Danby Registers - Miscellaneous.


Transcription of the Danby Registers - Miscellaneous.


Miscellaneous entries in the Parish Registers.

1585 - 1812.
THE parish of Danby has been so well described by the late Vicar, the Rev. Dr. J. C. Atkinson, in his most interesting volume, Forty Years in a Moorland Parish, that it is unnecessary to say more about it here.

The Register commences in 1585. The first volume contains the marriages and burials at Danby from that date to the end of 1749, and the baptisms to the end of 1727, when there is a gap of seven years. They recommence in 1734, and ter- minate at the end of 1741. In the same volume are also to be found the baptisms conducted at Glaisdale from 1672 to 1727, which, from the latter date to the end of 1749, it has been possible to continue here, the information being supplied chiefly, from scraps of paper which are kept in the Register Book.

The second volume commences in 1750, and contains the Danby baptisms and burials to the end of 1783, and the Glais- dale baptisms to 1758. The Danby marriages are continued only as far as 1754, after which date they are to be found in two registers, printed specially according to Act of Parliament. The first of these terminates in 1794, and the second in 1812. The baptisms and burials are continued in a third (fifth ?) volume from 1784 to 1812.

The Society is indebted to Mr. J. B. Walker, of Bagdale, Whitby, for transcribing the Register, vol. i, which was revised by the editor, who is also responsible for copying the remainder of this issue. Thanks are due to the Rev. George Bird, Vicar of Danby, for permitting the Register to be copied for, and printed by, the Society.

The 21th day of September 1653 Whereas I have received a Certificate from the Inhabitants of the parrish of Danbye that they have made choice of one Joseph Plats for their parrish Register. I doe hereby approue of the sayd Election and doe authorize the sayd Joseph Plats to act as the sayd Register according to the late Act of Parliament in that behalfe made and provided. In witnes whereof I have hereunto set my hand the day and year above written. Geo : Marwood.
About the 12th of March 1775 died Wm. Featherstone the old Parish Clerk. A mighty bustle had been made in the Parish some time before his Decease, who should succeed him. Some said the right of Nomination belonged to the Minn, some to the Parish, and one Thos. Dove who had querk'd the old man out of his Licence, & got into his place, said it belonged to him. However he proved mistaken and dissappointed also. For I gave the nominatn to Geo. Hoggart and he was immediately licensed thereon the other losing his place. R. Greenwood, Minr.
September 2d. The new Stile or Gregorian Account took Place by Act of Parliament ; so eleven Days were cut off or annihilated, & the 2d of Sepr. 1752 was reckoned the 2d or 13th, the next Day the 14th & so on, this was well enough relished till Christmas came, When some wo'd syea a great many keep old Christmas, & some New ; Nay the superstitious Notion was so prevalent amongst our Moore Folks that scarce above 40 made their appearance at the Sacrament on new Xtmas Day which I could attribute to Nothing but superstition & Bigotry.
1753 The following is entered among the Glaisdale Baptisms, between those for the years 1754 and 1755:-
David Morley & Mary Tennant married Octobr. 18 1753 June 17 1754, then received of the Revd Mr. Robinson, Curate of Glaisdale the sume of ten Shillings as an Acknowledgement for his having infringed upon the Parish-Church of Danby in marrying the said David Morley (tho' by a Surrogate's Licence) in the said Chapel of Glaisdal without Leave or a Certificate first had & obtained from the Curate of the Parish-Church of Danby aforesaid. I say received by me Jas. Deason Minister of Danby.

N.B.-Mr. Robinson had but F. for marrying of them, & yet thought he came of well with being only 5s. out of Pocket.-J.D.

As the Act of Parliament for preventing clandestine Marriages taxes Place this Lady Day all Marriages for ye Future will be inserted in a separate Book provided for the same Purpose.-J. Deason.
Jas. Duck A.M. late Sid. Coll. admissn Sep. 8th 1825
Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1912
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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