Danby, Roll of Honour transcription


Danby parish:


Danby, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in St. James's Church, Lealholme.

Roll of Honour


List of those Serving their Country on Active Service
during the great European War.

Major Sir Gordon Ley BartSouth Notts Hussars
†Sec. Lieut. Christopher LeySouth Notts Hussars alt. Royal Flying Corps
†Sec. Lieut. Maurice LeyThe Buffs [attached 1st Battn Lincolns]
Captain Norman Winning3rd Battn Sherwood Foresters
†Captain Claude Wood8th Battn Duke of Wellington's Regiment
Private William BeadleArmy Ordinance Corps
Trooper Fred BellRoyal Horse Guards
†Bombadier George BranchRoyal Field Artillery
†Private John Coverdale11th Battn Yorkshire Regiment
Private Robert Dennis3rd Battn Yorkshire Regiment
Gunner John DennisonRoyal Garrison Artillery
†Sergeant John FawbertRoyal Army Medical Corps
Private Fred Fawbert20th Hussars
Private John Handley4th Battn Yorkshire Regiment
Private Frank Hart8th Battn Yorkshire Regiment
†Private John Jimmison1/4th Battn Yorkshire Regiment
Trooper Fred Lacy3rd Dragoon Guards
Gunner John LacyRoyal Field Artillery
†Sapper John LightRoyal Engineers
Sergeant James LythArmy Service Corps
Gunner Arthur LythRoyal Garrison Artillery
Sapper James ReadmanRoyal Engineers
Private Thomas RichardsonDurham Light Infantry
Private William Shepherd2/9th Battn Highland Light Infantry
Private Robert Stephenson4th Battn Yorkshire Regiment
Sapper Frank WeatherillRoyal Engineers
†Rifleman John WilsonCity of London Regiment
Gunner William WilliamsonNorth Riding Howitzer Battery
Private Thomas Williamson12th Battn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Private William WinningA.S.C. Canadian Contingent
†Private Neural Lacy2/6th Battn Highland Light Infantry
Driver Ernest WilsonRoyal Field Artillery


Driver John HarrisonA.S.C. Motor Transport
Private Frederick ReadmanRoyal Garrison Artillery


Driver Joseph BeeforthRoyal Garrison Artillery
Rifleman Francis FlintoftKings Royal Rifles
†Private John Flintoft5th Battn Durham Light Infantry
Private John SmithRoyal Field Artillery
Gunner John SouthgateRoyal Field Artillery

† Killed In Action


Private Thomas BuckleyNorthumberland Fusiliers
Private William HarrisonRoyal Garrison Artillery
Private Frank LythRoyal Garrison Artillery
Private James LonsdaleEast Kent Regiment
†Private Mark Pearson6th Battn Yorkshire Regiment
Lance Corporal Frank Raw6th Battn Yorkshire Regiment
†Private William RussellYork and Lancaster Regiment
Gunner Arthur SmithRoyal Garrison Artillery
Lance Corporal Henry SwalesWest Yorkshire Regiment
Sapper Thomas WelfordRoyal Engineers
Private Charles WilsonTerritorial Reserve
Private Frank WilsonRoyal Field Artillery
Private William Weatherill6th Battn Yorkshire Regiment
Gunner Thomas LightHonourable Artillery Company
Private William LightReserve Cavalry Regiment
Private Cyril RobinsonSouth Notts Hussars
Private Walter Robinson1st Worcester Regiment
Private William Raw407th Agricultural Company
Private John Smallwood6th Battn South Wales Borderers
Private David PearyRoyal Army Medical Corps
Private Wilfred LightNorthumberland Fusiliers
Sec.Lieut. Roy ParsonsRoyal Garrison Artillery
Driver Harry ParsonsRoyal Garrison Artillery
Private Edward Parsons11th Battn East Yorkshire Regiment
Private William Branch9th Battn Yorkshire Regiment
Private John Hart1st Battn Yorkshire Regiment


Private Charles FenwickDurham Light Infantry
Private George HarrisonRoyal Field Artillery
Gunner John PellarRoyal Garrison Artillery
Private Joseph Weatherill10th Battn Yorkshire Regiment


Private Albert Raw4th Reserve Yorkshire Regiment
Lance Corporal Frank RawPrince of Wales own Yorkshire Regiment

O Almighty Lord God, the Father and
Protector of all that trust in Thee
We commend to Thy fatherly goodness the
men who through perils of war are serving
this nation beseeching Thee to take into Thine
own hand both them and the cause wherein
their King and Country send them
Be Thou their strength when they are set in
the midst of so many and great dangers
Make all be old through death or life, to put
their trust in Thee, who art the only giver of
victory and canst save by many or by few
through Jesus Christ our Lord

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson