Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for FORCETT in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Letters via Darlington. The Wall Letter Box is cleared at 3 p.m. on week-days, and 1-15 p.m. on Sundays.

Miscellany of trades

  • Abbot Richard, F.R.H.S., manager to the Forcett Limestone Co., Forcett quarries
  • Bennett Rev. Peter, The Vicarage
  • Forcett Limestone Co., quarry owners, Forcett and East Layton Limestone quarries
  • Jackson John, farm bailiff, Carkin Moor farm
  • Jones Henry, head gamekeeper and estate bailiff, The Kennels
  • Michell John, Esq., J.P., Forcett park
  • Reading Room and Library; E. Shinner, sec. and librarian
  • Webster Marmaduke, goods and coal agent to the N.E. Railway Co., and clerk to the Forcett Limestone Co., Forcett quarries


  • Bainbridge Jas., Carkin fields & Carkin grange
  • Bainbridge Robert, Suddals
  • Green Robert and Edward, Sandwath
  • Hall Edward, Forcett valley


  • Letters for Barforth arrive via Gainford, and for Hedgeholme, &c., via Winston.

Miscellany of trades

  • Clement Chas., junr., cowkeeper, Boat house
  • Clement William, cowkeeper, High close
  • Eland Thomas, cowkeeper, High close
  • Hildreth Christopher, vict. and farmer, Board Inn, Winston gate
  • Tinkler Elizabeth, cowkeeper, Hedgeholme
  • Tinkler William, joiner, Hedgeholme
  • Walton G., rural post messenger, Winston gate


  • Allsop Francis, Pond house
  • Clement Chas., senr., Low field and High close
  • Elgey Mrs. Catharine, Hill top and Moor row
  • Gibson Braithwaite, Barforth hall
  • Hodgson Mrs. Mary, Hedgeholme
  • Stainthorpe William, Moor row


  • Post Office at Mr. William Jameson's. Letters via Darlington arrive daily at 9-20 a.m., and are despatched, week-days, at 2-25 p.m.; and on Sundays, at 12-25 p.m. Letters for Low Field, Chapel House, &c., should be addressed via Piercebridge.

Miscellany of trades

  • Barker Robert, vict. and farmer, Cross Keys
  • Barras Joseph, beerhouse, Travellers' Rest
  • Catterson J. Wardle, steam thrashing machine proprietor
  • Colling Benj., inspector of Forcett quarries
  • Davison Mr. Robert, Ivy house
  • Graham Miss Elizabeth Ellen, The Cottage
  • Jameson Wm., grocer, draper, and postmaster
  • Midcalf William, blacksmith
  • Swann William, schoolmaster


  • Britton Anthony, Low close
  • Britton Henry Mennell (and shoemaker), Old Mill farm
  • Dixon Thomas Bellamy (and land agent), Low field, via Piercebridge
  • Hartas Richard, Low Chapel house
  • Hodgson Wm. & Son (John Robt.), High house
  • Hopps William
  • Hugill Charles, Longriggs
  • Jameson John, Rennison
  • Robson George Thomas, Chapel house


  • Britton Hy. M., Old Mill farm, to Darlington, Mondays


  • Letters via Darlington. The Letter Box in the village is cleared at 4-25 p.m. on week-days.

Miscellany of trades

  • Beecham Thomas, blacksmith
  • Brown John, mason and builder
  • Heslop William, joiner
  • Norton Charles, schoolmaster
  • Parkin John, grocer and draper
  • Roe John, vict. and farmer, Four Alls
  • Wilkinson Robert, tailor


  • Awde Joseph Douglas (yeo.)
  • Barber Edward Thomas, Ovington house
  • Harrison Thompson, Clifford's farm
  • Marwood Robert, Ovington grange

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.