Ebberston parish:


Ebberston, Vicars transcription:

The List of Vicars in St. Mary's Church, Ebberston.

A List of Vicars
of the Parishes of

Ebbertson & Allerston

Allerston is a Chapelry of Ebbertson, of which the Deans, & afterwards
the Archbishop of York were patrons. It forms part of the Peculiar of
Pickering. When the Vicarage of Pickering was ordained in 1252, the Arch-
Bishop of York enacted that in the Chapels of Ebbertson and Allerston there
should be one Vicar, who would find the necessary Ministers for each Chapel
& to pay annually 12d to the mother Church of Pickering in token of

1166Thomas priest of Ebbertson
1566Robert Pursglove Cleric
1619George Meriton DD. Later Dean of York.
1627-1643John Todd MA Jesus Col: Cambs.
1676William Wilson
1683William Wilkes
1693Magister Chris: Wilson Vicarius de Ebbertson. Buried 4th May
1694-1696Christopher Sollitt [? Previously of Scarborough]
1705A. Crompton
1716-1717William Hebden Curate of Allerston
1733-1786Isaac Wykes Curate of Ebbertson
1787-1813Craven Dodsworth Vicar
1790-1792Thomas Hugill Offic: Minister
1800John Ellis Offic. Minister [senior]
1802Richard Thorpe Minister, Buried at Ebbertson 27th April 1805
1810John Wardell Curate
1810-1813William Craven Offic: Minister
1811-1823Thomas Hayes Curate
1820-1824John Ellis Minister [Senior] Buried 26th Oct: 1870
1823-1825Henry Houston Curate
1825-1835Thomas Simpson Vicar
1836R. Morton Curate
1836-1863John Ellis Vicar [junior]
1860-1863William Hyde Curate
1864W.H. Holden Curate ? of Malton
1866-1868G.W. Marwood Curate
1868-1871J. Swalwell Curate
1871-1872W.H. Robinson Curate
1873-1882Thomas Cheese Curate of Hackness & Bickley
1879-1883John Bailey Vicar
1879-1881Archibald Armstrong Curate
1882A.C. Denman Curate
1883William Carlton Curate
1884-1891Francis William Jackson Vicar
1884-1889W.B. Crankshaw Curate
1891-1896James Marshall Curate
1891-1893C.F. Lambton Curate
1897-1904C.F. Lambton Curate
1897-1910C.R. Prideaux Curate of Hackness & Bickley
1904-1923J.S. Salman Vicar
1919-1924 A.W. Pearson asst: Curate
1924-1937D.E. Jones Vicar
1925-1937W.H.N. Hallas asst: Curate
1937-1951G. Melville-White Vicar
1951-Wilfrid Coggill Vicar

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson