Easingwold Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1890


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for EASINGWOLD in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


  • St. John the Baptist - Rev. Nathan Jackson, M.A., vicar
  • St. John the Evangelist, (Catholic Church), Long street - Rev. Cuthbert Murphy, priest.
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Spring street - Rev. J. Hawkins, minister
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Chapel street - Revs. Alfred Barber and James Wakely
Miscellany of trades
  • County Councillor, Easingwold Division - Hy. Hawking, Esq., Raskelf.

  • H. M. Stapylton, Esq., Myton hall, Chairman
  • Hon. Payan Dawnay, Beningbrough hall
  • Captain William Waite, Crayke castle
  • Major A. H. Cochrane, Aldwark manor
  • John S. Strangwayes, Esq., Alne hall
  • Joseph Horatio Love, Esq., The Hawkhills
  • Harry Croft, Esq., Stillington hall
  • Herbert Thelluson, Esq., Brandsby lodge
  • W. B. Richardson, Esq., Huby Burn
  • F. H. Wailes, Esq.
  • Clerk - Octavius Robinson, solicitor
  • Petty Sessions are held in the Public Hall the second and last Wednesdays in each month, at 11 o'clock.

  • Meetings are held on Fridays, fortnightly, at 11a.m., in the Board Room at the Workhouse
  • Chairman - John Coates, Angram hall
  • Vice-Chairmen - Thos. Andrews & John Cattley
  • Clerk to the Guardians - F. J. H. Robinson, solicitor
  • Treasurer - John Rookledge, Union bank
  • Medical Officers - Easingwold District, F. G. Tooker; Stillington District, F. S. Gramshaw; Alne District, E. V. Phillips; Coxwold District, J. McCracken
  • Workhouse - E. B. Hicks, medical officer; J. T. Leckenby, master; Mrs. Leckenby, matron; Miss S. E. Jackson, schoolmistress
  • Relieving Officer, &c. - James Dale, Long street
  • Collector for the Guardians - J. W. Smith, Spring Head house
  • Overseers - George Crosby, and Thomas Yarker

  • Supt. Registrar - F. J. H. Robinson, Market place
  • Deputy Registrar - O. Robinson, Market place
  • For Easingwold District - J. W. Smith
  • For Coxwold District - George Smith
  • For Stillington District - William Gibson

  • Held every alternate month in the Public Hall, Market place
  • Judge - His Honour, Edmund R. Turner
  • Registrar and High Bailiff - Octavius Robinson
  • Clerk - Thomas J. Holmes
  • Sub-Bailiff - John Robert Britton

  • Easingwold Railway Co. - Directors,
  • Sir G. 0. Wombwell, Bart., Newburgh Priory;
  • J. H. Love, Esq., J.P., Hawkhills, Easingwold;
  • G. H. Smith, Esq., Easingwold;
  • Hon. F. H. Dawnay, Beningbrough Hall;
  • Bankers, Yorkshire Banking Co., Easingwold;
  • Consulting engineer, R. E. Cooper, M.1.C.E., Parliament street, Westminster;
  • Solicitors, 0. Robinson & Son, Easingwold; John Baker, Esq., Queen Anne's gate, London
  • Easingwold Gas Light and Coke Co., Limited, Long street; E. Rookledge, secretary
  • Easingwold Public Hall Co., Limited, Market place; J. C. Bannister, secretary
  • Easingwold Volunteer Fire Brigade, Market place; F. E. Rookledge, hon. secretary
  • Easingwold Wesleyan Institute, Chapel street; J. W. Smith, secretary

  • Superintendent - John Wright, Heworth
  • Inspector - Thomas Archer, Easingwold

  • The meetings of the waywardens are held on the second Friday in each month, at the Public Hall, Easingwold, at 2 p.m.
  • Chairman - John Coates
  • Vice-Chairman - Henry Hawking
  • Clerk - Mr. Robinson, solicitor
  • Treasurer - G. H. Smith, Yorkshire bank
  • District Surveyor - G. Thompson
  • Waywarden for Easingwold - T Smith, Hanover house

  • Chairman- - John Coates
  • Clerk - F. J. H. Robinson
  • Inspector of Nuisances - William Snowdon
  • Medical Officer of Health - E. B. Hicks Meetings at the Board Room, Union Workhouse, every fourth Friday, at 12 o'clock

  • The jurisdiction of this committee extends over all the parishes in the Easingwold Union except those of Carlton-Husthwaite and Thormanby. The committee meet every four weeks, on Fridays, at 12 o'clock, at the Board Room, Union Workhouse
  • Chairman - George Pick, Tholthorpe
  • Clerk - F. J. H. Robinson
  • School Attendance Officer - Jas. Dale, Long st
  • Ex-officio Members - Sir George 0. Wombwell, Bart., Rev. G. Scott, A. H. Cochrane, Esq., and Harry Croft, Esq.
  • Members - Messrs. G. Dobson, J. Driffield, Easton, Flawith, T. Y. Flower, James Shepherd, and Charles Wilkinson

  • Held in September, yearly; Mr. John Coates, Angram hall, honorary secretary

  • Chairman Mr. John Coates
  • Clerk - Mr. F. J. H. Robinson
  • Ex-officio Members - A. H. Cochrane, J. H. Love, H. M. Stapylton, and H. Thellusson, Esqrs.
  • Members - Messrs. John Cattley, Thos. Andrews, R. F. Leak, R. Ellis, J. T. Robinson, Noah Wynn, and W. Farrer The rateable value of the Union, 1889, £91,053, against £92,138 in 1888

  • Adams (omnibus), to York, on Saturdays, from the York Hotel, at 8 am., returning from the White Horse Inn, Bootham, at 4 p.m.; to Thirsk, on Mondays, at 8 a.m., and returning from Mrs. C. Bosomworth's, Market place, Thirsk, at 4 p.m.
  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph, Insurance Annuity, and Stamp Office, and Savings Bank, Market place; G. H. Smith, postmaster. Rural messengers leave Easingwold Post Office at 6 a.m.; town deliveries commence at 7 a.m. and 4-30 p.m. General despatch, for all parts, at 11-25 a.m. and 7-50 p.m Letter Box closes at 11-15 a.m. and 7-30 p.m., and 7-45 p.m. on Sundays. Office hours, from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Adams David, 'bus proprietor, Long street
  • Ainsworth John, town crier, Uppleby
  • Arnett James, rope and twine maker, Spring st
  • Batty Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, Long street
  • Bell Mr Bainbridge, Uppleby
  • Berry Mrs. Jane, toy dealer, Long street
  • Binnington John, manager, Gas works
  • Blackburn John, bricklayer, &c., Uppleby
  • Bland Mrs. Ann, Chapel street
  • Bland Miss Marianne, Long street
  • Boggett John Thomas, relieving officer, school attendance and vaccination officer, Market pl
  • Brett James, chimney sweep, Long street
  • Britton Miss Ann, milliner, Chapel street
  • Britton John Robt., land surveyor, assessor and bailiff, County Court; and agent, Sun Fire office, Long street
  • Brogan James, fruit and potato merchant, and general and marine store dealer, Long street
  • Brown William, cowkeeper, Chapel street
  • Cariss Mr. William, Market place
  • Clough Miss Elizabeth, Long street
  • Colpitt Mr. William, Market place
  • Corn Returns Office, George Hotel
  • Cowling Harry, pig dealer, Market place
  • Cowling Mrs. R., china, &c., dealer, Chapel st
  • Curry Robert, bricklayer, &c., Church hill
  • Dale James, relieving officer, Long street
  • Dickson Francis, agent for Sir G. 0. Wombwell, Bart., Uppleby
  • Driffield Mr. Henry, Long street
  • Driffield Miss Jane, Long street
  • Driffield Mrs. Margaret, Market place
  • Duck Miss Emma, Long street
  • Easingwold Union Flour Mill Co., Ltd., Long street; George Taylor, secretary
  • Eshelby Mr. Thomas, Long street
  • Estate Office, Uppleby; Joseph H. Love, Esq.; Jas. E. Woof, accountant; F. J. H. Robinson, agent
  • Grainger Thomas, hind, Dodholme wood
  • Harrison Mrs. Hannah, Providence house
  • Hawkins Rev. Jph. (Prim. Meth.), Long street
  • Hayden Mrs. Hannah, The Old vicarage
  • Hicks Rev. John Champion, The Villa
  • Hobson C. & Son, tanners and curriers, Church hill
  • Hobson Mr. Joseph, Spring cottage
  • Hogg Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, Chapel st
  • Holmes Thomas Johnson, solicitor's clerk, assistant overseer, &c., Long street
  • Hutchinson Mr. John, Long street
  • Hutchinson Thos., basket maker, Market place
  • Jackson Rev. Nathan, M.A., Vicarage
  • Jackson Thos., corn and flour dealer, Spring st
  • Johnson Miss Annie, Bank house
  • Jones Mr. Thomas, Market place
  • Leadley Mr. William, Uppleby
  • Love Jph. Horatio, Esq., J.P., The Hawkhills
  • Murphy Rev. Cuthbert (Catholic), Long street
  • Nicholson Mr. William, Uppleby
  • Penty John J., Brewery house, traveller and collector to John Smith, brewer, Tadcaster; agent to Lawe's Chemical Manure Co., Ltd., London; and cigar merchant
  • Preston Misses Mary and Jane, Long street
  • Richardson William Benson, Esq., J.P., and alderman C.C., Huby Burn
  • Rickaby Mrs. Mary Ann, Uppleby
  • Rockledge Miss Maria, Long street
  • Rowntree Misses Ann Elizabeth and Julia, Market place
  • Sanderson Mrs. Eleanor, Long street
  • Scholefield John, coal dealer, Chapel street
  • Shipley J., postman to Aldwark, &c., Long st
  • Skaife Miss Sarah, Market place
  • Smith Chris., master mariner, Uppleby
  • Smith John Wesley, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, Spring street
  • Smith John, Tadcaster Brewery stores, High st
  • Swinbank Jon., com. traveller, Market place
  • Taylor Gao., secretary to Easingwold Union Steam Flour Mill Co., Ltd., Long street
  • Teasdale Mrs. Jane, Uppleby
  • Todd Mr. Benjamin, Hope cottage, Long street
  • Vant Mr. John Salmon, Uppleby
  • Ward Mr. John, Long street
  • Wilkinson Miss Mary, Long street
  • Wilkinson Mr. Thomas, Long street
  • Woof James Edward, accountant, Long street


Academies and Schools.
  • Abel Miss R. (ladies'), Long street
  • Blythe The Misses E. A. & F. K. (ladies' boarding), Long street
  • Catholic School, Long street; Mrs. M. C. Welch, mistress
  • Church of England School, Market pl; Wm. Bensley, master; Mrs. N. Bensley, mistress
  • Grammar School, Spring head; James Davis, B.A., Cantab, head master
  • Taylor Mrs. Eliz. (day school), Long street
  • Wesleyan School, Long street; Thos. C. Waterland, master; (infants'), Miss Mary Brown

Auctioneers & Valuers.
  • Flawith John, Market place
  • Snowdon William, Market pl

  • York Union Banking Co., Ltd., Market pl; J. Rookledge, agt
  • Yorkshire Banking Co., Ltd., Market pl; G. H. Smith, agt

  • Cariss John D., Market place
  • Cundall Thomas, Long street
  • Snowden Thomas, Long street

Booksellers, Stationers, &c.
  • Rookledge Fras. (and chemist), Market place
  • Smith G. H. (and lithographer, printer, &c.), Market place

Boot and Shoe Makers, &c.
  • Crosby George, Market place
  • Fothergill William, Long st
  • Hodgson Thomas (dealer - and draper, &c.), Long street
  • Peacock Thomas, Chapel st
  • Smith Jas. (dealer - and ham and bacon factor), Market pl

Brick and Tile Makers.
  • Baines William (and farmer), Crankley
  • Cooper -, Shires

  • Brown William, Chapel street
  • Mountain William, Spring st
  • Nelson Brothers, Market pl
  • Smithson R. (pork), Market pl

Cabinet Makers, &c.
  • Hartley Thomas, Long street
  • Medd William, Market pl

Drapers (General).
  • Beckwith P. & Son, Long st
  • Hodgson Thomas (wholesale and retail - and hatter and clothier), Long street
  • Smith John, Market place

  • Britton Miss Ann, Chapel st
  • Cariss Miss Ellen, Long street
  • Dunnington Miss S. (and milliner), Long street
  • Hutchinson Miss A., Long st

  • Allen J. (and carter), Rose villa
  • Allison J. (yeo.), Manor house
  • Armin George, Chapel street
  • Arnett George, Primrose hill
  • Baines James, White houses
  • Barber Wm., Low Hawkhills
  • Barker Martin (and carter), Spring street
  • Batty James T. (yeo.), Lund
  • Bean James, Rising Sun
  • Britton Robert, Chapel street
  • Brown James, Long street
  • Caygill George, Low Crankley
  • Clark John, Long street
  • Close Thomas, Uppleby
  • Curry Thomas, Uppleby
  • Dobson Joseph, Uppleby
  • Flawith T. (yeo.), Haverwiths
  • Hill William (farm bailiff), Huby Burn
  • Holey George, Crankley
  • Jackson Robert, Haxby's farm
  • Jones John Smith, Market pl
  • Judson Amos, The Lund
  • Kemp Mrs. H., Oulston road
  • Kemp William, Blakestiles
  • Kidd John, High Crankley
  • Lancaster George & Lawrence
  • Layton Thos. & Son, Moss end
  • Leak Robert Flawith, Manor house, The Lund
  • Mason John, Chase Garth
  • May Jas., Providence cottage
  • Mercer Samuel, Nova farm
  • Mountain John, North moors
  • Nicholson Wm. (yeo.), Uppleby
  • Passman John, Long street
  • Peacock Robert, North moors
  • Pettinger Hy., Hollins grove
  • Pettinger John, Carolina farm
  • Pickup William, Cobb's farm
  • Porrill R. (yeo.), Holly house
  • Pottage John, Lund farm
  • Robinson G. (yeo.), Rose cot
  • Robson G. (yeo.), Shires house
  • Santon George, Blade's farm
  • Scriven John, Thorn hill
  • Shields Henry H., Bank's farm
  • Shields Hy., Dodholine wood
  • Smith Mrs. Hannah, Market pl
  • Smith Thomas, Hanover house
  • Stott John, North moors
  • Sturdy Thomas, Whitehouses
  • Tebb James, Woodbine cottage
  • Thirkell William, Crankley
  • Thirkill Charles, Spring head
  • Thompson H. F. D., Fawdington lodge
  • Thompson William, The Lund
  • Turton Rt. (and cattle dealer), Prospect house
  • Umpleby Matthew, Low shires
  • Walker Charles, Driffield farm
  • Walker John, Long street
  • Yarker Thomas, Holly brook

Fire and Life Insurance &c., Offices.
  • London & Liverpool & Globe; John Smith, Market place
  • Prudential; W. Clark, Uppleby
  • Royal; John Chas. Bannister, Uppleby
  • Yorkshire; G. H. Smith, Market place; J. Rockledge, Market place

Grocers, Tea and Provision Dealers.
  • Atkinson Mrs. Sarah, Long st
  • Baines Charles, Long street
  • Bannister Mrs. Annie, (and wholesale) (& cattle cake, &c)., Market place
  • Barker Chas. Henry, Uppleby
  • Barker William, Market place
  • Bland Misses Sarah and Mary Jane, Uppleby
  • Carris Miss Annie (and draper), Market place
  • Dale Christopher, Long street
  • Frankland John, Spring head
  • Haynes G. (and confectioner), Long street
  • Lee Miss Sarah (and confectioner), Chapel street
  • Robinson Mrs. Eliz., Long st
  • Sturdy Mrs. Mary, Spring head
  • Turton John (and cattle cake, &c)., Market place
  • Woodson, Mrs. Eliza, Long st

Hair Dressers.
  • Ellis Charles, Market place
  • Taylor Alfred, Market place

Hotels, Inns, &c.
  • Angel Hotel, Market place; William Mountain
  • Bay Horse, Long Street; Mrs. Ellen Oliver
  • Blue Bell, Uppleby; W. Hall
  • Commercial, Market place; Samuel Beesley
  • Fleece Inn, Long street; Thomas Hartley
  • George Hotel, Market place; James Haynes, proprietor, (commercial and posting house) (agent for J. Smith's Tadcaster ales)
  • Green Tree, Long street; Mrs. Jane Shipley
  • Horse Shoe, Long street; Thomas Snowden
  • Jolly Farmer, Spring street; George Webster
  • Malt Shovel, Spring street; Thomas Swales
  • New Inn, Long st.; J. Robinson
  • Punch Bowl, Long street; Thomas Dobson
  • Royal Oak, Long street; Mrs. Ann Thompson
  • Traveller's Rest, Crankley; Francis William Pickup
  • Unicorn Inn, Long street; George Haynes
  • White House Inn, Whitehouses; Thomas Sturdy
  • York Hotel, Market place; John Boulton

Ironmongers, &c.
  • Barker Frank, Spring head
  • Barker Robert, (and manufacturer of butcher and table steels), Market place, (and general fitting smith shop)
  • Smith Thomas, Chapel street

Joiners and Wheelwrights.
  • Hogg John, Chapel street
  • Lawn William, Long street
  • Plowman William, Long street
  • Williamson Wm., junr. (and builder), Oak Tree house
  • Williamson Wm., senr., High street

Land & Estate Agents.
  • Dickson Francis, Uppleby
  • Robinson Fras. John Haxby, Market place
  • Rocliffe John, Market place
  • Snowdon Wm. (house, and com.), Market place

  • Easingwold Union Steam Flour Mill Co., Ltd., Long street; George Taylor, secretary
  • Summersgill Wm., Water mill

Nurserymen and Gardeners, &c.
  • Bell Francis, Church hill
  • Hall Thomas, Long street
  • Hebdon Wm. (and seedsman, &c.), Long street

Painters, Paperhangers, &c.
  • Allan Wm. Acaster, Market place
  • Fairbourn Mrs. Ann, Market place
  • Sadler Thomas, Chapel street

Plumbers, &c.
  • Cariss Thos. Douglas, Market place
  • Sadler Thomas William (and painter, &c.), Chapel street
  • Smith Thomas, Chapel street

  • Smith George Hudson, Market place (letterpress and lithographic printing works, and spirit merchant, &c.)

Saddlers and Harness Makers.
  • Earnshaw Wm., Chapel street
  • Linfoot Joseph, Market place
  • Stephenson Joseph, Market pl
  • Webster George, Spring street

  • Hayden Albert Ed., Market pl
  • Robinson & Son, Market place
  • Robinson Francis John Haxby (& clerk to Union, to Assessment Committee, and to School Attendance Committee; and steward of the manor of Husthwaite), Market place
  • Robinson Octavius (& clerk to Justices, registrar of County Court, clerk to Bulmer West Highway Board), Market pl

  • Hicks Edwd. Buller (medical officer of health for Easingwold union), Spring head

  • Britton John Robt., Long st
  • Snowdon Wm., Market place
  • Thompson Geo. (road), Long st

Tailors and Drapers.
  • Bland Thomas, Long street
  • Cowling Robert, Chapel street
  • Smith John (and agent to Pullar & Sons, dyers, Perth), Market place
  • Stirk John, Long street

Veterinary Surgeons.
  • Sedgwick Richard, Uppleby
  • Shepherd J. A. Yates, Market place
  • Thornton James, F.R.C.V.S., Prospect house, Market pl

Watch & Clock Makers, &c.
  • Barker Frank, Spring head
  • Brookhouse Robert, Market pl

Wine and Spirit Merchants.
  • Bannister Mrs. A., Market pl
  • Smith G. H., Market place

  • Post Office at Thomas Wright's, Raskelf. Letters via Easingwold arrive at 7-0 a.m., and are despatched at 5-15 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Arrowsmith Amos, bootmaker
  • Appleton James, blacksmith
  • Blackburn Francis, grocer and shoemaker
  • Brown Francis, vict., Three Tuns
  • Daniel Mr. Robert, Spring house
  • Elsworth Thomas, joiner and builder
  • Hodgson Edwin James, vict., Spring house, Raskelf station
  • Hodgson George Thomas, joiner and wheelwright, Black Bull Inn
  • Hodgson Mrs. J., vict., The Old Black Bull Inn
  • Hodgson Mrs. Pleasant, Estate offices
  • Lawson Thomas, blacksmith
  • Leonard William, butcher
  • Lucas Joseph, schoolmaster
  • Maskew John, shopkeeper
  • Mitchell John, station master
  • Mosley Rev. Ed. Richard, M.A., Vicarage
  • Reading Room and Library; J. W. Maskew, sec.
  • Rutter James Waller, tailor and draper
  • Smith Robert, bricklayer
  • Wright Thomas, grocer, Post office

  • Baines Wm. (and brick and tile manufacturer)
  • Beck William, Upper Town farm
  • Blackburn Thomas
  • Bolton Thomas, Boscar grange
  • Bride James, West Moor farm
  • Brown William, Greenfield house
  • Daniel Thomas, Spring house
  • Dixon Henry, Derring's farm
  • Dunnington John, Sam house
  • Gill William, Boscar grange
  • Gilroy Andrew, Pound farm
  • Hawking Henry, Raskelf hall
  • Hutchins Silvester
  • Kaye Richard & George, Boscar
  • Leonard Joseph, Glebe House farm
  • Mason Richard, Town End farm
  • Robson Robert, Town farm
  • Shepherd James, village farm
  • Shepherd Thomas (and potato merchant), North Town farm
  • Sigsworth James
  • Temple George Henry, Park house
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Cold Harbour farm

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