Easingwold Directory of Trades and Professions for 1829


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for EASINGWOLD in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,
  • Long-street, Jane Smith, Post Mistress.
  • Letters for London, York, Scarborough, and the South and West of England are despatched every morning at five, and arrive at eight in the evening.
  • Letters for Malton, Helmsley, Driffield, &c. are despatched at half-past four in the afternoon, and arrive at half-past ten at night.
  • Letters for Thirsk, Northallerton, Durham, Sunderland, &c. are despatched every evening at eight, and arrive at five, in the morning.
Gentry and Clergy,
  • Atkinson James, gent. High street
  • Baraugh Henry, gent. Long street
  • Chaloner Rev. Henry, Alne
  • Clough Thomas, gent. Market place
  • Crawford Thomas, gent. Market place
  • Croft Henry, esq. Stillington
  • Croft Rev. William, Stillington
  • Driffield Mrs. Ann, Long street
  • Guise Rev. P. Craike
  • Hobson Mrs. Elizabeth, High street
  • Homer George, gent. High street
  • Jackson Misses Ann & Jane, Long street
  • Leng William, gent. High street
  • Lockwood Rev. William, High street
  • Newton Rev. Thomas, Coxwold
  • Oliver James gent. Long lane
  • Payley Rev. Edmund, Market place
  • Raper John, gent. Market place
  • Saunders Doyle, esq. Craike
  • Scott Thomas, esq. Oulston
  • Shepherd --, gent. Craike
  • Sigsworth Thomas, gent. High street
  • Sigsworth William, gent, High street
  • Stillingfleet John, gent. High street
  • Strangways Edward, gent. Alne
  • Thomlinson John, gent. High street
  • Thornton Mrs. Alice, Long street
  • Tyrer Rev. Richard, Market place
  • Whitehead Misses Margaret and Rachael, Market place
  • Wilkinson John, gent. Long street
  • Wilkinson Rev. John. Alne
  • Winter Rev. --, Coxwold
  • Wombwell George, esq. Newbro' park
  • Wrightson Mrs. Frances, Market place
Academies and Schools,
  • Free School, Market-place, George Stephenson, master
  • Hornby Mary Ann, Long street
  • Mountier William, High street
  • Rawling Francis, High street
  • Stockton John, Long lane
  • Sturdy Mary, High street
  • Westerman's Endowed School, Long street --William Marton, master
  • Foster Jonathan, Long street
  • Lockwood William, Market place
  • Calway William, Market place
  • Viney John, Long street
Bakers & Flour Dealers,
  • Holmes Richard, Long street
  • Johnson Mary, Market place
  • Nelson Christopher, Long street
  • Windross Joseph, Market place
  • Bean John, Long street
  • Elmer John, Market place
  • Farrow Dorothy, Market place
Boot and Shoe Makers,
  • Bell John, Long Jane
  • Carter William, High street
  • Cowling John, Market place
  • Driffield Robert, Long street
  • Hetherington Thomas, Long street
  • Mountain William, High street
  • Peacock Thomas, Market place
  • Rawling Francis, Marketplace
  • Skaife John, Long lane
  • Skaife Thomas, High street
  • Smith Martin, Market place
  • Todd George, Market place
  • Todd Jonathan, Market place
  • Dixon William, High street
  • Holmes James, Long street
  • Littlewood Robert, High street
  • Preston William, Long street
  • Preston William, Market place
  • Sowray William, Long street
Brick Makers,
  • Ketch Richard, Long street
  • Raper Edward, near Crankeley
  • Bell Moses, Long street
  • Caris Jethro, High street
  • Lund George, Long street
  • Sturdy John, near Long street
  • Britton Thomas, High street
  • Reacher Edward, High street
  • Reacher Robert, High street
  • Reacher William, Long street
  • Rooklidge Francis Long lane
  • Rooklidge John, Long street
  • Rooklidge Richard, Long street
Corn Millers,
  • Beedon William, Market place
  • Dale Christopher, near High street
Curriers and Leather Cutters,
  • Balmbrough William, Market place
  • Hutchinson Thomas, Long lane
Druggists & Grocers,
  • Bainbridge Christopher Thomas, Market place
  • Seavers William, Market place
Fire, &c. Office Agents,
  • Globe, Jonathan Foster, Long street
  • Yorkshire, Charles Johnson, Market place
Gardeners & Seedsmen,
  • Ezard Emanuel, Long street
  • Harrison Thomas, Long street
  • Lambert Francis, Church lane
Hair Dressers,
  • Arnett John, Little lane
  • Robinson Robert, High street
  • Wood John, Market place
  • Burrows William, (& furrier) Long lane
  • Johnson Charles, Marketplace
  • Ridley John (manufacturer) Market place
Inns, Taverns & Public Houses,
  • Angel, William Calway, Market place
  • Bay Horse, John Harrison, Long street
  • Blue Bell, Ann Lyon, High street
  • George Inn (commercial) William Preston, Market place
  • Grey Horse, Jonathan Harrison, Long street
  • Horse Shoe, John Bean, Long street
  • Jolly Farmer, James Forbank, High street
  • Malt Shovel, Jonathan Wood, Market place
  • Nag's Head, Robert Driffield, Long street
  • New Inn, George Skaife, Long street
  • New Rose & Crown Inn (& posting house & excise office), Jonathan Dods, Long street
  • Old Rose and Crown Inn, Henry Dunford, Long street
  • Old Unicorn, Marmaduke Gowland, Long street
  • Old White House, Thomas Burton, White House
  • Punch Bowl, Jonathan Colley, Market place
  • Royal Oak, William Harrison, Long street
  • Sun and Punch Bowl, George Lund, Long street
  • Unicorn, William Boulton, Market place
  • Wagon & Horses, John Appleby, White house
  • Barker George (and whitesmith) Market place
  • Barker Joseph, Market place
Joiners & Cabinet Makers,
  • Clemetshaw Thomas, Little lane
  • Dacre Benjamin, Long street
  • Preston Thomas, Harrison's yard
  • Rooklidge William, Long street
  • White William, Long lane
Linen & Woollen Drapers,
  • Ashton John (& tea dealer) Long 1ane
  • Driffield Henry, Long street
  • Housman John (& grocer) Market place
  • Johnson Charles (and tea dealer) Market place
  • Mountain Edward, (& grocer) Long street
  • Smith John (& hatter) Long street
Linen Manufacturers,
  • Ball George (& flax dresser) Market place Long street
  • Dunning John (and flax dresser)
  • Holmes John, Long street
  • Britton John, Long street
  • Rocliffe John (& brewer) High street
Milliners & Dress Makers,
  • Britton Elizabeth, Long street
  • Dalton Rachael, Market place
  • Smith Mary Ann, Long street
  • White Ann, Long street
  • Wood Bessey, Market place
Plumbers, Glaziers and Tin-Plate Workers,
  • Smith Henry, Market place
  • Smith John, Market pace
  • Smith William, Market place
  • Dalton Thomas, Market piece
  • Todd James & Sons (& bookbinders) Long street
Rope & Twine Manufacturers,
  • Miller John (& flax dresser) Market place
  • Smith Leonard, Long street
  • York Thomas, High street
  • Barker David, Market place
  • Earnshaw Thomas, Market place
  • Gatenby Henry, Market place
Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,
  • Armin George, Long street
  • Atkinson Mary, Long street
  • Beedon William, Market place
  • Bickerdike James, Long street
  • Dixon Mary, High street
  • Galltress George, Long street
  • Hall John, Long street
  • Holmes Richard, Long street
  • Martin John, Long street
  • Palmer Hannah, Long street
  • Twinam John, Market place
Straw Hat Makers,
  • Fisher Mary, Market place
  • Haw Barbara, Market place
  • Cock George, High street
  • Dennis William, Stillington
  • Holtby Thomas, Stillington
  • Rocliffe William Lodge, M.D. Market place
  • Scott John, Long street
  • Skaife Robert, Long lane
  • Bland John, High street
  • Bland John (& draper) Market place
  • Bland Thomas, Long street
  • Bland William, (& draper) Market place
  • Hornby John, Long street
  • Render Thomas, High street
Tallow Chandlers,
  • Cowen John, Coxwold
  • Dale Joseph, High street
  • Windross John (and woolstapler) Market place
  • Banks Thomas, Long street
  • Brown William, Market place
  • Wilkinson John, Long street
Watch & Clock Makers,
  • Barker Joseph, Market place
  • Richardson Ann, Market place
Wine & Spirit Merchants,
  • Bainbridge Christopher Thomas Market place
  • Garbutt John (and woolstapler) Market place
  • Rawling Francis, High street
  • Barker Ralph, farrier, Long street
  • Bland George cooper, High street
  • Clemetsaw Thos, gun maker, Long lane
  • Douthwaite Thomas, haberdasher and hosier Market place
  • Fairbourn Henry, painter & gilder, Long street
  • Farrow Hannah, hardware dealer, Market place
  • Fortune William, nail maker, Market place
  • Gaines George, basket maker, Long street
  • Hirst John, fishmonger, Long lane
  • Hobson John, tanner, Church lane
  • Moor Thomas, earthenware, dealer, market place
  • Steel John, timber and iron merchant,
  • Thompson Richard, glover, Long street
  • To London, the Royal Mail (from Edinburgh) calls at the New Inn, every morning at five- the Express (from Newcastle) calls at the New Rose & Crown Inn, every evening at eight, the Highflyer, every afternoon at a quarter five and the Wellington, every noon at a ¼ past two; all go thro' Thirsk, York, Ferrybridge, Doncaster, Grantham, Stamford, Huntingdon and Ware.
  • To Edinburgh, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the New Inn, every evening at ten minutes before eight; goes thro' Thirsk, Northallerton, Darlington, Durham, Chester-le-Street, Newcastle Morpeth, Alnwick, Belford, Berwick, Dunbar and Haddington.
  • To Newcastle, the Express (from London calls et the New Rose and Crown inn every forenoon at twenty minutes before eleven-the Highflyer, at twenty minutes before twelve-& the Wellington, every evening at eight; all go through Thirsk, Northallerton, Darlington Durham and Chester-le-Street.
  • To South Shields, the Royal Mail (from York) calls at the New Rose and Crown Inn, every night at 20 minutes before eleven; goes thro' Thirsk, Cleveland, Stockton and Sunderland.
  • To York, the Royal Mail (from South Shields; calls at the New Rose and Crown Inn, every afternoon at a quarter after four.
  • To Newcastle, Pickersgill and Co.'s Van, from the Nag's Head, every Thursday morning and Sunday afternoon-& Wagons, every Wednesday & Saturday mornings; go through Thirsk, Northallerton, Darlington & Durham.
  • To Northallerton John Flintoff from the Angel, every Wednesday and Saturday; goes through Thirsk.
  • To Thirsk, Mary Jefferson, from her house, Long-street, every Monday and Thursday morning
  • To York, Craigs & Co. from the Nag's Head, every Monday & Thursday night -Mary Jefferson, from her house, Long-st, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings--John Flintoff, from the Angel, every Tuesday & Friday morning-& Henry Gatenby, from his house, Market place, every Wednesday and Saturday morning
  • To York, and all parts of the South and West of England, Pickersgill and Co.'s Van (from Newcastle) calls at the Nag's Head every Tuesday & Friday morning
  • To Yolk, Leeds and all of the South and West, Pickersgill & Co.'s Wagons (from Newcastle Nag's Heads every Monday and Thursday night.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003