Danby Registers - Baptisms 1680-1769.


Transcription of the Danby Registers - Baptisms 1680-1769.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateName(s) and relationship
25/03/1680Richardus filius Richardi Lynn 25 die Martii
30/03/1680Lawrentius filius Johannis Warde 30 die Marcii
20/04/1680Georgius filius Petri Nellest 20 die Aprilis
06/06/1680Georgius filius Thomae Preston 6 die Junii
05/07/1680Anna filia Roberti Harrison 5 die Julii
01/11/1680Georgius filius Georgii Marshall 1 die Nouembris
18/11/1680Jacobus filius Francisci Crosby 18 die Nouembris
23/11/1680Jana filia Johannis Jowsey 23 die Nouembris
25/11/1680Thomas filius Gulielmi Grainge 25 die Nouembris
23/12/1680Maria filia Georgii Dickinson 23 die Decembris
27/12/1680Sarah filia Georgii Nellest 27 die Decembris
03/03/1680Anna filia Francisci Franckland 3 die Marcii
10/03/1680Samuel filius Samuelis Pruddom 10 die Marcii
Glaisdale 1680
27/03/1680Tho : filius Gulielmi Thackery 27mo die Marcii
13/04/1680Maria filia Georgii Johnson 13 die Aprilis
18/04/1680Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Atkinson 18 die Aprilis
09/05/1680Alicia filia Johannis Franckland 9 die Maii
30/05/1680Richardus filius Roberti Garbut ultimo die Maii bapt.
11/07/1680Anna filia Petri Franckland 11 die Julii
15/08/1680Anna filia Bernardi Trowsdale 15 die Augusti
03/10/1680Dinah filia Johannis Dale 3 die Octobris
14/10/1680Anna filia Thomae Dale 14 die Octobris
07/11/1680Georgius filius Georgii Marshall 7 die Novembris
15/11/1680Tho : filius Philippi Dowson 15 die Novembris
07/12/1680Milo filius Milonis Meed 7 die Decembris
09/12/1680Johannes filius Johannis Cook 9 die Decembris
02/01/1680Anna filia Thomae Stonas 2do die Januarii
02/02/1680Sarah filia Roberti Franckland 2 die Februarii
06/02/1680Radulphus filius Richardi Dowson 6 die Februarii
06/02/1680Johannes filius Thomae Hall 6 die Februarii
17/03/1680Johannes filius Johannis Peirson 17 die Marcii
29/03/1681Maria filia Timothei Scarth 29 die Marcii
14/04/1681Franciscus filius Thomae Petch 14 die Aprilis
17/04/1681Johannes filius Francisci Bullman 17 die Aprilis
08/05/1681Petrus filius Johannis Graystock 8 die Maii
19/05/1681Elizabetha filia Johannis Trotter de Skelton, armigeri, 19 Maii
31/05/1681Breretonus filius Thomae Lacy, generosi, 31 die Maii
13/09/1681Johannes filius Thomas Pruddom 13 die Septembris
16/10/1681Maria filia Gulielmi Aresome 16 die Octobris
30/10/1681Anna filia Johannis Franckland 30 die Octobris
17/12/1681Georgius filius Thomae Coverdale 17 die Decembris
18/12/1681Thomas filius Richardi Trowsdale 18 die Decembris
22/12/1681Dorothea filia Roberti Franck 22 die Decembris
27/12/1681Gracia filia Petri Nellest 27 die Decembris
16/02/1681Thomas filius Thomae Preston 16 die Februarii
19/02/1681Elizabetha filia Johannis Grey 19 die Februarii
Glaisdale 1681
08/05/1681Johannes filius Roberti Dale 8 die Maii
12/06/1681Maria filia Gulielmi Thaccherie 12 die Junii
08/07/1681Johannes filius Gulielmi Atkinson 8 die Julii
28/08/1681Emma filia Gulielmi Slater 28 die Augusti
28/08/1681Anna filia Eduardi Chapman 28 die Augusti
20/10/1681Johannes fili[us] Radulphi Campion 20 die Octobris
18/04/1682Johannes filius Roberti Sannderson 18 die Aprilis
07/05/1682Maria filia Johannis Allen 7 die Maii
16/05/1682Vbancus (? Ewbankus) filius Johannis Warde 16 die Maii
30/05/1682Anna filia Gulielmi Thompson 30 die Maii
19/06/1682Robertus filius Roberti Hill 19 die Junii
20/08/1682Thomas filius Thomae Coulthirst 20 die Augusti
30/10/1682Anna filia Gulielmi Dowson ultimo die Octobris
05/11/1682Gulielmus filius Roberti Boasman 5 die Nouembris
09/01/1682Daniell filius Georgii Greensides 9 die Januarii
18/02/1682Thomas filius Georgii Thompson 18 die Februarii
Glaisdale 1682
23/04/1682Robertus filius Georgii Johnson 23 die Aprilis
08/05/1682Josephus filius Thomae Watson 8 die Maii
08/06/1682Margareta filia Bernardi Trowsdale 8 die Junii
11/06/1682Anna filia Petri Lacy 11 die Junii
22/07/1682Anna filia spuria Elizabethae Bransdale 22 die Julii
03/09/1682Georgius filius Petri Campion 3 die Sevenbris
28/09/1682Jana filia Gulielmi White 28 die Sevenbris
08/10/1682Anna filia Richardi Brecan 8 die Eightbris
15/10/1682Anna filia Johannes Petch 15 die Eightbris
23/10/1682Eliz : filia Thomae Stonas 23 die Eightbris
19/11/1682Georgius filius Eduardi Adamson 19 die Ninebris
26/12/1682Johannes filius Thomae Prudom 26 die Tenbris
21/01/1682Margareta filia Radulphi Campion 21 die Januarii
28/02/1682Radulphus filius Richardi Hodgson 28 die Februarii
06/05/1683Gulielmus filius Ricardi Lynn 6 die Maii
10/05/1683Anna filia Gulielmi Storry 10 die Maii
10/05/1683Thomas filius Francisci Jowsey 10 die Maii
26/05/1683Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Thompson 26 die Maii
07/06/1683Johannes filius Johannis Agar 7 die Junii
19/06/1683Maria filia Thomae Adamson 19 die Junii
01/07/1683Jacobus filius Johannis Franckland 1 die Julii
19/08/1683Maria filia Thomae Franckland 19 die Augusti
25/09/1683Gulielmus filius Roberti Sannderson 25 die Septembris
25/10/1683Jonah filius Gulielmi Grainge 25 die Octobris
25/11/1683Petrus filius Francisci Franckland 25 die Nouembris
26/12/1683Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Hill 26 die Decembris
03/01/1683Gulielmus filius Petri Nellest 3 die Januarii
10/02/1683Maria filia Gulielmi Nellest 10 die Februarii
17/02/1683Georgius filius Georgii Dickinson 17 die Februarii
Glaisdale 1683
25/03/1683Thomas filius Milonis Meed 25 die Martii
04/04/1683Jana filia Georgii Woodwark 4to die Aprilis
26/04/1683Eduardus filius Thomae Lacy, gen., 26 die Aprilis
13/05/1683Anna filia Richardi Oxsley 13 die Maii
01/06/1683Richardus filius Gulielmi White 1 die Junii
23/07/1683Georgius filius Georgii Lauerack 23 die Julii
12/08/1683Richardus filius Anthonii Dale 12 die Augusti
02/09/1683Georgius filius Johannis Dale 2 die Septembris
28/10/1683Anna filia Johannis Temple 28 die Octobris
29/11/1683Eduardus filius Eduardi Chapman 29 die Nouembris
06/02/1683Eduardus filius Eduardi Wood 6 die Februarii
20/03/1683Johannes filius Thomae Dale 20 die Martii
20/03/1683Jana filia Roberti Franckland 20 die Martii
22/04/1684Jana filia Johannis Warde 22 die Aprilis
04/04/1684Jacobus filius Jacobi Harrison 4 die Aprilis
12/04/1684Anna filia Timothei Scarth 12 die Aprilis
22/06/1684Rabancus filius Samuelis Pruddom 22 die Junii
13/07/1684Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Thompson 13 die Julii
14/09/1684Alicia filia Johannis Graystock 14 die Septembris
18/09/1684Thomas filius Nathanielis Pruddom 18 die Septembris
16/10/1684Margareta filia Richardi Hodgson 16 die Octobris
18/10/1684Maria Unthanke 18 die Octobris
02/11/1684Thomas filius Gulielmi Preston 2do die Nouembris
23/12/1684Elizabetha filia Georgii Duck, jun., 23tio die Decembris
27/12/1684Maria filia Roberti Franck 27 die Decembris
11/01/1684Robertus filius Roberti Boasman 11 die Januarii
11/01/1684Richardus filius Johannis Blackburn 11 die Januarii
24/03/1684Elizabetha filia Johannis Peirson 24 die Martii
Glaisdale 1684
01/04/1684Thomas filius Gulielmi Willson 1 die Aprilis
04/08/1684Jana filia Thomae Watson 4 die Augusti
07/09/1684Johannes filius Gulielmi Hill 7 die Septembris
09/11/1684Georgius filius Georgii Johnson 9 die Nouembris
07/12/1684Maria filia Thomae Whitfield 7 die Decembris
18/12/1684Johannes filius Jacobi Harrison 18 die Decembris
05/02/1684Jana filia Thomae Lacy, gen., 5 die Februarii
15/02/1684Margareta filia Gulielmi Atkinson 15 die Februarii
15/03/1684Elizabetha filia Ricardi Boyes 15 die Martii
08/05/1685Robertus filius Johannis Campion 8 die Maii
17/05/1685Jacobus filius Richardi Lynn 17 die Maii
28/05/1685Thomas filius Thomae Petch 28 die Maii
31/05/1685Timotheus filius Thoraae Laverack 31 die Maii
08/06/1685Elizabetha filia Thomae Franckland 8 die Junii
21/06/1685Johannes filius Roberti Harrison 21 die Junii
09/06/1685Jacobus filius Johannis Pybus 9 die Junii
23/08/1685Gulielmus filius Eduardi Barker 23 die Augusti
11/10/1685Johannes filius Georgii Barker 11 die Octobris
13/12/1685Thomas filius Ricardi Boyes 13 die Decembris
17/12/1685Daniell filius Thomae Adamson 17 die Decembris
31/12/1685Isabella filia Gulielmi Thompson ultimo die Decembris
26/01/1685Johannes filius Roberti Corney 26 die Januarii
21/03/1685Radulphus filius Radulph. Campion 21 die Martii
21/03/1685Elizabetha filia Georgii Thompson eodem die ut supra
Glaisdale 1685
05/04/1685Georgius filius Gulielmi Lauerack 5 die Aprilis
24/05/1685Ellis filia Bernardi Trowsdale 24 die Maii
26/07/1685Ricardus filius Ricardi Oxsley 26 die Julii
06/08/1685Elizabetha filia Thomae Tomson 6 die Augusti
25/10/1685Thomas filius Thomae Hall 25 die Octobris
22/11/1685Juditha filia Thomae Pruddom 22 die Nouembris
23/11/1685Christopherus filius Christopheri Wright 23tto die Nouembris
24/11/1685Isabella filia Georgii Ward 24 die Nouembris
13/04/1686Nathaniel filius Timothei Scarth 13 die Aprilis
02/05/1686Georgius filius Ricardi Trowsdale 2 die Maii
09/05/1686Johannes filius Thomas Chapman 9 die Maii
16/05/1686Anna filia Thomae Coulthirst 16 die Maii
30/05/1686Gratia filia Johanis Warde 30 die Maii
17/08/1686Thomas filius Thomae Couerdale de Friup 17 die Augusti
20/08/1686Thomas filius Thomae Laverack 20 die Augusti
29/08/1686Hellena filia Francisci Franckland 29 die Augusti
01/09/1686Elizabetha filia Phillippi Dillefew 1 die Septembris
14/09/1686Georgius filius Georgii Duck, jun., 14to die Septembris
21/09/1686Thomas filius Thomas Coverdale de Botton 21 Septembris
31/10/1686Thomas filius Johannis Harland 31 die Octobris
09/12/1686Robertus filius Roberti Franck 9 die Decembris
30/12/1686Robertus films Francisii Jowsey 30 die Decembris
23/01/1686Johannes filius Gulielmi Preston 23 (?) die Januarii
01/03/1686Georgius filius Georgii Preston 1 die Martii
Glaisdale 1686
29/03/1686Martha filia Jacobi Harrison 29 Martii
04/04/1686Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Wilson 4 Aprilis
18/04/1686Maria filia Anthonii Dale 18 Aprilis
20/06/1686Elizabetha filia Ricardi Garbut 20 Junii
27/06/1686Georgius filius Georgii Woodwark 27 Junii
18/07/1686Nathan filius Radulphi Temple 18 Julii
01/08/1686Johannes filius Johannis Potter 1 Augusti
08/08/1686Maria filia Johannis Dale 8 Augusti
20/08/1686Jacobus filius Milonis Meed 20 Augusti
24/08/1686Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Corney 24 Augusti
26/09/1686Gulielmus filius Roberti Franckland 26 Septembris
26/09/1686Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Laverack 26 Septembris
29/09/1686Jana filia Johannis Jackson 29 Septembris
03/10/1686Johannes filius Thomae Whitwell 3 Octobris
17/10/1686Maria filia Thomm Watson 17 Octobris
14/11/1686Jacobus filius Georgii Johnson 14 Nouembris
21/11/1686Johannes filius Ricardi Boys 21 Nouembris
02/01/1686Jana filia Jacobi Thompson 2do Januarii
03/01/1686Christopherus filius Johannis Smith 3 Januarii
10/04/1687Johannes Summerson 10 die Aprilis
10/04/1687Thomas filius Gulielmi Hill 10 die Aprilis
17/04/1687Gulielmus filius Johannis Grey 17 die Aprilis
12/05/1687Jana filia Roberti Petch 12 die Maii
11/06/1687Johannes filius Bernardi Trowsdale 11 die Junii
14/06/1687Margareta filia Johannis Franckland 14 die Junii
26/06/1687Anna filia Petri Nellest 26 die Junii
10/07/1687Dorothea filia Samuelis Pruddom 10 die Julii
10/07/1687Elizabetha filia Thomas Fletcher 10 die Julii
21/08/1687Anna filia Thomae Franckland 21 die Augusti
04/09/1687Thomas filius Jacobi Thompson 4 die Septembris
11/09/1687Maria filia Thomae Mercer 11 die Septembris
02/10/1687Elizabetha filia Roberti Boasman 2 die Octobris
16/10/1687Thomas filius Johannis Blackburne 16 die Octobris
16/10/1687Joshua filius Radulphi Campion 16 die Octobris
28/12/1687Epham filia Thomae Wood 28 die Decembris
02/02/1687Maria filia Thomae Chapman 2do die Februarii
19/02/1687Johannes filius Thomae Lavorack 19no die Februarii
Glaisdale 1687
24/04/1687Georgius filius Ricardi Gatenby 24 die Aprilis
29/05/1687Gulielmus filius Milonis Brecan 29 die Maii
03/07/1687Maria spuria Annae Winspeare 3 die Julii
16/08/1687Margareta filia Ricardi Hill 16 die Augusti
23/10/1687Jana filia Johannis Lacy 23 die Octobris
23/10/1687Georgius filius Thomae Dale 23 die Octobris
06/11/1687Anna filia Christopheri Wright 6 die Novembris
11/12/1687Margareta filia Thomas Lacy, generos., 11mo die Decembris
04/03/1687Anna filia Gulielmi Willson 4 die Martii
01/04/1688Anna filia Thomae Adamson 1mo die Aprilis
10/04/1688Robertus filius Gulielmi Coverdale 10 die Aprilis
24/05/1688Margareta filia Phillippi Dillefew 24 die Maii
07/10/1688Johannes filius Georgii Thompson 7 die Octobris
20/11/1688Danvers filius Johannis Allen 20 Novembris
29/11/1688Radulphus filius Johannis Warde 29 die Novembris
27/12/1688Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Arsome 27 die Decembris
09/12/1688Elizabetha filia Jacobi Wood 9 die Decembris
29/01/1688Elizabetha filia Thomae Coverdale 29 die Januarii
20/02/1688Anna filia Jacobi Thompson 20 die Februarii
17/03/1688Franciscus filius Gulielmi Thompson 17 die Marcii
Glaisdale 1688
03/04/1688Maria filia Jacobi Harrison 3tio Aprilis
06/04/1688Maria filia Thomae Pruddom 6 or 16 (?) Aprilis
30/04/1688Ricardus filius Ricardi Oxley 30 die Aprilis
03/06/1688Maria filia Gulielmi Laverack 3tio die Junii
15/07/1688Maria filia Jacobi Thompson 15 die Julii
28/04/1689Georgius filius Thomae Coulthirst 28 die Aprilis
23/05/1689Johannes filius Ricardi Boyes de Commondale 23 die Maii
26/05/1689Robertus filius Gulielmi Sugget 26 die Maii
??/??/1689Elizabetha fil. Gulielmi (?) Preston [see below, second entry]
04/06/1689Gulielmus filius Georgii Barker 4 die Junii
11/06/1689Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Preston 11 die Junii
13/06/1689Jana filia Roberti Franck 13 die Junii
27/06/1689Robertus filius Roberti Petch 27 die Junii
07/07/1689Thomas filius Johannis Grey 7 die Julii
20/08/1689Anna filia Thomas Chapman 20 die Augusti
19/09/1689Jana filia Bernardi Trowsdale 19 die Septembris
10/10/1689Thomas filius Johannis Hall 10 die Octobris
13/10/1689Elizabetha filia Christopheri Wright 13tio die Octobris
13/10/1689Elizabetha filia Valentini Slater 13tio die Octobris
22/10/1689Ricardus filius Thomae Fletcher 22 die Octobris
26/12/1689Elizabetha filia Johannis Summerson 26 die Decemr.
27/12/1689Hellena filia Jacobi Harrison 27 die Decembris
23/01/1689Margaria filia Johannis Pierson 23 die Januarii
27/02/1689Maria filia Radulphi Campion 27 Februarii
06/03/1689Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Coverdale 6to die Martii
28/03/1689Anna filia Thomae Watson Marcii 28
29/03/1689Petrus filius Georgii Johnson 29 Marcii
Glaisdale 1689
26/10/1689Jana filia Briani Pierson 26 die Octobris
12/01/1689Maria filia Ricardi Marshall 12 die Januarii
13/01/1689Anna fil. Johannis Franckland 13 die Januarii
02/02/1689Johannes fil. Eduardi Wood 2 die Februarii
23/03/1689Anna fil. Gulielmi Atkinson 23 die Marcii
27/04/1690Nathaniell fil. Phillippi Dillefew 27 die Aprilis
11/05/1690Jana fil. Nicolai Laverack 11 die Maii
10/07/1690Barnabas filius Stephani Jowsey 10 die Julii
??/09/1690Elizabetha filia Thomae Adamson 31 (sic) die Septembris
??/09/1690Miriam filia Roberti Boasman 31 (sic) die Septembris
14/09/1690Maria filia Thomae Fletcher 14 die Septembris
23/09/1690Gulielmus filius Thomae Harrison 23 die Septembris
23/11/1690Josephus filius Thomae Laverack 23 die Novembris
27/11/1690Johannes filius Johannis Allen 27 die Novembris
02/12/1690Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Preston 2 die Decembris
07/12/1690Maria filia Ricardi Boyes de Comondale 7mo die Decembris
15/02/1690Thomas filius Gulielmi Thompson 15 die Februarii
Glaisdale 1690
19/10/1690Lucretia fil. Gulielmi Willson 19 die Octobris
02/08/1690Thomas fil. Thomae Watson 2do Augustii
26/05/1690Maria fil. Thomae Wood 26 die Maii
26/05/1690Maria fil. Johannis Franckland 26 die Maii
16/08/1690Jana fil. Ricardi Boyes 16 die Augusti
30/10/1690Barbara fil. Johannis Brecon 30 Octobris
09/11/1690Maria fil. Gulielmi Hill 9no die Novembris
26/11/1690Maria fil. Johannis Smith 26 die Novembris
07/12/1690Elizabeth fil. Radulphi Temple 7mo die Decembris
21/04/1691Thomas filius Thomm Chapman 21 die Aprilis
24/05/1691Anna filia Johannis Langaran 24 die Maii
02/07/1691Maria filia Petri Nellest 2 die Julii
05/07/1691Gulielmus filius Gullelmi Dowson 5 die Julii
02/08/1691Thomas filius Thomae Franckland 2 die Augusti
24/08/1691Anna filia Phillippi Dillefew 24 die Augusti
03/09/1691Johannes filius Gulielmi Coverdale 3 die Septembris
10/09/1691Gulielmus filius Johannis Warde 10 die Septembris
17/09/1691Anna filia Thomae Coverdale 17 die Septembris
03/10/1691Gulielmus filius Thomae Shepherd 3 die Octobris
11/10/1691Robertus filius Volantini Slater 11 die Octobris
10/11/1691Doileus fil. Thomae Saunders de Cotebanck, genoros., 10mo die Novembris, parochia de Lyth
15/11/1691Elizabetha filia Annae Thompson spuria 15to die Novembris ut dicitur genita p. Johannem Lawrence
29/11/1691Susanna filia Georgii Thompson 29 die Novembris
21/01/1691Josephus fil. Francisci Jowsey 21 die Januar.
01/02/1691Johannes fil. Christopheri Wright 1 die Februarii
06/02/1691Dorothea fil. Lawrentii Persibell de Commondale 6to die Februarii
23/02/1691Jana filia Gulielmi Pybus 23 die Februarii
13/03/1691Tobias fil. Tibiae Taylor 13tio die Martii 1691
17/03/1691Jana filia Gulielmi Stevenson 17 die Marcii
17/03/1691Maria filia Eduardi Wood 17 die Marcii
Glaisdale 1691
20/07/1691Radulphus filius Anthonii Dale 20 die Julii
09/09/1691Gulielmus filius Jacobi Wood 9no die Septembris
02/07/1691Thomas filius Thomae Wood 2do die Julii
06/10/1691Franciscus filius Ricardi Woodwark 6to die Octobris
29/11/1691Michaell filius Georgii Johnson 29 die Novembris
24/03/1691Jana filia Thomae Pearson 24 die Marcii
26/04/1692Georgius filius Roberti Franck 26 die Aprilis
08/05/1692Anna filia Ricardi Garbut 8 die Maii
16/05/1692Jonathan filius Johannis Lacy 16 die Maii
22/05/1692Alicia filia Johannis Grey 22 die Maii
23/05/1692Jana fili[a] Leonardi Knaggs 23 die Maii
26/06/1692Georgius filius Gulielmi Thompson 26 die Junii
03/07/1692Anna filia Thomae Fletcher 3 die Julii
17/07/1692Elizabetha filia Roberti Hall 17 die Julii
31/07/1692Margareta fil. Johannis Summerson 31 die Julii
13/09/1692Ricardus filius Johannis Peirson 13 die Septembris
13/09/1692Anna filia Gulielmi Thompson 13 die Septembris
06/10/1692Maria filia Gulielmi Coverdale 6 die Octobris
11/11/1692Gulielmus filius Johannis Hall 11 die Novembris
01/11/1692Jacobus filius Jacobi Robinson primo die Novembris
29/11/1692Robertus filius Gulielmi Preston 29 die Novembris
04/12/1692Gulielmus filius Thomae Coverdale 4to Decembris
27/12/1692Johannes filius Roberti Venice 27 die Decembris
27/12/1692Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Sugget 27 die Decembris
24/01/1692Anna filia Gulielmi Coverdale 24 die Januarii
05/02/1692Anna filia Radulphi Campion 5 die Februarii
21/02/1692Gulielmus filius Johannis Allen 21 die Februarii
Glaisdale 1692
10/04/1692Maria filia Johannis Brecon 10 die Aprilis
10/04/1692Elizabetha filia Johannis Franckland 10 Aprilis
05/06/1692Michaell filius Jacobi Thompson 5 die Junii
04/09/1692Loretta fil. spuria Annae Winspere 4 die Septembris
11/12/1692Thomas filius Ricardi Marshall 11 die Decembris
26/02/1692Samuell filius Gulielmi Wilson 26 die Februarii
23/04/1693Gracia filia Nicholai Willson 23 die Aprilis
07/05/1693Radulphus filius Gulielmi Scarth 7 die Maii
27/08/1693Johannes filius Thomas Fletcher 27 die Augusti
21/09/1693Franciscus filius Francisci Jowsey 21 die Septembris (?)
01/10/1693Barbara filia Gulielmi Aresom 1 die Octobris
24/10/1693Anna filia (Anna Lawson, spuria) et Johannis Unthank ut dicitur 24to die Octobris
07/11/1693Jacobus filius Gulielmi Noble 7mo die Novembris
03/12/1693Johannes filius Johannis Simson 3tio die Decembris de Thunderbush Commondale
19/12/1693Gulielmus fil. Gulielmi Lawrence 19 die Decembris
13/02/1693Maria filia Gulielmi Preston 13 die Februarii
Glaisdale 1693
11/06/1693Radulphus filius Johannis Lacy 11 die Junii
23/07/1693Maria filia Gulielmi Atkinson 23 die Julii
04/09/1693Jacobus filius Gulielmi Laverack 4 die Septembris
22/10/1693Michaell filius Johannis Harwood 22 die Octobris
24/12/1693Mathaeus filius Radulphi Temple 24 die Decembris
04/02/1693Jana filia Francisci Rudd 4 die Februarii
04/02/1693Robertus filius Georgii Johnson 4to die Februarii
14/02/1693Thomas filius Jacobi Winspere 14to die Februarii
27/03/1694Maria filia Ricardi Garbut 27 die Marcii
12/04/1694Johannes filius Roberti Franck 12 die Aprilis
22/04/1694Samuell filius Johannis Grey 22 die Aprilis
01/05/1694Thomas filius Roberti Petch 1mo die Maii
20/05/1694Johannes filius Gulielmi Dowson 20 die Maii
28/05/1694Nicolaus filius Nicolai Willson 28 die Maii
05/06/1694Anna filia Gulielmi Garbut 5 die Junii
17/06/1694Anna filia Thomae Dowson 17 die Junii
13/07/1694Elizabetha filia Johannis Linskill de Comdale. 13tio Julii
15/07/1694Jana filia Gulielmi Garbut 15to die Julii
22/07/1694Elizabetha filia Johannis Warde 22 die Julii
26/08/1694Thomas filius Thomae Fletcher 26 die Augusti
04/09/1694Jana et Anna filiae gemellae Johannis Wood 4to die Septembris
09/09/1694Anna filia Tobiae Taylor 9no die Septembris
27/09/1694Jana filia Gulielmi Fetherstone 27 die Septembris
13/10/1694Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Coverdale 13 die Eightbris
30/10/1694Maria filia Petri Nellest 30 die Octobris
06/11/1694Maria filia Gulielmi Thompson 6to die Novembris
04/12/1694Georgius filius Johannis Hall 4to die Decembris
12/02/1694Maria filia Roberti Medd 12mo die Februarii
24/02/1694Josephus filius Gulielmi Thompson 24 die Februarii
Glaisdale 1694
08/04/1694David filius Thomas Lacy 8 die Aprilis
08/04/1694Anna filia Thomae Wood 8 die Aprilis
15/07/1694Anna filia Cornelii Franckland 15 die Julii
21/10/1694Ricardus Woodwark 21 die Octobris
10/11/1694Jana filia Francisci Pearson 10 die Novembris
02/12/1694Hellena filia Leonardi Twing 2 die Decembris
16/12/1694Thomas filius Johannis Lacy 16 die Decembris
01/01/1694Ricardus filius Gulielmi Laverack 1 die Januarii
01/01/1694Sara filia Thomae Pierson 1 die Januarii
26/03/1695Johannes filius Volantini Slater 26 die Marcii
09/04/1695Anna filia Bernardi Trowsdale 9 die Aprilis
19/05/1695Elizabetha filia Georgii Jackson 19 die Maii
18/06/1695Georgius filius Johannis Saunderson de Comondale 18 die Junii
27/06/1695Elizabetha filia Thomae Harrison 27 die Junii
30/06/1695Hannah filia Gulielmi Garbut 30 die Junii
02/07/1695Petrus filius Georgii Nellest 2 die Julii
14/07/1695Thomas filius Gulielmi Pybus 14 die Julii
03/09/1695Josephus filius Johannis Allen 3tio die Septembris
05/09/1695Georgius filius Johann Summerson 5to Septem.
22/09/1695Hellena filia Roberti Hall 22 die Septembris
06/10/1695Ellicia filia Thomae Dowson 6 die Octobris
15/10/1695Ellicia filia Johannis Petch 15 die Octobris
28/10/1695Maria filia Georgii Thompson 28 die Octobris
05/11/1695Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Miles 5 die Novembris
07/01/1695Helena filia Radulphi Winspere 7 die Januarii
21/01/1695Gulielmus filius Petri Fentris de Comondale 21 die Januarii
30/01/1695Daniell filius Georgii Duck 30mo die Januarii
10/03/1695Robertus filius Roberti Venice 10 die Martii
Glaisdale 1695
19/01/1695Elizabetha filia Jacobi Wood 19 die Januarii
01/03/1695Johannis filius Johannis Franckland 1 die Martii
09/02/1695Dorothea filia Francisci Rudd 9 die Februarii
01/03/1695Georgius filius Radulphi Campion 1 die Martii
22/03/1695Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Atkinson 22 die Marcii
26/03/1696Maria filia Gulielmi Sugget 26 die Martii
19/05/1696Ricardus filius Gulielmi Garbut 19 die Maii
30/05/1696Gulielmus filius Matthaei Lisle ultimo die Maii
11/06/1696Juditha fil. Samuelis Nellest 11 die Junii
20/07/1696Anna filia Thomae Chapman 20 die Julii
19/07/1696Gulielmus filius Thomae Watson natus 19 die Julii
28/07/1696Maria filia Gulielmi Fetherstone 28 die Julii
20/08/1696Maria filia Gulielmi Coverdale 20 die Augusti
22/09/1696Georgius filius Gulielmi Preston 22 die Septembris
26/09/1696Georgius filius Georgii Nellest 26 die Septembris
12/11/1696Johannes filius Georgii Barker 12 die Novembris
15/11/1696Ephraim filius Stephan Jowsey 15 die Novembris
26/11/1696Samuell filius Radulphi Campion 26 Novembris
04/12/1696Ricardus filius Gulielmi Garbut 4to die Decembris
10/12/1696Maria filia Roberti Corner 10 die Decembris
17/12/1696Anna filia Roberti Petch bapt. 17 die Decembris
19/01/1696Maria filia Johannis Unthanke nata 19 die Januarii
23/12/1696Elizabetha filia Georgii Lawrence nata 23 die Decembris
29/01/1696Michaell filius Michaelis Temple natus 29 die Januarii
31/12/1696Josephus filius Roberti Medd 31 die Decembris
25/02/1696Gulielmus filius Roberti Petch 25 die Februarii
04/03/1696Johannes filius Johannis Laverack 4 die Marcii
04/03/1696Gulielmus filius Ricardi Watson 4 die Marcii
14/03/1696Maria filia Thomas Gatenby 14 die Marcii
Glaisdale 1696
19/04/1696Thomas filius Thomae Wood 19 die Aprilis
31/05/1696Maria filia Leonardi Knaggs 31 die Maii
30/08/1696Georgius filius Francisci Burton 30 die Augusti
30/08/1696Christopherus filius Jacobi Thompson 30 die Augusti
31/01/1696Petrus filius Johannis Lacy 31 die Januarii
15/04/1697Ricardus filius Thomae Fletcher 15 die Aprilis
11/05/1697Jana filia Jacobi Slater 11 die Maii
25/05/1697Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Garbut 25 die Maii
01/06/1697Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Scarth 1 die Junii
27/06/1697Gulielmus filius Thomae Franckland 27 die Junii
27/06/1697Maria filia Francisci Jowsey 27 die Junii
11/07/1697Thomas filius Mathaei Lysle 11 die Julii
25/07/1697Maria filia Thomae Dowson 25 die Julii
08/08/1697Sarah filia Matthaei Bullman 8 die Augusti
23/09/1697Robertus filius Johannis Warde 23 die Septembris
26/12/1697Jana filia Gulielmi Thompson 26 die Decembris
02/01/1697Johannes filius Bernardi Trowsdale 2 die Januarii
03/01/1697Thomas filius Gulielmi Dowson 3 die Januarii
20/01/1697Jana filia Thomae Venice 20 die Januarii
08/02/1697Radulphus filius Georgii Duck 8 die Februarii
11/02/1697Thomas filius Gulielmi Porter 11 die Februarii
01/03/1697Anna filia Johannis Wood 1 die Martii
10/03/1697Maria filia Johannis Brown 10mo die Martii
23/03/1697Sarah filia Johannis Allen 23 die Martii
Glaisdale 1697
03/04/1697Jacobus filius Eduardi Wood 3tio die Aprilis
25/04/1697Jana filia Johannis Brecon 25 die Aprilis
06/07/1697Thomas filius Cornelii Franckland 6 die Julii
19/12/1697Elizabetha filia Thomae Pierson 19 die Decembris
30/01/1697Thomas filius Samuelis Pruddom 30 die Januarii
30/01/1697Johannes filius Johannis Pybus 30 die Januarii
06/03/1697Franciscus filius Leonardi Knaggs 6to die Marcii
29/03/1698Elizabetha filia Johannis Hall 29 die Marcii
30/03/1698Johannes filius Thomae Dobson 30 die Marcii
06/04/1698Thomas filius Gulielmi Garbut 6to die Aprilis
12/04/1698Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Fetherstone 12 die Aprilis
10/05/1698Anna filia Thomae Harrison 10 die Maii
17/05/1698Elizabetha filia Michaelis Pierson 17 die Maii
22/05/1698Thomas filius Richardi Bullmer 22 die Maii
12/06/1698Valentinus filius Valentin Slater 12 die Junii
20/07/1698Johannes filius Johannis Unthank natus 20 die Julii
30/08/1698Maria filia Gulielmi Hall 30 die Augusti
25/09/1698Johannes filius Georgii Lawrence natus 25 die Sepbris.
11/10/1698Thomas filius Gulielmi Coverdale 11 die Octobris
18/11/1698Sarah filia Roberti Temple 18 die Novembris
01/12/1698Anna filia Gulielmi Preston 1 die Decembris
08/12/1698Elizabetha filia Petri Fentris de Comondale 8 die Decembris
13/12/1698Issabella filia Radulphi Wood 13 die Decembris
15/12/1698Leonardus filius Richardi Watson 15 die Decembris
24/12/1698Elizabetha filia Samuelis Hodgson nata 24 die Decembris
05/01/1698Dorothaea filia Tobiae Taylor 5 die Januarii
12/01/1698Jacobus Lawrence filius Georgii Lawrence 12 die Januarii circiter annos
17/02/1698Josephus filius Radulphi Winspere 17 die Februarii
21/02/1698Maria filia Roberti Petch 21 die Februarii
20/03/1698Georgius filius Dorotheae Barker 20 die Marcii
Glaisdale 1698
27/03/1698Anna filia Radulphi Perkin 27 die Marcii
17/04/1698Josephus filius Thomae Lacy 17 die Aprilis
21/05/1698Anna filia Francisci Rudd 21 die Maii
13/11/1698Elizabetha filia Francisi Burton 13 die Novembris
19/03/1698Maria filia Johannis Burbanck 19 die Martii
08/04/1699Jana filia Richardi Garbut 8 die Aprilis
10/04/1699Sarah filia Jacobi Wood 10 die Aprilis
24/04/1699Maria filia Gulielmi Pybus 24 die Aprilis
01/05/1699Marcus filius Roberti Medd 1 die Maii
09/05/1699Jana filia Roberti Houlsforth 9 die Maii
20/05/1699Anna filia Thomae Trowsdale 20 die Maii
25/06/1699Jana filia Roberti Sannderson de Commondale 25to Junii
23/07/1699Maria spuria filia Sarah Harwood et Eduardi Barker 23 Julii
05/09/1699Daniel filius Gulielmi Dove 5 die Septembris
18/09/1699Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Garbut de Bellhouse 18 die Septembris
03/10/1699Elizabetha filia Johannis Gowton 3tio die Octobris
18/10/1699Robertus filius Johannis Brown natus 18 die Octobris
10/10/1699Radulphus filius Johannis Sannderson de Commondale 10 die Octobris
25/10/1699Thomas filius Thomae Dowson 25 die Octobris
12/11/1699Maria filia Gulielmi Garbut 12 die Novembris
30/11/1699Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Coverdale 30 die Novembris
12/12/1699Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Hall 12 die Decembris
10/01/1699Johannes filius Isaaci Medd 10 die Januarii
17/02/1699Dorothaea filia Johannis Unthank nata 17 die Februarii
01/03/1699Robertus filius Mathaei Bullman 1 die Martii
03/03/1699Maria filia Thomae Dale 3tio die Martii
Glaisdale 1699
24/06/1699Johannes filius Samuelis Pruddom 24 die Junii
26/04/1699Anna filia Johannis Lacy 26 die Aprilis
07/01/1699David filius Leonardi Knaggs 7 die Januarii
26/03/1700Anna filia Richardi Bullmer 26 die Marcii
02/04/1700Maria filia Valantini Slater 2 die Aprilis
23/04/1700Samuell filius Georgii Duck 23tio die Aprilis
25/04/1700Jana filia Johannis Nellest 25 die Aprilis
09/05/1700Richardus filius Gulielmi Watson 9 die Maii
12/05/1700Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Garbut de Croslyside 12 die Maii
30/05/1700Daniell filius Georgii Lawrence natus ultimo die Maii
09/06/1700Johannes filius Johannis Petch 9 die Junii
23/07/1700Elizabetha filia Jacobi Slater 23 die Julii
04/08/1700Anna filia Georgii Nellest 4 die Augusti
Glaisdale 1700
31/03/1700Anna filia, Jacobi Winspere 31 die Marcii
25/04/1700Ellicia filia Gulielmi Lacy 25 die Aprilis
26/08/1700Thomas filius Gulielmi Dickinson 26 die Augusti
21/10/1700Thomas filius Sarae Allen 21 die Octobris
24/10/1700Anna filia Richardi Watson 24 die Octobris
03/11/1700Anna filia Thomae Gatenby 3 die Novembris
10/11/1700Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Scarth 10 die Nouembris
24/11/1700Johannes filius Johannis Hall 24 die Nouembris
08/12/1700Jana filia Georgii Thompson 8 die Decembris
02/01/1700Anna filia Georgii Scarth 2 die Januarii
04/03/1700Matthaeus filius Gulielmi Preston 4to die Martii
19/04/1701Alicia filia Aliciae Moon wid. 19 die Aprilis
27/04/1701Petrus filius Gulielmi Fetherstone 27 die Aprilis
07/05/1701Robertus filius Roberti Harrison 7 die Maii
07/05/1701Hannah filia Roberti Peirson nata 7 die Maii
11/05/1701Jana filia Johannis Pruddom 11 die Maii
11/06/1701Jana filia Matthei Lisle 11 die Junii
06/07/1701Georgius filius Johannis Laverack 6 die Julii
20/07/1701Isabella filia Roberti Ellerby 20 die Julii
10/08/1701Hannah filia Radulphi Winspere 10 die Augt.
28/09/1701Maria filia Johannis Frankland 28 die Sepbris.
10/11/1701Johannis filius Gulielmi Hall 10 die Novbris.
20/11/1701Franciscus filius Gulielmi Dowson 20 die Novbris.
27/11/1701Michael filius Thomae Trowsdale 27 die Novbris.
04/01/1701Maria filia Georgii Nellist 4 die Januar.
06/01/1701Elizabetha filia Johannis Wood 6 die Jan.
08/01/1701Maria filia Richardi Turpin 8 die Jan.
14/01/1701Margreta filia Gulielmi Garbut 14 die Jan.
15/01/1701Josephus filius Georgii Duck 15to die Jan.
20/01/1701Elizabetha filia Isaaci Medd 20 die Jan.
24/02/1701Elizabetha filia Matthei Bullman 24 die Feb.
18/02/1701Sarah filia Gulielmi Garbut 18 die Feb.
26/02/1701Gulielmus filius Richardi Bulmer 26 die Feb.
05/03/1701Tomisona filia Thomae Dale 5 die Martii
12/03/1701Thomas filius spurius Thomae Watson et Mariae Sugget 12 Martii
12/03/1701Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Garbut 12 Martii
17/03/1701Maria filia Gulielmi Dove 17 die Mar.
Glaisdale 1701
20/04/1701Margareta filia Johannis Burbank 20 die Aprilis
24/08/1701Margareta filia Radulphi Dowson 24 Augusti
13/11/1701Elizabetha filia Johannis Lacy 13 die Novem.
20/11/1701Maria filia Eduardi Wood 20 die Novem.
16/02/1701Elizabetha filia Francisci Rudd 16 Febr.
25/04/1702Esther filia Gulielmi Tweddil de Com. 25 die Aprilis
09/05/1702Richardus filius Richardi Garbut 9 die Maii
23/08/1702Jana filia Gulielmi Coverdale 23 die Augusti
06/09/1702Samuel filius Georgii Lawrence natus 6 die Sepbris.
24/08/1702Elizabetha filia Johannis Pursglove nata 24 die Augusti
09/09/1702Johannis filius Roberti Medd 9 die Sepbris.
18/09/1702Gulielmus filius Thom. Dowson 18 die Sepbris.
30/09/1702Thomas filius Gulielmi Watson 30 die Sepbris.
23/10/1702Georgius filius Johannis Unthank natus 23 die Octobris
01/11/1702Elizabetha filia Johannis Scarth, cler., 1st Novbris.
12/11/1702Georgius filius Richardi Watson 12 Novbris.
15/11/1702Jacobus filius Johannis Sanderson de Comdale. 15 Nov.
24/11/1702Robertus filius Petri Featherstone 24 Novembris
01/12/1702Elizabetha filia Thomae Gatenby 1 die Decembr.
02/02/1702Jacobus filius Johannis Hall 2 die Feb.
Glaisdale 1702
05/04/1702Eliz. filia Roberti Temple 5 die Aprilis
25/04/1702Thomas filius Thomae Lacy 25 Aprilis
17/05/1702Jacobus filius Jacobi Harrison 17 Maii
24/05/1702Jana filia Thomae Pearson 24 Maii
25/05/1702Gulielmus filius Thomae Brecon 25 Maii
28/06/1702Johannis filius Milonis Brecon 28 Junii
20/08/1702Radulphus filius Gulielmi Dickinson 20 Aug.
30/08/1702Maria filia Thomas Theakstone 30 Aug.
26/12/1702Eliz. filia Gulielmi Child 26 Decbris.
01/04/1703Eliz. filia Johannis Nellist 1 die April
03/04/1703Gulielmus filius Matthei Lisle 3 die April
15/04/1703Thomas filius Gulielmi Hall 15 die Aprilis
09/05/1703Marcus filius Thomae Graistock 9no die Maii
09/05/1703Maria filia Thomae Graistock praed. 9no die Maii
09/05/1703Gulielmus filius Georgii Nellest 9no die Maii
11/05/1703Johannis filius Georgii Duck 11 die Maii
03/06/1703Jana filia Gulielmi Preston 3 die Junii
06/06/1703Maria filia Jacobi Slater 6 die Junii
22/08/1703Thomas filius Roberti King de Comdale. 22 Aug.
22/08/1703Anna filia Johannis Rickeby de Comdale 22 Aug.
09/09/1703Richardus filius Richardi Turpin 9 die Sep.
05/10/1703Constancia filia Georgii Cowen 5 die Octbris.
07/10/1703Anna filia Georgii Harrison 7 die Octbris.
21/10/1703Nathaniel filius Johannis Pruddom 21 Octbris.
26/12/1703Stephanus filius Gulielmi Corner 26 Dec.
01/01/1703Ellicia filia Bernardi Trowsdale 1 Jan.
05/01/1703Hannah filia Thomae Agar 5 die Januar.
09/01/1703Susannah filia Gulielmi Anderson de Mid[dleton] in Cleav[land] 9 Januarii
21/02/1703Ellin filia Gulielmi Garbut 21 die Febr.
29/02/1703Margareta filia Johannis Slater 29 Feb.
01/03/1703Sarah filia Johannis Unthank nata 1 die Martii
01/03/1703Lydia filia Johan. Unthank praed. nata 1 die Martii
01/03/1703Richardus filius Thomae Bowmar 1 die Martii
Glaisdale 1703
25/03/1703Jana filia Georgii Wood 25 die Martii
11/04/1703Jana filia Gulielmi Lacy 11 die Aprilis
06/06/1703Anna filia Reevi Dowson 6 die Junii
06/06/1703Anna filia Johannis Burbank 6 die Junii
18/11/1703Jacobus filius Johannis Wedgwood 18 Novbris.
21/11/1703Johannis filius Gulielmi Brecon 21 die Novbris.
20/12/1703Maria filia Radulphi Dowson 20 die Decbris.
23/12/1703Gulielmus filius Radulphi Dickinson 23 Decbris.
09/12/1703Thomas filius Gulielmi Franklan 9 Decbris.
27/01/1703Margareta filia Francisci Rudd 27 Januarii
16/03/1703Josephus filius Jacobi Harrison 16 Martii
07/05/1704Johannes filius Johannis Harrison 7 die Maii
09/05/1704Isaac filius Gulielmi Scarth 9 die Maii
14/05/1704Amos filius Amos Agar 14 die Maii
04/06/1704Josephus filius Georgii Unthank natus 4 die Junii
15/06/1704Hannah filia Thomae Dale 15 die Junii
18/06/1704Jana filia Gulielmi Garbut 18 die Junii
22/06/1704Abigail filia Johannis Scarth 22 die Junii
26/06/1704Maria filia Richardi Bowmar 26 die Junii
12/09/1704Maria filia Isaaci Medd 12 die Sepbris.
05/10/1704Hannah filia Gulielmi Coverdale 5 die Octbris.
08/10/1704Ellicia filia Leonardi Knaggs 8 die Octbris.
10/10/1704Valentinus filius Valentini Slater 10 die Octbris.
23/10/1704Gulielmus filius Georgii Lawrence natus 23 die Octbris
02/01/1704Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Garbut 2 die Januarii
11/01/1704Sarah filia Richardi Watson 11 die Jan.
21/01/1704Elizabetha filia Francisci Marshal 21 Jan.
22/01/1704Thomas filius Gulielmi Dove 22 Jan.
13/02/1704Hannah filia Georgii Duck 13 die Feb.
17/02/1704Ellin filia Thomae Dowson 17 Feb.
20/02/1704Gulielmus filius Johannis Thompson 20 Feb.
20/02/1704Jana filia Johannis Huntley 20 Feb.
11/03/1704Alicia filia Thomae Graistock 11 die Martii
Glaisdale 1704
26/03/1704Anna filia Gulielmi Dickinson 26 die Martii
16/04/1704Johannis filius Thomae Johnson 16 die Aprilis
28/05/1704Gulielmus filius Josephi Temple 28 Maii
09/07/1704Johannes filius Roberti Temple 9 die Julii
01/10/1704Daniel filius Lorettae Winspere 1 die Octobr.
04/10/1704Jonathan filius Cornelii Frankland 4 Octobr.
19/10/1704Sarah filia Johannis Lacy 19 die Octobris
02/11/1704Maria filia Thomae Brecon 2 die Novembris
25/03/1705Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Hall 25 Martii
15/04/1705Josephus filius Johannis Hall 15 die Aprilis
10/06/1705Margareta filia Amos Agar 10 die Junii
10/07/1705Johannis filius Georgii Harrison 10 Julii
22/07/1705Jana filia Georgii Gray 22 die Julii
20/08/1705Puer Jacobi Pybos natus 20 die Augusti
02/09/1705Gulielmus filius Annae Gatenby 2 die Sepbris.
15/10/1705Thomas filius Merillae Agar wid. 15 die Octbris.
02/12/1705Johannes filius Gulielmi Clarkson 2 die Decbris.
16/12/1705Maria filia Gulielmi Garbut 16 die Decbris.
26/12/1705Susannah filia Johannes Slater 26 die Decbris.
10/01/1705Samuel filius Johannis Pruddom 10 die Jan.
Glaisdale 1705
15/04/1705Gulielmus filius Thomae Pearson 15 die Aprilis
08/07/1705Johannis filius Reevi Dowson 8 die Julii
01/01/1705Johannis filius Georgii Porret 1 die Januarii
13/01/1705Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Dickinson 13 die Jan.
22/02/1705Georgius filius Radulphi Dickinson 22 die Feb.
24/02/1705Georgius filius Georgii Wood 24 Februarii
24/02/1705Johannis filius Thomae Theakstone 24 Febr.
31/03/1706Martha filia Bernardi Trowsdale Martii 31
07/04/1706Johannes filius Johannis Scarth 7 die Aprilis
01/05/1706Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Harrison 1 die Maii
16/06/1706Hannah filia Johannis Hartass 16 die Junii
23/06/1706Jana filia Thomae Gatenby 23 die Junii
08/08/1706Johannes filius Jacobi Pybas 8 die Augusti
20/09/1706Anna filia Roberti Bulman 20 die Sepbris.
15/10/1706Margareta filia Johannis Pursglove nata 15 Octbris.
29/10/1706Gulielmus filius Marci Robinson 29 Octbris.
17/11/1706Thomas filius Johannis Nellist 17 die Novbris.
21/11/1706Petrus filius Petri Featherstone 21 Novbris.
24/11/1706Johannes filius Thomas Thackeray 24 die Novbris.
27/11/1706Robertus filius Johannis Frankland 27 die Novbris.
03/12/1706Jana filia Gulielmi Hall 3 die Decembris
08/12/1706Abrahamus filius Guliel. Anderson 8 die Decbris.
12/12/1706Anthonius filius Francisci Marshall 12 Decbris.
14/12/1706Georgius Lawrence filius Geo. Lawrence natus 14 Decbris.
16/01/1706Hannah filia Johannis Lacy 16 die Januarii
19/01/1706Richardus filius Richardi Bowmar 19 Jan.
18/02/1706Georgius filius Georgii Duck 18 die Februarii
25/02/1706Maria filia Richardi Watson 25 die Febru.
17/03/1706Matthaeus filius Matthaei Bullman 17 die Martii
Glaisdale 1706
07/04/1706Ellicia filia Gulielmi Campion 7 die Aprilis
15/04/1706Radulphus filius Gulielmi Potter 15 Aprilis
09/06/1706Maria filia Radulphi Dowson 9 die Junii
09/06/1706Robertus Fotherly filius Robti Fotherly 9 die Junii
01/09/1706Elizabetha filia Leonardi Knaggs 1 die Septbris.
24/11/1706Gratia filia Andrei Cook 24 die Novembris
09/12/1706Johannis filius Johannis Dale 9 die Decbris.
17/02/1706Dorothea filia Thomae Lacy 17 die Februarii
17/02/1706Anna filia Johannis Adamson 17 die Febrii
27/03/1707Anna filia Isaaci Medd 27 die Martii
06/05/1707Sarah filia Amos Agar 6 die Maii
21/04/1707Katherina filia Gulielmi Sanderson 21 die Aprilis
24/04/1707Maria filia Gulielmi Frankland 24 die Aprilis
30/04/1707Thomas filius Thomae Dennison 30 die Aprilis
18/05/1707Miriam filia Jacobi Rogers 18 die Maii
28/05/1707Johanes filius Johannis Huntley 28 Maii
23/06/1707Gulielmus filius Roberti Temple 23 Junii
10/07/1707Maria filia Johannis Hall 10mo Julii
20/07/1707Robertus filius Roberti King de Common. 20 Julii
03/08/1707Guliel. filius Guliel. Watson 3tio die Augusti
07/08/1707Susannah filia Johannis Agar 7 die August.
30/08/1707Maria filia Gulielmi Jackson 30 die Aug.
25/09/1707Johannis filius Gulielmi Garbut 25 die Sepbris.
30/09/1707Gulielmus filius Georgii Harrison 30 Sepbris.
02/10/1707Jacobus filius Jacobi Pybas 2do die Octobris
22/10/1707Maria filia Petri Watson 22 die Octobris
16/11/1707Bettricia filia Johannis Rickeby de Comdale. 16 Novbris.
04/12/1707Esther filia Georgii Unthank nata 4to die Decbris.
01/02/1707Thomas filius Gulielmi Coverdale 1mo Febrii
16/02/1707Johannes filius Marci Robinson 16 Feb.
24/02/1707Ruth filia Radulphi Dickinson 24 Febr
26/02/1707Hannah filia Gulielmi Clarkson 26 Feb.
Glaisdale 1707
20/04/1707Jonathan filius Thomae Brecon 20 Aprilis
05/10/1707Elizabetha filia Reevi Dowson 5 die Octobris
10/12/1707Eliz. filia Gulielmi Potter 10 die Decbris.
27/02/1707Johannis filius Johannis Harwood 27 Feb.
02/04/1708Johan. filius Johannis Slater 2 die Aprilis
08/04/1708Elizabetha filia Thomae Trowsdale 8 die Aprilis
23/05/1708Maria filia Gulielmi Corner 23 die Maii
04/07/1708Margareta filia Thomae Frankland 4 die Julii
17/10/1708Petrus filius Johannis Frankland 17 Octbris.
03/11/1708Jana filia Thomae Smith 3 die Novbris.
03/11/1708Johannis filius Georgii Cowen 3 die Novbris.
08/11/1708Thomas filius Johannis Pruddom 8 Novbris.
21/11/1708Maria filia Johannis Nellist 21 Novbris.
09/12/1708Martha filia Georgii Duck 9 die Decbris.
14/12/1708Thomas filius Thomae Theakstone 14 die Decbris.
29/12/1708Anna filia Roberti Temple 29 die Decembris
05/01/1708Johannis filius Roberti Bulman 5 die Januarii
06/01/1708Gulielmus filius Roberti Robinson 6 die Januarii
21/01/1708Jana filia Johannis Scarth 21 Januarii
24/01/1708Jacobus fil Thomas Dinnison 24 Jan.
30/01/1708Maria filia Franciscae Farefax ut dic : Johan: Tweddill 30 Jan.
03/02/1708Anna filia Gulielmi Featherstone 3 die Februarii
10/02/1708Thomas filius Francisci Marshall 10 die Februarii
13/02/1708Johannes filius Roberti Campion 13 die Feb.
Glaisdale 1708
03/06/1708Maria filia Johannis Dale 3 die Junii
26/09/1708Richardus filius Gulielmi Lacy 26 Sepbris.
24/10/1708Johannes filius Thomae Pearson 24 Octobris
27/01/1708Elizabetha filia Gulielmi Dickinson 27 Jan.
30/01/1708Gulielmus filius Reevi Dowson 30 die Jan.
27/02/1708Johannes filius Radulphi Dowson 27 Feb.
04/09/1709Maria filia Roberti King de Commondale 4 die Septembris
25/09/1709Maria filia Jacobi Slater 25 die Sepbris.
09/10/1709Richardus filius Richardi Watson Octob. 9 die
09/10/1709Maria filia Jacobi Pibass Octob. 9 die
11/10/1709Eliz. filia Gulielmi Sanderson 11 die Octobris
16/10/1709Johannes filius Johannis Thompson 16 Octobris
09/11/1709Maria filia Johannis Huntley 9 Novembris
29/12/1709Hellena filia Johannis Harwood 29 die Decbris.
02/01/1709Phillis filia Gulielmi Hall 2 die Januarii
15/02/1709Thomas filius Reevi Dowson 15 die Februarii
01/11/1709Johan : fil. Thomae Rickaby de Commondale 1 Novbris.
Glaisdale 1709
24/05/1709Richardus filius Georgii Wood 24 die Maii
13/06/1709Johannes filius Leonardi Knaggs 13 die Junii
04/12/1709Georgius filius Georgii Parrett 4 die Decbris.
07/05/1710Christopherus filius Johannis Rickaby de Comondale 7 die Maii
25/05/1710Daniel filius Danielis Hugill 25 Maii
28/05/1710Jacobus filius Jacobi Harrison 28 Maii
11/05/1710Robertus filius Jacobi Rogers de Comdale. 11 die Maii (?)
20/06/1710Gulielmus filius Johannis Lacy 20 die Junii
04/07/1710Johannes filius Johannis Harrison 4 die Julii
06/08/1710Elizab. filia Johannis Frankland 6 Aug.
02/10/1710Robertus filius Gulielmi Sanderson 2 Octobris
10/10/1710Thomas filius Petri Watson 10 die Octobris
31/10/1710Maria filia Richardi Dale 31 die Octobris
05/11/1710Jana filia Gulielmi Watson 5 die Novbr.
07/11/1710Samuel filius Annae Nellist spurius ut dic. Gul. Grey 7 Novbris.
07/12/1710Robertus filius Johannis Slater 7 die Decbris.
21/12/1710Hannah filia Isaaci Medd 21 Decbris.
01/01/1710Johannes filius Gulielmi Sanderson 1 Jan.
16/01/1710Roberti filius Gulielmi Garbutt 16 Jan.
01/02/1710Anna filia Jacobi Pibass 1 die Februarii
08/02/1710Johannes filius Johannis Agar 8 die Februarii
11/03/1710Johannes filius Thomae Gatenby 11 die Martii
12/03/1710Simson filius Gulielmi Unthank natus 12 Martii
Glaisdale 1710
12/08/1710Aulielmus filius Gul. Potter 12 Augusti
16/11/1710Gnna filia Georgii Hopperton 16 Novembris
01/04/1711Maria filia Johannis Scarth 1 die Aprilis
10/04/1711Esther filia Marci Robinson 10 die Aprilis
12/04/1711Anna filia Johannis Thompson 12 Aprilis
06/05/1711Hannah filia Roberti Bullman 6 Maii
10/05/1711Anna filia Danvers Allen 10 die Maii
05/06/1711Margareta filia Gulielmi Hall 5 Junii
30/06/1711Johannes filius Roberti Grey 30 die Junii
28/08/1711Thomas filius Georgii Harrison 28 Aug.
25/10/1711Sarah filia Richardi Bowmar 25 Octobris
11/11/1711Margareta fil. Roberti King de Comdale. 11 Novbris.
18/11/1711Anna filia Guliel. Milburn ambo de Comdale. bapt. 18 Novbris.
18/11/1711Tho. filius Johannis King ambo de Comdale. bapt. 18 Novbris.
10/01/1711Petrus filius Roberti Campion 10 Jan.
27/01/1711Jonathan filius Matthaei Cook 27 Januarii
04/03/1711Maria filia Jacobi Harrison 4 die Martii
05/03/1711Maria filia Gulielmi Unthank nata 5 die Martii
Glaisdale 1711
08/04/1711Anna filia Gulielmi Campion 8 die Aprilis
15/02/1711Hannah filia Johannis Dale 15 die Feb.
09/03/1711Anna filia Gulielmi Lacy 9 die Martii
25/05/1712Timotheus filius Thomae Bowmar 25 Maii
10/06/1712Jana filia Johannis Bullman 10 Junii
22/07/1712Maria filia Georgii Cowen 22 Julii
22/07/1712Gulielmus filius Petri Featherstone 22 Julii
10/08/1712Nicholas filius Georgii Hoggard 10 Aug.
02/10/1712Gratia filia Marci Robinson 2do die Octobris
05/10/1712Jana filia Johannis Rickaby de Commondale 5to Octobris
19/10/1712Matthew filius Edvardi Chapman 19 Octobris
19/10/1712Guliel. filius Guliel. Sanderson 19 Octobris
21/10/1712Anthonius fil. Reevi Dowson 21 Octobr.
03/11/1712Gulielmus fil. Tho. Dinnison 3 Novbris.
02/11/1712Anna filia Matthei Bullman 2 Novbris.
12/11/1712Jonathan filius Johannis Hall 12 Novbris.
16/11/1712Hannah filia Thomae Graistock 16 Novbris.
05/12/1712Michael filius Roberti Temple 5 Decbris.
30/12/1712Georgius filius Gulielmi Sanderson 30 Decbris.
30/12/1712Gulielmus filius Roberti Holdforth 30 Decbris.
31/12/1712Margareta filia Johannis Helm 31 die Decbris.
01/01/1712Johannes filius Johannis Frankland 1 Jan.
29/01/1712Elizab. filia Danvers Allen 29 die Januarii
24/03/1712Margareta filia Johannis Agarr 24 Martii
Glaisdale 1712
30/09/1712Jacobus filius Andrei Cook 30 die Sepbris.
14/10/1712Richardus filius Roberti Fotherley 14 Octbris.
21/04/1713Robertus filius Francisci Marshall 21 Apr.
30/04/1713Thomas filius Gulielmi Garbutt de Ell. 30 Apr.
29/05/1713Hannah filia Johan. Pruddom, agric., 29 Maii
31/05/1713Johannes filius Roberti Cornforth, agric., 31 Maii
11/06/1713Isabella filia Jacobi Pybass, agric., 11mo Junii
23/06/1713Thomas filius johannis Venice, agric., 23 Junii
25/06/1713Eliz. filia Johan. Peirson, agric., 25 Junii
05/07/1713Anna filia Richardi Dale, agric., 5 Julii
26/07/1713Jana filia Johannis Harrison, agric., 26 Julii
23/08/1713Mathaeus filius Gulielmi Tweddill, Comdale., 23 Aug.
30/08/1713Josea filius Roberti King de Comdale. 30 Aug.
01/10/1713Mathaeus filius Thom. Peirson 1 Octobris
01/11/1713Zechariah filius Geor. Gatenbv 1 Novbris.
01/11/1713Hannah filia Roberti Johnson, Agric., 1 Novbris
19/11/1713Isaac filius Johannis Lacy 19 Novbris.
19/11/1713Anna filia Georgii Grey 19 Novbris.
29/12/1713Radulphus filius Mardi Robinson 29 Decbris.
29/12/1713Ellicia filia Jacobi Harrison 29 Decbris.
19/01/1713Johannes filius Petri Watson 19 Januarii
21/01/1713Gulielmus filius Johan. Slater 21 Januar.
21/01/1713Margareta filia Petri Featherston 21 Januar.
02/03/1713Maria filia Reevi Dowson 2 Martii
Glaisdale 1713
02/05/1713Anthon. filius Benja. Dale, yeom., 2 Maii
09/07/1713Johan. filius Cornel. Frankland 9 Julii
06/09/1713Geor. filius Geor. Laverack 6 die Sepbris.
27/11/1713Maria filia Rich. Dale 27 die Novbris.
10/12/1713Tho. filius Christop. Hobson 10 Decembris
11/01/1713Geo. filius John. Dale 11 die Januarii
20/01/1713Tho. filius Leonardi Knaggs 20 Januarii
21/02/1713Gracia filia Guliel. Potter 21 Februarii
06/04/1714Margareta filia Johan. Scarth, cler., 6 Aprilis
15/04/1714Guliel. filius Guliel. Lacy 15 die Aprilis
15/04/1714Eliz. filia Geor. Porrett 15 die Aprilis
25/07/1714Jana filia Gulielmi Shepherd 25 Julii
17/10/1714Anna filia Roberti Campion 17 Octob.
06/01/1714Thomas filius Danielis Hugill 6 Jan.
11/01/1714Hellena filia Danveri Allen 11 Januarii
13/01/1714Jana filia Thomae Peirson 13 Januarii
18/01/1714Johannes filius Johan. Pruddom 18 Janu.
22/02/1714Margareta filia Johan. Frankland 22 Februar.
08/03/1714Jana filia Marci Robinson 8 Martii
Glaisdale 1714
30/12/1714Robertus filius Thomae Watson 30 Decbris.
03/01/1714Maria filia Johan. Meed 3tio Januarii
02/02/1714Hannah filia Guliel. Sunley 2do Februarii
02/10/1715Gulielmus filius Guliel. Sanderson 2do Octobris
08/12/1715Jacobus filius Richardi Blackburn 8vo die Decbris.
13/12/1715Jana filia Thomae Dinnison 13 die Decbris.
20/12/1715Anthonius filius Anthon. Fostr 20 die Decbris.
22/01/1715Anna filia Johannis Bullman 22 Januarii
23/02/1715Robertus filius Marci Robinson 23tio die Februarii
28/02/1715Robertus filius Abraham Sowley 28 die Februarii
13/03/1715Johannes filius Josephi Lawrence 13 die Martii
18/03/1715Hannah filia Thomae Peirson 18 die Martii
Glaisdale 1715
27/03/1715Johannes filius Johannis Hill 27 die Martii
10/05/1715Radulphus filius Georgii Wood 10 die Maii
10/05/1715Georgius filius Georgii Hoggart 10 die Maii
20/07/1715Tho. filius Tho. Rigg 20 Julii
20/09/1715Richardus filius Richardi Ellarby 20 Sepbris.
04/10/1715Hester filia Robt Cornforth 4 die Octobris
09/12/1715Anna filia Georgii Laverack 9 Decbris.
20/12/1715Anna filia Radulphi Knaggs 20 Decbris.
02/01/1715Gul. filius Reevi Dowson 2do Januarii
25/01/1715Josephus filius Richardi Dale 25 Januarii
14/02/1715Johan. filius Richardi Jowsey 14 Feb.
11/03/1715Johan. filius Robti. Johnson 11 die Martii
15/04/1716Elizabetha filia Guliel. Shepherd 15 Aprilis
09/10/1716Maria filia Johannis Peirson 9 die Octobris
10/10/1716Thomas filius Tho. Gatenby 10 die Octobris
11/10/1716Michael filius Tho. Fletcher 11 die Octobris
25/10/1716Franciscus filius spur. Eliz. Summerson ut dicit. Francisci Petch 25 Octbris.
25/10/1716Johan. filius Johan. Venice 25 Octbris.
07/02/1716Maria filia Johan. Slater 7 die Februarii
20/03/1716Timotheus filius Danielis Hugil 20 Martii
Glaisdale 1716
26/03/1716Robertus filius Roberti Johnson 26 Martii
21/05/1716Judetha filia Guliel. Campion 21 die Maii
26/06/1716Johan. filius Johan. Adamson 26 Junii
15/07/1716Guliel. filius Johan. Dale 15 Julii
12/08/1716Maria filia Eduardi Chapman 12 Augusti
04/11/1716Tho. filius Tho. Garbutt 4 die Novembris
05/11/1716Eliz. filia Tho. Ellarby 5 Novembris
10/11/1716Hannah filia Tho. Watson 10 Novembris
01/01/1716Anna filia Johan. Hill 1 die Januarii
09/01/1716Johan. filius Richar. Oxley 9 Januarii
09/01/1716Anna filia Geor. Porret 9 Januarii
21/02/1716Jana filia Philipi Dowson 21 Februarii
02/05/1717Thomas filius Johan. Ventrice 2 die Maii
12/05/1717Maria filia Roberti Campion 12 die Maii
14/05/1717Timotheus filius Johan. Scarth, cler., 14 die Maii
15/05/1717Anna filia Johan. Agar 15 die Maii
18/06/1717Lawrentii filius Marci Robinson 18 die Junii
09/07/1717Margareta filia Thomae Coverdale 9 die Julii
10/07/1717Anna filia Johan. Wood 10 die Julii
08/09/1717Maria filia Christop. Hobson 8 die Sepbris.
22/09/1717Gulielmus filius Milo Mead 22 die Sepbris.
21/11/1717Gulielmus filius Roberti Gray 21 die Novembris
22/11/1717Johnathan filius Thomae Dinnison 22 die Novbris.
24/11/1717Elizab. filia Jacobi Pybass 24 Novbris.
09/02/1717Jane filia Georgi Laverack 9 die Februarii
25/02/1717Franciscus filius Francisi Marshall 25 Febru.
08/03/1717Josephus filius Joseph Lawrence 8 die Martii
16/03/1717Anna filia Tho. Garbutt 16 die Martii
16/03/1717Tho. filius Roberti Holdforth 16 die Martii
24/04/1718Franciscus filius Johan. Frankland 24 Aprilis
18/05/1718Jana filia Richardi Blackburn 18 die Maii
22/05/1718Sarah filia Johan. Pruddom 22 die Maii
01/06/1718Gulielmus filius Guliel. Shepherd 1 die Junii
15/06/1718Hannah filia Richardi Dale. 15 die Junii
15/06/1718Eliz. filia Georgii Coverdale 15 die Junii
22/06/1718Eliz. filia Guliel. Sanderson 22 Junii
20/07/1718Elizab. filia Marci Robinson 20 Julii
17/08/1718Jana filia Petri Fetherstone 17 die Augusti
26/10/1718Georgius filius Johan. Pierson 26 Octobris
31/01/1718Georgius filius Johan. Scarth, cleric., 31 Januarii
19/03/1718Hannah filia Danvers Allen 19 Martii
Glaisdale 1718
31/03/1718Elizabetha filia Georgii Hoggert 31 die Martii
16/04/1718Robertus filius Roberti Cornforth 16 die Aprilis
15/04/1718Maria filia Georgii Wood 15 die Aprilis
23/04/1718Guliel. filius Guliel. Sunley 23 die Aprilis
16/05/1718Guliel. filius Guliel. Lacy 16 die Maii
18/05/1718Maria filia Benjamini Daile 18 die Maii
08/06/1718Anna filia Georgii Porret 8 die Junii
23/06/1718Maria filia Richardi Oxley 23 die Junii
05/09/1718Maria filia spuria Mariae Franckland dicit. Rich. Garbutt (? 5to) Sept.
18/10/1718Maria filia Georgii Hopperton 18 die Octobris
28/10/1718Radulphus filius Radulp. Knaggs 28 die Octobris
02/11/1718Johan. filius Tho. Wood 2 die Novembris
23/01/1718Jana filia Johan. Hill 23 die Januarii
01/03/1718[blank] fil. Roberti Johnson 1 die Martii
02/08/1719Elizabetha filia Thomae Pearson 2 die Augusti
04/08/1719Anna filia Gulielmi Coverdale 4 die Augusti
30/08/1719Judetha filia Marci Robinson 30 die Augusti
26/09/1719Jacobus filius Jacobi Pybass 26 die Sepbris.
11/10/1719Georgius filius Roberti Campion 11 die Octobris
27/10/1719Guliel. filius Jacobi Harrison 27 die Octobris
24/01/1719Hannah filia Thomae Coverdale 24 die Januarii
02/02/1719Elizabetha filia Petri Fetherstone 2do Februarii
02/02/1719Elizabetha filia Antho. Foster 2do Februarii
16/02/1719Hannah filia Daniel. Duck 16 die Feb.
29/02/1719Richardus filius Johan. Agar 29 Feb.
Glaisdale 1719
18/04/1719Johan. filius Johan. Dale 18 Aprilis
23/04/1719Phil. filius Johan. Dale 23 Aprilis
27/04/1719[blank] fil. Johan. Mead 27 Aprilis
10/05/1719Jana filia Guliel. Potter 10 Maii
10/08/1719Johan. filius Johan. Potter 10 Augusti
08/09/1719Catherina filia Johan. Wood 8 Sepbris.
09/09/1719Johan. filius Tho. Watson 9 Sepbris.
12/09/1719Eliz. filia Johan. Harwood 12 Sepbris.
25/09/1719James filius Milon. Mead 25 Sepbris.
02/12/1719Jana filia Tho. Wood 2 Decembris
29/12/1719Tho. filius Phil. Dowson 29 Decembris
23/02/1719Johan. filius Johan. Frankland 23 Februarii
29/02/1719Johan. filius Georg. Hoggart 29 Februarii
29/02/1719Johan. filius Geo. Laverack 29 Februarii
01/03/1719Hannah filia Richardi Oxley 1 Martii
13/03/1719Anna filia Davidis Lacy 13 Martii
13/03/1719Guliel. filius Rogeri Ness 13 Martii
15/03/1719Johan. filius Rich. Dale 15 Martii
05/04/1720Georgius filius Josephi Lawrence 5th Aprilis
01/05/1720Maria filia Georgii Coverdale 1 die Maii
22/05/1720Hannah filia Josephi Peirson 22 die Maii
09/08/1720James filius Thomas Thomson 9 die August.
16/10/1720Grace filia Marci Robinson 16 die Octobris
20/10/1720Josephus filius Johannis Pearson 20 die Octobris
05/11/1720Daniel filius Georgii Lawrence 5 Novembr.
27/12/1720Johannes filius Roberti Fotherley 27 Decbris.
09/03/1720Margareta filia Richardi Garbutt 9no Martii
Glaisdale 1720
04/04/1720Robt. son of Robti. Cornforth 4to die Aprilis
07/08/1720Milo filius Milonis Mead 7 die Augusti
27/09/1720Danvers filius Danveri Allan 27 Septembris
25/10/1720Maria filia Gulielmi Lacy 25 Octobris
09/12/1720Richardus filius Richardi Breckon 9 Decbris.
09/01/1720Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Campion 9 Janrii.
02/02/1720Maria filia Christopheri Hobb 2do Febrii.
12/02/1720Ricardus filius Ricardi Ellerby 12 Febrii
21/03/1720Johanes filius Johannis Mead 21mo Martii
21/03/1720Maria filia Roberti Campion 21mo Martii
21/03/1720Mathus. filius Georgii Porrett 21mo Martii
18/06/1721Robertus filius Johanis Rickaby 18vo Junii
09/06/1721Johanes filius Georgii Coverdale 9no die Junii
20/07/1721Richardus filius Gulielmi Allan 20mo Julii
20/07/1721Cordilla filia Petri Agar de Comondale eodem die Julii
13/08/1721Georgius filius Petri Nellest 13 Augustii
08/09/1721Johanes filius Georgii Sanderson 8vo die Sevenbris
08/10/1721Johanes filius Thomae Webster 8vo die Eightbris
09/11/1721Thomas filius Thomae Coverdale 9no die Novbris.
27/12/1721Johannes filius Gulielmi Watson 27 die Decembris
06/02/1721Matt. filius Johanis Agar 6to die Febrii.
10/02/1721Radulphus filius Gulielmi Hill 10 die Febrii.
17/12/1721Edw. son of Edw. Watson Dec. 17th, Rosedale
26/02/1721Dorothea filia Richardi Dunning 26 die Febrii.
28/02/1721Franciscus filius Josephi Pearson 28 die Febrii.
02/03/1721Thomas filius Josephi Lawrence 2 die Martii
03/04/1722Jonathn filius Petri Featherstone 3tio die Aprilis
10/04/1722Johannis filius Gulielmi Sanderson 10 die Aprilis
14/06/1722Sarah filia Richardi Garbut 14 die Junii
22/07/1722Marcus filius Marci Robinson 22 die Julii
01/01/1722Maria filia Thomae Pruddome 1 die Januarii
02/01/1722Jana filia Gulielmi Allan 2 die Januarii
05/01/1722Margareta spuria Petri Watson 5to Jan
19/03/1722Jacobus filius Jacobi Potter 19 Martii
01/03/1722Thomas filius Johanis Pearson a 1 die Martii
03/03/1722Jana filia Johanis Frankland 3tio die Martii
12/04/1723Sarah filia Johanis Frank 12 die Aprilis
23/06/1723Georgius filius Jacobi Turner, clerici, natus 23tio Junii
27/06/1723Anna filia Johannis Huntley 27 die Junii
23/01/1723Josephus filius Josephi Pearson 23 Januarii
30/01/1723Georgius filius Ricardi Turpin 30 Januarii
04/02/1723Georgius filius Georgi Coverdale 4 die Februarii
06/02/1723Georgius filius Georgi Trowsedale 6to die Februarii
Glaisdale 1723
21/04/1723Jacob filius Xtopheri Thompson 21 die Aprilis, labourr
06/05/1723Robertus filius Georgii Hoggert 6to Maii, hous-holdr
06/05/1723Jacobus filius Roberti Winspear eodem die, blaksmith
13/05/1723Thos filius Johanis Mead 13 die Maii, hous-holdr
22/05/1723Mercy filia Jarvi Coats 22do die Maii, carpentr
16/06/1723Anna filia Thomae Wood 16 die Junii, bouchr
16/06/1723Sarah filia Richardi Oxley eodem die, hus-holdr
30/06/1723David filius Davidis Lacy 30 die Junii, bouchr
08/11/1723Jana filia Miles Corner 8vo die Novbris., marinr
15/12/1723Anna filia Johanis Wood 15 die Decbris., labourr
04/02/1723Issabella filia Thomae Watson 4to die Februarii, households
08/02/1723Gulielmus filius Thomae Wilson 8vo die Februarii, fully
15/09/1724Georgius filius Gulielmi Watson 15to die Sevenbris
20/09/1724Georgius filius Georgii Sanderson 20mo die Sevenbris
20/09/1724Hanna filia Petri Featherstone eodem die
18/08/1724Sarah filia Johis. Huntley 18 die Augusti
20/08/1724Georgius filius Gulielmi Watson 20 die Augusti
20/12/1724Hanah filia Roberti Petch 20mo die Decembris
Glaisdale 1724
16/04/1724Jana filia Johannis Harwood 16 die Aprilis
28/08/1724Samuel filia Gulielmi Potter 28 Augustii
07/09/1724Johanes filius Johis. Knaggs 7 die Sevenbris
20/10/1724Thos. filius Thomae Pearson 20 die Eightbris
17/11/1724Thos. filius Rogeri Ness 17 die Novembris
19/01/1724Radulphus filius Willielmi Child 19 die Januarii
27/01/1724Richardus filius Ricardi Bows 27 die Januarii
01/02/1724Edvardus filius Edvadi. Adamson 1 die Febrii.
10/02/1724Eliz. filia Jervas Coats 10 die Febrii.
23/02/1724Jonathan filius Davidis Lacy 23 die Februarii
23/02/1724Franciscus filius Milei Mead 23 Febrii.
23/02/1724Ricardus filius Ricardi Dale eodem die
23/02/1724Maria filia Nicholai Hoggert eodem die
12/03/1724Thomas filius Thomae Garbutt 12 die Martii
15/04/1725Jana filia Danielis Duck 15to die Aprilis
27/10/1725Johanes filius Marci Robinson 27mo Eightbris
04/11/1725Sarah filia Gulielmi Allan 4 die Ninebris
03/11/1725Gulielmus filius Wilielmi Coverdale iijtio die Ninebris
29/11/1725Catherina filia Jacobi Turner, cler: nata 29 die Novbris.
13/12/1725Radulphus filius Jnis. Smith bap. 13tio die Decbris.
14/12/1725Robertus filius Jonis. Venice bapt. 14to die Decbris.
Glaisdale 1725
04/04/1725Elizabetha filia Georgii Laverack 4to die Aprilis
04/05/1725Maria filia Georgii Woodwork 4to die Maii
31/05/1725Maria filia Thomae Wood 31mo Maii
19/09/1725Jana filia Richardi Oxley 19no die Septembris
12/10/1725Christopherus filius Christ. Thompson 12mo die Octobris
17/10/1725Anna filia Francisci Woodwork 17mo die Eightbris
21/10/1725Thomas filius Thomae Mead 21mo Octobris
28/11/1725Caralus filius Danvrsi Allin 28to die Ninebris
29/11/1725Robertus filius Roberti Winspear 29no Ninebris
02/01/1725Gulielmus filius Radulphi Knaggs 2do die Januarii
14/01/1725Anna filia Gulielmi Frankland 14to die Januarii
10/02/1725Johanes filius Thomae Dale 10mo die Februarii
10/02/1725Elizabetha filia Philipi Dowson eodem die
12/03/1725Jacobus filius Jacobi Mead 12do die Martii
12/04/1726Jana filia Georgii Trowsdale 12 die Aprilis
03/04/1726Gulielmus filius Isaaci Towlson 3tio die Aprilis
23/09/1726Gulielmus filius Thomae Andrew de Staithes 23 Sept.
30/10/1726Anna filia Thomae Webster 30 die Octobris
13/12/1726Thomas filius Thomae Bulmer 13tio die Decembris
11/12/1726Richardus filius Ricardi Turpin xi die Decembris
Glaisdale 1726
30/05/1726Jones. filius Thomae Watson 30mo die Maii, Lealholm
30/05/1726Robertus filius Georgii Dale 30mo die Maii, houshor
19/06/17261726. June 19. Judith daur of Will. Milner, tanner [Glaisdale MS.]
09/09/1726Juditha [Thomas son of in the Glaisdale MS.] filia Gulielmi Milner 9mo die Sevenbris, blacksmith
23/09/1726Josephus filius Samuelis Wilson 23 die Sevenbris, houshold.
09/10/1726Gulielmus filius Wilielmi Frankland 9no die Eightbris, sailr
30/10/1726Margareta filia Thomae Pearson 30mo Eightbris, Windhill
07/11/1726Georgius filius Georgii Woodwork 7mo Novbris., hous-holdr
29/11/1726Gulielmus filius Miles Corner 29mo Novembris, sailr
09/01/1726Johnson filius Johanis Harwood, household[e]r, 9 Januarii
23/02/1726Maria filia Thomae Wilson 23 Febrii, taillr.
05/03/1726Tamer filia Davidis Lacy vto Martii, boucher
19/03/1726Eliz. filia Roberti Campion 19 Martii, labourer
18/05/1726Wm son of George Sanderson 18 May, 1726
??/??/1726The following are written on the back of the Glaisdale baptisms, in a different handwriting, and the year is not given :-
01/03/1726Thos. ye son of Jno. Peirson bap. 1st March
02/03/1726Wm. ye son of Wm. Sleightham bap. 2d March
14/03/1726Jane ye dr. of M'duke Harrison bap. 14th March
20/06/1727Josephus filius Johanis Huntley 20mo die Junii
26/06/1727Margareta filia Jacobi Turner nata 26to die Junii
01/10/1727Maria filia Jacobi Potter 1mo die Eightbris
31/10/1727Anna filia Jonii. Frank 31mo die Eightbris
09/11/1727Gulielmus filius Gulii. Husband 9no die Novbris.
14/11/1727Thomas filius Thomae Prudome 14to die Novembris
21/11/1727Mabella filia Thomae Fotherley 21mo die Novembris
23/11/1727Johanes filius Richardi Wilson 23tio die Ninebris
19/12/1727Georgius filius Georgii Sumerson 19no die Decembris
21/12/1727Robertus filius Roberti Petch 21mo Decembris
02/01/1727Thomas filius Richardi Garbutt 2do die Janii.
04/01/1727Thomas filius Thomae Pearson 4to die Janii.
01/02/1727Anna filia Thomae Bulmer 1mo die Febrii
20/02/1727Robertus filius Georgei Sanderson 20mo die Febrii.
22/02/1727Maria filia Georgei Trowsdale 22do die Februarii
Glaisdale 1727
12/05/1727Thomas filius Thomae Croft 12mo die Maii
02/05/1727Eleanor filia Johanis Mead 2do die Maii, houshod
14/05/1727Hanah filia Thomae Wood 14to die Maii, bouchr
28/05/1727Georgius filius Christopheri Hobson 28to die Maii, housholdr
29/05/1727Rodalphus filius Rodalphi Mackridge 29die Maii, fullr
23/07/1727Elizabetha filia Rodulphi Penock 23tio die Julii, houshor
01/10/1727Dorothea filia Johanis Oxley 1mo die Eightbris, houshold.
09/11/1727Anna filia Gulielmi Hall 9no die Novembris, boucher
12/11/1727Jana filia Francisci Woodwark 12mo die Ninebris, taler
21/11/1727Gulielmo filius Johanis Frankland 21mo die Novembris, houshdr
22/11/1727Johanis filius Milis. Mead 22do die Ninebris, housholdr
27/12/1727Richdus. filius Thomae Dale 27 die Decembris, householdr
06/02/1727Meriel wife and Hana filia Gulielmi Garbutt 6to die Februarii, meatman
20/02/1727Franciscus filius Johanis Knaggs 20mo die Feb., householder
19/02/1727Maria filia Thom Mead 19no die Febr., household.
[No baptisms in this book between the years 1727 and 1735 exclusive.]
From here, 1728 to 1735, the baptisms are copied from scraps of paper giving those celebrated at Glaisdale.
04/06/1727Jno. son of Jno. Langburn 4th of June
11/06/1727Isabel daur of Jos Laurence 11th June
05/09/1727Barbar. daugh. of Robt. Frankland Sevenber 5th
15/09/1727Wm son of Jno. Winspear Sevenber 15th
17/09/1727Jno. son of James Clark 17 Septr
19/09/1727Thos et Eliz. et Jane son and Dautes. of Tho. Garb. 19 Sevenbris
23/??/1727Wm son of Robt. Grange bap. 23
23/??/1727Mathew son of Reb : Prodam eodem die
Glaisdale Baptisms
04/04/1731Apr. 4. John son of John Harwood
20/04/1731Apr. 20. Thoms son of Witt. Watson
06/05/1731May 6. Jane dau. of John Thompson
16/05/1731May 16. Myles son of John Mead
02/07/1731July 2 (?). John son of John Knags
30/08/1731Augt. 30. Will. son of Will. Bonus
05/09/1731Sept. 5. Geoe and Richd sons of Thomas Fletcher
05/09/17315 Francis son of Mattw Woodhouse
26/10/1731Oct. 26. Marget. dau. of Thos Wood
04/11/1731Nov. 4. Francis son of George Nelson
04/11/17314 Peter son of Peter Fawsit
18/11/1731Nov. 18. Peter son of Danvers Allen
24/11/1731Nov. 24. Thos. son of Thos Dale
01/10/1731Oct. 1. Joseph son of Thos Watson
02/10/1731Oct. 2. Thos son of David Lacy
28/12/1731Dec. 28. Will, base son of Margrit Watson
05/01/1731Jan. 5. Ann daur of Joseph Oxley
13/02/1731Jane et Margt. drs. of Rd. Granbut and Wm. Watson bap. Feb. 13
13/03/1731March 13. Thos base son of Mary Mead, widow
09/05/1731Eliz. dr of Jno. Peirson 9th of May
13/06/1731Jane dr of Wm Sleightham 13th of June
11/07/1731Wm son of Wm Cotham 11th Julii
11/07/1731Hanah dr of Wm Peirson 11th July
26/07/1731Eliz. Dodsforth buried 26th July
28/07/1731Eliz. dr of Thos Dodsforth 28th July
04/11/1731Eliz. dr of Robt. Peirson 4th Nineber
14/11/1731Jane Watson buried 14th Novr
12/02/1731Jane Medd buried 12th February
20/02/1731Hanah dr of Jno. Fletcher 20th of Feb.
24/02/1731Wm Frankland buried 24th February
11/03/1731Eliz. dr of Jno. Dodsforth burd 11th March
15/03/1731Jno. Watson buried 15 of March
16/03/1731John Potter buried 16th of March
10/10/1732Geo. son of Jas. Clark Eightbris 10th
10/10/1732Geo. son of Hen. Watson Eightbris 10th
19/02/1733Hannah dau. of Richd. Baker Feb. 19
29/09/1734William son of William Watson ye 29 Sevenbris
06/10/1734Jane daughr of Ralp. Rudd ye 6 Eightbris
25/10/1734Martha daur of Joshua Campion ye 25 Eightbris.
15/01/1734Wm son of Ephraim Jowsey ye 15 day Janry.
21/01/1734James son of Jas Clark ye 21st day of Janry.
05/02/1734Anne dr of John Foster ye 5th day of Febry
Glaisdale 1734
05/03/1734Mar. 26. Ann dau. of Will. Milner, innkeeper
25/04/1734Apr. 25. John son of Peter Fausit
01/05/1734May 1. Will, son of John Perkin
03/06/1734June 3. Robt. son of Robt. Hodgson
23/07/1734July 23. Laurence son of David Lacy
26/07/1734July 26. John and Bernard sons of Will. Bonus
11/09/1734Sep. 11. Joseph son of Joseph Harison
11/10/1734Oct. 11. George son of Will. Waller
04/05/1735Thomas son of Geo. Sanderson ye 4th of May
20/05/1735Mary dr of Samuel Prudom ye 20th of May
26/05/1735Nathaniel son of Nathel Prudome ye 26th of May
09/10/1735Adonia ye daur of Richd Dilifield ye 9th Octr
30/10/1735Susanah daur. of Robt. Petch ye 30th Octr
25/11/1735Ann daur of Wm Preston Novr ye 25th
26/11/1735Anne daur of John Toes ye 26th of Novr
28/11/1735Robt. son of Jno. Smith the 28th of Novr
18/12/1735Susanah daur of Robt. Featherstone ye 18th day of Decr
Glaisdale 1735
26/03/1735Ann dar of Wm Milner March ye 26th
25/04/1735John son of Peter Fawsett April ye 25th
03/06/1735Robt. son of Robt. Hodgson June the 3d
01/05/1735Willm son of Jno Perkin May the 1st
23/07/1735Lawrence son of David Lacy ye 23e July
11/09/1735Joseph son of Joseph Harrison ye 11th of Sevenber
04/10/1735Geo. son of Willm Waller Octr the 4th
26/08/1736Hester and Ann daughters of Nicholas Wilson the 26th day of August
24/10/1736Ralph son of Geo. Sanderson ye 24th October
04/11/1736Wm son of John Dale the 4th of Novr
17/10/1736Mary dar of Geo. Thompson the 17th of Eightber
07/11/1736Sarah dar of Geo. Watson ye 7th of Novr
10/11/1736Geo : son of Wm Watson ye 10th of November
25/11/1736Mary dr of John Agar ye 25th of Novr
13/01/1736Joseph son of Ralph Rudd ye 13th January
17/02/1736Joshua son of Joshua Campion ye 17th Febry
Glaisdale 1736
11/04/1736Hannah daur of Miles Corner ye 11th Apl., sailer
24/04/1736Robt. son of Joseph Harrison Apl ye 24th, ho : holdr
11/05/1736Jane daur of Christopher Collier ye 11th of May, turner
16/05/1736Dorothy daur of Thos Mead ye 16th of May, ho : holder
17/05/1736Roger son of Roger Ness ye 17th of May, ho : holder
11/07/1736Ellis daur of Joseph Oxley ye 11th of July, ho : holder
15/08/1736Elizabeth daur of Geo. Slater ye 15th of August, ho : holder
05/09/1736Nancy daur of Mathew Woodhouse ye 5th of Sevenber, sailr
05/09/1736Hester dau. of Thos. Wood ye 5th of Sevenber
26/09/1736Sarah daur of Thos Milner ye 26th of Sevenber, ho : holder
03/09/1736Jane daur of William Miller ye 3 of Septr, tailer
25/11/1736Anne daur of Thomas Dowson the 25 Novr, labourr
17/02/1736Richd son of Newark Robinson 17th Feb.
14/03/1736Jonathon son of John Frankland ye 14th March, sailr
20/09/1737John son of Ralph Easton ye 20th of Sevenber
16/10/1737Eliz. daur of Niche Hoggert ye 16 of Eightber
16/10/1737Michael son of Rab. Prudome ye same day
05/11/1737Margaret daur. of Geo. Sum'son ye 5th of Nov
03/11/1737Hanah daur of Willm Preston bap : Nov ye 3d
20/12/1737Robert son of Robert Burton ye 20th Decr
16/11/1737Wm son of Jno. Toes ye 16th Nov
19/03/1737Rich. son of John Dale ye 19th March
27/11/1737Anne daur. of Thos Wilson ye 27 of Nov
27/11/1737Jonathon son of Wm Petch ye same day
Glaisdale 1737
17/04/1737Richd son of Geo. Wood ye 17th of April
11/05/1737Anne daur of Robt. Hodgson ye 11 of May
14/05/1737Jane Redman spr the 14th of May
14/05/1737Anne daur of Wm Wood the same day
21/06/1737Jane daur of Thomas Watson ye 21st of June
14/07/1737Robert son of Joe Potter, weaver, 14th July
16/07/1737John son of John Breckon ye 16th of July
24/07/1737Rich. son of Wm Watson ye 24th July
09/08/1737Mary daur of John Harwood, junr, Aug. 9th
09/08/1737John son of Willm Bonus ye same day
18/08/1737Nancy daur of jno. Boyes ye 18th of Augt.
11/10/1737Eliz. daur of Christ' Collier ye 11th of Eightber
05/12/1737Ralph son of Ralph Potter ye 5th of Dec.
02/02/1737Anne daur of Jno. Thompson ye 2d of Febry.
19/03/1737Eliz. daur of Thos Miller ye 19th of March
06/06/1738Mary daur of Robt. Petch ye sixth of June
07/01/1738Jonathan son of Wm Sunley ye 7th of Janry.
21/05/1738Mary daur. of John Readman ye 21 of May
21/06/1738Hannah daur of Wm Pearson ye 21 of June
23/10/1738Eliz. daur of Jno. Breckon ye 23 October
23/10/1738Wm son of Joseph Harrison ye same day
07/12/1738Hanah dau. of Robt Featherstone ye 7th of Decr
29/10/1738Oct. 29th Mary dr of John Boyes
27/11/1738Novr 27. Anne daur of Robt. Bullman
27/11/173827 John son of Robt. Winspear
12/12/1738Dec. 12. Mary dau. of John Porrit
14/01/1738Janr 14. William son of Jonathan Leng
18/02/1738Febry. 18th Elizth daur of William Watson
04/03/1738March 4th Mary daur of Mathw Woodhouse
29/04/1739April 29. John son of John Bayley
15/04/1739April 15. jane daur of Thomas Wilson
14/09/1739Septr ye 14th Willm son of John Agar
05/10/1739Octr 5th Anne daur of Robt. Jowsey
20/11/1739Nov 20th Rachel daur of Geo. Agar
Glaisdale 1739
10/04/1739Apr 10th Geo. son of Richard Wood, tanner, Gr. houses
02/04/1739Apr 2th Mary daur of Christr Collier, turner, Fryup
17/05/1739May 17th John son of John Harwood, T. hole
11/06/1739June 11th Geo. son of John Dale, regr
05/07/1739July 5th John son of Thomas Wood, ho : holdr, Leal.
10/07/1739July 10. Charles son of Roger Ness, ho : holder, Lealholm Lawns
30/07/1739July 30. Mary daur of Ralph Potter, tanner
16/08/1739Augt 16. John son of Robert Hodgson, ho : holder, H. sike
23/09/1739Sepr 23d Eliz. daur of Christopr Knaggs, shoemaker, L. side
14/10/1739Octr 14th Jane daur of Wm Hall, bouchr, L. side
14/10/1739Octr 14th Preston son of William Wood, ho : wright
06/12/1739Decr 6th Nathan' son of Thos Miller [Milner in MS.], tailer
27/12/1739Decr 27th George son of Peter Fawsett [Fausit in MS.], h : holdr
06/01/1739Janry. 6th Mary daur of Wm Conyer's, a stranger
19/02/1739Febry. 19th Mary daur of Geo. Wood, ho. holdr, H. Park
28/09/174028th Sevenber. Robt. son of Tho. Wilson
28/09/1740Mary daughter of John Holdsforth ye same day
19/11/1740Nov. 19th Wm son of Peter Featherstone
14/12/1740Decr 14th Mary daur of Jno. Foster
14/01/174014th Janry. Joseph son of John Harrison, Comon.
03/04/17403d Apl. Joseph son of John Redman
17/05/174017th May. John son of Jonathn Leng
08/07/17408th July. Thomas son of Thomas Dawson
03/08/17403d Augst. Mary daur of Robt. Bulmer
17/08/174017th Augst. John son of Newark Robinson
10/09/174010th Sepr Esther daur of Francis Pearson
16/09/174016 Septr Thos son of William Bonus
02/10/17402 Octr John son of John Boyes
28/10/174028th Octr Robt. son of John Cornforth
11/11/174011th Novr John son of John Harwood
16/11/174016th Novr Russel daur of Willm Miller
30/12/174030th Decr Jane daur of Willm Pearson
08/02/17408th Febry. Mary daur of Michael Smith
04/04/1741April. Mary daur of Geo. Pearson, East. Tuesday (April 4th)
26/04/174126 Apl. Jane daur of James Clark
24/05/174124th May. Mary daur of John Bayley
04/10/17414th Octr Saml son of Elizabeth Shepherd, spurius
20/10/174120th Eightber. Mary daur of Thos Gray
05/11/17415 Novr John son of John Venice
08/10/17418th Eightber. Thos. son of William Porter
29/12/174129th Decr John son of Ralph Rudd
29/12/1741The same day. Daniel son of Robt. Featherstone
06/01/17416th Janry. John son of George Agar
02/01/17412 Janry. Robt. son of John Frank
02/01/1741Hanah daur of Mathw Chapman ye same day
28/01/174128th Janry. Jacob son of Jacob Pearson, Westerdale
17/11/174117 Novr Hanah daur of Ralph Easton, Comondale
01/12/17411st Decr Willm son of Thomas Hugill
26/03/174126th March. Jonathn son of Richard Ellerby, laborr
26/05/174110th May. Catherine daur of William Watson, innkeeper
04/06/17414th June. John son of Christopher Collier, turner
26/06/174126th June. Hanah daur of Robert Petch, householder
09/08/17419th Augst. Anne daur of Thomas Pearson, householder
24/08/174124th Augst. Mary daur of Thos Hobson, labourer
21/01/174121st Janry. Eliz. daur of Anthony Dowson, ho : holder
25/01/174125 Janry. Moses son of John Boyes, housholder
04/02/17414th Febry. Ralph son of Ralph Potter, tannr
02/03/17412 March. Elizabeth daur of Richard Wood, bapd, tannr
[No baptisms in this book between the years 1741 and 1749 exclusive. Tempus edax rerum.]
Glaisdale 1742
The following, to 1749, are copied from scraps of paper.
A true copy of Glasedale Baptismes Ann. Dom. 1742
Glaisdale Baptisms 1742
28/03/1742March 28. Ann da. of Thomas Campion, housholr
21/04/1742Apl. 21. Margaret da. of Jno. Cornforth, wright
16/05/1742May 16. Ann da. of John Bennison, houshr
13/06/1742June 13. Eleanor da. of Geo. Fletcher, aged 16 years
04/07/1742July 4. William son of Thomas Millar, tailer
08/08/1742Aug. 8. Jonath. son of Jonath. Leng, houshr
29/09/1742Sept. 29. Mary da. of John Dale, houshr
06/12/1742Decembr. 6. Jane da. of Samuel Fletcher, Fryup
06/02/1742Feb. 6. Michael son of Michael Smith, labourr
22/02/1742Feb. 22. Thomas son of Robt. Hodgson, houshr
27/02/1742Feb. 27. Mary dau. of Samuel Protham, houshr
16/03/1742Mar. 16. Elizabeth base da. of Ann Stonehouse
16/03/174216 Elizabeth da. of Will. Wood, houshr
20/03/1742Mar 20. Joseph son of Joseph Harison, houshr
21/09/1742Jane dau. of Nich. Hoger[t] ye 21st day of Sevenber
22/06/1742John son Geo. Sanderson 22 June 1742, Danby
26/06/1743Hannah dr of Saml Prudom 26th June
04/08/1743Daniel son of Joseph Duck Aug. 4
04/09/1743Joseph son of Jno. Dail 4th Sevenber
06/09/1743Eliz. daughtr of Jno. Bayley ye 6th Sevenber
15/09/1743Mary dau. of Jno. Jowsey ye 15th Sevenber
17/09/1743Mary dr of Jno. Venice ye 17th Sevenber
23/10/1743Ellis dr of George Thompson 23 Eightber
23/10/1743Jane dr of Xter. Carter ye same day
23/10/1743Francis Agar and Jno. son of Jane Agar 23 Eightber
13/12/1743Richard son of Wm Preston the 13th Decr
27/12/1743Wm son of Tho. Dowson the 27 of Decr
15/01/1743Mary daur. of Niche Hogert ye 15 January
01/01/1743Leon. son of Geo. (?) Watson the 1st Jan.
27/03/1744Francis son of Robert Jowsey the 27 March
12/05/1744Eliz. dr of Geo. Beadland 12 day of May
03/07/1744Jane dr of Thomas Watson ye 3 July Rosedale
22/05/1744John son of Jae Pybas the 22d day of May
15/05/1744Jag son of Jno. Swailes illegi. ye 15th day of May
15/07/1744Hanah dr of Jno. Agar 15 Julii
23/09/1744Jno. son of Wm Allan 23 Sevenbris
28/10/1744Susannah dau. of Josh. Duck, Ainthorpe, yeoman, bapd Oct. 28
14/02/1744Sarah dau. of Anth. Dowson 14th Febry.
01/10/1744Jno. son of Wm Allen Oct. 1
01/10/1744Thomas Dowson Oct. 1
19/10/1744Hanah daugr of Robt. Slater bap. Oct. 19th
04/02/1745John son of Jno. Lynas bap. the 4 day of Feb.
Glaisdale Baptisms
08/05/1748May 8. John son of Frankland Coats
08/05/17488 Isaac son of Thoms Hobb
19/05/1748May 19. John son of Will. Wood, Fryupp
22/05/1748May 22. Hannah daugr of Thomas Yowart
12/06/1748June 12. John son of Will. Nellist, H. Sike
19/06/1748June 19. James son of Peter Faucit
17/07/1748July 17. James son of Richd Ellarby
04/08/1748Aug. 4. Daniel son of Joseph Duck
05/09/1748Sept. 5. Will. son of Jnr Ponsonby, sojourner
18/09/1748Sept. 18. Ellin daur of Robert Dobson
09/10/1748Octr 9. William son of Christopr Colyer
29/10/1748Octr 29. Moses son of David Morley
29/10/174829 Will. son of Richd Allan
29/10/174829 Sarah daur of Matthew Chapman
12/12/1748Decr 12. Thorne son of Richd Milner
22/01/1748Jan. 22. James son of Mathew Peacock
??/??/1749Odd Diems.
11/06/1749Wm son of Robert Featherstone bapt the 11th day of June
11/06/1749Anne daughtr of Joseph Green bapt the 11th day of June
18/03/1749George the son of John Coverdale bapt. March ye 18th 1749
01/10/1749Oct. 1. Albert and Eliz. son and dr of Robt. Hodgson
19/10/174919. Hanah daug. of Robt. Slater
26/11/1749John son of Thos Prudom 26 November
07/01/1749January 7th Jane daughter of Anthony Marshall
Glaisdale 1749
30/04/1749April 30. Hannah dau. of Jonathon Leng
04/07/1749Jul. 4. Mary dau. of William Dale
21/08/1749Aug. 21. Arm dau. of William Sunley
24/09/1749Sep. 24. Jane dau. of Robt. Cornforth
29/10/1749Oct. 29. Jane dau. of William Hawkswell
06/11/1749Nov. 6. Mary dau. of William Nellist
20/11/1749Nov. 20. Ann dau. of Peter Featherstone
26/11/1749Nov. 26. Mary dau. of Richard Ellarby
26/11/1749Nov. 26. John son of Tho. Prudome
20/12/1749Dec. 20. Judith dau. of Thomas Campion
17/01/1749Jan. 17. Mary dau. of John Pearson, mariner
20/02/1749Feb. 20. Thomas son of William Wood
18/03/1749Mar. 18. George the son of John Coverdale
18/03/1749George son of John and Mary Coverdale baptized Mar. 18, 1749
Glaisdale 1749
30/04/1749Apr. 30 Hannah daughter of Jonathan Leng
04/07/1749Jul. 4 Mary daughter of William Dale
21/08/1749Aug. 21 Ann daughter of William Sunley
24/09/1749Sep. 24 Jane daughter of Robt. Cornforth
29/10/1749Oct. 29 Jane daughter of William Hawkswell
06/11/1749Nov. 6 Mary daughter of William Nellist
20/11/174920 Ann daughter of Peter Featherstone
26/11/174926 Mary daughter of Richard Ellarby
20/12/1749Dec. 20 Judith daughter of Thomas Campion
17/01/1749Jan. 17 Mary daughter of John Pearson, marriner
20/02/1749Feb. 20 Thomas son of William Wood
29/04/1750Apr. 29 William son of William and Ellinor Saunderson
13/05/1750May 13 Ann daughter of Nicholas and Mary Wilson
17/07/1750Jul. 17 Francis son of Thomas and Esther Franklin
20/08/1750Aug. 20 Rebecca daughter of Reb. and John Agar, thatcher
25/08/175025 Timothy son of William and Jane Sowerby
04/09/1750Sep. 4 John and Isaac sons of William and Jane Sowerby
04/09/17504 Mable daughter of W. and J. Sowerby
11/09/175011 Thomas son of James and Elizab. Harding
16/09/175016 Hannah daughter of Thos. and Eliz. Rigg
07/10/1750Oct. 7 Barbara wife of Wm. Hugil (Quaker before)
22/10/175022 Elizabeth Fletcher, virgin (Quaker before)
28/11/1750Nov. 28 William son of Wm. Featherston, parish clark
02/12/1750Dec. 2 or 4 (?) John son of Robert and Eliz. Slaiter
04/12/17504 Roger son of William and Catherine Ness
10/12/175010 Hannah daughter of William and Barbara Hugil
25/12/175025 James son of George Watson
07/01/1750Jan. 7 James son of George Campline, or Campion
21/01/175021 William son of John Green
22/01/175022 Francis son of James Parbus
28/01/175028 Margaret daughter of Robt. Garbert
29/01/175029 William son of Lennox Heberon (illegitimate)
03/02/1750Feb. 3 Mary daughter of Willm. Wardile
19/02/175019 Jane daughter of Thomas Denison
12/03/1750Mar. 12 William son of George Saunderson
Glaisdale 1750
08/05/1750May 8 John son of Samuel Prudam
13/05/175013 Richard son of Christopher Collier
13/05/175013 John son of John Comforth
27/05/175027 George son of George Nellist
02/09/1750Sep. 2 William son 01 Richard Milner
10/09/175010 Ruth daughter of John Slaiter
23/09/175023 Hannah daughter of George Bell
14/10/1750Oct. 14 Jane daughter of John Pearson
04/11/1750Nov. 4 Joseph son of William Dale
25/11/175025 Hannah daughter of John Medd
10/12/1750Dec. 10 Judith daughter of Matthew Peacock
30/12/175030 William son of John Harrison
20/01/1750Jan. 20 Robert son of Frankland Coates
31/03/1751Mar. 31 Joseph son of Joseph Green
12/06/1751Jun. 12 Daniel son of Daniel Hugil
15/06/175115 Nathaniel son of Thomas Prudom
16/06/175116 Judeth daughter of Peter Campion
07/07/1751Jul. 7 William son of John Potter
27/07/175127 William son of Eliz. Toees (illegitimate)
31/07/175131 William son of William Kirkby
15/09/1751Sep. 15 Hannah daughter of Christopher Carter
02/11/1751Nov. 2 James son of James Harding
06/12/1751Dec. 6 John son of Robert Featherstone
20/12/175120 John son of William Rickaby
Glaisdale 1751
24/05/1751May 24 George son of Jonathan Leng
16/06/1751Jun. 16 Richard son of Richard Ellerby
04/08/1751Aug. 4 James son of Peter Featherstone
04/08/17514 Matthew son of Matthew Chapman
04/08/17514 William son of William Ling
04/08/17514 Elizabeth daughter of William Ling
10/08/175110 Margaret daughter of William Hawkswell
21/08/175121 Mary daughter of William Wilson
20/10/1751Oct. 20 Penock son of James Winspear
03/12/1751Dec. 3 Martin son of Martin Taylor
15/12/175115 William son of Robert Cornforth
15/12/175115 John son of Thomas Waler
12/01/1752Jan. 12 Bridget Fletcher (Quaker)
19/01/175219 Mary daughter of Richard Campion
29/01/175229 Thomas son of Thomas Fletcher
07/02/1752Feb. 7 Elizabeth daughter of George Campion
14/02/175214 Elinor daughter of George Wilson
01/03/1752Mar. 1 Elizabeth daughter of John Garbut
29/03/175229 Esther daughter of George Beanland
16/04/1752Apr. 16 William son of William Shepherd
26/05/1752May 26 Thomas son of Thomas Coverdale
15/06/1752Jun. 15 Elizabeth daughter of John Green
19/07/1752Jul. 19 Mary daughter of John Coverdale
16/09/1752Aug. 16 William son of Robert Garbut. New Stile takes Place Sep. 2d,
24/09/1752Sep. 24 Mary daughter of Thomas Rigg
08/10/1752Oct. 8 Elizabeth daughter of John Agar
23/10/175223 Joseph son of Joseph Rickaby, Commondale
23/10/175223 Hannah daughter of Thomas Prudom
Glaisdale 1752
10/01/1752Jan. 10 Richard son of George Wood
23/02/1752Feb. 23 James son of Ralph Fawcit
23/02/175223 William son of Thomas Graham
01/03/1752Mar. 1 Catherine daughter of Thomas Crathorn
01/04/1752Apr. 1 Dinah daughter of William Milner
08/04/17528 William son of William Nellist
14/06/1752Jun 14 Frankland son of Frankland Coates
24/06/175224 Hannah daughter of William Wood
09/07/1752Jul. 9 William son of William Lacy
26/07/175226 Mary daughter of Richard Milner
28/07/175228 Anthony son of Anthony Dowson
18/08/1752Aug. 18 Ann daughter of Thomas Headlam
24/09/1752Sep. 24 Hannah and Jane daughters of Robt. Alicar
27/11/1752Nov. 27 William son of William Winspear
28/11/175228 Joseph son of Christopher Collier
21/01/1753Jan. 21 William son of John Potter
06/04/1753Apr. 6 Thomas son of Thomas Frankland
15/04/175315 William son of William Sowerby
16/05/1753May 16 Hannah daughter of George Campion
20/05/175320 John son of George Wilson
11/06/1753Jun. 11 John son of William Longburn
01/07/1753Jul. 1 Ann daughter of William Featherstone
02/09/1753Sep. 2 George son of William Shepherd
18/11/1753Nov. 18 Eleanor daughter of John Fletcher
04/12/1753Dec. 4 John son of William Stinky
06/12/1753i6 Mary daughter of John Baker
Glaisdale 1753
21/01/1753Jan. 21 Hannah daughter of Robert Dobson
11/02/1753Feb. 11 Elizabeth daughter of John Medd
15/02/175315 Thomas son of Michael Trousdale
25/02/175325 William son of Robert Slaiter
02/03/1753Mar. 2 Cockerill son of Thomas Deiton
09/05/1753May 9 George son of John Pennock
20/05/175320 Sarah daughter of George Bell
08/07/1753Jul. 8 Thomas son of Thom. Graham
08/07/17538 Robert son of Richd. Hall
12/08/1753Aug. 12 George son of Thos. Campion
18/09/1753Sep. 18 Matthew son of Matth. Peacock
01/11/1753Nov. 1 William son of Martin Taylor
23/12/1753Dec. 23 Margaret daughr. of Wm. Hawkswell
23/12/175323 Ralph son of Thomas Miller
12/01/1754Jan. 12 Robert son of Jonathan Agar
24/01/175424 Bethaia daughter of Thomas Fletcher
22/04/1754Apr. 22 wilLam son of Richard tampion
23/04/175423 Ann daughter of Robert Slaiter
03/06/1754Jun. 3 George son of William Scarth
12/06/175412 Michael son of Robert Garbutt
04/07/1754Jul. 4 Sarah daughter of Thomas Prudom
08/07/17548 Jane daughter of Thomas Crathorn
29/07/175429 Mary daughter of Thomas Harding
01/09/1754Sep. 1 Mary daughter of John Garbutt
06/10/1754Oct. 6 Jane daughter of John Agar
21/10/175421 Jane daughter of William Featherstone
03/11/1754Nov. 3 Robert son of Robt. Cornforth
16/11/175416 Milcah daughter of George Leng, Commondale
24/12/1754Dec. 24 Ann daugr. of William Rickaby, Commondale
29/12/175429 John son of John Coverdale
Glaisdale 1754
21/01/1754Jan. 21 William son of George Wood
24/03/1754Mar. 24 Elizabeth daughr. of Jas. Winspear
28/03/1755Mar. 28 John son of George Beanland
24/04/1755Apr. 24 Robert son of John Vennice
24/04/175524 William Fletcher, Quaker
27/04/175527 George son of Joseph Duck
04/05/1755May 4 Abraham son of Robert Sowley
23/05/175523 George son of Charles Summerson
29/06/1755Jun. 29 William son of Thomas Fletcher
04/07/1755Jul. 4 Betty daughter of Willm. Langburn
05/07/17555 Hannah daughter of Jane Watson, spurious
06/07/17556 Ann daughter of John Green
22/08/1755Aug. 22 William son of Willm. Hugill
21/10/1755Oct. 21 Thomas son of Joseph Rickaby
23/11/1755Nov. 23 Elizabeth daughter of Robert Hansel
Glaisdale 1755
30/06/1755Jun. 30 Francis son of John Pearson
03/07/1755Jul. 3 Sarah daughter of John Pearson
04/10/1755Oct. 4 George son of William Wood
13/10/175513 William son of William Milner
13/10/175513 Thomas son of Thomas Headlam
12/11/1755Nov. 12 John son of William Winspear
05/12/1755Dec. 5 Jane daughter of Michael Trowsdale
05/12/17555 Mary daughtr. of Martha Hunter, spurious
15/12/175515 John son of Willm. Lacy
17/01/1756Jan. 17 Robert son and Jane daughr. Thomas Frankland
28/01/175628 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Prudom
10/02/1756Feb. 10 John son of Richard Robinson
27/02/175627 Ralph son of Ralph Easton, Comdale.
05/04/1756Apr. 5 Ann and Jane, daughters of John Potter
11/05/1756May 11 Hannah daughtr. of Robert Peirson
06/05/1756May i6 William son of Daniel Hugill
30/05/175630 John son of John Baker
14/09/1756Sep. 14 Hannah daugr. of Richd. Campion
25/10/1756Oct. 25 Hannah daugr. of William Dale
28/10/175628 William son of Willm. Featherstone
06/11/1756Nov. 6 Mally daughter of Thomas Coverdale
23/12/1756Dec. 23 Isabel daughter of John Hugil
Glaisdale 1756
09/02/1756Feb. 9 Ann daughter of Richd. Milner
09/02/17569 Robert son of John Pennock
09/02/17569 William son of Ann Cook, spurious
30/03/1756Mar. 30 Robert son of Peter Featherstone
30/03/175630 Ann daughtr. of Matthew Chapman
30/03/175630 John son of Thomas Deighton
04/04/1756Apr. 4 Mary daughter of John Pearson
27/04/175627 Ralph son of William Milner
30/05/1756May 30 Thomas son of Robert Garbut
07/06/1756Jun. 7 William son of Matthew Peacock
13/06/175613 James son of Nicholas Harland
13/06/175613 John son of William Fletcher
23/08/1756Aug. 23 Joseph son of George Wood
25/10/1756Oct. 25 Anthony son of Thomas Headlam
12/11/1756Nov. 12 George son of George Hoggarth
16/12/1756Dec. 16 Jane daughter of Peter Featherstone
10/01/1757Jan. 10.. Ann Rachel and Fletcher, virgins (Quakers)
30/01/175730 Ann daughter of George Wilson
04/02/1757Feb. 4 Jane daughter of William Featherstone
13/03/1757Mar. 13 Ellis daughter of James Harding
22/03/175722 Abraham son of Robert Sowley
10/04/1757Apr. 10 George son of Mary daughter of Anthony Marshall
09/05/1757May 9 Jane daughter of William Rickaby, Comondale
14/05/175714 Dinna daughter of Richard Robinson
15/05/175715 Milcah daughter of Charles Summerson
05/06/1757Jun. 5 George son of John Smith
28/06/175728 Mary daughter of Thomas Parsible
08/07/1757Jul. 8 Jane daughter of Thomas Frankland
13/09/1757Sep. 13 Ann daughter of George Campion
18/09/175718 Ellis daughter of Thomas Dowson
25/09/175725 Thomas son of William Langburn
11/10/1757Oct. 11 Mary daught. of Willm. Barber
31/10/175731 Thomas son of Thos. Crathorne
27/11/1757Nov. 27 George son of Thos. Fletcher
29/11/175729 William son of John Parsyble
03/12/1757Dec. 3 Martin son of William Hugil
Glaisdale 1757
23/01/1757Jan. 23 Ann daughter of John Calvert
25/01/175725 Robert son of Robert Groves
19/02/1757Feb. 19 Hannah daughter of John Caustone
20/03/1757Mar. 20 Ralph son of Ralph Fawcit
26/03/175726 William son of William Ness
26/03/175726 Mary daughter of Robt. Slaiter
12/05/1757May 12 John son of John Sanderson
12/06/1757Jun. 12 Tho. son of Willm. Lacey
12/06/175712 Tho. son of Willm. Winspear
19/08/1757Aug. 19 Willm. son of Willm. Hebron
04/11/1757Nov. 4 Ann daughter of Joseph Garbut
04/11/17574 Nancy daugr. of George Wood
13/11/175713 Elizabeth daugr. of John Vennis
24/11/175724 John son of Willm. Knaggs
10/01/1758Jan. 10 Dorothy daughter of Thomas Prudom
25/01/175825 Elizabeth daughter of Richard Smith
01/02/1758Feb. 1 Rebecca daughter of Jonathan Dennison
11/02/175811 Mary daughter of Robert Hardwick
10/04/1758Apr. 10 George son of Robert Easton, Commondale
26/04/175826 George son of Richard Robinson
05/05/1758May 5 Jane daughter of Willm. Hutchinson
11/07/1758Jul. 11 Thomas son of Robt. Pearson
09/08/1758Aug. 9 John son of John Green
24/08/175824 Richd. son of Richd. Campion
16/10/1758Oct. 16 Jonathan son of John Agar
26/10/175826 Mary daughter of Willm. Langburn
05/11/1758Nov. 5 Jane daughter of Thomas Dowson
19/11/175819 Hannah daughter of Willm. Featherstone
23/11/175823 George son of Geo. Wilson
31/12/1758Dec. 31 Jane dau. of Thos. Prudom
Glaisdale 1758
22/03/1758Mar. 22 Mary daughr. of George Fletcher
23/03/175823 Mary daugr. of Jonathan Leng
15/01/1759Jan. 15 Isaac son of Isaac Hugil
11/03/1759Mar. 11 Sidney daug. of Richd. Smith
15/03/175915 Geo. son of Geo. Leng (Commondale)
25/03/175925 Joseph son of Danvers Allan
28/03/175928 Mary daug. of Geo. Campion
30/03/175930 Alice daughter of James Deason, clerk
20/05/1759May 20 Willm. son of Thos. Parsyble
22/07/1759Jul. 22 Charles son of Charles Summerson
26/09/1759Sep. 26 Susannah daught. of Thos. Coverdale
22/10/1759Oct. 22 Hannah daughr. of Joseph Rickaby de Commondale
30/11/1759Nov. 30 Mary daughter of Tho. Porter
15/12/1759Dec. 15 Willm. son of John Robinson
19/12/175919 Mary daughter of Thos. Watson
04/01/1760Jan. 4 Robert son of Thos. Crathorne
12/01/176012 Willm. son of Thos. Prudom
14/02/1760Feb. 14 Thos. son of Thos. Wilson
14/02/1760Feb. 14 Mary daugh. of Robt. Hansel
04/03/1760Mar. 4 Ann daught. of Willm. Strickland
18/05/1760May 18 Sarah daught. of Robt. Hardwicke
25/05/176025 Martha daught. of Willm. Hugil
08/06/1760Jun. 8 John son of Isaac Hugil
11/06/176011 John son of Richd. Robinson
17/06/176017 Mally daught. of Robt. Alicar
17/06/176017 Robt. son of Thos. Deiton
10/07/1760Jul. 10 John son of John Agar
15/07/176015 John son of Tho. Frankland
11/10/1760Oct. 11 Joseph son of Ellis Toes, spurious
21/11/1760Nov. 21 John son of Tho. Pearson
10/12/1760Dec. 10 Willm. son of Thos. Dove
23/12/176023 John son of Robt. Pearson
28/12/176028 Willm. son of Willm. Langburn
02/01/1761Jan. 2 Thom. son of Matthew Hardwick
03/01/17613 John son of Robt. Featherstone
29/01/176129 Robt. son of John Coverdale
24/02/1761Feb. 24 Robt. son of Geo. Campion
01/03/1761Mar. 1 Thom. son of John Green
17/03/176117 Sarah daughter of Willm. Featherstone
03/04/1761Apr. 3 Thom. son of John Green
03/04/17613 Willm. son of Willm. Barber de Comondale
05/04/17615 Martha daughter of John Smith
21/04/176121 Margaret daughter of Richd. Smith
11/05/1761May 11 John son of John Parsyble
16/05/176116 Elizabeth daughter of Thoms. Prudom
06/05/1761i6 Robert son of Armstrong Hodgson
21/05/176121 Betty daughter of John Thornton
08/06/1761Jun. 8 Willm. son of Willm. Rickaby de Comondale
09/06/17619 Jane daughter of Mark Dowson
02/08/1761Aug. 2 James son of Charles Summerson
13/08/176113 John son of Willm. Readman
21/09/1761Sep. 21 John son of Richd. Watson
09/10/1761Oct. 9 Jane daughter of Thomas Parsyble
13/10/176113 Joseph son of Robert Hansell
01/11/1761Nov. 1 Robert son of Christopher Carter
03/12/1761Dec. 3 Matthew son of Matthew Hardwick
15/01/1762Jan. 15 Honour daughter of Elizabeth Hall, spurious
04/02/1762Feb. 4 Hannah daughter of Thos. Watson
07/02/17627 Francis son of Thos. Dowson
23/02/176223 Mary daughter of Willm. Watson
28/02/176228 Sarah daughter of Ralph Easton
10/03/1762Mar. 10 Willm. son of Jonathan Petch
09/04/1762Apr. 9 Elizabeth daughter of John Bousfield
05/05/1762May 5 Willm. son of Robert Hardwick
08/05/17628 John son of Thomas Porter
11/06/1762Jun. 11 Barbara daughter of William Hugill
25/06/1762Jun. 25 George son of George Robinson
04/07/1762Jul. 4 William son of Thomas Prudom
10/07/176210 Henry Clinton son of Richard Smith
18/07/176218 Ann daughter of Danvers Allan
25/07/176225 Sarah daughter of John Marshal
28/07/176228 Ann daughter of Robt. Allicar
01/08/1762Aug. 1 Hannah daughter of John Coverdale
15/08/176215 Jacob son of Isaac Hugil
01/09/1762Sep. 1 Elizabeth daughter of James Deason, minister
12/09/176212 William son of William Fentris
21/09/176221 Hannah daughter of John Fletcher
24/09/176224 Richard son of Richard Robinson
22/11/1762Nov.22 William son of George Wilson
02/12/1762Dec. 2 Robert son of Robert Pearson
24/12/176224 Mary daughter of John Huntley
24/12/176224 Thomas son of Robert Featherstone
04/01/1763Jan. 4 Ann daughter of William Barber of Commondale
31/01/176331 John son of Charles Summerson
20/02/1763Feb. 20 Sarah daughter of John Green
20/02/176320 John son of Thomas Dove
01/03/1763Mar. 1 Mary daughter of Elizabeth Harrison of Commondale, spurious
25/03/176325 George son of William Nicholson
05/04/1763Apr. 5 William son of John Agar
09/04/17639 John son of William Readman
05/05/1763May 5 Eleanor daughter of Matthew Hardwick
13/07/1763Jul. 13 Thomas son of William Langburn
03/08/1763Aug. 3 Ann daughter of William Rickaby of Commondale
19/09/1763Sep. 19 Rachel daughter of Thomas Parsyble
28/10/1763Oct. 28 Eamy daughter of Armstrong Hodgson
03/12/1763Dec. 3 Ann daughter of Thomas Watson
11/12/176311 George Boyes, Quaker, husbandman
23/12/176323 Ann Pearson, Quaker, virgin
30/12/176330 John son of John Thompson, weaver
02/01/1764Jan. 2 Thomas son of William Featherstone
02/01/17642 Jane daughter of Thomas Porter
10/01/176410 Mary daughter of Mark Dowson
14/01/176414 John son of Richard Garbut
18/01/176418 Robert son of Robert Frankland
23/01/176423 John son of John Jowsey
01/02/1764Feb. 1 Ann daughter George Robinson of Commondale
10/02/176410 George son of Thomas Peirson
04/03/1764Mar. 4 Thomas son of Robert Featherstone
13/04/1764Apr. 13 John son of William Watson
25/04/176425 Robert son of Robert Sowley
07/05/1764May 7 George son of George Campion
07/05/17647 William son of John Parsyble
24/06/1764Jun. 24 Mary daughter of Robert Hansel
27/08/1764Aug. 27 Joseph son of Danvers Allan, junr.
02/09/1764Sep. 2 Elizabeth daughter of William Hugil
02/09/17642 Jane daughter of Thomas Porter
22/09/176422 Eleanor daughter of James Deason, minister
01/11/1764Nov. 1 Susannah daughter of Thomas Dove
30/12/1764Dec. 30 Nathaniel son of William Langburn
31/12/176431 Isaiah son of Isaac Hugil
23/01/1765Jan. 23 Alice daughter of Charles Sumerson
27/01/176527 Hannah daughter of Newark Wilson
01/04/1765Apr. 1 Mary daughter of John Thompson, Glaisdale
12/04/176512 Ann daughter of Willm. Day
13/04/176513 Elizabeth daughter of Willm. Barber, Commondale
21/04/176521 William son of Robert Frankland, blacksmith
22/04/176522 Ann daughter of Robert Frankland, yeoman
24/04/176524 Esther daughter of Robert Garbut
27/04/176527 George son of William Bousfield
01/05/1765May 1 William son of William Dale
12/05/176512 Ann daughter of Matthew Hardwick
16/05/176516 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Prudom
02/06/1765Jun. 2 Sarah daughter of William Readman
23/06/176523 Betty daughter of John Huntley
29/06/176529 Elizabeth daughter of Robert Hardwick
30/09/1765Sep. 30 John son of John Frank, husbandman
28/10/1765Oct. 28 John son of Mark Dowson, sailor
08/11/1765Nov. 8 Baptism of Elizabeth daughter of Robt. Hardwick, compleated
15/12/1765Dec. 15 William son of John Coverdale, weaver
20/12/176520 William son of Wm. Hodgsone, Cleri.
09/01/1766Jan. 9 Richard son of Ricd. Shakelton, Head-house
11/02/1766Feb. 11 William son of George Robison
11/02/176611 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Parsyble
02/03/1766Mar. 2 William son of Jonathan Featherston
26/03/176626 John son of Albert Hodgson, Castleton
12/04/1766Apr. 12 Anne daughter of William Fentris
22/04/176622 Anne daughter of Armstrong Hodgson
22/04/176622 James son of John Green, yeoman
21/05/1766May 21 Elizabeth daughter of John Baker
19/06/1766Jun. 19 Elizabeth daughter of James Lidster
30/06/176630 William son of John Scarth
03/07/1766Jul. 3 William son of Thomas Dowson de Commondale
18/08/1766Aug. 18 Joseph son of Isaac Hugil
12/10/1766Oct. 12 Mary daughter of Robert Featherston
23/10/176623 Margaret daughter of William Featherston
16/11/1766Nov. 16 Barbara daughter of Matthew Hardwick
16/11/176616 James son of Charles Summerson
13/12/1766Dec. 13 Esther daughter of George Watson
23/02/1767Feb. 23 Anne daughter of Jno. Breckon de Glaisdale
23/02/176723 Jane daughter of Jno. Parsible
27/02/176727 Mary daughter of Willm. Hugil
21/03/1767Mar. 21 Anne daughter of Willm. Porter
01/04/1767Apr. 1 Anne daughter of John Frank
11/05/1767May 11 John son of William Dale de Botton
13/05/176713 Esther daughter of Wm. Rickaby de Commondale
14/05/176714 Joseph son of Thomas Dove
19/05/176719 Hannah daughter of William Nicholson
20/05/176720 Susannah daughter of John Blackburn
02/06/1767Jun. 2 Jose daughter of Wm. Barber de North Ings
04/06/17674 John son of Thomas Easton
04/06/17674 Same day William son of Richard Garbut
11/07/1767Jul. 11 Mary daughter of Wm. Frankland de Lealham
17/07/176717 Rachel daughter of William Thompson
19/08/1767Aug. 19 Elizabeth daughter of William Dale de Didderhow
20/08/176720 Elizabeth daughter of Joseph Rickaby de Comondale
21/08/176721 William son of Wm. Redman, shoemaker
21/09/1767Sep. 21 Robert son of Robert Huntley de Crosleyside
28/09/176728 Mary daughter of Daniel Davison, weaver
08/10/1767Oct. i8 Anne daughter of John Coberdale, weaver
03/11/1767Nov. 3 Jane daughter of George Campion
04/11/17674 Mary daughter of John Nellist de Houlsike
09/11/17679 Hannah daughter of Thomas Prudom de Castleton
29/11/176729 Richard son of George Robison de How
29/11/176729 William son of William Carter de ditto
07/12/1767Dec. 7 Elizabeth daughter of Robt. Elleker de ultra Friup
17/12/176717 Charles illegitim. son of Alice Thompson
25/01/1768Jan. 25 Elizabeth daught. of Newark Wilson
24/02/1768Feb. 24 Joseph son of John Pibus
21/03/1768Mar. 21 Betty daughter of Jonathan Featherstone
30/03/176830 Sarah daughter of Thomas Parsyble
04/04/1768Apr. 4 James son of Fentris Barker
08/04/17688 Ann daughter of Robt. Hardwicke
10/04/176810 William son of William Porter
22/04/176822 Ann daughter of Tho. Middleton
25/04/176825 John son of Jane Fentris, illegitim.
26/04/176826 George son of George Campion
13/07/1768Jul. 13 Ann daughter of William Watson
09/08/1768Aug. 9 Jane daughter of John Frank
07/08/17687 Betty daughter of Ralph Easton, Guisbrough
18/08/176818 Septimus son of Isaac Hugill
13/09/1768Sep. 13 Mary daughter of Wm. Fletcher
02/10/1768Oct. 2 William son of Robt. Slater
15/10/176815 George son of William Langburne
14/11/1768Nov. 14 Hannah daughter of Robert Featherstone
12/12/1768Dec. 12 Isabel daughter of J. Scarborough, curate of Danby, Westerdale, and Rosedale (?)
17/12/176817 Dinah daughter of Wm. Featherston
08/02/1769Feb. 8 Hannah daughter of John Agar, chairmaker
08/02/17698 George son of Christopher Fawcett
23/02/1769Feb. 23 Miriam daughter of Robt. Fawcett of Glaisdale Chaplry
12/04/1769Apr. 12 Ann daur. of Daniel Davison
22/04/176922 John son of Richd. Garbut
27/05/1769May 27 Mary daughter of Matthew Hardwicke
31/05/176931 Joseph son of John Huntley
12/07/1769Jul. 12 Daniel son of Wm. Hugill
22/07/176922 John son of Thomas Dowson
23/07/176923 Joseph son of William Redman
28/07/176928 John son of J. Easton
30/08/1769Aug. 30 Mary daugr. of Thomas Smith
15/09/1769Sep. 15 John son of John Pybas
16/09/176916 Sarah daugr. of George Robinson
23/09/176923 William son of William Dale
04/10/1769Oct. 4 Elizabeth daughter of George Watson and Mary
11/10/176911 Mary daughter of Thomas Proudum
23/10/176923 Jennet dau. of a traveler Scotch woman
31/10/176931 Hannah daur. of George Campion
01/11/1769Nov. 1 Richard son of William Dale and Ann
20/12/1769Dec. 20 Eliz. daughter of John Scarth

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1912
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
This page © 2020