Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: HINDERSKELFE.     Church dedication: PATRON SAINT NOT KNOWN.     Church type: A Donative *1. Juxta Bulmer.

Bulmer wapentake. -Population, vide Bulmer -The town and parish of Hinderskelfe occupied the present site of Castle Howard, and is said to have been a Lay Peculiar *2.

The Church of Hinderskelfe was one of the Impropriations settled on the See of York, 38th Henry VIII.

10th September 1742, the mausoleum at Castle Howard was consecrated for the interment of such of the family of the Earl of Carlisle as shall be brought thither for interment.

The Church of Hinderskelfe having been long since demolished, the parish is now considered in the light of an extra-parochial place, and marriages are celebrated at the adjoining parish Church of Bulmer.

Post town: Malton.

Not noticed by Torre. Drake's Eboracum, page 546. Langdale, page 19.

*1 Archbishop Sharp says, " Neither do I here put in Hinderskelf, because this Church is now disused, and I doubt ruinous ; and it is, it seems, doubtful whether it be a parish or no." -MS., vol. iii. page 5.

*2 The Steward returned in 1818, that he was unacquainted with the existence of any peculiar jurisdiction, although the Keeper of the peculiar jurisdiction of Hinderskelfe is mentioned in the Archbishop's list of Peculiars; but the Steward had no wills in his custody which had been proved in the Manor Court, neither was he aware that any such were extant.

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