Danby, Benefactions transcription


Danby parish:


Danby, Benefactions transcription:

The Benefactions to the poor (2) in St. Hilda's Church, Danby.

SAMUEL RABANKE of LONDON, GENTLEMAN, left to the poor of DANBY the yearly sum of SEVENTEEN POUNDS ELEVEN SHILLINGS charged on certain lands and tenements in DANBY and GREAT BROUGHTON, and payable by the heirs and assigns of SAMUEL PRUDHOM, in monthly payments, on the ninth day of every month for ever, at the rate of nine pence per week to each of NINE POOR PERSONS, men or women of the poorest sort for estate and of the best reporte for good life and conversation, all of DANBY, unless when there are not nine poor persons there, in which case three may be chosen out of GLAZEDALE, the said nine persons to be chosen annually on the NINTH DAY OF DECEMBER, after the distribution for that day, and after a sermon preached on that day at DANBY CHURCH, by a PREACHER nominated by the heirs of SAMUEL PRUDHOM, whose heirs and assigns shall pay, out of the said lands and tenements TEN SHILLINGS yearly for ever, for this annual SERMON; and shall also distribute on that day, after sermon ONE PECK OF RYE to each of the nine persons who have received the allowance of nine pence weekly during the year; the election of the nine persons to be supplied in the following year, shall be made by the heirs and assigns of SAMUEL PRUDHOM, out of a list of eighteen, whereof six shall be named by the CURATE, six by the CHURCH WARDENS, and six by the OVERSEERS FOR THE POOR; and if the said heirs and assigns of SAMUEL PRUDHOM fail to attend on the ninth day of DECEMBER, to make such election, then the nine persons shall be elected by the CURATE and OVERSEERS.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson