EASINGWOLD: Easingwold Shipton Congregational Church History up to 1868.



The chapel here dates from 1814. The successive ministers have been-
  • 1819. Rev. J. NEWTON.
  • 1821. Rev. THOMAS SLINGER, who died in 1854.
  • 1842. Rev. JOHN SUTCLIFFE (Pickering Acy.). Mr. Pickering died at Keyworth.
  • 1855. Rev. EDWIN WEBSTER (Rotherham Coll.).
  • 1859. Rev. H. BOWER (New Coll.). Now at Totnes.
  • 1862. Rev. H. HUMBLE, who went to the Nottingham Institution for farther training.
  • 1864. Rev. C. E. G. SMITH (Cotton End Acy.). He removed to Desborough.
  • 1866. Rev. S. JACKSON, who is the present minister (in 1868).
Shipton has been always connected with Easingwold, the same minister preaching in both places. It has been also often assisted by lay preachers from the church in Salem Chapel, York.

* By aid of Rev. J. Parsons.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.