb.
02/10/1594Margreta Boyes filia Georgii Boyes secundo Octobris
11/10/1594Willmus. Fetherstone filius Thomae Fetherstone xj Octobris
29/11/1594Maria (or Jana ?) Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey xxix Novembris
21/11/1594Richus. Boyes filius Jacobi Boyes xxj Novemb.
24/11/1594Xpofer Thompson filius Rowlandi Thompson xxiiij Novemb.
23/12/1594Ana Hill filia Edwardi Hill xxiijth Decemb.
25/12/1594Johes. Dowson filius Richi. Dowson xxvth day Decemb.
02/02/1594Agnes Dale filia Thorne Dale secundo Februar.
11/02/1594Alicea Franckland filia Petri Franckland xjth Februar.
14/02/1594Francisca Smith filia Raphi.. Smith xiiij Februarii
02/03/1594Ana. Holland filia Bartholomei Holland secundo Marcii
09/03/1594Willmus. Atkinson filius Raphi. Atkinson ixth Marcii
09/03/1594Elisabetha Coverdale filia Jacobi Coverdale ixth Marcii
25/03/1595Agnes Thomson filia Robti. Thomson xxvth Marcii
30/03/1595Richus. Lasie filius Thorne Lasey xxxth Marcii
21/04/1595Robtus. Franckland filius Georgii Franckland xxjth Aprilis
25/05/1595Thomas Marshall filius Johis. Marshall xxvth Maii
22/06/1595Alicea Hewet filia Johis. Hewet xxijth Junii
22/06/1595Margreta Farewether filia illigittima Wmi. et Agnetis Fairwether xxij Junii
29/06/1595Petrus Barughe filius Wmi Barughe xxixth Junii
06/07/1595Elizabetha Slaiter filia Thorne Slaiter vjth Julii
14/09/1595Maria Mason filia Hugonis Mason xiiij Septemb.
14/09/1595Beatrix Watson filia Thorne Watson xiiij Septemb.
05/11/1595Jana Franckland filia Petri Franckland vth Novemb.
08/12/1595Alicia Barker filia illig. Tho. Barker et Mabelle Scotte viij Decemb.
21/12/1595Johes. Franckland filius Wmi. Franckland xxjth Decemb.
27/02/1595Agnes Bowre filia Wmi. Bowre de Comondale xxvij Febr.
03/03/1595Jana Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey iij Marcii
11/03/1595Richus. Suggette filius Johis. Suggette xjth Martii
17/03/1595Jana Boyes filia Thorne Boyes xvij Marcii
28/03/1596Alicia Dale filia Thorne Dale xxviijth Marcii
09/04/1596Thomas Harland filius Johis. Harland ixth Aprilis
02/05/1596Henricus Watson filius Georgii Watson secundo Maii
09/05/1596Margeria Carre filia Johis. Carre ixth Maii
11/05/1596Jana Chapma[n] filia Thorne Chapma[n] xjth Maii
14/05/1596Milo Harwoodd filius Thorne Harwoodd xiiijth Maii
27/06/1596Jana Marshall filia Thorne Marshall xxvijmo Junii
04/07/1596Georgius Agar filius illeg. Dorotheae Agar iiij Julii
18/07/1596Alicia Marshall filia Johis. Marshall xviij Julii
01/08/1596Richus. Woodd filius Raphi. Woodd primo Augustii
13/08/1596Johes. Hodshon filius Georgii Hodshon xiij Augustii
15/09/1596Katherina Walker filia Johis. Walker xvth Septemb.
19/09/1596Thomas Wilson filius Willmi. Wilson xix Septemb.
26/09/1596Thomas Hartus filius Johis. Hartus xxvj Septemb.
26/09/1596Agnes Harwood filia illeg. Agnetis Harwood xxvj Septemb.
10/10/1596Stephanus Coverdale filius Stephani Coverdale xth Octob.
18/10/1596Thomas Grainge filius Willmi. Grainge xviij Octobris
24/10/1596Jana Colson filia Leonardi Colson xxiiij Octob.
24/10/1596Elizabetha Joneson filia Georgii Joneson xxiiij Octob.
19/12/1596Alicea Stringar filia Richi. Stringar xix Decemb.
20/12/1596Brydgette Foard filia Xpoferi Foard xxth Decemb.
02/02/1596Nathaniell Prudome filius Thorne Prudome secundo Febr.
21/02/1596Willmus. Franckland filius Richi. Franckland xxjth Febr.
06/03/1596Barnard Swale filius Francisi Swale de Rosdale vjth Martii
06/03/1596Johes. Campio[n] filius Thorne Campio[n] vjth Marcii
20/03/1596Thomas Rogars filius Petri Rogers xxth Marcii
03/04/1597Georgius Franckland filius Petri Franckland iij Aprilis
24/04/1597Merialis Morgaine filia Richi. Morgan xxiiij Aprilis
22/05/1597Dorothea Hodshon filia Bartholomei Hodshon xxij Maii
29/05/1597Elizabetha Boyes filia Georgii Boyes xxix Maii
03/06/1597Johes. Agar filius Georgii Agar iij Junii
03/06/1597Thomas Slee filius Raphi. Slee iij Junii
12/06/1597Elizabetha Suggette filia Robti. Suggette xij Junii
17/06/1597Elizabetha Marshall filia Jacobi Marshall xvijth Junii
19/06/1597Johes. Graystocke filius Willmi. Graystocke xix Junii
17/07/1597Johes. Agar filius Johis. Agar xvij Julii
07/08/1597Stephanus Fletcher filius Robti. Fletcher vijth Augustii
07/08/1597Issabella Snawdon filia Raphi. Snawdon vijth Augustii
21/09/1597Mabella Dale filia Thorne Dale xxjth Septembris
25/09/1597Jana Wilson filia Johis. Wilson xxv Septembris
02/10/1597Xpofer Harwood filius Jacobi Harwoodd secundo Octob.
26/10/1597Agnes Anderson als. Hues filia illeg. Wmi. Anderson et Eliz. Hues xxvj Octo.
13/11/1597Xpoferus Foster filius Wmi. Foster de Rosdale xiij Novemb.
27/12/1597Johes. Swale filius Johis. Swale de Rosdale xxvijth Decemb.
15/01/1597Issabella Dixon filia Leon'di Dixon de Comondale xvth Janu.
20/02/1597Margreta Marshall filia Richi. Marshall xxth Februar.
12/03/1597Elizabetha Nellest filia Petri Nellest xij Marcii
16/03/1597Willmus. Thomson filius Johis. Thomson xvj March
19/03/1597Jana Huntley als. Postgate filia illeg. Wmi Postgate et Cicilia Huntley 19 Mar.
31/03/1598Lucea Preston filia Thorne Preston xxxjst Marcii
16/04/1598Valentine Richardson filius Stephani Richardson xvj April
18/04/1598Johes. Agar filius Petri Agar xviij Aprilis
23/04/1598Robt. Garbut filius Johis. Garbut xxiijth Aprilis
01/05/1598Johes. Scotte filius Johis. Scotte primo Maii
14/05/1598Johes. Watson filius Robti. Watson xiiijth Maii
14/05/1598Mabella Day filia Thorne Day xiiij Maii
14/05/1598Jana Day filia Thorne Day xiiij Maii
21/05/1598Georgius Harwoodd filius Thorne Harwood xxj Maii
28/05/1598Petrus Harwoodd filius Thorne Harwood xxviij Maii
11/06/1598Jana Hodshon filia Bartho. Hodshon xjth Junii
23/07/1598Alicia Rogers filia Petri Rogers xxiij Julii
13/08/1598Elizabetha Rudd filia Georgii Rudd xiij August.
27/08/1598Anthonus Gatenbie filius Richi. Gatenbie xxvijth Aug.
10/09/1598Georgius Hewet filius Johis. Hewet xth Septemb.
24/09/1598Richus. Allin filius Daversi Allin xxiiijth Septemb.
24/09/1598Wmus. Lasie filius Thorne Lasie xxiiijth Septemb.
25/09/1598Robtus. Allin filius Daversi Allin xxvth Septemb.
15/10/1598Henricus Dale filius Thorne Dale xvth Octobris
15/10/1598Ana Mead filia Johis. Mead xvth Octobris
22/10/1598Lucea Stringar filia Richi. Stringar xxij Octob.
01/11/1598Thomas Boyes filius Thorne Boyes primo Novemb.
19/11/1598Katherina Atkinson filia Barnuardi Atkinson xixth Novemb.
03/12/1598Alicea Suggette filia Johis. Suggette iij Decembris
10/12/1598Johes. Slee filius Raphi. Slee xth Decembris
17/12/1598Trystramus Jowsey filius Robti. Jowsey xvij Decemb.
07/01/1598Mabella Batson filia Lawrencii Batson de Comondale vij Janu.
21/01/1598Persevallus Hill filius Thorne Hill xxj Jan.
28/01/1598Valentyne Stirtle filius Michaelis Stirtle xxviij Januar.
28/01/1598Thomas Prudome filius Wmi. Prudome xxviij Januar.
28/01/1598Georgius Watson filius Georgii Watson xxviij Januar.
08/02/1598Alicea Rudd filia Georgii Rudd viij Februar.
25/02/1598Elizabetha Hartus filia Johis. Hartus xxvth Febrii.
07/03/1598Maria Foard filia Xpoferi Foard vijth Marcii
11/03/1598Richus. Atkinson filius Barnardi Atkinson xjth Marcii
18/03/1598Mabella Marshall filia Thorne Marshall xviijth Marcii
20/03/1598Alicea Colson filia Leonardi Colson xxth Marcii
25/03/1599Robtus. Robinson filius Johis. Robinson xxvth Marcii
08/04/1599Alicea Thompson filia Robti. Thomson viijth Aprilis
09/04/1599Jana Coverdale filia Stephani Coverdale ixth Aprilis
15/04/1599Alicea Marshall filia Thorne Marshall xvth Aprilis
25/04/1599Georgius Hodshon filius Georgii Hodsho[n] xxvth Aprilis
29/04/1599Jana Harland filia Richi. Harland xxixth Aprilis
15/05/1599Jana Bowma[n] filia Robti. Bowma[n] als. Kinge de Comondale 15 Maii
17/05/1599Alicea Hill filia Anthonii Hill xvijth Maii
21/05/1599Johes. Rogers filius Johis. als. Jenkyn Rogers xxj Maii
10/06/1599Thomas Joneson filius Georgii Joneson xth Junii
10/06/1599Richus. Rey filius Richi. Rey xth Junii
21/06/1599Ana. Franckland filia Richi. Franckland xxjth Junii
08/07/1599Ana. Walker filia Johis. Walker viijth Julii
05/08/1599Xpoferus Dale filius Anthonii Dale vth August.
07/08/1599Lucea Franckland filia Petri Franckland vijth Aug.
19/08/1599Willmus. Hodshon filius Thorne Hodshon xixth Aug.
16/09/1599Ana Talier filia Petri Talier xvjth Septemb.
21/09/1599Thomas Talier filius Thorne Talier xxjth Septemb.
05/10/1599Petrus Harwoodd filius Jacobi Harwoodd vth Octob.
08/10/1599Elizabetha Harwoodd filia Thorne Harwoodd viijth Octob.
14/10/1599Robtus. Dickinson filius Johis. Dickinson xiiijth Octob.
21/10/1599Richus. Nellest filius Petri Nellest xxjth Octob.
28/10/1599Jana Dai filia Thorne Dai xxviij Octob.
10/11/1599Jana Postgate filia Johis. Postgate xth November
17/11/1599Alicea Wilson filia Willmi. Wilson xvijth Novembr.
02/12/1599Ana Swale filia Francisci Swale de Rosdale secundo Decembr.
21/12/1599Thomas Marshall filius Richi. Marshall xxjth Decemb.
31/12/1599Thomas Agar filius Johis. Agar xxxjth Decemb.
22/02/1599Margreta Dale filia Johis. Dale xxijth Februar.
16/03/1599Ana Dale filia Thorne Dale xvjth Marcii
16/03/1599Johes. Thomson filius Johes. Thomson xvj Marcii
30/03/1600Alicea Rudd filia Georgii Rudd xxxth Marcii
10/05/1600Alicea Suggette filia Robti. Suggette xth Maii
13/05/1600Thomas Jowsey filius Thorne Jowsey xiijth Maii
18/05/1600Alicea Prudome filia Thorne Prudome xviijth Maii
17/08/1600Thomas Agar filius Walteri Agar xvijth Augustii
24/08/1600Margeria Kinge filia Robti. Kinge als. Bowma[n] de Comondale xxiiiith Augustii
13/09/1600Willmus. Garbut filius Johis. Garbut xiijtio Septembris
05/10/1600Jana Jowsey filia Tho. Jowsey de Comondale vth Octobris
07/02/1600Maria Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey vijmo Februarii
10/02/1600Thomas Rudd filius Georgii Rudd xth Februarii
13/02/1600Petrus Harwood als. Laverock filius illeg. Jacobi Harwod et Jana Laverock xiijth Februarii
21/02/1600Alicea Thomson als. Dixo[n] filia illeg. Wmi. Thomson et Janae Dixon xxjo Februarii
22/02/1600Thomas Wilson filius Johis. Wilson xxijdo Februarii
28/02/1600Richus. Ray filius Mathei Ray xxviijth Februarii
21/03/1600Jana Boyes filia Georgii Boyes xxjth Marcii
22/03/1600Elizabetha Suggett filia Johis. Suggette xxijth Marcii
25/03/1601Willmus. Franckland filius Willmi. Franckland xxvth Marcii
26/03/1601Franciscus Eshe filius Thorne Eshe xxvjth Marcii
08/04/1601Alicea Morgan filia Willmi. Morgan viij Aprilis
14/04/1601Thomas Robinson filius Johis. Robinson xiiijto Aprilis
19/04/1601Elizabetha Smithson filia Niniani Smithson xixth Aprilis
17/05/1601Willmus. Hodshon filius Bartholomei Hodshon xvijth Maii
24/05/1601Elizabetha Judson filia Richi. Judson xxiiijth Maii
24/06/1601Elizabetha Jowsey filia Johis. Jowsey xxiiijth Junii
12/07/1601Margreta Agar filia Francisi Agar xijth Julii
26/07/1601Thomas Allen filius Daversi Allen xxvjto die Julii
07/08/1601Dorothea Harland filia Johis. Harland vijth die Augusti
21/09/1601Agnes Hill filia Anthonii Hill xxjth die Septembris
29/09/1601Thomas Woodward filius Georgii Woodward xxixth Septembris
06/10/1601Raphe. Dowson filius Francisci Dowson de Comondale vjto Octob.
18/10/1601Agnes Harwood filia Jacobi Harwood xviijo Octobris
07/11/1601Beatrix Hunt filia Raphi. Hunt vijmo Novembris
08/11/1601Richus. Webster als. Saunderson filius Cuthberti Webster als. San. viij Novemb.
29/11/1601Franciscus Rogers filia Petri Rogers xxixth Novemb.
06/12/1601Johes. Boyes filius Thorne Boyes vjto Decembris
20/12/1601Willmus. Colson filius Leonardi Colson xxmo Decembris
26/12/1601Margreta Postgate filia Johis. Postgate xxvjto Decembris
24/01/1601Maria Dowson filia Rogeri Dowson xxiiijto Januarii
29/01/1601Thomas Wyngod filius Magri. (Magistri) Wyngod xxixno Januarii
10/02/1601Thomas Franckland filius Richi. Franckland xmo Februar.
14/03/1601Ana. Agar filia Petri Agar xiiijto Marcii
21/03/1601Raphus. Benison filius Georgii Benison xxjmo Marcii
25/03/1601Raphus. Franckland filius Petri Franckland xxvth Marcii
25/03/1601Agnes Hudshon filia Johis. Hudson xxv Marcii
28/03/1602Jana Hodshon filia Georgii Hodshon xxviij Marcii
14/03/1602Willmus. Rudd filius Nicholai Rudd xiiijto Marcii
22/03/1602Elizabetha Corney filia Robti. Corney xxijdo Marcii
25/03/1602Georgius Boyes filius Stephani Boyes xxvto Marcii
30/03/1602Henricus Franckland filius Petri Franckland xxxmo Marcii
11/04/1602Richus. Hill filius Thorne Hill xjmo Aprilis
23/05/1602Georgius Dale filius Thorne Dale xxiijto Maii
11/07/1602Willmus. Garbut filius Richardi Garbut xjmo Julii
15/08/1602Lawrentius Woodd filius Thorne Woodd xvto Augustii
18/10/1602Ana. Abram filia Francisci Abram xviijo Octobris
24/10/1602Jana Nellest filia Petri Nellest xxiiijth Octobris
24/10/1602Johanes Porret filius Anthonii Porret xxiiijo (? 28) Octobris
31/10/1602Willmus. Dale filius Thorne Dale xxxjmo Octobris
14/11/1602Richus. Foard filius Xpoferi Foard xiiijto Nouembris
21/11/1602Issabella Woodde filia Raphi. Woodde xxjmo Nouembris
09/12/1602Johanes Eshe films Thorne Eshe ix Decembris
16/01/1602Thomas Stirtle filius Michaelis Stirtle xvjto Januarii
16/01/1602Georgius Couerdale filius Stephani Couerdale xvjto Januarii
16/01/1602Robertus Lauerocke filius Jacobi Lauerocke xvjto Januarii
13/02/1602Alicea Thomsonne filia Johis. Thomsonne xiijtio Februarii
21/02/1602Elina Morgan filia Willmi. Morgan xxjmo Februarii
20/03/1602Georgius Rudde filius Georgii Rudde xxmo Marcii
04/04/1603Robertus Sugget filius Roberti Suggett iiijto Aprilis
08/05/1603Barbara Walker filia Johannis Walker viij Maii
22/05/1603Elizabetha Benison filia Jacobi Benison xxijdo Maii
22/05/1603Johanes Hartus filius Johis. Hartus xxijdo Maii
24/05/1603Petrus Garbut filius Johanis Garbut xxiiijto Maii
03/07/1603Thomisina Watsonne filia Johanis Watsonne tertio Julii
24/07/1603Jana Jowsey filia Thorne Jowsey xxiiijto Julii
25/07/1603Katherina filia Andrew Nandike xxvto Julii
12/08/1603Simon Allen fil. Dauersi Allen xijmo Augustii
07/08/1603Elizabetha Dale fil. Anthonii Dale vijmo Augustii
19/08/1603Richus. Hunte fil. Raphi. Hunte xixmo Augustii
21/08/1603Richus. Robinsonne filius Johis. Robinson xxjmo Augustii
21/09/1603Georgius Couerdale filius Jacobi Couerdale xxj Septembris
25/09/1603Johanes Marshall filius Thorne Marshall xxvto Septembris
29/09/1603Thomas Gray filius Nicholai Gray xxix Septembris
02/10/1603Robtus. Hudsonne filius Johanis Hudsonne secundo Octobris
02/10/1603Willmus. Thomsonne filius Willmi. Thomsonne secundo Octobris
13/10/1603Johanes Hill filius Anthonii Hill xiijtio Octobris
18/10/1603Issabella filia Robti. Bowman als. Kinge xviij Octobris
20/11/1603Richus. Gatenbie filius Richi. Gatenbie xxmo Novembris
27/11/1603Ana. Jowsey filia Tho. Jowsey xxvijmo Novembris
12/12/1603Susana. filia Wmi Chamberlaine de Comondale xijdo Decembris
18/12/1603Johannes Jowsey filius Robti. Jowsey xviij Decembris
21/12/1603Thomas filius Francisci Dowson de Comondale xxjmo Decembris
19/01/1603Alicea Rudd filia Georgii Rudd de Frioppe xixno Januarii
22/01/1603Jacobus Harwoodd fili[us] Jacobi Harwoodde xxijdo Januarii
28/01/1603Petrus Hill filius Richardi Hill xxviij Januarii
29/01/1603Robertus Slee filius Raphi. Slee xxix Januarii
29/01/1603Alicea Postgate filia Johis. Postgate xxix Januarii
05/02/1603Robtus. Colsonne filius Leonardi Colsonne vto Februarii
07/02/1603Ana Jowsey filia Johis. Jowsey vijmo Feb.
12/02/1603Ana Preston filia Thorne Preston xijdo Februarii
19/02/1603Georgius Rogers filius Francisci Rogers xixno Februarii
19/02/1603Robertus Campion filius Richi. Campion xixno Februarii
26/02/1603Ana Boyes filia Georgii Boyes xxvjto Februarii
22/03/1603Jana filia illegittima Issabelle Balke xxijdo Marcii
01/04/1604Maria filia Johis. Suggette primo die Aprilis
08/04/1604Thomas Woodd filius Jacobi Woodd viij die Aprilis
16/04/1604Elizabetha Beane filia Thorne Beane xvjto Aprilis
20/04/1604Wmus. filius Cuthberti Sanderson als. Webster de Comondale xxmo Aprilis
22/04/1604Ana Hodshon filia Bartho. Hodshon xxijdo Aprilis
13/05/1604Georgius Hodgeson filius Thorne Hodgeson xiijtio Maii
13/05/1604Ana Gray fil. Willmi. Gray xiijtio Maii
10/05/1604Raphus. Franckland filius Robti. Franckland xmo Maii
10/06/1604Aylse Boyes filia Thorne Boyes xmo Junii
17/06/1604Margreta Whitfeild filia Johis. Whitfeild xvijmo Junii
23/06/1604Thomas Rogers filius Johis. als. Jenkin Rogers xxiijth Junii
01/07/1604Thomas Hewet filius Johis. Hewet primo Julii
15/07/1604Agnes Agar filia Francisci Agar xvto Julii
25/07/1604Raphus. Franckland filius Richi. Franckland xxvto Julii
12/08/1604Jana filia illegittima Janae Boyes xijmo August.
22/08/1604Agnes Garbut filia Johis. Garbut xxijdo Augustii
26/08/1604Ana Marshall filia Johanis Marshall xxvjto Augusti
09/09/1604Alicea Dickinson filia Johis. Dickinson ixno Septembris
30/09/1604Jana Rudd filia Georgii Rudd xxxmo Septembris
07/10/1604Richardus Walker filius Johis. Walker vijmo Octobris
28/10/1604Thomisina Agar filia Georgii Agar xxviij Octobris
11/11/1604Thomas Hall filius Thorne Hall xjmo Novembris
16/12/1604Jana Maddison filia Marmaduci Maddison xvjto Decembris
26/12/1604Jana Wilson filia Thorne Wilson cler. xxvjto Decembr.
06/01/1604Margreta filia Issabelle Nellest uxoris (ut ait) Ezechie Preston vjto Januarii
27/01/1604Thomas Dowson filius Rogeri Dowson xxvijmo Januarii
30/01/1604Richus. Shepheard filius Richi. Shepheard xxxmo Januarii
24/02/1604Johes. Savage filius Johis. Savage xxiiijto Februarii
27/02/1604Thomas filius Wmi. Harison de Butterwicke xxvijmo Februarii
10/03/1604Margeria Emerson filia Simonis Emerson xmo Marcii
10/03/1604Barbara Dale filia Thorne Dale xmo Marcii
30/03/1605Ana Woodd filia Jacobi Woodd xxxmo Marcii
07/04/1605Alicea Skelton filia Wmi Skelton vijmo Aprilis
07/04/1605Agnes Knagges filia Johis. Knagges vij Aprilis
07/04/1605Richus. Hill filius Persevalli Hill vijmo Aprilis
25/04/1605Jane Eshe filia Thorne Eshe xxvto Aprilis
28/04/1605Richus. Garbut filius Richi. Garbut xxviijo Aprilis
05/05/1605Johanes Emerson filius Francisci Emerson vto Maii
05/05/1605Jana Watson filia Georgii Watson vto Maii
09/05/1605Elizabetha Osburne filia Wmi Osburne ixno Maii
30/05/1605Thomas Stringer filius Richardi Stringer xxxmo Maii
05/08/1605Alicea filia illegittima Thomisinae Rogers vto Augustii
10/08/1605Issabella Porrett filia Anthonii Porret xmo Augustii
24/08/1605Willmus. Graystocke filius Wmi Graystocke xxiiijto Augustii
08/09/1605Johes. Agar filius Francisci Agar viij Septembris
08/09/1605Maria Postgate filia Johis. Postgate viijvo Septembris
29/09/1605Margreta Robinson filia Johis. Robinson xxixno Septembris
06/10/1605Alicea Gray filia Nicholai Gray vjto Octobris
06/10/1605Mabella Jowsey filia Thorne Jowsey vjto Octobris
13/10/1605Thomas Morgan filius Willmi. Morgan xiijtio Octobris
28/10/1605Alicea filia illegittima Agnetis Leife xxviij Octobris
28/11/1605Richus. Woodd filius Thorne Woodd xxviij Novembris
08/12/1605Franciscus Cowtus filius Georgii Cowtus de Comondale viij Decembris
15/12/1605Maria Hudson filia Johis. Hudson xv Decembris
01/01/1605Maria Stirtle filia Michaelis Stirtle primo Januar.
06/01/1605Barbara Watson filia Johis. Watson vjto Januar.
15/01/1605Willmus. Hodgeson filius Georgii Hodgeson xvto Januar.
16/02/1605Elizabetha Thomson filia Wmi Thomson xvjto Februar.
02/03/1605Issabella Rogers filia Francisci Rogers secundo Marcii
09/03/1605Alicea Boyes filia Thorne Boyes ix Marcii
16/03/1605Petrus Jowsey filius Johis. Jowsey xvjto Marcii
23/03/1605Milo Dale filius Thorne Dale xxiijtio Marcii
23/03/1605Michaell Abra[m] filius Francisci Abra[m] xxiijtio Marcii
23/03/1605Agnes Benison filia Georgii Benison xxiijtio Marcii
11/04/1606Georgius Nellest filius Petri Nellest xjmo Aprilis
24/04/1606Jana Agar filia Petri Agar xxiiijto Aprilis
04/05/1606Jana Rudd filia Georgii Rudd iiijto Maii
11/05/1606Nicholaus Hodgeson filius Robti. de Comondale xjmo Maii
25/05/1606Robtus. Franckland filius Petri de Glaisdaile xxvto Maii
08/06/1606Maria Jowsey filia Thorne Jowsey viijvo Junii
17/06/1606Symo[n] Tweddell filius Wmi de Comondale xvijmo Junii
23/06/1606Richus. Franckland filius Robti. Franckland xxiijth Junii
24/06/1606Elizabetha Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey xxiiijth Junii
29/06/1606Alicea Franckland filia Robti. Franckland xxix Junii
27/07/1606Carolus Allen filius Day's Allen xxvijmo Julii
03/08/1606Thomas filius Richi. Pillie de Comondale iijth Aug.
03/08/1606Richus. filius Leonardi Colson iijth Aug.
03/08/1606Elizabetha filia Richi. Hill iijth Aug.
17/08/1606Willmus. filius Willmi. Temple xvijmo Augustii
21/08/1606Willmus. filius Jacobi Harwoodd xxj August.
31/08/1606Franciscus filius Francisi Dowson de Comondale xxxjmo August.
22/09/1606Wmus. filius illegitt. Mulieris Pergrine ad domu. Francisi Abra[m] xxij Septemb.
28/09/1606Persivallus filius Cuthberti Webster de Comondale xxviij Septem.
05/10/1606Johes. Osburne filius Wmi Osburn vto Octobris
19/10/1606Willmus. Gray filius Wmi Gray xixno Octobris
05/11/1606Robtus. Bowma[n] als. Kinge filius Robti. de Comondale vto Novembr.
07/12/1606Maria filia illegitt. Georgii Wawne et Agnes Laverocke vijmo Decem.
06/03/1606Elizabetha Emerson filia Simonis Emerson vjto Marcii
11/03/1606Richus. Garbut filius Johis. Garbut xjmo Marcii
15/03/1606Elizabetha Coverdale filia Stephani Coverdale xvto Marcii
25/04/1607Robtus. Prudome filius Johas. Prudome xxvto Aprilis
27/04/1607Richus. Franckland filius Richi. Frankland xxvijmo Apr.
05/05/1607Helina Mowbray filia Francisci Mowbray vto Maii
24/05/1607Agnes Rudd filia Robti. Rudd xxiiijto Maii
09/08/1607Johes. Rogers filius Francisci Rogers ixno August.
27/09/1607Willmus. Woodd filius Jacobi Woodd xxvijmo Septembr.
25/10/1607Katherina Farewether filia Willmi. Farewether xxvto Octob.
30/10/1607Georgius Fentres filius Willmi. Fentres xxxmo Octob.
05/11/1607Raphus. Clerke filius Raphi. Clerke vto Novembr.
08/11/1607Johes. Gray filius Nicholaii Gray viijvo Novembr.
18/11/1607Thomas child of Robt. Franckland xviij Nov.
29/11/1607Johes. Huntley filius Wmi. Huntley xxixth Novembr.
13/12/1607Ana Agar filia Francisci Agar xiijtio Decembr.
13/12/1607Jana Slee filia Raphi. Slee xiijth Decembr.
06/01/1607Georgius Boyes filius Georgii Boyes vjto Januarii
12/02/1607Thomas Garbut filius Richi. Garbut xijmo Februarii
12/02/1607Richus. Emerson filius Francisi Emerson xijmo Februar.
06/03/1607Willmus. Walker filius Jo. Walker vjto Marcii
20/03/1607Maria Jowsey filia Thorne Jowsey xxmo Marcii
25/03/1607Anthonius Porret filius Anthonii Porret xxvto Marcii
29/03/1608Elizabetha filia Wmi Tweddell de Comondale xxixno Marcii
10/04/1608Elizabetha filia Georgii Rudd xmo Aprilis
17/04/1608Johanes Knagges filius Johis. Knagges xvijmo Aprilis
27/05/1608Richus. Nellest filius Richi. Nellest xxvijmo Maij
12/06/1608Georgius Farewether filius Georgii Farewether xijmo Junii
17/06/1608Thomas Parkyns filius Richi. Parkins xvijmo Junii
17/06/1608Jana Dowson filia Rogeri Dowson xvijmo Junii
26/06/1608Thomas Wilson filius Thorne Wilson Cler. xxvjto Junii
10/07/1608[blank] Thomson filia Wmi Thomson xmo Julii
25/07/1608Ana Savage filia Johis. Savage xxvto Julii
14/08/1608 Willmus. filius Thorne Morewoodd xiiijto Augustii
22/09/1608Mabella Hall filia Johis. Hall xxijdo Septembr.
16/10/1608Elizabetha Marshall filia Richardi Marshall xvjto Octob.
06/11/1608Thomas Harland filius Johis. Harland vjto November.
17/11/1608Willmus. Fentres filius Georgii Fentres xvijmo Nov.
20/11/1608Robtus. Jowsey filius Johis. Jowsey xxmo Novembr.
27/11/1608Robtus. Franckland filius Robti. Franckland xxvijmo Nov.
04/12/1608Agnes Osborne filia Wmi Osborn iiijto Decembr.
27/12/1608Jane Stringar filia Richi. Stringar xxvijmo Decembr.
27/12/1608Agnes Farewether filia Wmi Farewether xxvijmo Decembr.
10/01/1608Robtus. Franckland filius Robti. Franckland xmo Januar.
10/01/1608Elizabetha Harwood filia Jacobi Harwood xmo Januar.
29/01/1608Georgius filius Robti. Hodgeson de Scalinge xxixth Januar.
19/02/1608Richus. filius Robti. Jowsey xixno Feb.
24/02/1608Agnes Rudd filla Georgii Rudd xxiiijto Febr
06/06/1609Georgius Hill filius Richi. Hill vjto Junii
06/06/1609Georgius Gray filius Wmi. Gray vjto Junii
18/06/1609Maria Woodd filia Johis. Woodd xviij Junii
25/06/1609Elizabetha Rudd filia Robti. Rudd xxvto Junii
16/07/1609Rogerus Bennyson filius Rogeri Bennyson xvjo Julii
23/07/1609Issabella Tynesley filia Wmi. Tynnesley xxiijtio Julii
13/08/1609Thomas Farewether filius Richi. Farewether xiijtio August.
20/08/1609Elizabetha Stirtle filia Michaelis Stirtle xxmo Aug.
03/09/1609Robtus. Agar fil. Xpoferi Agar iijtio Septemb.
03/09/1609Katherina Jowsey filia Thorne Jowsey eodem die
10/09/1609Jana Nellest filia Georgii Nellest xmo Septemb.
21/09/1609Georgius Hodgeshon filius Bartholomei Hodgeson xxjmo Sept.
01/10/1609Johes. filius Nicho. Rogers de Comondale primo Octob.
08/10/1609Thomas and Johes. filii Robti. Kinge als. Bowma[n] de Comondale viijvo Octob.
15/10/1609Thomas Agar filius Francisci Agar xvto Octobr.
22/10/1609Petrus Rogers filius Francisci Rogrs xxijdo Octob.
29/10/1609Petrus Campio[n] filius Wmi Campio[n] xxixno Octob.
29/10/1609Thomas Benison filius Georgii Benison eodem die
29/10/1609Alice Oliver filia Robti. Oliver eodem die
27/11/1609Franciscus filius Robti. Hodgeson de Comondale xxvijmo Nov.
24/12/1609Maria Colson filia Leo. Colson xxiiijto Decembr.
26/12/1609Georgius Harrison filius Wmi. Harrison xxvjto Decembr.
22/01/1609Robtus. Laverocke filius Milonis Laverocke xxijdo Januar.
02/02/1609Petrus Nellest filius Richi. Nellest secundo Febr.
13/02/1609Alicea Fentresse filia Wmi Fentres xiijtio Febr.
18/02/1609Ana. Wilson filia Thorne Wilson cler. xviij Febr.
25/02/1609Martha Agar filia Georgii Agar xxvto Febr.
04/03/1609Margreta Jowsey filia Thorne Jowsey iiijto Marcii
18/03/1609Willmus. Clerk fil. Raphi. Clerk xviijto Marcii
24/03/1609Margreta Hill filia Anthonii Hill xxiiijto Marcii
10/04/1610Robtus. Carre filius illegett. Johis. Tweddell et Agnes Car xmo Aprilis
29/04/1610Johes. filius Wmi. Tweddell de Comondale xxixno Apr.
29/04/1610Petrus filius Agnetis Laverocke xxix Apr.
03/06/1610Xpoferus Darnton filius Johis. Darnto[n] iijtio Junii
15/07/1610Thomas Emerson filius Symons Emerson xvto Julii
15/07/1610Rosimonda Foord filia Xpoferi Foord xvto Julii
22/07/1610Anna Hall filia Johis. Hall xxijdo Julii
25/07/1610Willmus. Bamforthe filius Humfridi Bamforth xxvto Julii
26/08/1610Agnes Harland filia Johanis Harland xxvjto Augustii
12/09/1610Johes. Franckland filius Johis. Franckland xijmo Sept.
16/09/1610Alicea Osburne filia Wmi Osburne xvjto Sept.
16/09/1610Elizabetha Garbut filia Richi. Garbut xvjto Sept.
23/09/1610Samuell Dowson filius Rogeri Dowson xxiijtio Septem.
07/10/1610Thomas filius Nicholaii Rogers de Comondale vijmo Octob.
07/10/1610Maria Suggette filia Cuthberti Suggette vijmo Octob.
24/11/1610Jana Watson filia Johis. Watson xxiiijto Novembris
16/12/1610Thomas Preston filius Thorne Preston xvjto Decembr.
25/12/1610Georgius Nellest filius Georgii Nellest xxvto Decembr.
10/02/1610Margreta Farewether filia Wmi Farewether xmo Feb.
10/02/1610Elizabetha Woodd filia Jacobi Wood xmo Feb.
17/02/1610Maria Marshall filia Thomae Marshall xvijmo Februarii
15/02/1610Johes. filius Johis. Hopper (ut dicitur) et Agnet. Johnson 15 (?) Feb.
24/02/1610Thomas Cawen filius Johis. Cawe[n] xxiiijto Feb.
24/03/1610Agnes Franckland filia Robti. Franckland xxiiij Marcii
25/03/1611Mabella Dune filia Wmi Dune xxvth Marcii
06/04/1611Helina Harwood filia Jacobi Harwoodd vjto Aprilis
21/04/1611Georgius Dale filius Johis. Dale xxjmo Aprilis
21/04/1611Alicea Fentresse filia Georgii Fentress xxjmo Aprilis
01/05/1611Jana Fairewether filia Richi. Farewether primo Maii
05/05/1611Robtus. Emerson filius Francisci Emerson vto Maii
05/05/1611Issabella Rudd filia Georgii Rudd vto Maii
11/05/1611Petrus filius Peregrinae Mulieris xjmo Maii
12/03/1611Georgius Marshall filius Richi. Marshall xijmo Marcii
02/06/1611Anna Adams filia Wmi Adams secundo die Junii
02/07/1611Anna Laverocke filia Milonis Laverocke secundo Julii
14/07/1611Robertus Rudde filius Georgii Rudde decimo quarto Julii
05/08/1611Alicea Jowsey filia Johis. Jowsey vto Aug.
01/09/1611Richus. Hartus filius Johis. Hartus primo Septembr.
21/09/1611Jana Clerke filia Raphi. Clerke xxjo Septembris
08/09/1611Petrus Franckland filius Robti. Franckland de Castleto[n] viij Sept.
01/10/1611Robtus. Wilson filius Thorne Wilson de Glais[dale] primo Octob.
01/10/1611Michaell Laverocke filius Jacobi Laverocke primo Octob.
06/10/1611Maria Wilson filia Tho. Wilson cler. sexto Octobr.
06/10/1611Ana Penocke filia Raphi. Penocke sexto Octobr.
13/10/1611Petrus filius Tho. Cowtus de Rosdale xiijtio Octob.
13/10/1611Thomas filius Willmi. Gray xiijtio Octob.
17/12/1611Agnes filia Willmi. Campion xvij Decembr.
10/01/1611Johes. filius Johis. Woodd de Comondale xmo Januarii
19/01/1611Agnes filia Johis. Postgate xix Januarii
11/02/1611Jana filia Richi. Hill xjmo Febr.
16/02/1611Dorothea filia Robti. Franckland xvjto Feb.
16/02/1611Margreta filia Richi. Nellest xvjto Feb.
12/02/1611Stephanus filius Richi. Boyes de Comondale xijmo Feb. domi
16/02/1611Agnes filia Johis. Cawen xvjto Febr.
17/02/1611Margreta filia Johis Cawen xvijmo Febr.
21/02/1611Jana filia Richi. P'kins xxjmo Feb.
01/03/1611Maria filia Raphi. Temple primo Marcii
03/03/1611Ana filia Cuthberti Sannderson de Comondale iijtio Marcii domi
08/03/1611Alicea filia Robti. Jowsey viijvo Marcii
15/03/1611Agnes filia Wmi Prudom xvto Marcii
22/03/1611Alicea filia Wmi Skelton xxijdo Marcii
25/03/1612Willmus. filius Willmi. Shepheard xxvto Marcii
29/03/1612Robtus. filius Roberti Hodgson xxix Martii
05/04/1612Jacobus filius Willmi. Thomson vto Aprilis
06/04/1612Jana filia Georgii Agar vjto April. domi.
22/04/1612Willmus. filius Robti. Laverocke xxijdo Aprilis
25/04/1612Agnes filia illegittima Thorne Pearcie et Agnetis Laverocke xxvto Aprilis
26/04/1612Issabella filia Francisci Agar xxvjto Aprilis
31/05/1612Alicea filia Johanis Stroopes xxxjmo Maii
31/05/1612Francisca filia Roberti Rudde xxxj Maii
07/06/1612Petrus filius Bartholomei Hodgson vijmo Junii
28/06/1612Johes. filius Cuthberti Sugget xxviij Junii
28/06/1612Agnes filia Richi. Farewether xxviij Junii
29/06/1612Alicea filia Willmi. Tweddell de Comondale xxix Junii
12/07/1612Petrus filius Petri Cartwright xijdo die Julii
09/08/1612Robertus filius Symonis Emmerson ix Augustii
01/08/1612Thomas filius Stephani Boyes 1 Augusti
27/09/1612Agnes filia Thorne Jowsey vicesimo septimo die Septembris
01/10/1612Jana filia Johanis Postgate primo die Octobris
28/10/1612Jana filia. Johis. Franckland xxviij Octobris
15/11/1612Thomas filius Francisci Rogers xvto die Novembris
20/11/1612Maria filia Johis. Hall xxmo Novembris
22/11/1612Willmus. filius Anthonii Hill xxijdo Novembris
31/11/1612Raphus. filius Humpfridi Bamforth ultimo Novr.
31/11/1612Agnes filia Lawrencii Thomson ultimo Novembr.
10/01/1612Phillippus filius Thorne Wilson cler. x Januarii
21/02/1612Elizabetha filia Robti. Hodgeson xxjmo Februarii
31/02/1612Anna filia Willmi. Fentresse ultimo die Februarii
07/03/1612Michaell filius Thomae Jowsey Junior septimo Marcii
14/03/1612Agnes filia Johis. Hartus xiiij die Marcii
25/03/1613Alicea filia Johis. Cawen xxvto Marcii
30/03/1613Humpfridus filius Johis. Watsonne ultimo Marcii
05/04/1613Hugo. filius Willmi. Fairewether vto Aprilis
18/04/1613Michaell filius Raphi. Temple xviij Aprilis
25/04/1613Johes. filius Willmi. Tynsley xxv Aprilis
09/05/1613Elizabetha filia Georgii Farewether nono Maii
13/05/1613Agnes filia Roberti Potter xiijto die Maii
25/05/1613Georgius Bennyson filius Georgii Bennison xxvto Maii
06/06/1613Johanes filius Johanis Dale sexto Junii
20/06/1613Isabella filia Wyllmi. Osburne xxmo die Junii
27/06/1613Mabella filia Johanes Harland xxvijmo die Junii
01/08/1613Mabella filia Richi. Boyes de Comondale primo August.
01/08/1613Anna filia Georgii Fentresse primo August.
14/11/1613Alicea filia Thorne Graye decimo quarto Novembris
02/01/1613Raphus. filius Raphi. Pennocke secundo die Januarii
28/01/1613Margeria filia Raphi. Sanderson als. Webster de Comondale 28 Januarii domi.
30/01/1613Raphus. filius Raphi. Hodgesonne tricesimo Januarii
30/01/1613Alicea filia Willmi. Wilsone tricesimo Januarii
13/02/1613Johes. filius Roberti Hodgson baptizatus erat xiijtio Februarii
06/03/1613Rogerus filius Rogeri Dowsonne sexto die Marcii
13/03/1613Alicea filia Thorne Wilson cler. xiijtio Marcii
13/04/1614Johes. filius Raphi. Clerke xiijtio Aprilis
06/04/1614Willmus. filius Wm Prudome vjto Aprilis
10/04/1614Georgius filius Leonardi Younge decimo Aprilis
19/04/1614Richardus filius Richi. Marshall xix April.
01/05/1614Jana filia Francisci Agar primo Maii
08/05/1614Elizabetha filia Willmi. Harrisonne octavo Maii
02/06/1614Cicilia filia Richi. Perkin secundo Junii
19/06/1614Dorothea filia Willmi. Wood xixno die Junii
03/07/1614Georgius filius Johannis Cowen tertio Julii
17/07/1614Jana filia Roberti Franckland de Westcliffe xvijmo Julii
24/07/1614Alicea filia Wmi Harland xxiiijth Julii
18/09/1614Willmus. filius Willmi. Dixon xviij Septembr.
09/10/1614Barbara filia Cuthberti Suggett ix Octob.
09/10/1614Mabella filia Georgii Rudde de Soss (sic, but for Frioppe ?) ixno Octob.
16/10/1614Anna filia Richardi Hill decimo sexto Octobris
08/11/1614Issabella filia Wmi Dune viijo Novembr.
10/12/1614Jana filia illegittima Richi. Winde et Frizellae Boyes xmo Decemb.
11/12/1614Agnes filia Robti. Franckland xjmo Decembr.
20/02/1614Johes. filius Johis. Hall xxmo Februar.
05/03/1614Jana filia Richi. Farewethr vto Marcii
26/03/1615Helena filia Petri Cartwright xxvjto Marcii
26/03/1615Johes. filius illegit. Jane Laverocke de Comondale xxvjto Marcii
02/04/1615Agnes filia Symonis Emerson secundo Aprilis
23/04/1615Samuell filius Willmi. Osburne xxiijtio Aprilis
11/05/1615Petrus filius Johis. Franckland xj Maij
06/06/1615Bartholomeus filius Raphi. Temple vjto Junii
02/07/1615Willmus. filius Johanis Stroopes secundo Julii
16/07/1615Johes. filius Johis. Medd xvjto Julii
23/07/1615Thomas filius Willmi. Tomsonne xxiij Julii
13/08/1615Margreta filia Georgii Fentres xiijtio Augusti
27/08/1615Georgius filius Milonis Laverocke xxvijmo August.
27/08/1615Robertus filius Wilmi. Tweddell de Comondale xxvijmo Aug.
10/09/1615Alicea filia Willm Farewether xmo Septembr.
20/09/1615Robtus. filius Willmi. Corney xxmo Septemb.
21/09/1615Tymotheus filius Thorne Wilson cler. xxjmo Septemb.
08/10/1615Anna filia Henrici Fox octavo Octob.
18/10/1615Alcea. filia Johanis Harland xviijoo Octobris
01/11/1615Johes. filius Thorne Slater Junioris primo Noveb.
03/01/1615Merioll filia Georgii Johnson tertio Januarii
07/01/1615Georgius filius Raphi. Pennock vijmo Januarii
04/02/1615Margeria filia Johis. Cawen iiijto Februar.
24/03/1615Robtus. filius Francisci Agar xxiiijto Marcii
17/03/1615Margreta filia Robti. Hodgeson xvij Marcii
27/03/1616Robtus. Millburn als. Edwardes filius Johis. Edwardes de Nonington et Marian Milburn (ut asseritur) xxvijmo Marcii 1616
28/04/1616Margreta filia Thorne Nellest xxviij Aprilis
04/06/1616Alicea filia Edwardi Hill quarto Junii
09/06/1616Anna filia Jacobi Wood nono Junii
14/07/1616Johanes Jowsey als. Sowley filius Robti. Sowley de Ayton in Cleaveland et Meriali Jowsey de Danby xiiij Julii
14/07/1616Agnes filia Richardi Perkins xiiij Julii
04/08/1616Thomas filius Thorne Wylson de Glaisedale quarto August.
20/08/1616Issabella filia Johis. Rickarby de Comondale xxmo Aug.
??/??/1616Jana filia illegittima Dorothia Franckland [blank]
22/09/1616Maria filia Henrici Fox xxijdo Septembr.
20/10/1616Thomas filius Cuthberti Webster als. Sanderson xxmo Oct.
27/10/1616Johes. filius Johis. Hall xxvijth Octobris
20/11/1616Petrus filius Petri Nellest xxth Novembris
30/11/1616Agnes filia Raphi. Clarke xxxmo Novembris
15/12/1616Margreta filia Philippi Cowtus xvto Decembr.
25/12/1616Willmus. filius Thorne Petche xxvto Decembris
05/01/1616Xpoferus filius Nicho. Rogers de Comondale vto Januar.
12/01/1616Thomas filius Raphi. Hodgeson xijmo Januar.
30/01/1616Maria filia Georgii Dickinson xxx Januar.
02/02/1616Elizabetha filia Willmi. Wilson secundo Februarii
09/02/1616Jana filia Georgii Farewether nono die Februarii
16/02/1616Willmus. filius Willmi. Stanas xvjto die Febr.
16/02/1616Agnes filia Cuthberti Sugget xvjto die Febr.
16/03/1616Anna filia Raphi. Webster de Comondale xvjto Marcii
02/04/1617Rogerus. filius Simonis Emerson secundo Aprilis
16/04/1617Nathanaell filius Raphi. Campion xvjto Aprilis
22/04/1617Willmus. filius Wm Fentres xxijdo Aprilis
15/06/1617Willmus. filius Wmi Morgan xvto Junii
13/07/1617Margreta filia Willmi. Temple xiijtio Julii
13/07/1617Willmus. filius Willmi. Farewethr xiijtio Julii
27/07/1617Willmus. filius Roberti Franckland xxvijmo Julii
10/08/1617Judithe filia Thorne Wilson cler. xth August.
30/08/1617Milo filius Richardi Nellest ultimo Augusti
30/08/1617Robertus filius Georgii Johnsonne ultimo Augusti
14/09/1617Merioll filia Johis. Stringar xiiijto Septembr.
23/09/1617Ana. filia Wmi Tweddell de Comondale xxiijtio Septembr.
25/10/1617Ana. filia Johis. Medd xxvto Octobris
26/10/1617Issabella filia illiget. Johis. Dowson et Jane Dale xxvjto Oct.
18/11/1617An. filia Robti. Dune xviij Novembris
23/12/1617Henricus filius Johis. Postgate xxiijtio Decembris
04/01/1617Thomas filius Johis. Hopper de Mooresome iiijto Januar.
18/01/1617Johes. filius Johis. Strowpes xviijth Januar.
25/01/1617Johes. filius Johis. Harland xxvto Januar.
25/01/1617Elizabetha filia Georgii Fentres xxvto Januar.
08/02/1617Raphus. filius Thorne Slater viij Febr.
02/03/1617Maria filia Raphi. Campion secundo Marcii
18/03/1617Robtus. filius Thorne Wilson Junioris xviij March
22/03/1617Willmus. filius Richardi Farewether xxijdo Marcii
24/03/1617Willmus. filius Willmi. Tynesley xxiiijto Marcii
26/04/1618Katherina filia Raphi. Temple xxvjto Aprilis
14/05/1618Humfridus filius Humfridi Bamforthe xiiijto Maii
21/06/1618Richardus filius Richardi Turpin xxjmo Junii
12/07/1618Michaell filius Simonis Emersonne xijdo Julii
16/07/1618Johanes filius Willmi. Petche decimo sexto Julii
25/07/1618Milo filius Johanis Franckland xxvto Julii
09/08/1618Milo filius Raphi. Pennacke nono August.
22/08/1618Susanna filia Thorne Wilson cler. xxijdo August.
27/09/1618Willmus. filius Georgii Postgate xxvijmo Septem.
05/10/1618Maria filia Roberti Wilsonn circa vto Octobris
11/10/1618Beatrix filia Johanis Rickabye xjmo Octobris
28/10/1618Filia Roberti Potter xxviij Octobris
01/11/1618Henricus filius Henrici Foxe primo Novembr.
15/11/1618Elizabetha filia Jacobi Manne xvto Novembris
05/12/1618Alcia filia Robti. Franckland de Westcliffe vto Decembris
06/12/1618Phillippus filius Roberti Hodgesonne vjto Decembris
20/12/1618Alicea filia Willmi. Corney xx Decembris
28/12/1618Johes. filius Lawrentii Thomsonne xxviij Decemb.
01/01/1618Issabella filia Thorne Petche primo Januar.
28/01/1618Issabella filia Milonis Laverocke xxviij Januar.
09/02/1618Alicea filia illegitt. Thorne Carre et Elizabethe Rudd ix Febr.
07/03/1618Thomas filius Thorne Franckland vijmo Marcii
07/03/1618Lucea filia Georgii Dickinson vijmo Marcii
14/03/1618Thomas filius Petri Nellest decimo quarto Marcii
22/03/1618Milo filius Georgii Campion xxijdo Marcii domi
23/03/1618Susanna filia Richardi Perkins domi xxiijtio Marcii
04/04/1619Nicholaus filius Nicholaii Stringar iiijto Aprilis
04/04/1619Hester filia Richardi Marshall iiijto Aprilis
25/04/1619Marcus filius Georgii Dowsonne xxvto Aprilis
08/06/1619Anna filia Roberti Fetherstone viijvo Junii
12/06/1619Rogerus filius illegitt. Tho. Fussey et M'greta Sanderson xijmo Junii
17/06/1619Issabella filia Robti. Dune xvijmo Junii
17/06/1619Jana filia p'd. Robti. eodem die
04/07/1619Nicholaus fillus Wm Wilson de Frioppe iiijto Julii
04/07/1619Barbara filia Wmi Osburne eodem die
19/08/1619Petrus filius Johanis Hall xixno August.
05/09/1619Radolphus filius Jacobi Wood quinto Septembris
05/09/1619Anna filia Willmi. Petche quinto Septembris
29/09/1619Issabella filia Stephani Boyes xxix Septembris
10/10/1619Willmus. filius Radi. Hodgeson xmo Octobris
14/10/1619Issabella filia Richi. Boyes de Comondale xiiijto Octobris
28/11/1619Merioll filia Thorne Wylsonne clerki xxviij Novemb.
12/12/1619Willmus. filius Nicholai Scot xij Decembris
22/12/1619Thomus filius Raphi. Campio[n] xxijdo Decembr.
23/01/1619Anna filia Richardi Allen xxiijtio die Januarii
30/01/1619Georgius filius Georgii Fentres xxxmo Januarii
30/01/1619Margareta filia Petri Cartwright xxxmo Januarii
02/02/1619Elizabetha filia Robti. Franckland de Armitt. ijdo Febr.
02/02/1619Richardus filius Johani Stringer secundo Februarii
11/02/1619Jana filia Johis. Mead xjmo die Februarii
11/02/1619Margareta filia Johis. Mead xjmo Februarii
01/03/1619Mabella filia Nicho. Roge[r]s de Comondale primo Marcii
19/03/1619Johes. filius Richi. Turpin xixno Marcii
26/03/1620Issabella filia Raphi. Webster de Comondale xxvjto Marcii
07/05/1620Philippus filius Humfridi Bamforthe vijmo Maii
14/05/1620Petrus filius Willmi. Maddison xiiijto Maii
14/05/1620Alicea filia Willmi. Campion eodem die
14/05/1620Thomas filius Johis. Lasie eodem die apud Egton
28/05/1620Jana filia Willmi. Farewether xxviij Maii
11/06/1620Richardus filius Georgii Johnson xj Junii
11/06/1620Jana filia Petri Campion xjmo Junii
02/07/1620Jana filia Johis. Harland secundo Julii
25/07/1620Thomisina filia Willmi. Fentres xxvto Julii
04/09/1620Margareta filia Richi Farewether ivto (?) Sept.
17/09/1620Robertus filius Thorne Petche xvijmo Septem.
24/09/1620Thomas filius Johanis Richabye xxiiijto Septem.
21/09/1620Alicea filia Georgii Woodwarke xxjmo Septembr
15/10/1620Maria filia Thorne Wylsonne Junioris xv Octobr.
22/10/1620Ana filia Willmi. Fetherstone xxij Octobr.
30/11/1620Richardus filius Henrici Fox xxxmo Novembr.
17/12/1620Petrus filius Simonis Emmerson xvijmo December.
30/12/1620Mabella filia Johis. Stroopes xxxmo Decembris
14/01/1620Thomas filius Richardi Nellest xiiijto Januarii
11/02/1620Richardus filius Wmi. Gray xjmo Februar.
25/02/1620Edvardus filius Thorne Nellest xxvto Februar.
04/03/1620Robertus filius Thorne Franckland iiijto Marcii
18/03/1620Wyllimus filius Robti. Hodgeson xviij Marcii
18/03/1620Barbari filia. Raphi. Pennacke xviij Marcii
25/03/1621Elizabetha filia Nicholai Stringer xxvto Marcii
26/03/1621Raphus. filius Richardi Bowes de Civitate Ebor. Baptis. erat vicesimo sexto die Marcii
29/03/1621Richus. filius Johis. Medd xxix Marcii
10/06/1621Margareta filia Raphi. Temple x Junii
28/06/1621Raphus. filius Richi. P'kin xxviij Junii
07/08/1621Lucea filia Johis. Grinkell vijmo August.
19/08/1621Alicia filia Thorne Watson xix Augusti
07/09/1621Thomas filius Robti. Marshall vij Septembris
30/09/1621Ruth filia Willmi. Mead xxxmo die Septembris
30/09/1621Thomas filius Henrici Boyes xxxmo die Septembris
30/09/1621Alicea filia Jacobi Harwood xxxmo die Septembris
08/10/1621Robtus. filius Wmi. Franckland viij Octobris
14/10/1621Rebecca filia Thorne Wilson cler. xiiijto Octobris
07/11/1621Margreta filia Johis. Cawen vijmo Novembris
11/11/1621Elizabetha filia Cuthberti Suggett xj Novembris
15/09/1621Raphus. filius Francisci Dowson xvto September
01/05/1621Philippus filius p'd. Francisci primo May
28/11/1621Jana filia Francisci Franckland xxviij Novembr. domi
02/12/1621Johes. filius Johanis Lacye secundo Decembris
02/12/1621Alicea filia Raphi. Campion secundo Decembris
05/12/1621Margreta filia Robti. Fetherstone v Decembris
23/12/1621Thomas filius Willmi. Petche xxiij Decembris
30/12/1621Alicea filia Petri Campion xxxmo Decembris
03/01/1621Francisca filia Tristrami Jowsey tertio Januarii
06/01/1621Alicea filia Georgii Dowson vjto Januarii
20/01/1621Margareta filia Richi. Turpin xx Januarii
27/01/1621Robertus filius Georgii Fentres xxvij Januarii
27/01/1621Maria filia Xpoferi Marshall xxvijmo Januarii
10/02/1621Elizabetha filia Robti. Sowley xmo Februarii domi
31/02/1621Jana filia Robti. Dickinson ultimo Februarii
10/03/1621Alicea filia Robti. Dowson xmo Marcii
30/03/1622Richus. filius Humfridi Bamforthe ultimo Marcii
12/04/1622Euphamia filia Xpoferi Thomson xij Aprilis
18/04/1622Davers filius Richardi Allen xviijo Aprilis
20/04/1622Petrus filius Petri Franckland xx Aprilis
22/04/1622Robtus. filius Willmi. Atkinson xxij Aprilis
22/04/1622Hester filia Thorne Hill xxijdo Aprilis
23/04/1622Mabella filia Xpoferi Harrison xxiij Aprilis
05/05/1622Walterus filius Robti. Franckland Arm. vto Maii
16/05/1622Willmus. filius Willmi. Osburne xvjto Maii
06/06/1622Thomas filius Xpoferi Owston vjto Junii
09/06/1622Filius Jacobi Wood ixno Junii
07/07/1622Alicia filia Johis. Hartus vijmo Julii
10/07/1622Johes. filius Johis. Stringer xmo Julii
25/07/1622Filia Georgii Knages xxvto Julii
18/08/1622Lawrentius filius Jo. Franckland xviij August.
12/09/1622Maria filia Nicholai Chapman xijdo Septem. domi
29/09/1622Agnes filia Willmi. Thompson xxix Septem.
24/11/1622Johes. filius Willmi. Hall xxiiijto Novembr.
27/12/1622Matheus filius Raphi. Hodgeson xxvijmo Decembr.
31/01/1622Willmus. filius Johis. Hall xxxjmo Januarii
16/02/1622Georgius filius Thomi Franckland xvjto Febr.
18/02/1622Anna filia Thorne Wilson Junioris xviij Febr.
20/02/1622Filius Willmi. Braycon xx Febr. de Egton
27/02/1622Judithe filia Francisci Franckland xxvijo Februar.
18/03/1622Richus. filius Richardi Dowson xviijo Marcii
18/03/1622Robtus. filius Robti. Fetherstone xviij Marcii
26/05/1623Elizabetha filia Johis. Pibus xxvjto Maii
27/05/1623Euphamia filia illigit. Johis. Robinson et Jane Thomson xxvijmo Maii
10/06/1623Thomas filius Wyllmi. Taylor xmo die Junii
29/06/1623Margareta filia Wyllmi. Farewether xxixno Junii
05/07/1623Elizabetha filia Milonis Harwood vto Julii
27/07/1623Robtus. filius Thorne Franckland xxvijmo Julii
07/08/1623Margreta filia Roberti Robinson vijmo Augusti
21/08/1623Robertus filius Nicholai Stringer xxj mo Augustii
30/08/1623Milo filius Georgii Dale ultimo die Augustii
30/08/1623Ana filia Georgii Dickinson de Grenehouses eodem die
07/09/1623Samuell filius Richi. Nellest vijmo Septembris
07/09/1623Thomas filius Francisci Eshe vijmo Septembris
21/09/1623Willmus. filius Petri Campion xxjmo Septembris
22/09/1623Raphus. filius Robti. Dickinson xxijdo Septembris apud Egton
28/09/1623Ruben filius Robti. Wood xxviij Septembris
08/10/1623Margareta filia Thorne Wylson cleric. viijo Octobris
12/10/1623Lawrentius filius Robti. Hodgeson, xij Octobris
09/11/1623Maria filia Samuellis Prodam ixno Novembr.
19/12/1623Robtus. filius Robti. Marshall xixno Decembris
10/12/1623Robtus. filius Johis. Lascells de Corn. xmo Decembris
21/12/1623Filia Willmi. Campion xxjmo Decembris
29/01/1623Judith filia Raphi. Campion xxixno Januarii
06/02/1623Elizabetha filia Thorne Nellest vjto Februarii
03/02/1623Dorothea filia Johis. Lacye iijtio Februarii
15/02/1623Margareta filia Henrici Boyes xvto Februarii
07/03/1623Thomas filius Edvardi Hill septimo Marcii
14/03/1623Jana filia Roberti Sowley xiiijto Martii
01/04/1624Elizabetha filia Johanis Grinckell primo Aprilis
11/04/1624Raphus. filius Xpoferi Harrison xjmo Aprilis
24/04/1624Catherina filia Georgii Dowson xxiiijto Aprilis
13/06/1624Robertus filius Richardi Perkins xiij Junii
01/08/1624Anna filia Mychaellis Hill primo August.
22/08/1624Thomas filius Petri Fetherston xxijdo Augusti
10/10/1624Willmus. filius Petri Cartwright xmo Octobris
19/10/1624Willmus. filius Willmi. Petch xixno Octobris
24/10/1624Anna filia Johis. Dodgeson xxiiijto Octobris
14/11/1624Georgius filius Johis Frankland xiiijto Novembr.
29/11/1624Alicea filia. Cuthberti Sugget xxixno Novembris
30/12/1624Stephenus filius Richardi Fletcher xxxmo Decembr.
09/01/1624Willmus. filius Willmi. Johnson ixno Januarii
27/02/1624Mathias filius Nicholai Chapman xxvijmo Februarii
27/02/1624Robtus. filius Radi. Frankland xxvijmo Februarii
20/03/1624Robtus. filius Johis. Cowen xxmo Marcii
27/03/1625Thomas filius Johis. Stroopes xxvijmo Marcii
04/04/1625Franciscus filius Milonis Frankland iiijto Aprilis
06/04/1625Thomas filius Thorne Wilson vjto Aprilis
29/04/1625Anna filia Henrici Boyes xxix Aprilis
12/06/1625Thomas filia Willmi. Hall xijdo Junii
20/06/1625Thomas filius Thorne Slater xxmo Junii
26/06/1625Richus. filius Roberti Corney xxvjto Junii
26/06/1625Willmus. filius Henrici Wood xxvjto Junii
26/07/1625Robtus. filius Johis. Stringer xxvj Julie
26/07/1625Jana filia Petri Campion xxvj Julie
31/07/1625Richus. and Raphus. filii spurii Franciscae Bowes xxxj Julii
29/07/1625Ana filia Willmi. Grey xxixno Julii
04/09/1625Willmus. filius Willmi. Thomson iiijto Septembris
04/09/1625Bethuell filius Willmi. Franckland iiijto Septembris
13/08/1625Jana filia Roberti Franckland xiijtio Augusti
25/08/1625Maria filia Henrici Dale xxvto Augusti
11/09/1625Willmus. filius Xpoferi Wilson xjmo Septembris
29/09/1625Willmus. filius Cuthberti Proddam xxixno Septembr.
26/10/1625Thomae filius Robti. Woodd xxvjto Octobris
26/10/1625Thomas filius Petri Agar de Comondale xxvjto Octob. dcmi
02/11/1625Petrus filius Milonis Harwood secunde November
06/11/1625Anna filia Johis. Stockton cler. vjto Novembris
27/11/1625Richardus filius Richardi Thomson xxvijmo Novembr.
08/12/1625Raphus. filius Raphi. Temple viijvo die Decembris
14/01/1625Anna filia Thorne Nellest xiiijto die Januarii
17/01/1625Thomas filius Willmi. Fairwether xvijmo die Januarii
02/02/1625Samuell filius Raphi. Campion secundo Februarii
02/02/1625Emotta filia Jacobi Harwood secundo Februarii
19/02/1625Thomas filius Samuellis Proddam xixno Februarii
19/02/1625Johes. filius Johanis Jowsey xixno Februarii
26/02/1625Jana filia Robti. Hodgeson xxvjto Februar.
05/03/1625Elizabetha filia Thorne Carre vto Marcii
10/03/1625Maria filia Edwardi Hill xmo Marcii
26/03/1626Richardus filius Willmi. Taylor xxvjto Marcii
26/03/1626Petrus filius Johanis Lacye xxvjto Marcii
08/03/1626Elizabetha filia Thorne Stirtle octavo Marcii
23/04/1626Rogerus filius Thorne Kettlewell xxiijtio Aprilis
23/04/1626Maria filia Georgii Dowson xxiijtto Aprilis
25/04/1626Anna filia Thorne Robinson xxvto Aprilis
16/05/1626Robertus filius Roberti Sowley xvjto Maii
18/05/1626Johes. filius Johis. Laverocke xviijo Maii
25/05/1626Robtus. filius Robti. Robinson xxvto Maii
28/05/1626Georgius filius Thorne Colthirst xxviij Maii
30/05/1626Elizabetha filia Roberti Dickinson xxxmo Maii
16/07/1626Anna filia Richardi Dale xvjto Julii
06/08/1626Jana filia Johis. Agar vjto August.
30/10/1626Anthonius filius Michaelis Hill xxxmo Octobr.
12/11/1626Raphus. filius Johis. Hall xijdo Novembris
29/10/1626Agnes filia Johis. Dowson xxix Octobris
12/11/1626Thomas filius Thorne Franckland xijdo Novembr.
16/11/1626Willmus. filius Richardi Perkins xvjto Novemb. domi
19/11/1626Edwardus filius Mathei Harwoodd xixno Novembr.
26/11/1626Margareta filia Petri Franckland xxvjto Novembr.
22/12/1626Katherina filia illegitt. Tho. Boyes de Malton et Alicie Rudd xxijdo Decembr.
22/01/1626Samuell filius Robti. Corney xxijdo Januar.
23/01/1626Petronella fili[a] Robti. Fetherstone xxiijtio Januar.
28/01/1626Margareta filia Willmi. Johnson xxviij Januarii
21/03/1626Alicea filia Cuthberti Suggette xxjmo Marcii
27/03/1627Margareta filia Robti. Dune xxvijmo Marcii
05/04/1627Johes. spurius Johis. Frankland et Eliz. Fentres vto Aprilis
08/04/1627Helina filia Richardi Watson viij Aprilis
15/04/1627Thomas filius Milonis Harwoodd xvto Aprilis
25/04/1627Mabella filia Thorne Robinson xxvto Aprilis
25/04/1627Margareta filia eiusdem Thorne eodem die
25/04/1627Maria spuria Petri Agar et Elizabethe Deane eodem die
31/04/1627Gracia filia Milonis Dowson ultimo Aprilis
10/05/1627Elizabetha filia Thorne Garbut xmo Maii
12/05/1627Margreta filia Thorne Slater xijmo Maii
26/07/1627Fides filia Petri Fetherston xxvjto Julii
26/08/1627Alicea filia Robti. Marshall xxvjto August.
28/08/1627Agnes filia Raphi. Campio[n] xxviij August.
13/09/1627Thomas filius Thorne Nellest xiij Septembr.
23/09/1627Issabella filia Willmi. Campion xxiijtio Septemb.
16/10/1627Jana filia Thorne Wylson Junior xvjto Octobris
28/10/1627Agnes filia Xpoferi Thomson xxviij Octobris
01/11/1627Thomas spurias Marci Webster et Janae Jowsey de Comondaie primo Novembris
09/12/1627Elizabetha filia Willmi. Petche ixno die Decembris
16/01/1627Milo filius Roberti Corney xvjto Januarii
27/01/1627Robtus. filius Francisci Eshe xxvijmo Janu.
27/01/1627Elizabetha filia Willmi. Fairewether eodem die
02/02/1627Helin filia Johis. Gatenbie second die Februarii
08/02/1627Thomas filius Johis. Laverocke viijvo Februar.
28/02/1627Johes. filius Petri Agar de Comondale xxviij Febr. domi
24/02/1627Johes. filius Nicholai Chapma[n] xxiiijto Februar.
24/02/1627Susana filia Richardi Nellest eodem die
25/03/1627Margareta filia Georgii Cowen xxv Marcii
30/03/1628Helena filia Willmi. Garbat xxxmo Marcii
20/04/1628Willmus. filius Xproferi Marshall xxmo Aprilis
25/04/1628Filia Thorne Carre xxvto Aprilis
27/04/1628Franciscus filius Johis. Franckland de Nooke xxvijmo Aprilis
27/04/1628Margeria filia. Henrici Boyes xxvijmo Aprilis
04/05/1628Willmus. filius Johis. Agar de Akley Wall iiijto Maii
04/05/1628Richardus filius Johis. Dowson de Woodhead iiijto Maii
12/05/1628Raphus. filius Raphi. Franckland xijdo Maii
08/06/1628Thomas filius Thorne Slater viijvo Junii
08/06/1628Maria filia Willmi. Hall viij Junii
08/06/1628Margreta filia Willmi. Martin viijvo Junii
10/06/1628Thomas filius Robti. Franckland xmo Junii
20/07/1628Jana filia Petri Cartwright xxmo Julii
22/07/1628Cicilia filia Robti. Woodd xxijdo Julii
27/07/1628Willmus. filius Raphi. Campio[n] xxvijmo Julii
27/07/1628Euphamia filia Tho. Trowsdale eodem die
15/09/1628Johes. filius Willmi. Phillipps de Comondale xvto Septemb. domi
14/09/1628[blank] Robti. Hodgeson de Glaisdale xiiijto Septembr.
13/10/1628Conyers filius Nicholai Stringar xiijtio Octobris domi
16/10/1628Thomas filius Cuthberti Prudome xvjto Octobris
02/11/1628Thomas filius Georgii Hobson secundo Novembris
31/11/1628Ana filia Samuelis Prudom ultimo die Novembris
21/12/1628Lucea filia Richi. Fletcher xxjmo Decembr.
04/01/1628Anna filia Thorne Frankland iiijto die Januarii
06/01/1628Rebecca filia Richardi Allen vjto die Januarii domi
09/01/1628Radphus. filius Robti. Marshall ixno die Januarii domi
13/01/1628Willmus. filius Thorne Woodwarke xiijto Januarii
08/02/1628Margreta filia Willmi. Corney viij die Februarii
09/02/1628Raphus. filius Richi. Dale ixno die Februarii
24/02/1628Elizabetha filia Thomae Kettlewell xxiiijto Februarii
08/03/1628Robertus filius Johannis Potter viij Marcii
12/03/1628Alicea filia Thomae Wilson xijdo Marcii
09/04/1629Johes. filius Henrici Jackson ixno Aprilis
26/04/1629Thomas filius Jacobi Harwoodd xxvjto Aprilis
26/04/1629Thomas filius Georgii Dowson xxvj Aprilis domi
17/05/1629Thomas filius Roberti Campion xvijmo Maii
24/05/1629Elsabetha filia Rogeri Knagges xxiiijto Maii
30/05/1629Milo filius Milonis Harwood ultimo Maii
14/06/1629Ana filia Johannis Lasie xiiijto Junii
21/06/1629Matheus filius Johanis Gatenbye xxjmo Junii
21/06/1629Anna filius Petri Franckland xxjmo Junii
01/07/1629Robtus. filius Thorne Watson primo die Julii
01/07/1629Milo filius p'd. Thorne primo die Julii
19/07/1629Johanes filius Henrici Dale xixno Julii
09/08/1629Willmus. filius Richardi Thomson ixno August.
13/09/1629Richardus filius Robti. Robinson xiijmo Septembr.
13/09/1629Barnardus filius Willmi. Tayler eodem die
11/10/1629Elizabetha filia Thorne Colthirst xjth die Octobris
06/10/1629Samuell filius Tho. Nellest vjto Octobris
18/10/1629Robertus filius Willmi. Thomson xviij Octobris
18/10/1629Willmus. filius Roberti Dobsonne eodem die Octobr.
18/10/1629Richardus filius Willmi. Garbat eodem die
18/10/1629Alicea spuria Willmi. Thomson et Agnetis Garbat eodem die
25/10/1629Elizabetha filia Johanis Hall xxvto Octobris
25/10/1629Ana filia Rowlandi Bowman] xxvto Octobris
29/11/1629Georgius filius Johis. Franckland xxixno Novembris
06/12/1629Jacobus filius Robti. Carington vjo Decembris
03/01/1629Richardus filius Richardi Watson iijtio Januarii
03/01/1629Jana filia Willmi. Day iijtlo Januarii
24/01/1629Robertus filius Roberti Franckland xxiiijto Januarii
24/01/1629Helena filia Roberti Rayner xxiiijto Januarii
26/01/1629Willmus. filius Petri Nellest xxvjto Januarii
04/02/1629Elizabetha spuria Wmi Grey et Jana Rudd iiijto Februar.
21/02/1629Marmaducus filius Georgii Cawen xxjmo Februar.
02/03/1629Thomas filius Persevalli Hill ij Marcii domi
27/03/1630Jacobus filius Willmi. Johnson xxvijmo Marcii
27/03/1630Maria filia Thorne Robinson xxvijmo Marcii
29/04/1630Marcus filius Radulphi Campion xxix Aprilis domi
19/07/1630Willmus. filius spurius Henrici Gray et Alicea Rud xix Julii
05/09/1630Margreta filia Willmi. Frankland de Holsike Howse vto Sept.
05/09/1630Agnes filia Willmi. Fairwether vto Septembris
19/09/1630Thomas filius Nicholai Chapma[n] xixno Septembris
03/10/1630Georgius filius Robti. Campio[n] tertio die Octobris
03/10/1630Michaell filius Johis. Laverocke tertio die Octobris
26/10/1630Margeria filia Robti. Fetherstone xxvjto die Octobris
14/11/1630Elizabetha filia Thomae Woodwarke xiiijto die Novembris
07/12/1630Issabella filia Milonis Dowson septimo die Decembris
14/12/1630Elizabetha filia Johannis Potter xiiijto Decembris domi
31/12/1630Jana filia Nicholai Stringar ultimo Decembris
04/01/1630Jana filia Richi. Foard quarto Januarii
11/01/1630Alicea filia Georgii Coverdale xj Januar.
27/12/1630Nicholas filius Robti. Hodgeson xxvijmo Decembris
30/01/1630Robertus filius Roberti Hodgeson xxxmo Januarii
01/02/1630Anna filia. Petri Agar de Comniondale 1 Februarii
25/02/1630Robertus filius Roberti Wood xxvto Februarii
08/03/1630Anna filia Richardi Hill viij Marcii
10/03/1630Sara fil. Radulphi Campion x Marcii
16/03/1630Agnes filia spuria Janae Rudde xvjto Marcii
09/03/1630Jana fil. Radulphi Knagges ix Marcii
03/04/1631Rabanckes filius Samuelis Prudome 3 Aprilis
07/04/1631Elizabetha filia Henrici Boyes vijmo Aprilis
30/04/1631Jana filia Wmi Wood 30 Aprilis
05/04/1631Georgius filius Radulphi Agar 5to Aprilis
05/04/1631Willmus. filius Laurentii Wood 5to Aprilis
23/04/1631Sarah filia Richardi Alline xxiijtio Aprilis
25/04/1631Georgius filius Georgii Dowson xxvto Aprilis
15/05/1631Georgius filius Johis. Wilson de Lee Furnace xvto Maii
30/05/1631Johannes filius Georgii Dale xxx Maii
06/06/1631Nicholaus filius Thomae Robinson vjto Junii
21/06/1631Agnes filia Petri Hill xxjmo Junii
26/06/1631Anna filia Thomae Wilson Juniors cler. xxvj Junii
05/07/1631Elizabetha filia Robti. Corney vto Julii
07/09/1631Barbara filia Xpoferi Thomson vijmo Septembris
11/09/1631Maria filia Johis. Jowsey xjmo Septembris
25/09/1631Richardus filius Richardi Garbutte Junioris xxvto Septembris
29/09/1631Elizabetha filia Johis. Franckland xxix Septembris
09/10/1631Maria filia Thomas Carre ixno Octobris
30/10/1631Willmus. filius Thorne Slater xxx Octobris
30/10/1631Willmus. filius Willmi. Garbat xxxmo Octbris.
30/10/1631Jana filia Roberti Franckland xxxmo Octbris.
02/10/1631Michaell filius Thorne Trowsedale secundo Octobr.
31/09/1631Agnes filia Thomas Robinson ultimo Septembris
26/11/1631Mabella filia Robti. Marshall xxvj Novembris
02/12/1631Johes. filius Robti. Carington ijo Decembris
11/12/1631Richardus filius Johis. Lacye xjmo Decembris apud Glaisdale
20/11/1631Jana filia Georgii Hobso[n) xxmo Novembris
22/11/1631Mabella filia Roberti Marshall xxijdo Novemb.
22/12/1631Elizabetha filia Petri Franckland xxijdo Decembris
06/01/1631Issabella filia Georgii Cawen vjto Januarii
03/03/1631Thomas filius Thomae Jowsey iijtio Marcii
04/03/1631Issabella filia spuria Anthonii Gatenby et ... Farewether iiijto Marcii
07/03/1631Gulielmus filius Xpoferi Huton vijmo Marcii
18/03/1631Alsea filia Cuthberti Prudome xviij Marcii
19/02/1631Elizabetha filia Robeti Prudome xix Febr.
27/03/1632Henricus filius Georgii Dale xxvijmo Marcii
25/04/1632Georgius filius Radphi. Campion xxvto Aprilis
31/04/1632Allanus filius Willmi. Petche ultimo Aprilis
18/05/1632Willmus. filius Henrici Jackson xviijto Maii
19/06/1632Anna filia Petri Featherstone xix Junii
03/07/1632Elizabetha filia Thorne Frankland tertio Julii
04/08/1632Willmus. filius Mathei Dickson iiijto August.
22/08/1632Agnes filia Francisci Turpin xxijdo August.
26/08/1632Richardus filius Richardi Gatenbie xxvjto Aug.
26/08/1632Dorothea filia Robti. Hodgeson eodem die
01/10/1632Alicea filia Thorne Robinson primo Octobris
14/10/1632Jana filia Willmi. Thomson xiiijto Octobris
21/10/1632Richardus filius Lawrentii Wood xxjmo Octobris
21/10/1632Jana filia Francisci Mead eodem die
11/11/1632Willmus. filius Willmi. Franckland xjmo Novembris
17/11/1632Petrus filius spurius Janae Nellest xvijmo Novembris
15/11/1632Johes. filius Thorne Wilson Sax. xvmo Novembris
18/11/1632Petrus filius Willmi. Johnson xviijo Novembris
25/11/1632Thomas filius Willmi. Mead xxvto Novembris
02/12/1632Willmus. filius Willmi. Thomson secundo Decembris
16/12/1632Elizabetha filia Petri Hill xvjto Decembris
26/12/1632Richardus filius Radulphi Franckland xxvjto Decembris
26/12/1632Petrus filius Willmi. Wood eodem die
26/12/1632Maria filia Johis. Franckland eodem die
13/01/1632Elizabetha filia Richardi Watson decimo tertio Januarii
22/01/1632Maria filia Thorne Nellest xxijdo Januarii
10/02/1632Franciscus filius Willmi. Cocke xmo Februarii
10/02/1632Sara filia illegittima Dorothia Stringar eodem die
19/02/1632Henricus filius Johanis Potter xixno Februarii
24/02/1632Maria filia Robti. Robinson xxiiijto Februarii
25/02/1632Thomas filius Johanis Agar Junioris xxvto Februar.
25/02/1632Alicea fil. Jacobi Harwoodd eodem die
26/02/1632Georgius filius Nicholai Chapman xxvjto Februarii
05/03/1632Tristramus filius Johis. Jowsey vto Marcii
10/02/1632Henricus filius Xpoferi Wilson xmo Februar.
21/03/1632Thomas filius Thomae Wilson cler. Junioris xxjmo Marcii
26/03/1633Thomas filius Johanis Lascelles xxvjto Marcii
07/04/1633Petrus filius Nicholai Stringar vijmo Aprilis
07/04/1633Georgius fil. Robti. Frankland vijmo Aprilis
19/05/1633Samuell filius Thorne Jowsey xixth Maii
19/05/1633Jana filia Xpoferi Thomson eodem die
11/04/1633Willmus. fil. Robti. Carrington xjo Aprilis
22/05/1633Wilyam filius Johe. Lauerack 22 May
25/07/1633Ana filia Willmi. Shepheard xxvto Julii
20/08/1633Ana filia Marci Sanderson de Comondale xxmo Aug. domi
25/08/1633Filia Petri Franckland de Botton xxvto August.
10/09/1633Johes. filius Francisci Esh xmo Septembris
06/10/1633Alsia filia Samuelis Prodome vjto Octobris
27/10/1633Anna filia Richardi Alline xxvijmo Octobris
??/??/1633Thomas filius Richi. Hill [no date]
??/??/1633Filia Richi. Garbut [no date]
19/01/1633Ana filia Robti. Bulman xixno Januarii
28/01/1633Thomas filius Georgii Coverdale xxviij Januarii
20/02/1633Georgius filius Georgii Cawen xxmo Februar.
23/02/1633Margreta filia johanis Calvert xxiijtio Februar.
20/03/1633Richardus filius Thorne Parkin xxmo Marcii
23/03/1633Francisca filia Francisci Turpin xxiijtio Marcii
23/03/1633Franciscus filius Robti. Campio[n] xxiijtio Marcii
17/04/1634Agnes filia Johis. Graystocke xvijo Aprilis
06/05/1634Filia Johis. Franckland vjo Maii
09/05/1634Filius Rodulphi Knagges 9 Maii
10/04/1634Thomas filius Robti. Carington xo Aprilis de Comondale.
29/05/1634Tymotheus filius Thorne Wilson cler. xxixmo Maii
01/06/1634Elizabetha filia Johis. Dowson primo Junii
08/06/1634Thomas filius Petri Frankland viij Junii
22/06/1634Jana filia Georgii Campion xxijo Junii
24/06/1634Anna filia Thomae Woodwarke xxiiijo Junii
03/08/1634Robtus. filius Johis. Gatenbie iijo Augusti
17/08/1634Milo filius Henrici Dale xvijo Augusti
03/09/1634Thomas and johnes. filii Thomae Trowsdale iijo Septembris
30/08/1634Filia Richardi Wood ultimo Augusti
19/10/1634Robtus. filius Willmi. Hall Octobr. xixno
26/10/1634Merioll filia Xpoferi Thomson Octobr. xxvj
02/11/1634Johes. filius Robti. Prudome ijo Novembris
20/10/1634Jana filia Johis. Lacie circa xxmo Octob.
11/11/1634Alsea filia Thorne Nellest xjmo Novembris
24/12/1634Marga[r]eta filia Robti. Hodgson xxiiijo Decembris
31/12/1634Stephanus fil. Thomae Jowsey ultimo Decembris
08/02/1634Robtus. filius Willmi. Petche octavo Februarii
24/02/1634Elizabetha filia Willmi. Wood xxiiijo Februarii
01/03/1634Jana and Elizabetha filiae gemellae Thomae Garbut 1 Marcii
18/03/1634Lucea filia Robti. Fetherston xviijo Marcii
19/03/1634Thomas filius Henrici Jackson xixo Marcii
22/03/1634Margareta filia Johis. Potter xxijo Marcii
16/12/1634Maria filia Johis. Knagges xvj Decembris
29/03/1635Richdus. filius Georgii Dale xxixo Marcii
30/03/1635Elizabetha filia Wmi Shepheard xxxo Marcii
02/04/1635Ephemia filia Cuthberti Prudome ij Aprilis
23/04/1635Elizabetha filia Thomae Watson xxiijo Aprilis
23/06/1635Robtus. filius Thomae Robinson xxiijo Junii
29/06/1635Sara filia spuria Arum Farewether xxix Junii
14/04/1635Anna filia Robti. Carington xiiijo Aprilis
23/08/1635Johis. filius Henrici Boyes xxiijo Augustii
23/08/1635Willmus. filius Willmi. Wood xxiijo Augustii
23/08/1635Filia Johis. Franckland xxiijo Augustii
18/10/1635Filia Anthonii Smithe xviij Octobr.
01/11/1635Alicea filia spuria Thomae Robinson 1 Novembris
08/11/1635Georgius filius Georgii Hodgson Novembris 8
25/11/1635Margareta filia Richardi Dixon xxv Novembris
29/12/1635Johes. filius Robti. Franckland xxixo Decemb.
29/12/1635Georgius filius Georgii Coverdale xxixo Decemb.
29/12/1635Margareta filia Petri Hill xxixo Decemb.
10/01/1635Georgius filius Robti. Bulman x Januarii
02/02/1635Johes. filius Richardi Watson ij Februarii
13/03/1635Helena filia Willmi. Johnson xiijo Martii
27/03/1636Johes. filius Robti. Robinson xxvijo Martii
28/03/1636[blank] filia Willmi Day xxviijo Martii
14/04/1636Johes. filius Richdi. Hill xiiijo Aprilis
17/04/1636Dorothea filia Xpoferi Wilson xvijo Aprilis
03/04/1636Maria filia Georgii Cawen iijo Aprilis
23/04/1636Hester filia Thomae Carre xxiijo Aprilis
08/05/1636Filius Johes. Franckland de Glaisdale viij Maii
10/05/1636Agnes filia Robti. Franckland x Maii
22/05/1636Radphus. filius Thomae Parkins xxijo Maii
22/05/1636Thomas filius Johis. Graystocke xxij Maii
23/05/1636Rodphus. filius Thomm Wilson xxiijo Maii
12/06/1636Elizabetha filia Willmi. Garbut xijo Junii
19/06/1636Nicholaus filius Petri Agar xixo Junii
31/07/1636Jaina filia Willmi. Harland xxxjo Julii
02/07/1636Margeria filia Nicholai Chapman ijo Julii
21/08/1636Maria filia Johis. Laverocke xxj Augusti
28/08/1636Milo filius Petri Campion xxviij Augusti
28/10/1636Samuell filius Samuelis Prudome xxviijo Octobris
04/11/1636Franciscus filius Pettri Franckland iiijo Novembris
05/11/1636Johannis filius spurius Johis. Lawson v Novembris
04/12/1636Maria filia Richdi. Alline iiijo Decembris
11/12/1636Jaina filia Johis. Sunley de Comodale. xjo Decembris
12/12/1636Mabella filia Thomae Franckland xijo Decembris
05/01/1636Maria filia Johis. Calvert v Januarii
08/01/1636Richdus. filius Johis. Jowsey viijo Januarii
22/01/1636Henricus filius cuiusda[m] peregrini xxijo Januarii
19/02/1636Jaina filia Thomae Farwether xix Februarii
26/02/1636Anna filia Johis. Potter xxvjo Februarii
28/02/1636Jaina filia Henrici Boyes xxviijo Februarii
05/03/1636Maria and Dorothea geminae Willmi. Pursglove v Martii
12/03/1636Jaina filia Willmi. Shepheard xijo Martii
03/04/1637Gemelli Richardi Wood iij Aprilis [note in the margin]
10/04/1637Johes. filius Robti. Hodgson x Aprilis
13/04/1637Filia Thomae Nellest xiijo Aprilis
16/04/1637Agnes filia Henrici Jackson xvjo Aprilis
07/05/1637Robert. filius Richdi. Hill vijo Maii
17/05/1637Petrus filius Willmi. Hall xvijo Maii
17/05/1637M'greta fil. cuiusdam Spedlnge (?) peregrini xvijo Maii
02/06/1637Filia Robti. Marshall ijo Junii
16/06/1637Filia Anthonii Smythe xvjo Junii
??/??/1637Elizabetha filia Cuthberti Prudome [blank]
27/08/1637Filia Thomas Woodward xxvij Augustii
27/08/1637Filia Laurentius Wood xxvij Augustii
24/09/1637Jacobus filius Thomae Trowsdale xxiiij Septemb.
17/09/1637Willmus. filius Simonis Tweddell xvij Septemb.
15/10/1637Fili. Georgii Grey xv Octobris
15/10/1637Fili Anthonii Gatenbie xv Octobris
21/10/1637Filia Willmi. Thomson xxj Octobris
26/11/1637Robtus. filius Richdi. Garbutte xxvjo Novembris
12/11/1637Anna filia Radphi. Agar xijo Novembris
04/12/1637Johes. filius Georgii Nicholson iiijo Decembris
13/12/1637Richardus filius Robti. Campion xiijo Decembris
12/11/1637Robtus. filius Robti. Prudome xijo Novembris
06/02/1637Thomas filius Richardi Dixon vjo Februarii
26/11/1637Anthonius filius Richardi Dale xxvj Novembris
06/02/1637Thomas filius Richardi Dixon vj Februarii
10/02/1637Margeria filia spuria Joannes Stringar x Febr.
04/03/1637Agnes filia Thorax Jowsey iiij Marcii
11/03/1637Thomas filius Robti. Bulman xjo Marcii
12/03/1637John filius Thomas Preston xij March
21/03/1637Filia Johis. Campion xxjo Martii
13/05/1638Johes. filius Johis. Agar xiijo Maii
13/05/1638Richdus. filius Georgii Coverdale xiijo Maii
19/05/1638Alicea filia spuria Jacobi Harwood xix Maii
06/05/1638Elizabetha fil. Robti. Frankland vjto Maii
17/06/1638Anna filia Thomae Garbutte xvijo Junii
17/06/1638Elizabetha filia Annae Laverocke et cuiusdam gymnea[s]tici eodem die
15/07/1638Radphus. filius Petri Campion xv Julii
22/07/1638Thomas filius Petri Hill xxijo Julii
17/09/1638Alicea filia Thoms Wilson cler. xvij Septemb.
21/10/1638Samuell filius Wm Grey xxjo Octobris
28/10/1638Anna filia Richardi Watson xxviijo Octobris
01/11/1638Richardus filius Thomas Nellest 1 Novembris
01/11/1638Jaina filia Johis. Graistocke 1 Novembris
04/11/1638Margareta filia Willmi. Garbutte iiijo Novembris
20/11/1638Elizabetha filia Robti. Hodgson xx Novembris
06/01/1638Georgius filius Thomae Garbut vjto Januarii
13/01/1638Anna filia Georgii Cowen 13 Januarii
15/01/1638Willmus. filius Robti. Marshall xv Januarii
06/02/1638Anna filia Thomae Franckland vjo Februar.
10/03/1638Tho. filius Tho. Parkins decimo die Mensis Martii die dominici
17/03/1638Peter filius Nicholas Chapman March xvijo
17/03/1638Richard. filius Margret Thompson March xvij
21/03/1638Nathaniel filius Sam. Prudom Mar. xxj
Glaisdale 1638
13/05/1638Thomas filius Roberti Frankland 13 Maii
18/06/1638Richardus filius Georgii Hicke 18 Junii
18/06/1638Thomas filius Georgii Stonhouse 18 Junii
24/06/1638Jana filia Richardi Boyes 24 Junii
07/09/1638Christoferus filius Valentini Stirtle 7 Septembris
16/12/1638Thomas filius Edwardi Oxley 16 Decembris
20/01/1638Willielmus filius Joannis Lacie 20 Januarii
28/02/1638Jacobus filius Georgii Harwood 28 Februarii
03/03/1638Ussella filia Georgii Marshall 3 Martii
24/03/1638Anna filia Christoferi Wilson 24 Martii
07/04/1639Robertus filius Joannis Jowsey 7 Aprilis
11/04/1639Jana filia Joannis Frankland 11 Aprilis
15/04/1639Thomas filius Thomae Farewether 15 Aprilis
21/04/1639Anna filia Georgii Hodgson 21 die Aprilis
28/04/1639Sara filia Mabella Rud 28 Aprilis
23/05/1639Richardus filius Richardi Foard 23 Maii
02/06/1639Joannes filius Joannis Hartus 2 Junii
03/06/1639Robertus filius Georgi Hicks 3 Junii
09/06/1639Samuell filius Cuthberti Prodam 9 Junii
16/06/1639Robertus filius Simonis Twedale 16 Junii
15/07/1639Anna filia Miles Harwood 15 Julii
15/07/1639Georgius filius Georgii Dale 15 Julii
11/08/1639Tomissena filia Joannis Potter 11 Augustii
18/08/1639Maria filia Willielmi Shippard 18 Augustii
12/08/1639Elizabetha filia Laurentii Wood 12 Augusti
15/09/1639Jana filia Jacobi Simpson 15 Septembris
22/09/1639Gullielmus filius Henrici Boyes 22 Septembris
22/09/1639Gullielmus filius Richardi Garbitt 22 Septembris
26/09/1639Georgius filius Richardi Hill 26 Septembris
29/09/1639Petrus filius Joannis Leaverocke 29 Septembris
06/06/1639Michael filius Petri Franke June 6
06/06/1639William filius Willielmus Pursglove June 6
13/10/1639Georgius filius Willielmi Johnson 13 Octobris
27/10/1639Thomas filius Jacobi Harwood 27 Octob.
17/11/1639Joannes filius Roberti Leavrocke 17 Novembris
27/11/1639Anna filia Thomae Preston 27 Novembris
16/02/1639Willielmus filius Willielmi Frankland 16 Februarie
16/02/1639Alicia filia Anthonii Smith 16 Februarie
25/02/1639Radolphus filius Thomae Woodward 25 Februarie
26/02/1639Margeria filia Roberti Frankland 26 Februarii
12/03/1639Franciscus filius Thomae Frankland 12 Martii
16/03/1639Arthur filius Willielmi Wood 16 Martii
15/04/1640Georgius filius Joannis Lawson 15 Aprilis
10/05/1640Hellena filia Henrici Dale 10 Maii
17/05/1640Joannes filius Richardi Wood 17 Maii
24/05/1640Joannes filius Roberti Bulman 24 Maii
25/05/1640Elizabetha filia Georgii Dale 25 Maii
31/05/1640Thomas filius Milonis Dowson 31 Maii
02/08/1640Elizabetha filia Georgii Gray 2 Augusti
10/09/1640Anna filia Joannis Jowsey 10 Septembris
29/09/1640Maria filia Samuelis Levingstoune cler. 29 Septembris
18/10/1640Anna filia Edwardi Oxley 18 die Octobris
01/11/1640Samuel filius Joannis Osburne 1 Novembris
08/11/1640Willielmus filius Anthonii Gatenby 8 Novembris
20/11/1640Richardus filius Thomas Trowsdaile 20 Novembris
29/11/1640Alisia filia Petri Hill 29 Novembris
06/12/1640Alisia filia Henrici Jackson 6to die Decembris
19/01/1640Anna filia Leodovici Hall 19 die Januarii
19/01/1640Margareta filia Roberti Marshall 19 die Januarii
29/01/1640Joannes filius illeg. Elizabethae Leaverocke ultimo Januarii
08/02/1640Anna filia Richardi Dixson 8v die Februarii
14/02/1640Anna illegittima filia Willielmi English 14to die Februarii
23/02/1640Elizabetha filia Georgii Cowen 23 die Februarii
28/02/1640Matheus filius Simons Tweddaile 28 die Februarii
07/03/1640Alisia filia Willielmi Shepheard 7 die Martii
13/03/1640Alisia filia Richardi Watson 13 die Martii
14/06/1640Elizabetha filia Richardi Suggat 14 Junii
09/09/1640Maria filia Christoferi Thompson 9 Septembris
13/12/1640Dorathea filia Richardi Pursglove 13 Decembris
03/01/1640Thomas filius Hugonis Ellerington (Etherington ?) 3 die Januarii
14/02/1640Petrus filius Roberti Campion 14 die Februarii
28/02/1640Anna filia Jacobi Harwood 28 die Februarii
21/03/1640Thomas filius Georgii Marshall 21 Martii
04/04/1641Joannes filius Willielmi Marten 4to die Aprilis
05/04/1641Thomas filius Roberti Prudome 5th die Aprilis
18/04/1641Robertus filius Georgii Coverdale 18 die Aprilis
18/04/1641Willielmus filius Jacobi Atkinson 18 die Aprilis
09/05/1641Thomas filius Roberti Hodgson 9 die Maii
25/05/1641Joannes filius Joannis Potter xxv die Maii
30/05/1641Joannes filius Joannis Graystocke xxx die Maii
20/06/1641Willielmus filius Roberti Frankland xx die Junii
27/06/1641Georgius filius Thomas Preston xxvij die Junii
11/07/1641Anna filia Thomae Frankland xj die Julii
08/08/1641Maria filia Willielmi Dale viij die Augustii
29/08/1641Alisia filia Richardi Garbatt xxix die Augustii
17/10/1641Anna filia Roberti Frankland xvij die Octobris
24/10/1641Willielmus filius Peteri Garbatt xxiiij die Octobris
19/12/1641Willielmus filius illegittimus Georgii Dickinson xix Decembris
09/01/1641Georgius filius Richardi Gatenby ix die Januarii
16/01/1641Richardus filius Thomae Fairwether xvj die Januarii
30/01/1641Jana filia Willielmi Petch xxx die Januarii
03/02/1641Susanna filia Thomae Perkins iij die Februarii
24/02/1641Georgius filius Thomas Coulthirst xxiiij die Februarii
27/02/1641Alisia filia Petri Campion xxvij die Februarii
02/03/1641Anna filia Richardi Hill ij (?) die Martii
06/03/1641Jana filia Richardi Garbatt vj die Martii
09/03/1641George filius Georgii Hewit ix die Martii
13/03/1641Elisia filia Thomas Garbatt xiij die Martii
20/03/1641Elisia filia Petri Campio[n] xx die Martii
20/03/1641Thomas filius Joannis Gatenby xx Martii
27/03/1642Willielmus filius Willmi. Grey xxvij Martii
25/04/1642Martha filia Samuelis Levingstoune cler. xxv die Aprilis
17/07/1642Robertus filius Jacobi Eggelfield xvij Julii
24/07/1642Maria filia Richardi Suggat xxiiij die Julii
20/08/1642Thomas filius Thomae Fletcher xx Augustii
11/09/1642Elizabetha filia Thomae Marshall xj Septembris
13/11/1642Maria filia Joannis Jowsey xiij die Novembris
08/12/1642Maria filia Richardi Dickson viij Decembris
27/12/1642Joannes filius Willmi. Harwood xxvij die Decembris
09/02/1642Georgius filius Roberti Marshall ix Februarii
12/02/1642Elisia filia Georgii Gray xij die Februarii
16/02/1642Anna filia Joannis Agar xvj die Febr.
26/02/1642Willielmus filius Willmi. Frankland xxvj die Februarii
23/04/1643Maria filia Thomae Preston xxiij Aprilis
11/07/1643Richardi filius Nicolai Meed xj die Julii
06/08/1643Thomas filius Willielmi Shepheard vj Augustii
20/08/1643Joannes filius Simons Tweddale xx Augustii
20/08/1643Maria filia Willmi. Garbatt xx Augustii
27/08/1643Anna filia Willmi. Hill xxvij die Augustii
10/09/1643Bernardus filius Thomae Trowsdale x Septebr.
01/10/1643Joannes filius Petri Garbatt 1 die Octobris
10/12/1643Richardus filius Petri Hill x die Decembris
14/12/1643Robertus filius Joannis Lawson xiiij Decembris
17/12/1643Will. filius illegit. Margert. Lockson xvij die Decembris
31/12/1643Joannes filius Thomae Knoales xxxj die Decemb.
06/01/1643Petrus filius Thomae Frankland vj die Januarii
14/01/1643Elsia filia Thomae Coulthirst xiiij die Januarii
28/01/1643Elizabetha filia Jacobi Egglefield xxviij Januarii
04/02/1643Anna filia Roberti Hodgson 4 die Februarii
11/02/1643Johannes filius Richardi Garbatt xj Februarii
03/03/1643Willielmus filius Georgii Cowen iij die Martii
10/03/1643Georgius filius Joannis Hartus x die Martii
10/03/1643Anna filia Jacobi Atkinson x die Martii
17/03/1643Maria filia Richardi Pursglove xvij Martii
24/03/1643Anna filia Anthonii Gatenby xxiiij die Martii
14/04/1644Willmus. filius Richardi Watson xiiij Aprilis
23/04/1644Elisia filia Willmi. Gray xxiij die Aprilis
30/04/1644Willmus. filius Cuthberti Prudome xxx Aprilis
30/04/1644Willmus. filius Georgii Coverdale xxx Aprilis
19/05/1644Susanna filia Johannis Graystocke xix Maii
26/05/1644Allenus filius illegit. Mabellae Dunn xxvj Maii
10/06/1644Elizabetha filia Thomae Atkinson x Junii
02/07/1644Tomisona et Elizabethae filiae Robti. Bulmon ij Julii
07/07/1644Margareta filia Francisi Esh vij die Julii
21/07/1644Thomas filius Willmi. Dale xxj die Julii
21/07/1644Anna filia Thomae Fairwether xxj die Julii
28/07/1644Elizabetha filia Petri Campion xxviij Julii
11/08/1644Priscilla filia Joannis Tinsley xj Augusti
25/08/1644Margreta filia Richardi Hill xxv Augusti
17/09/1644Thomas filius Richardi Garbatt xvij Septembris
25/09/1644Thomas filius Willmi. Petch xxv die Septembris
25/09/1644Anna filia Thomae Perkins xxv die Septembris
06/10/1644Jacobus et Petrus filii Roberti Frankland vj Octobris
20/10/1644Elizabetha filia Johannis Jowsey xx die Octobris
01/12/1644Jacobus filius Henrici Jackson 1 die Decembris
30/01/1644Willimus. fil. Thomae Grange xxx die Januarii
03/04/1645Ann. filia Thomae Taylor iij die Aprilis
29/04/1645Susanna filia Richardi Dixon xxix Aprilis
04/05/1645Jana filia Thomas Jowsey iiij die Maii
07/06/1645Phillippus filius Georgii Douglas vij die Junii
29/06/1645Thomas filius Thomae Coulthirst xxix Junii
24/08/1645Willielmus filius Willielmi Hill xxiiij Augusti
17/09/1645Robertus filius Georgii Harrison xvij Septembris
03/10/1645Nicolaus filius Nicolai Chapman iij die Octobris
28/10/1645Georgius filius illegitt. Georgii Dickinson xxviij Octobris
31/10/1645Anna filia Thomae Marshall xxxj die Octobris
11/11/1645Maria filia Thomas Richardson 11 die Novembris
12/11/1645Maria filia Joannis Agar xii die Novembris
09/12/1645Willmus. filius Fransisci Esh ix Decembris
08/02/1645Alisia filia Roberti Marshall viij Februarii
05/03/1645Thomas fil. Thomae Preston v die Martii
05/03/1645Robertus filius Radolphi Parkins v die Martii
19/03/1645Jacobus filius Thomae Thompson xix Martii
19/03/1645Annas filia Simons Tweddale xix Martii
05/04/1646Elisia filia Willmi. Shepheard v Aprilis
05/04/1646Isabella filia Richardi Fotherley v Aprilis
10/05/1646Margreta filia Edwardi Hoope 10 Maii
14/06/1646Isabella filia Willmi. Harwood 14 Junii
04/08/1646Jana filia Joannis Nickson 4 Augustii
12/08/1646Petrus filius Petri Garbat 12 Augustii
01/09/1646Georgius filius Willmi. Gray 1 Septembris
09/10/1646Samuel filius Roberti Hodgson 9 Octobris
06/11/1646Petrus filius Richardi Garbatt 6 Novembris
15/11/1646Sara filia Petri Hill 15 Novembris
05/12/1646Joannes filius Joannis Arsome 5 Decembris
22/12/1646Joannes filius Joannis Jowsey 22 Decembris
03/01/1646Petrus filius Georgii Cowen 3 Januarii
12/01/1646Maria filia Roberti Frankland 12 Januarii
12/02/1646Anna filia Radolphi Hodgson 12 Februarii
17/02/1646Maria filia Richardi Hill 17 Februarii
07/03/1646Elisia filia Joannis Hartus 7 Martii
11/03/1646Susanna filia Jacobi Atkinson 11 Martii
25/03/1646Margerata filia Richardi Watson 25 Martii
25/04/1647Anna filia Jacobi Eggellfield 25 Aprilis
30/05/1647Maria filia Thomae Jowsey 30 Maii
19/06/1647Joannes filius Joannis Pearson 19 Junii
01/08/1647Jacobus filius Georgi Coverdale 1 Augusti
16/09/1647Margerata filia Tho. Grange 16 Septembris
01/01/1647Thomas filius Alexandri Platts 1 Januarii
13/02/1647Petrus filius Georgi Nellest 13 Februarii
04/04/1648Robertus filius Joannis. Nickson 4 Aprilis
13/04/1648Margareta filia Edwardi Nellest 13 Aprilis
23/04/1648Joannes filius Richardi Garbatt 23 Aprilis
09/05/1648Anna filia Roberti Marshall 9 Maii
08/06/1648Tho. filius Petri Frankland 8 Junii
25/06/1648Jana filia Thomae. Coulthirst 25 Junii
25/07/1648Anna filia Cuthberti Prudome 25 Julii
27/08/1648Anna filia Willmi. Grey 27 Augustii
03/09/1648Willmus. filius Willmi. Petch 3 Septembris
13/09/1648Maria filia Georgii Ducke 13 Septembris
20/09/1648Margereta filia Radolphi Hodgson 20 Septembris
29/01/1648Elizabetha filia Tho. Preston 29 Januarii
14/03/1648Willmus. filius Joannis Lawsonn 14 Martii
14/03/1648Jana filia Richardi Reed 14 Martii
22/03/1648Joannes filius Willmi. Meed 22 Martii
26/04/1649Maria filia Thomae Pearson 26 Aprilis
15/05/1649Margareta filia Thomae Jowsey 15 Maii
02/07/1649Willmus. filius Thomae Thompson ii Julii
17/07/1649Willmus. filius Richardi Garbatt 17 Julii
07/08/1649Thomas filius Joannis Jowsey 7 Augustii
25/08/1649Willmus. filius Radolphi Scarth 25 Augustii
04/10/1649Anna filia Joannis Rigge 4 Octobris
08/11/1649Maria filia Thomae Nellest 8 Novembris
20/01/1649Willmus. filius Joannis Jackson 20 Januarii
06/02/1649Joannes filius Joannis Agar 6 Februarie
23/03/1649Jana filia Thomae Marshall 23 Martii
Glaisdale 1649
07/10/1649Elizabetha filia Laurentii Frankland 7 Octobris
12/10/1649Jana filia Roberti Stringer 12 Octobris
30/10/1649Petrus filius Joannis Lacy 30 Octobris
11/11/1649Anna filia Joannis Tinsley 11 Novembris
19/11/1649Robertus filius Petri Lacy 19 Novembris
26/11/1649Jana filia Rodolphi Pennocke 26 Novembris
26/12/1649Gulielmus filius Petri Campion 26 Decembris
03/02/1649Radolphus filius Laurentii Wood 3 Februarii
10/02/1649Franciscus filius Georgii Rud 10 Februarii
05/05/1650Willielmus filius Joannis Arsome 5 Maii
03/06/1650Radolphus filius Samuelis Campion 3 Junii
16/06/1650Anna filia Georgii Harrison 16 Junii
13/07/1650Richardus filius Thomae Woodward 13 Julii
25/08/1650Thomas filius Radolphi Hodgson 25 Augustii
26/09/1650Margereta filia Roberti Frankland 26 Septembris
29/09/1650Anna filia Petri Hill 29 Septembris
06/10/1650Richardus filius Volent. Stirtle 6 Octobris
06/10/1650Judetha filia Petri Rogers 6 Octobris
10/10/1650Robertus filius Petri Frankland 10 Octobris
10/10/1650Juditha filia Jacobi Atkinson 10 Octobris
12/11/1650Jana filia Radolphi Temple 12 Novembris
07/12/1650Alisia filia Edwardi Nellest 7 Decembris
10/12/1650Anna filia Georgii Stonhouse 10 Decembris
21/12/1650Isabella filia Willielmi Gray 21 Decembris
26/12/1650Petrus filius Richardi Hill 26 Decembris
15/01/1650Robertus filius Roberti Carney 15 Januarii
31/01/1650Willielmus filius Thomas Perkins 31 Januarii
09/02/1650Maria filia Marmaduci Chapman 9 Februarii
16/02/1650Willmus. filius Roberti Thompson 16 Februarii
23/02/1650Jana filia Richardi Frankland 23 Februarii
08/03/1650Willielmus filius Thomae Fletcher 8 Martii
13/03/1650Joannes filius Joannis Suggatt 13 Martii
24/03/1650Alisia filia Jacobi Harwood 24 Martii
29/06/1650Petrus filius Milis Dale 29 Junii
10/09/1650Margereta filia Richardi Suggat 10 Septembris
30/03/1651Jana filia Richardi Wood 30 Martii
06/04/1651Georgius filius Georgii Nellest 6 Aprilis
06/04/1651Isabella filia Thomae Preston 6 Aprilis
08/04/1651Elizabetha filia Willmi. Hodgson 8 Aprilis
08/04/1651Dorothea filia Roberti Barker 8 Aprilis
20/04/1651Joannes filius Joannis Nickson 20 Aprilis
06/05/1651Jana filia Joannis Cockrill 6 Maii
29/05/1651Elizabetha filia Jo[a]nnis. Graystocke 29 Maii
19/06/1651Maria filia Willm. Scarth 19 Junii
05/07/1651Joannes filius Petri Lacy 5 Julii
20/08/1651Elizabetha filia Stephani Dowson 20 Augustii
02/09/1651Helena filia Thomae Grange 2 Septembris
07/09/1651Maria filia Roberti Petch 7 Septembris
28/09/1651Elizabetha filia Joannis Agar 28 Septembris
30/09/1651Helena filia Hugonis Etherington 30 Septembris
05/10/1651Georgeus filius Thomae Johnson 5 Octobris
05/10/1651Elizabetha filia Richardi Fotherley 5 Octobris
16/10/1651Alisia filia Roberti Hodgson 16 Octobris
20/10/1651Petrus filius Roberti Johnston 20 Octobris
21/12/1651Franciscus filius Roberti Marshall 21 Decembris
04/01/1651Alisia filia Thomae Petch 4 Januarii
18/01/1651Dorathea filia Radolphi Frankland 18 Januarii
29/01/1651Elizebetha filia Joannis Rigge 29 Januarii
23/01/1651Arthurus filius Radolphi Dickinson 23 Januarii
23/03/1651Thomas filius Joannis Lawson 23 Martii
20/04/1652Elizabetha filia Thomas Jowsey 20 Aprilis
30/05/1652Maria filia Roberti Wood 30 Maii
08/06/1652Georgius filius Thomae Thompson 8 Junii
15/06/1652Georgius filius Joannis Jackson 15 Junii
08/07/1652Richardus filius Radolphi Hodgson 8 Julii
05/10/1652Franciscus filius Frauncisci Jowsey 5 Octobris
05/10/1652Alisia filia Richardi Collison 5 Octobris
02/12/1652Georgius filius Georg. Douglas 2 Decem.
02/01/1652Maria filia Roberti Corney 2 Januarii
11/01/1652Anna filia Richardi Garbatt 11 Januarii
17/01/1652Joannes filius Willmi. Petch 17 Januarii
06/02/1652Robertus filius Roberti Meed 6 Februarii
06/02/1652Maria filia Thomae Johnston 6 Februarii
13/02/1652Anna filia Roberti Barker 13 Februarii
05/03/1652Thomas filius Thomae Marshall 5 Martii
10/03/1652Anna filia Petri Frankland 10 Martii
20/03/1652Alisia filia Roberti Thompson 20 Martii
28/03/1653Thomas filius Samuelis Campion 28 Martii
24/04/1653Euphema filia Petri Hill 24 Aprilis
01/05/1653Willmus. filius Thoraae Dowson 1 Maii
05/06/1653Josephus filius Georgii Harrison 5 Junii
04/09/1653Margereta filia Roberti Petch 4 Septembris
04/09/1653Anna filia Joannis Suggatt 4 Septembris
Births of Children sett downe in this Register Accordinge to A Late Acte of Parliament.
10/10/1653Samuell the sonn of William Hodgson the 10ll of October
29/10/1653Margeret the daughter of John Agar the 29th of October
10/12/1653Thomas the sonn of John Nickson the 10th of December
13/12/1653Alice the daughter of Reuben Wood the 13th of December
20/12/1653Mary the daughter of Robt Hodgson the 20th of December
03/01/1653Tymothie the sonn of Richard Hill the 3th of January
19/01/1653Three infants of James Harwoods the 19th of January
17/01/1653Thomas the sonn of Thomas Prudam the 17th of January
27/01/1653Joseph the sonn of Thomas Petch the 27th of January
03/02/1653George the sonn of Ralph Dickinson the 3th of February
13/02/1653William the sonn of Robert Boyes the 13th of February
17/02/1653William the sonn of Thomas Preston the 17th of February
04/04/1654Ralph son of Ralph Temple the 4th of Aprill
02/05/1654Mary daug. of Mathew Gatenby the 2th of May
04/05/1654Ann daug. of Peter Lacye the 4 of May
21/05/1654Elizabeth the daughter of Robt. Franckland the 21th of May
23/05/1654Elizabeth the daughter of Richard Franckland 23 of May
14/06/1654Jane daughter of Thomas Grange the 14th of June
18/06/1654Mary daughter of John Lacye the 18th of June
29/06/1654John sonn of John Rigge the 29th of June
02/07/1654Jane daughter of William Caluert the ij of July
23/07/1654Robt. sonn of William Frankland the 23th of July
25/07/1654Mary daughter of Edward Nellist the 25th of July
05/08/1654Joseph sonn of John Cockrell the 5th of August
12/08/1654John sonn of John Watson the 12th of August
18/08/1654Jane daughter of John Jackson the 18th of August
20/08/1654Jane daughter of Richard Collison the 20th of August
20/09/1654Issabell daughter of William Scarth the 20th of September
15/10/1654Jane daughter of Tho. Stockton the 15th of Octobr.
17/10/1654Thomas sonn of John Hartas the 17th of Octobr.
07/12/1654Jane daughter of James Eglefeild the 7 of Decembr.
10/12/1654Marie daughter of Robt. Barker the 10th of Decembr.
07/10/1654Jane Fotherlay daughter of Rich : Fotherley the 7th of Octobr.
28/10/1654Thomas Johnson sonn of Rich : Johnson the 28th of Octobr.
12/12/1654Anthony sonne of William Hill the 12th of Decembr.
16/12/1654Elizabeth daughter of William Pearson the 16th of Decembr.
18/12/1654Ellis Moone daughter of Rich : Moone the 18th of Decembr.
29/12/1654Mary daughter of James Attkinson the 29th of Decembr.
18/01/1654Clara daughter of Richard Lacye the 18th of January
28/01/1654John sonn of Thomas Jowsie the 28th of January
01/02/1654Lawrance sonn of Robt. Warde the 1th of February
14/02/1654Valentine sonn of William Agar the 14th of February
18/03/1654Symon sonn of James Harwoode the 18th of March
24/03/1654George sonn of George Ducke the 24th of March
24/04/1655Barbara daughter of Tho : Frankland the 24th of Aprill
02/05/1655Richard sonn of Reubin Wood the 2th of May
02/05/1655Mary daughter of William Gray the 2th of May
06/05/1655Margerett daughter of John Laueracke the 6th of May
17/05/1655Samuell sonn of Thomas Prodam the 17th of May
13/06/1655Issabell daughter of William Thompson the 13th of June
24/06/1655Mary daughter of Samuell Campion the 24th of June
12/07/1655Ann daughter of John Lawson the 12th of July
10/08/1655John sonn of Mathew Hodgson the 10th of August
12/08/1655Robt. sonn of Robt. Thompson the 12th of August
23/08/1655Thomas sonn of George Duglas the 23d of August
09/11/1655Ann daughter of Thomas Thomson the 9th of Nouember
18/11/1655Elizabeth daughter of Richard Clay the 18th of Nouember
05/12/1655Ann daughter of Robt Petch the 5th of Decemb.
28/01/1655Elizabeth daughter of Henry Boyes the 28th of January
24/02/1655Mary daughter of Richard Garbutt the 24th of February
02/03/1655James the sonn of Edward Harwood the 2th of March
19/03/1655Elizabeth the daughter of Ralph Wood the 19th of March
Glaisdale 1655
11/04/1655Elinor the daughter of Ralph Pennocke the 11th of Aprill
24/04/1655Jane the daughter John Franckland the 24th of Aprill
16/05/1655Jane the daughter of Edward Wood the 16th of May
15/06/1655John the sonn of Danvers Alline the 15th of June
08/07/1655Mary the daughter of James Hall the 8th of July
25/07/1655Robart Harwood the sonn of James Harwood the 25th of July
06/10/1655Elizabeth Hobson the daughter of Tho. Hobson the 6th of October
06/10/1655Hanna Coverdale the daughter of William Coverdale October 6th
13/10/1655Nicholas Stringer the sonn of Robart Stringer the 13th of October
19/12/1655Elizabeth the daughter of John Tinsley the 19th of Decemb.
27/12/1655Jane the daughter of John Harrison the 27th of Decemb.
29/12/1655Robt. Johnson the sonn of Richard Johnson ye 29th of Decemb.
29/12/1655William the sonn of Richard Franckland the 29th of Decembr.
30/12/1655Ann the daughter of Peter Harwood the 30th of Decembr.
17/02/1655Ann the daughter of William Pearson the 17th of February
06/03/1655Priscilla Franckland the daughter of Peter the 6th of March
09/03/1655Ann the daughter of Marmaduke Chapman the 9th of March
10/03/1655Ann the daughter of Peter Lacye borne the 10th of March
06/04/1656Hanna the daughter of Thomas Dowson the 6th of Aprill
20/04/1656Ellizabeth the daughter of Robt. Ward the 20th of Aprill
23/04/1656George the sonn of William Hill the 23th of Aprill
02/05/1656Robt. the sonn of Miles Corney the 2th of Maii
05/05/1656Thomas the sonn of Robt Medd the 5th of Maii
10/05/1656John the sonn of Richard Collison the 10th of Maii
01/07/1656Phillis the daughter John Agar the 1th of Julii
08/07/1656Robt. the sonn of Robt Suggitt the 8th of Julii
23/07/1656Mary the daughter of George Harrison the 23th of July
02/09/1656Nicholas the sonn of Thomas Prodam the 2th of Septembr.
03/09/1656Elizabeth the daughter of Robt. Barker the 3th of Septembr.
19/09/1656Elizabeth the daughter of William Calvart the 19th of Septembr.
22/09/1656John the sonn of Mathew Chapman 22th of Septembr.
24/09/1656Robart the sonn of Ralph Temple the 24th of Septembr.
13/10/1656Thomas the sonn off Thomas Hall the 13th off Octbris.
16/10/1656Ann the daughter off Roger Ketluell ye 16th Octobris
29/10/1656Samuell the sonn off William Petch the 29th off Octobr.
15/11/1656Elizabeth the daughter off Tho : Readman ye 15th of Nouembr.
16/11/1656Elizabeth the daughter off Thomas Hill the 16th off Nouemb.
18/11/1656Ralph the sonn off John Snawdon the 18th off Nouembr.
28/11/1656Thomas the sonn off Thomas Slaiter the 28th off Nouembr.
14/12/1656Jane the daughter off Thomas Frankland ye 14th of Decembr.
26/01/1656Robart the sonn off Gregory Pearson ye 26th of January
30/01/1656Michaell the sonn off Rueben Wood the 30th off January
13/03/1656Elizabeth the daughter off Willm. Coverdale ye 13th off March
02/04/1657John the sonn off Roger Garbutt the second off Aprill
06/04/1657Hanna the daughter off Rich : Fotherley sixth off Aprill
19/04/1657Elizabeth the daughter off Allin Petch the nyneteenth off Aprill
03/05/1657Ellis the daughter off Mathew Hodgson the third off May
12/05/1657Thomas the sonn off John Lavoracke the twelvth of May
15/06/1657Robt. the sonn off William Agar the fifteenth of June
19/06/1657Ann the daughter off Peter Lacye the nineteenth of June
24/06/1657Ann the daughter off Edward Harwood the 24th off June
31/07/1657William the sonn off Richard Dowson the 31th off July
25/08/1657Christopher the sonn off Thomas Jowsie the 25th of August
02/09/1657Samuell the sonn off Samuell Campion the 2th off Septemb.
14/11/1657A Childe off Robt. Thomson's borne the 14th off Novembr.
14/11/1657Clemment the sonn off Thomas Prodam the 14th off Novembr.
20/11/1657Issabell the daughter off Robt. Thompson the 20th off Novembr.
13/12/1657George the sonn off Ralph Hodgson the 13th off Decembr
21/12/1657A Childe off Francis Marshall's called Elizabeth the 21 of Decembr.
14/02/1657Ann the daughter off Henry Chicken, a wanderer, the 14th off Februarie
21/03/1657Robart the sonn off Henry Venice the 21st off March
17/01/1657Margery the daughter off Ralph Wood the 17th off January 1657
08/02/1657Mary the daughter off William Harwood the 8th off February 1657
14/02/1657Ann the daughter off William Winspeare the 14th off February 1657
25/03/1658Barbara the daughter off Ralph Pennocke the 25th off March 1658
04/04/1658Margeret the daughter off John Hartasye 4th off Aprill
06/04/1658Jane the daughter off George Nellist the 6th off Aprill
25/04/1658Richard the sonn off Rich. Collison the 25th off Aprill
13/05/1658Mary the daughter off Richard Garbutt the 13th of Maii
16/05/1658Margeret the daughter off John Tinsley the 16th off May 1658
20/05/1658William the sonn off Henry Fairfax the 20th off May 1658
03/06/1658Thomas the sonn off Miles Watson the 3th off June 1658
07/06/1658Elizabeth the daughter off Richard Wood the 7th off June 1658
01/08/1658John the sonn of John Harrison the 1th off August
02/08/1658William the sonn of John Crosby, of Westerdayll, the 2th of August
14/08/1658Ann the daughter of Tho. Hill, of Westerdall, the 14th of August
15/08/1658Mabell the doughter of Will. Graystock the 15th of August
26/08/1658John the sonn of Edward Nellest the 26th of August
18/09/1658Thomas the sonn of Will. Thompson the 18th of Septembr.
02/10/1658Johnna. the son of Tho. Graing the 2th October
02/10/1658Jann the doughter of Tho. Thomson the 2th October
03/10/1658Robert the sonn of Robert Pech the 3th of Octobr.
20/10/1658Jann the doughter of William Scarth the 20th of Octobr.
23/10/1658Jann the doghter of Rubin Wood the 23th of October
23/10/1658Morgret the doughter of Raph Dickeson the 23th of October
24/10/1658Elizabeth the doughter of Richard Watson the 24th of October
30/10/1658Ann the doughter of Richard Ellerby the 30th of Octobr.
16/12/1658Ann the doughter of James Hall the 16th of Decembr.
30/11/1658Sara the doughter of Georg Duck the 30th of Nouembr.
18/12/1658Willyam the sonn of Peter Campion the 18th of December
20/12/1658Lowrance the sonn of John Webster the 20th of Decembr.
22/12/1658Willyam sonn of Thomas Readman the 22th of December
26/12/1658Peter sonn of Willyam Johnson the 26th of December
27/12/1658Margret doughter of John Wood the 27th of December
02/01/1658Willyam sonn of Robert Thomson the 2th of January
05/01/1658Jhn. sonn of John Laueracke the 5th of January
06/01/1658Ann doughter of John Lasey the 6th of January
07/01/1658Elizabeth doughter of James Atkinson the 7th of January
06/02/1658Thomas sonn of Mathew Chapman the 6th of February
07/02/1658Ellis doughter of John Brakan the 7th of February
12/02/1658Mary doughter of Robert Suget the 12th of February
13/02/1658Elizabeth doughter Marmeduke Chapman the 13th of February
13/02/1658Ann doughter of Nicholas Litster the 13th of February
13/03/1658Richard sonn of Richard Alone the 13th of March
14/03/1658Volentine sonn of Thomas Slator the 14th of March
28/03/1658Roger sonn of Roger Ketlwell the 28th of March
30/03/1659Robert the sonn of John Watson the 30th of March
02/04/1659Thomas the sonn of John Frankland the second of Aprill
10/04/1659Mary the doughter of Thomas Frankland the 10th of Aprill
16/04/1659Ann the doughter of Thomas Prudum the 16th of Aprill
02/05/1659Isack the sonn of Robert Mead the second of May
03/05/1659Jann the doughter of Richard Dowson the third of May
03/05/1659Georg the sonn of Willyam Greene the third of May
08/05/1659Jann the doughter of Raph Brotton the 8th of May
09/05/1659Jann the doughter of Peter Lasey the 9th of May
14/05/1659Robert the sonn of Raph Temple the 14th of May
12/06/1659Thomas the sonn of Will. Couerdayll the 12th of June
14/06/1659Jann the doughter of John Ridge the 14th of June
21/06/1659John the sonn of Edward Harwood the 21th of June
22/06/1659Willyam the sonn and Jann the doughter of Richard Garbut the 22th of June
05/07/1659Dority the doughter of Robert Franckland the 5th of July
04/09/1659Elizabeth the doughter of Richard Ford the 4th of Septembr.
11/09/1659Willyam the son of Will. Pearson the 11th of September
02/10/1659Ann the doughter of Rich. Fotherleay 2th of October
04/10/1659Rebecka the doughter of Peter Fraunckland 4th of October
16/10/1659Antony the son of Robert Marshill the 16th of October
17/10/1659Aylse the doughter of Tho. Dowson the 17th of October
20/10/1659Richard the son of Thomas Lauerack the 20th of October
21/10/1659James the son of Willyam Wood the 21st of October
22/10/1659Janne the doughter of Richard Garbut the 22th of Octobr.
06/11/1659Francis the son of Willyam Stonas the 6th of Novembr.
10/11/1659Ann the doughter of Samvell Campion the 10th of November
29/11/1659Ann the doughter of Willyam Hill the 29th of Novembr.
06/12/1659John the son of John Consit the 6th of Decembr.
09/12/1659George the son of Robert Ward the 9th of December
01/01/1659John the son of John Wood the 1th of January
02/01/1659Jann the doughter of Willyam Agar the 2th of January
03/01/1659Hanna the doughter of Willyam Hodgson the 3th of January
13/01/1659Willyam the son of Robert Barker the 13th of January
18/01/1659Willyam the son of Will. Wood the 18th of January
18/01/1659Hellin the doughter of John Dayle the 18th of January
02/02/1659Elizabeth the doughter of John Prudum the 2th of February
06/02/1659Ann the doughter of Will. Graystock the 6th of February
13/02/1659Martha the doughter of Richard Collison the 13th of February
14/02/1659Peter the son of Willyam Harwood the 14th of February
16/02/1659Barbary the doughter of John Temple the 16th of February
04/03/1659Mary the doughter of Peter Franckland the 4th of March
01/03/1659Willyam the son of John Sugget the 1st of March
13/03/1659Mary the doughter of Raph Dowson the 13th of March
26/03/1660Mary the doughter of Francis Marshall the 26th of March
15/04/1660John the son of John Tinsleay the 15th of Aprill
24/04/1660Willyam the son of Thomas Hill the 24th of Aprill
29/04/1660Willyam the son of John Harison the 29th of Aprill
29/05/1660Mirriall the doughter of Robert Soulleay the 29 of May
16/07/1660Jann the doughter of Thomas Cock the 16th of July
17/07/1660Henry the son of Henry Vinnice the 17th of July
22/07/1660Thomas the son of Mathew Hodgson the 22th of July
06/08/1660Thomas the son of Richard Ellerby the 6th of August
07/08/1660Andrew the son of Willyam Harwood the 7th of August
29/08/1660Mighell the son of Thomas Slater the 29th of August
23/09/1660Peter the son of Peter Harwood the 23th of Septembr.
30/09/1660Isabel the doughter of Raph Wood the 30th of Septembr.
30/09/1660Elizabeth the doughter of Thomas Prudum the 30th of Septembr.
04/10/1660Ann the doughter of Robert Thomson the 4th of Octobr.
18/10/1660Mary the doughter of Raph Penack the 18th of Octobr.
23/10/1660Peter the son of Willyam Cartwright the 23th of Octobr.
04/11/1660Elizabeth the doughter of Willyam Gray the 4th of November
11/11/1660Sara the doughter of John Gearry the 11th of Novembr.
08/01/1660Mary the doughter of Will. Couerdayll the 8th of January
13/01/1660Robert the son of George Campion the 13th of January
29/01/1660Robert the son of Thomas Frankland the 29th of January
01/02/1660Jann the doughter of Willyam Thomson the first of February
24/02/1660Willyam son of Willyam Wood the 24th of February
24/02/1660James son of John Gatenby the 24th of February
27/02/1660Will. and Dority chilldren of Richard Lasey the 27th of February
28/02/1660Will. son of John Bracan the 28th of February
08/03/1660Elizabeth doughter of Thomas Boyes the 8th of March
17/03/1660Richard son of Richard Dowson the 17th of March
22/04/1661Georg the son of Henrey Boyes the 22th of Aprill
27/04/1661Willyam son of Peter Franckland the 27th of Aprill
05/05/1661Mergret doughter of John Ridgge the 5th of May
28/05/1661Margret and Jane daughters of John Rigg bapt. May the 28
12/06/1661Thomas sonne to William Couerdaill bapt. June ye 12
22/06/1661John sonne to Edward Harwood June 22
22/06/1661William sonn et Jane daughter Richard Garbutt June 22
05/07/1661Dorithy daughter to Robert Franckland July 5
22/07/1661Mary daughter Willyam Hauerd July 22
04/08/1661Fan daughter to John Lauerack August 4
15/09/1661Aron sonne to Georg Duglas September 15th
15/09/1661Abraham son to Robert Sowley September 15th
08/09/1661Sept. 8th Elice daughter to Richard Garbat 1661
13/09/1661Septem. 13th Will. sone to John Lacye Sep.
11/11/1661Nouember 11th Will. sone to Georg Johnson Nove.
06/12/1661Decemb. 6. William son to Richard Johnson Decem.
12/12/1661December 12th Allice daughter to Edward Harwood
29/12/1661December 29. Thomas son to Raiph Dickinson et Thomas sonn to Thomas Essith (Esh ?)
19/01/1661January 19. Jane daughter to Henery Venice
10/01/166110th Anne daughter to Thomas Laueracke
09/01/16619th Georg son to Robert Barker Feberuary
30/01/166130. John son to William Stonas January
09/02/1661February 9th Anne daughte to Richard Frankland
13/02/166113th Ralph son to Ralph Hodgson
23/02/166123th Samuell son to Georg Campion
16/03/1661March 16th Barbary daughter to John Suggit
20/04/1662April 20th Francis fili. Franc. Rudd
29/04/166229th Hellen daughter John Harrison
29/04/166229th John son to Thomas Graystock
04/05/1662May 4th Mary daughter to Richard Couerdaill
11/05/166211th Ann daughter to Georg Lauerack
20/05/166220th Richard sonne to Robert Potter
25/05/166225. Willyam sonne to Willyam Harwood
03/06/1662June 3th Jane daughter to Robert Wardd
03/06/16623th John sone to Robert Suggit
12/09/1662Septr. 12th Samuell son to George Greenside natus
12/10/1662Oct. 12th William sonne to John Strowps baptized
25/09/1662Septem : 25. John sonne to Thomas Slaitour natu.
16/10/1662October 16th Elizabeth daughter to Nichollas Dixon
27/10/1662Octo. 27th Anne daughter to Mathew Hodgson nat.
15/12/1662Decem. 15th William sonne to Thomas Lowerance nat.
22/01/1662Jan : 22. Anne daughter to Peter Stringer
02/02/1662Feb. 2th Robert sonne to William Cartwright
Glaisdale 1662
29/06/1662Rch. filius Gulielmo Harwod June 29
17/08/1662Maria filia Gulelmo Wood August 17th
19/12/1662Eliz. filia Petri Franland Decem. ye 19th
26/12/1662Hanna filia Jacobi Harwod Decem. ye 26th
01/01/1662Thorne filius Gulielmi Pearson Jan. ye 1
25/01/1662Maria filia Gulielmi Johnson Jan. ye 25
01/02/1662Richard filius Gulielmi Boyes primo Februarii
08/02/1662Georgi filius Johans. Tinsley Feb. 8
05/03/1662Anna filia Thomae Hill Martii ye 5th
21/03/1662Maria filia Gulelmo Winspeer Martii 21th
09/04/1663Gulelmus filius Gulielmi Lauerack baptiz. Aprilis ye 9
19/04/1663Maria filia Richardus Jowseye baptiz. Aprilis ye 19th
26/04/1663Elice filia Georg Johnson Aprill the 26th
26/04/1663Easter filia Gulielmo Couerdale Aprill the 26th
10/05/1663Elinor filia Thomae Pruddum May the 10th
28/05/1663Mary filia Roberti Sowley May the 28th
31/05/1663Anna filia Thomae Boyes May the 31th
07/06/1663Ann filia Thomae Vanes (Venice) June the 7th
21/06/1663Thoma filius Rich. Lacye June the 21th
25/06/1663Margeta filia Radolphi Wood June the 25th
19/07/1663Elizabeth filia Thomae Frankland July the 19th
26/07/1663Anne filia Gulielmo Agar July the 26
26/07/1663Elizabeth filia Thomas Dale July the 26th
09/08/1663Cornelius filius Samuell Campion August 9th
16/08/1663Gulielmus filius Cristopher Stones August the 16th
16/08/1663Sam : fil. Reubin Wood August the 16th
26/08/1663Debora filia Thomae Nellist nat[a] August the 26
13/09/1663Roberti filius Thomae Armstrong Septembr. the 13th
04/09/1663Johann filius Georgii Campion Septem. the 4th
08/09/1663Gulielmus filius Thomas Hobson Septem. the 8th
09/10/1663Mary filia Francisci Rudd October the 9th
25/10/1663Mary filia Richard Dowson Octo. the 25
01/11/1663Sushannah fillia Thomae Lacye Nouembr. the first
22/11/1663Georg filius George Cowne Nouember the 22th
29/11/1663Mary filia Johani Wood Nouem. the 29th
06/12/1663Nathaniell fillius Georg Campion December the 6th
06/12/1663Thomesii filia Miloni Dale December the 6th
23/01/1663Richardus filius Richard Dale Jan. the 23th
04/02/1663Anne filia Elizabeth Airsome ilitgetimat Feb. the 4th
09/02/1663Mary filia Samuell Prudum Feb. the 9th
25/03/1664Frances fillia Elizabeth Frankland March the 25th
17/04/1664Thomas filius Johannis Preston April ye 17th
31/05/1664Thomas filius Johanis Suggit May the 31th
05/06/1664Johannis filius William Cartwright June the 5th
26/06/1664Maria filia Michaell Aiskell, Clarke, June the 26th
24/07/1664Elice filia Nicholas Dixson July the 24th
24/07/1664Ann filia Richard Garbat July the 24th
24/07/1664Georg filius William Lashells July the 24th
24/07/1664Ann filia Georg Chapman July the 24th
25/07/1664Sushanah filia Georg Grensides July the 25th
07/09/1664Peter filius Petrus Frankland Septembr. the 7th
16/10/1664Elice filia Robert Wardd October 16th
28/11/1664Elizabeth filia Mathew Hodgson Nouem. ye 28th
28/12/1664Dorathy filia Richard Meed Decem. the 28th
10/01/1664William filius Robert Petch Jan. 10
05/02/1664Thomas filius Thomas Venice Feb. the 5th
05/02/1664Thomas filius Michaell Trowsdalle Feb. the 5th
19/02/1664Johannis filius William Lauerack Feb. the 19th
09/03/1664Author filius Petter Stringer March the 9th
16/03/1664William filius Samuell Proddam March ye 16th
Glaisdale 1664
20/03/1664Clara et Sara filiae Johanis Lacye March ye 20th
21/04/1664Hester filia Johanis Dale Aprill the 21th
08/05/1664Elizabeth filia Robert Garbat May 8
05/06/1664Georgius filius Radulphi Dickinson June ye 5th
23/06/1664Radulphus filius Radulphi Pennacke Junii 23th
03/07/1664Anna filia Johanis Harrison July the 3th
20/11/1664Mary filia Robert Campion Nouem. the 20th
08/01/1664Johanis fillius Jacobi Harwood Jan. 8th
14/01/1664Sara filia Radulphi Temple Jan. the 14th
08/02/1664Gulielmus filius Johanis Temple Feb. the 8th
10/07/1664Elice filia Thomae Watson July ye 10th
21/10/1664Gulielmus filius Johani Bracken Octobr. the 21th
17/09/1665Ricardum fillius Nicholas Dixson September the 17th
18/10/1665Josuay fillius Samvell Campion October the 18th
19/11/1665Anna fillia Robertum Sugget Nouembr. the 19th
29/12/1665Exspoffer fillius Exspoffer Stones Decembr. the 29th
25/01/1665Edwardu. fillius Robertum Barker January the 25th
04/02/1665Dority fillia Willielmo Agar February the 4th
04/03/1665Robertus fillius Robertu. Southeay March the 4th
08/03/1665Thorne fillius Thorne Franckland March the 8th
20/07/1665Thomas filius Thorne Prudom 20mo die Julii 1665
26/03/1666Willielmus fillius Willielmo Scarth March the 26th
06/05/1666Barnard fillius Richard Trowesdayll May the 6th
27/05/1666Aylse filia Samvell Prudum May the 27th
14/06/1666Hanna fil. Thomae Leagard Esq. de Newcastle decimo quarto die Junii
30/06/1666Johannes filius Ricardi Lacy 30mo die Junii
08/07/1666Robertum fillius Robertum Pech July the 8th
15/07/1666Robertum filius Waler. Franckland July the 15th
29/07/1666Petrum fillius Gulelmus Nellst July the 29th
26/08/1666Thorne fillius Stepanum Joysey August the 26th
20/08/1666Gulielmus filius Roberti Garbut 20 die Augusti
12/09/1666Richardus filius Johannes Suggit 12 die Septembris
10/09/1666Janeta filia Thomae Franckland 10 die Septembris
16/09/1666Thomas filius Thomas Stones 16 die Septembris
07/10/1666Sara filia Georgii Campion 7 die Octobr.
12/10/1666Maria filia Radulphi Temple 12 die Octobr.
20/11/1666Merilla filia Thomae Pruddom 20mo die Novembr.
03/12/1666Johannis filius Johannis Hartas 3tio die Decembr.
23/12/1666Margereta filia Georgii Bullman 23tio die Decembr.
24/01/1666Susanna filia Roberti Souley 24to die Januarii
27/01/1666Georgius filius Radulphi Pennock 27mo die Januarii
02/02/1666Thomas filius Thomas Harwood 2do die Februarii
03/02/1666Thomas filius Petri Harwood 3tio die Februarii
03/02/1666Anna filia Gulielmi Stonas 3tio die Februarii
11/02/1666Thomas filius Radulphi Campion 11mo die Februarii
12/02/1666Janeta filia Gulielmi Wood 12do die Februarii
17/02/1666Richardus filius Thomae Garbut 17mo die Februarii
18/02/1666Radulphus filius Thomae Dale 18 die Februarii
24/02/1666Margereta filia Petri Franckland 24to die Februarii
21/03/1666Maria Greensides filia Georgii Greensid 21mo die Marcii
31/03/1667Janeta filia Thomae Venice 31mo die Martii
07/04/1667Georgius filius Jacobi Easton 7mo die Aprilis
14/04/1667Josephus filius Thomae Nellest 14 die Aprilis
23/04/1667Ellicia filia Thomae Franckland 23 die Aprilis
07/05/1667Isabella filia Roberti Potter 7 die Maii
19/05/1667Thomas filius Thomae Hill 19 die Maii
21/05/1667Gulielmus filius Radulphi Dickinson 21mo die Maii
26/05/1667Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Johnson 26to die Maii
16/06/1667Janeta filia Gulielmi Harwood 16to die Junii
14/07/1667Sarah filia Thomae Garbut 14to die Julii
04/08/1667Sarah filia Samuelis Pruddom 4to die Augusti
11/08/1667Gulielmus filius Milonis Meed 11mo Augusti
11/08/1667Johannes filius Ricardi Dowson eodem die
25/08/1667Martha filia Nicholai Willson 25to die Augusti
26/09/1667Timotheus filius Roberti Warde 26to die Septembr.
06/10/1667Sarah filia Gulielmi Duck de Westerdale 6to die October
10/10/1667David filius Thomae Lacy 10mo die Octobris
13/10/1667Radulphus filius Radulphi Wood 13 die Octobr.
19/10/1667Gulielmus filius Ricardi Garbut 19mo die Octobris
20/10/1667Janeta filia Thomas Boyes 20mo die Octobr.
03/11/1667Robertus filius Ricardi Fotherbey 3tto die Nouembr.
10/11/1667Dinah filia Roberti Meed 10mo die Nouembr.
24/11/1667Johannes filius Thomae Harwood 24to die Nouembris
02/01/1667Gulielmus filius Roberti Fetherstone 2do die Januarii
30/01/1667Anna filia Ricardi Watson 30mo die Januarii
23/01/1667Georgius filius Thomas Lauerack 23uo die Januarii
23/01/1667Alicea filius Thomas Pruddom eodem die 13 die Januarii [sic]
12/02/1667Gulielmus filius Georgii Hartas 12do die Februarii
23/02/1667Gulielmus filius Nicholai Dickson 23 die Februarii
29/03/1668Elizabetha filia Georgii Cowen 29Do die Martii
19/04/1668Maria filia Christopheri Stones 19no die Aprilis
28/04/1668Juditha filia Georgii Campion 28 die Aprilis
03/05/1668Ellicia filia Richardi Trowsdale 3 die Maii
08/05/1668Christopherus filius Thomae Hobb 8 die Maii
24/05/1668Maria filia Thomae Thackery 24to die Maii
25/06/1668Theophilus filius Roberti Noble 25to die Junii
19/07/1668Johannes filius Eduardi Adamson 19 die Julii
26/07/1668Maria filia Thomae Franckland 26to die Julii
09/08/1668Maria filia Johannis Kirby 9no die Augustii
11/10/1668Gideon filius Samuelis Campion 11mo die Octobris
26/11/1668Anna filia Gulielmi Agar 26 die Nouembr.
23/12/1668Samuell filius Nathanielis Pruddom 23 die Decembr.
24/12/1668Timotheus filius Tixnothei Scarth 24to die Decembr.
19/01/1668Timotheus filius Roberti Corner 19 die Januarii
24/01/1668Petrus filius Thomas Watson 24to die Januarii
27/01/1668Maria filia Thomae Lacy 27 die Januarii
02/02/1668Thomas filius Johannis Brecan 2do die Februarii
07/03/1668Johannes filius Jacobi Trowsdale 7mo die Martii
07/03/1668Nicholaus filius Nicholaii Willson 7mo die Martii
21/03/1668Elizisabetha filia Georgii Marshall 21mo die [Martii]
21/03/1668Dorothea filia Richardi Jowsey eodem die ut supra 21 Martii
28/03/1669Ellicia filia Thomae Venice 28 die Martii
02/05/1669Johannes filius Milonis Meed 2do die Maii
02/05/1669Johannes filius Gulielmi Meed 2do die Maii
09/05/1669Maria filia Henrici Venice 9 die Maii
17/05/1669Jana filia Gulielmi Hartas 17mo die Maii
20/05/1669Robertus filius Roberti Fetherstonn 20mo die Maii
11/07/1669Priscilla filia Stephani Jowsey 11mo die Julii
11/07/1669Hanna filia Roberti Sowley 11mo die Julii
18/07/1669Jana filia Thomae Franckland 18vo die Julii
22/07/1669Cornelius filius Johannis Franckland 22do die Julii
05/09/1669Richardus filius Richardi Turpin 5to die Septembris
05/09/1669Johannes filius Thomae Hill 5to die Septembris
08/09/1669Thomas filius Bernardi Trowsdale 8 die Septembris
26/09/1669Anna filia Gulielmi Thompson 26to die Septembris
31/10/1669Radulphus filius Radulphi Dickinson 31mo die Octobris
07/11/1669Caleb filius Roberti Harland 7mo die Nouembris
14/11/1669Maria filia Gulielmi Crossby 14 die Nouembris
14/11/1669Maria filia Thomae Harwood 14to die Nouembris
21/12/1669Thomas filius Georgii Lauerack 21mo die Decembris
05/01/1669Thomas filius Jacobi Easton 5 die Januarii
09/01/1669Maria filia Gulielmi Wood 9no die Januarii
13/01/1669Maria filia Petri Cooke 13tio die Januarii
16/01/1669Thomas filius Richardi Dowson 16 die Januarii
23/01/1669Thomas filius Richardi Oxsley 23 Januarii
06/02/1669Johannes filius Petri Franckland 6to Februarii
22/02/1669Johannes filius Roberti Noble 22 die Februarii
24/02/1669Juditha filia Georgii Hartas 24to die Februarii
27/02/1669Anna filia Georgii Duck 27mo die Februarii
27/02/1669Elizabetha filia Roberti Egglefeild 27mo die Februarii
29/02/1669Jacobus filius Nicholai Hartas 29no die Februarii
01/03/1669Maria filia Thomae Dale 1mo die Martii
01/03/1669Elizabeth filia Johannes Gattenby 1mo die Martii
06/03/1669Thomas filius Thomae Garbut 6to die Martii
07/03/1669Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Jackson 7mo die Martii
08/03/1669Maria filia Petri Harwood 8to die Martii
13/03/1669Maria filia Johannis Peirson 13L10 die Martii
13/03/1669Jana filia Johannis Cooke 13tio die Martii
20/03/1669Maria filia Thomae Harwood 20mo die Martii
20/03/1669Robertus filius Georgii Marshall 20mo die Martii
22/03/1669Thomas filius Thomae Lauerack 22do die Martii
27/03/1670Richardus filius Richardi Trowsedale 27mo die Martii
02/04/1670Gulielmus filius Samuelis Prudom 2do die Aprilis
15/05/1670Robertus filius Roberti Garbut 15 die Maii
23/05/1670Gulielmus filius Eduardi Harwood 23tio die Maii
05/06/1670Thomas filius Johannis Graystock 5to die Junii
12/06/1670Gulielmus filius Petri Campion 12do die Junii
14/06/1670Johannes filius Johannis Temple 14to die Junii
15/06/1670Johannes filius Laurentii Sheilds 15to die Junii
17/06/1670Richardus filius Timothei Scarth 17mo die Junii
23/06/1670Alicia filia Nicholai Dickson 23uo die Junii
07/08/1670Margareta filia Gulielmi Lauerack 7mo die Augusti
02/10/1670Jana filia Nicholai Willson 2do die Octobris
16/10/1670Alicia filia Georgii Cowen 16to die Octobris
16/10/1670Jana filia Christopheri Stonas 16to die Octobris
06/11/1670Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Couerdale 6to die Nouembris
23/11/1670Gulielmus filius Ricardi Watson 23tio die Novembris
20/11/1670Gulielmus filius Nicholai Willson 20mo die Nouembris
20/11/1670Georgius filius Roberti Hill 20mo die Nouembris
27/11/1670Thomas filius Thomae Shemining 27mo die Nouembris
04/12/1670Maria filia Thomae Graystocke 4to die Decembris
04/12/1670Barbara filia Thomas Hob 4to die Decembris
18/12/1670Elizabetha filia Thomae Harwood 18to die Decembris
24/12/1670Johannes filius Nathanielis Pruddom 24to die Decembris
04/01/1670Thomas filius Georgii Campion 4to die Januarii
22/01/1670Anna filia Matthei Marshall 22do die Januarii
05/02/1670Thomas filius Thomae Lacy 5to die Februarii
05/02/1670Johannes filius Radulphi Wood 5to die Februarii
12/02/1670Petrus filius Petri Franckland 12do die Februarii
19/02/1670Loretto filia Gulielmi Winspeare 19 die Februarii
05/03/1670Georgius filius Johannis Lauerack 5to die Martii
05/03/1670Margareta filia Christopheri Pybus 5to die Martii
05/03/1670Jana filia Roberti Porrett 5to die Martii
08/03/1670Thomas filius Roberti Warde 8to die Martii
26/03/1671Franciscus filius Radulphi Cooke 26to die Martii
09/04/1671Cordelia filia Samuelis Campion 9no die Aprilis
12/04/1671Maria filia Georgii Marshall 12mo die Aprilis
23/06/1671Robertus filius Georgii Bullman 23tio die Junii
06/07/1671Anna filia Jacobi Trowsdale 6to die Julii
06/07/1671Anna filia Johannis Dale 6to die Julii
10/09/1671Michaell filius Bernardi Trowsdale 10mo die Septembris
17/09/1671Petrus filius Roberti Fetherstone 17mo die Septembris
19/09/1671Radulphus filius Georgii Greensides 19 die Septembris
22/10/1671Josephus filius Milonis Dale 22do die Octobris
05/11/1671Thomas filius Thomae Greene 5to die Nouembris
30/11/1671Johannes filius Thomae Nellest 30mo die Nouembris
10/12/1671Johannes filius Roberti Thompson 10mo die Decembris
07/01/1671Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Wood 7mo die Januarii
10/01/1671Thomas filius Johannis Person 10mo die Januarii
17/01/1671Johannes filius Thomae Watson 17mo die Januarii
23/01/1671Margareta filia Thomae Prudom 23tio die Januarii
04/02/1671Jana filia illegitima Janae Franckland 4to die Februarii
06/02/1671Gulielmus filius Thomae Petch 6to die Februarii
15/02/1671Robertus filius Richardi Turpin 15to die Februarii
16/02/1671Jacobus filius Nicolai Hart 16to die Februarii
19/02/1671Christiana filia Johannis Brecan 19no die Februarii
05/03/1671Maria filia Gulielmi Agar 5to die Martii
17/03/1671Petrus filius Gulielmi Nellest 17mo die Martii
21/03/1671Elizabetha filia Roberti Noble 21mo die Martii
21/04/1672Jana filia Roberti Souley 21mo die Aprilis
22/04/1672Maria filia Johannis Mercer 22do die Aprilis
26/05/1672Johannes filius Thomas Venice 26to die Maii
16/06/1672Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Watson 16to die Junii
18/08/1672Anna filia Georgii Johnson 18th die Augusti
10/09/1672Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Grainge 10mo die Septembris
29/09/1672Franciscus filius Petri Franckland 29no die Septembris
13/10/1672Anna filia Johannis Garbut 13tio die Octobris
13/10/1672Elizabetha filia Richardi Trowsedale 13tio die Octobris
27/10/1672Johannes filius Johannis Graystock 27mo die Octobris
24/11/1672Crispinus filius Thomae Lauerack 24to die Nouembris
08/12/1672Maria filia Nicholai Willson 8to die Decembris
23/01/1672Nathaniell filius Samuelis Pruddom 23tio die Januarii
12/02/1672Georgius filius Roberti Harrison 12do die Februarii
25/02/1672Matthaeus filius Matthei Burgess ut dicitur p. Elizabetha[m] Bullman, nothus, 25 Febr.
Glaisdale 1672
14/04/1672Maria filia Geo : Lauerack 14 Aprilis
14/04/1672Margareta filia Roberti Harland 14 Aprilis
14/04/1672Johannes filius Henrici Venice 14 Aprilis
26/05/1672Geo : filius Roberti Dale 26 Maii
26/05/1672Ellis filia Roberti Dale 26 Maii
28/08/1672Petrus filius Ricardi Lacy 28 Augusti
28/08/1672Maria filia Johannis Barry 28 Augusti
13/09/1672Michaell filius Thomae Lacy 13 Septembris
23/09/1672Johannes filius Gulielmi Hartus 23 Septembris
13/10/1672Robt : filius Petri Campion 13 Octobris
03/11/1672Franciscus filius Milonis Meed 3 Nouembris
03/11/1672Maria filia Richardi Brecan 3 Nouembris
03/12/1672Robt : filius Johannis Harland 3 Decembris
12/12/1672Ricardus filius Ricardi Dowson 12 Decembris
18/12/1672Michaell filius Johannis Temple 18 Decembris
02/02/1672Maria filia Bernardi Trowsdale 2 Februarii
10/02/1672Johannes fil. Petri Brecan 10 Februarii
25/02/1672Juditha filia Thomas Hill 25 Februarii
10/04/1673Elizabeth filia Tixnothei Scarth 10mo die Aprilis
03/08/1673Georgius filius Christopheri Stones 3tio die Augusti
10/08/1673Margareta filia Nicolai Dixson 10mo die Augusti
10/08/1673Jacobus filius Jacobi Jackson eodem die ut supra
18/12/1673Lucas filius Gulielmi Agar 18 die Decembris
16/12/1673Jana et Maria filia Georgii Marshall 16to die Decembris
02/01/1673Jana filia johannis Peirson 2do die Januarii
20/11/1673Simon filius Ricardi Turpin 20mo die Nouembris
17/01/1673Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Flintoft 17mo die Januarii
18/01/1673Susanna filia Johannis Ridley 18to die Januarii
27/01/1673Samuel filius Georgii Greensides 27mo die Januarii
29/01/1673Georgius filius Georgii Cowen 29no die Januarii
03/02/1673Dinah filia Ricardi Boyes de Commondale 3tio die Februarie
02/03/1673Georgius filius Thomae Adamson 2do die Martii
Glaisdale 1673
13/04/1673Tho : filius Thomae Abraham 13tio die Aprilis
11/05/1673Jo: filius Petri Franckland 11mo die Maii
25/05/1673Gulielmus filius Johannis Knaggs 25to die Maii
25/06/1673Elizabetha filia Radulphi Dickinson 25to die Junii
24/08/1673Elizabetha filia johannis Cooke 24to die Augusti
31/08/1673Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Sunley 31mo die Augusti
09/11/1673Elizabetha filia Thomae Garbut 9no die Ninebris
09/11/1673Maria filia Radulphi Campion 9no die Ninebris
20/11/1673Gulielmus filius Eduardi Adamson 20mo die Ninebris
14/12/1673Johannes filius Gulielmi Peirson 14to die Tenbris
18/12/1673Thomas filius Roberti Thompson 18to die Tenbris
27/12/1673Johannes filius Gulielmi Slater 27mo die Decembris
28/12/1673Johannes filius Thomae Hall 28to die Tenbris
29/12/1673Margareta filia Thomae Hob 29no die Tenbris
06/01/1673Elizabetha filia Thomae Stonas 6to die Januarii
25/01/1673Anna filia Thomae Lacy 25to die Januarii
31/01/1673Loretta filia Gulielmi Winspere 31mo die Januarii
09/02/1673Reeve filius Ricardi Dowson 9no die Februarii
26/03/1674Georgius filius Roberti Robts. 26to die Marcii
19/04/1674Maria filia Christopheri Pybus 19no die Aprilis
10/05/1674Sarah filia Gulielmi Harwood 10mo die Maii
24/05/1674Johannes filius Stephan Jowsey 24to die Maii
28/05/1674Maria filia Georgii Nellest 28vo die Maii
31/05/1674Georgius filius Georgii Bullman 31mo die Maii
10/10/1674Anna Grainge filia Gulielmi Grainge 10mo die Octobris
10/11/1674Maria filia Roberti Ward 10mo die Nouembris
17/11/1674Georgius filius Timothei Scarth 17mo die Nouembris
10/12/1674Johannes filius Nicolai Dixson 10mo die Decembris
21/02/1674Merilla filia Johannis Graystocke 21mo die Februarii
Glaisdale 1674
30/04/1674Marcus filius spurius Thomae Hall 30mo die Aprilis
30/04/1674Anna filia spuria Gulielmi Watson eodem die ut supra
14/06/1674Johannes filius Petri Harwood 14to die Junii
17/10/1674Robertus filius Roberti Dale 17mo die Octobris
25/10/1674Eduardus filius Milonis Meed 25 die Octobris
25/10/1674Jacobus filius Bernardi Trousdale 25to die Octobris
15/11/1674Johannes filius Johannis Dale 15to die Nouembris
09/12/1674Johannes filius Johannis Gatenby 9no die Decembris
26/12/1674Milo filius Thomae Watson 26to die Decembris
11/01/1674Johannes filius Petri Campion 11mo die Januarii
04/03/1674Johannes filius Gulielmi Gatenby 4to die Martii
09/05/1675Maria filia Ricardi Turpin 9no die Maii
22/09/1675Helena filia Thomae Mercer 22do die Septembris
26/09/1675Johannes filius Johannis Tate 26 die Septembris
25/11/1675Georgius filius Georgii Greenside 25to die Nouembris
28/12/1675Thomas filius Thomae Preston 28vo die Decembris
06/02/1675Isabella filia Christopheri Pybus 6to die Februarii
27/02/1675Maria filia Gulielmi Thompson 27mo die Februarii
14/03/1675Elizabetha filia Samuelis Prudom 14to die Martii
19/03/1675Sarah fil. Francisci Bullman 19no die Martii
Glaisdale 1675
11/04/1675Andreas filius Petri Cook 11mo die Aprilis
15/04/1675Maria filia Eduardi Chapman 15 die Aprilis
18/04/1675Georgius filius Johannis Cook 18 die Aprilis
25/04/1675Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Hartus 25to die Aprilis
16/05/1675Elizabetha filia Thomae Newum 16to die Maii
13/06/1675Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Thackery 13tio die Junii
03/10/1675Georgius filius Johannis Barrie 3tio die Octobris
10/11/1675Maria filia Johannis Temple 10mo die Nouembris
16/11/1675Elizabetha filia Thomae Lacy, gen., 16 die Nouembris
28/11/1675Maria filia Radulphi Dowson 28vo die Nouembris
23/04/1676Elizabetha filia Georgii Preston 23tio die Aprilis
17/05/1676Helena filia Gulielmi Nellest 17mo die Maii
04/06/1676Thomas filius Georgii Beadhall (?) 4th die Junii
04/07/1676Jacobus filius Roberti Noble 4to die Julii
14/09/1676Thomas filius Gulielmi Agar 14 die Septembris
14/09/1676Daniell filius Nathanielis Pruddom 14to die Septembris
17/09/1676Johannes filius Georgii Bullman 17mo die Septembris
08/10/1676Robertus filius Thomae Coulthirst 8vo die Octobris
14/10/1676Maria filia Thomae Adamson 14to die Octobris
26/11/1676Jana filia Johannis Franckland 26to die Nouembris
19/12/1676Maria filia Thomae Preston 19no die Decembris
26/12/1676Jana filia Gulielmi Grainge 26to die Decemb.
Glaisdale 1676
02/04/1676Hester filia Johannis Nixson 2do die Aprilis
06/08/1676Radulphus filius Johannis Knags 6 die Augusti
07/11/1676Sam : filius Thomae Hob 7 die Novembris
26/11/1676Hester filia Anthonii Dale 26 die Novembris
09/10/1676Jana filia Nicolai Hart 9 die Octobris
21/10/1676Maria filia Gulielmi Jackson 21 die Octobris
10/12/1676Georgius filius Thomae Dale 10 die Decembris
12/12/1676Jacobus filius Thomae Harwood 12 die Decembris
17/12/1676Henricus filius Roberti Dale 17 die Decembris
24/12/1676Thomas filius Gulielmi Peirson 24 die Decembris
06/01/1676Margareta filia Petri Harwood 6 die Januarii
21/01/1676Anna filia Ricardi Dowson 21 die Januarii
28/01/1676Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Atkinson 28 die Januarii
04/02/1676Elizabetha filia Bernardi Trowsdale 4to die Februarii
04/03/1676Gulielmus filius Thoms: Dale 4to die Martii
01/04/1677Margareta filia Johannis Peirson 1 die Aprilis
06/05/1677Georgius filius Georgii Nellest 6 die Maii
13/05/1677Georgius filius Henrici Dobson 13 die Maii
20/05/1677Anna filia Francisci Jowsey 20 die Maii
07/06/1677Anna filia Nicolai Dixson 7 die Junii
15/07/1677Robertus filius Roberti Sowley 15 die Julii
05/08/1677Georgius filius Johannis Gray 5 die Augusti
26/08/1677Anna filia Georgii Marshall 26 die Augusti
23/09/1677Elizabetha filia spuria Johannis Carter et Elliciae Green 23 Septembris
07/10/1677Barbara filia Gulielmi Arsome 7 die Octobris
04/11/1677Thomas filius Thomae Adamson 4 die Novembris
16/12/1677Johannes filius Johannis Franckland 16 die Decembris
30/12/1677Elizabetha filia Christopheri Stones 30 die Decembris
30/12/1677Johannes filius Johannis Warde 30 die Decembris
10/01/1677Ricardus filius Ricardi Jowsey 10 die Januarii
03/02/1677Jacobus filius Christopheri Pybus 3tio die Februarii
Glasedale 1677
20/05/1677Gulielmus filius Thomae Hall 20 die Maii
13/06/1677Johannes filius Petri Franckland 13 Junii
05/08/1677Maria filia Jacobi Harrison 5 die Augusti
08/08/1677Georgius filius Stephani Porret 8 die Augusti
12/08/1677Dorothea filia Thomae Stonas 12 die Augusti
16/08/1677Ricardus filius Johannis Dale 16 die Augusti
23/10/1677Radulphus filius Thomae Lacy, gen., 23 die Octobris
28/10/1677Georgius filius Georgii Harwood 28 die Octobris
25/11/1677Margareta filia Radulphi Dowson 25 die Novembris
26/12/1677Margareta filia Johannis Brecan 26 die Decembris
13/01/1677Anna filia Thomae Watson 13 die Januarii
10/02/1677Anna filia Gulielmi Gatenby 10 die Februarii
30/03/1678Elizabetha filia Francisci Crossby ultimo die Martii
16/05/1678Robertus filius Roberti Noble, clerici, 16to die Maii
26/05/1678Ellenor filia Petri Nellest 26 die Maii
02/06/1678Petrus filius Petri Franckland 2 die Junii
31/06/1678Jana filia Thomas Coverdale ultimo die Junii
14/07/1678Johannes filius Timothei Scarth 14 die Julii
28/07/1678Elizabetha filia Henrici Dobson 28 die Julii
04/08/1678Hannah filia Johannis Graystock 4 die Augusti
12/08/1678Alicia filia Roberti Warde 12 die Augusti
10/10/1678Johannes filius Georgii Greensides 10 die Octobris
15/10/1678Jacobus filius Ricardi Turpin 15 die Octobris
20/10/1678Johannes filius Francisci Jowsey 20 die Octobris
10/11/1678Anna filia Ricardi Trowsdale 10 die Nouembris
17/11/1678Johannes filius Thomae Preston 17 die Nouembris
28/11/1678Thomas filius Samuelis Prudom 28 die Nouembris
28/11/1678Ellina filia Gulielmi Grainge 28 die Nouembris
10/12/1678Maria filia Francisci Franckland 10 die Decembris
20/12/1678Petrus filius Ricardi Lynn 20 die Decembris
16/02/1678Jana filia Thomae Coulthirst 16 die Februarii
23/03/1678Robertus filius Gulielmi Flintoft 23 die March
Glasedale 1678
04/03/1678Tomasina filia Anthonii Dale 4to die Marcii
04/03/1678Robertus filius Thomae Prudom 4 die Marcii
10/03/1678Maria filia Gulielmi Slater 10 die Marcii
28/04/1678Philipus filius Philipi Dowson 28 die Aprilis
07/06/1678Anna filia Roberti Franckland 7 die Junii
14/06/1678Anna filia Milonis Meed 14 die Junii
01/08/1678Elizabetha filia Radulphi Campion 1 die Augusti
22/09/1678Bernardus filius Bernardi Trowsdale 22 die Septembris
20/10/1678Martha filia Johannis Cooke 20 die Octobris
12/11/1678Jana filia Georgii Johnson 12 die Novembris
24/02/1678Anna filia Thomae Harwood 24 die Februarii
25/05/1679Daniell spurius filius Thomae Chapman 25 die Maii
10/08/1679Elizabetha filia Johannis Franckland 10 die Augusti
14/08/1679Abigail filia Nathanielis Pruddom 14 die Augusti
02/09/1679Elizabetha filia Thomae Pruddom 2 die Septembris
19/10/1679Anna filia Gulielmi Aresome 19 die Octobris
26/10/1679Johannes filius Johannis Grey 26 die Octobris
25/11/1679Georgius filius Johannis Peirson 25 die Novembris
02/01/1679Johannes filius Johannis Blackburne 2 die Januarii
10/02/1679Maria filia Francisci Jowsey 10 die Februarii
29/02/1679Elizabeth filia Georgii Bullman 29 die Februarii
21/03/1679Gulielmus filius Thomae Adamson 21 die Martii
Glaisdale 1679
27/04/1679Ellis filia Petri Campion 27 die Aprilis
26/06/1679Helena filia Johannis Gatenby 26 die Junii
29/06/1679Robertus filius Johannis Temple 29 die Junii
13/06/1679Thomas filius Eduardi Chapman 13 die Junii
07/08/1679Catherina filia Thomas Lacy, gen., 7 die Augusti
12/08/1679Petrus filius Johannis Nickson 12 die Augusti
17/08/1679Elizabetha filia Thomae Pruddom 17 die Augusti
02/10/1679Gulielmus filius Johannis Potter 2 die Octobris
14/10/1679Eduardus filius Eduardi Adamson 14 die Octobris
09/11/1679Anna filia Radulphi Campion 9 die Novembris
16/11/1679Johannes et Thomas filii Roberti Hill 16 die Novembris
16/11/1679Maria fili[a] Johannis Knagges 16 die Novembris
21/12/1679Gulielmus filius Petri Lacy 21 die Decembris
28/12/1679Beniamin filius Anthonii Dale 28 die Decembris
11/01/1679Elizabetha filia Georgii Woodwark 11 die Januarii
17/01/1679Johannes filius Thomae Watson 17 die Januarii
01/02/1679Georgius filius Georgii Harwood 1 die Februarii

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1912
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
This page © 2020