Danby, Benefactions transcription


Danby parish:


Danby, Benefactions transcription:

The Benefactions to the poor (1) in St. Hilda's Church, Danby.


HANNAH CAMPION, of SKELTON, SPINSTER, by her Will dated April 2nd 1821, left all her real estate in DANBY, unto RICHARD WILSON and JOHN ROBINSON, their heirs and assigns, for ever, upon trust (that among her legacies) should pay to the MINISTER and CHURCHWARDENS, of DANBY, the sum of £100, to be placed out at interest on Government or real securities, the interest or dividend to be applied in aid of the funds of the FREE SCHOOL in DANBY for educating the CHILDREN of the POOR there. This legacy of £100 was paid according to the Will of the TESTATRIX, and is secured on a FARM in FRYUP, called CARR HOUSE, now, (1832), in the occupation of JOHN CAMPION.

The sum of TWENTY SHILLINGS yearly for ever, is payable on the 13th May, out of a FARM in DANBY-SIDE, belonging to JonAthan Winspear of LEVERTON, now, (1832) in the occupation of JOSEPH PARKS for teaching two CHILDREN of the POOR at DANBY FREE SCHOOL, Chosen by the MINISTER and CHURCH WARDENS of DANBY.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson