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FORCETT: Transcription of the Baptisms 1813 to 1857

Transcription of the Baptisms 1813 to 1857

1813/01/05cCainEmmerson s Foster & MargaretMinerForcett
1813/01/13cRobinsonThomasin d Wm & HannahLabourerBoat House
1813/02/07cShieldsRichd Wilkinson s CatherineSprEppleby
1813/02/07cHarburnWm s John & AnnLabourerForcett
1813/03/07cShieldsMary natural d MargaretSprForcett
1813/03/24cRapierGeorgiana Eleanor d Geo Chris & EleanorSchoolmasterEppleby
1813/03/23cRumfordEliza d Ambrose & AnnMusicianEppleby
1813/05/28cWalkerAnn d Thos & EleanorTaylorForcet Valley
1813/06/03cHutchinsonThos s John & JaneCarpenterOvington
1813/06/12cSpencerEliz d John & ElizHusbandmanOvington Lane
1813/07/04cStanwixHenry s John & MargaretServantHedgeholme
1813/07/18cHeslopJohn s Wm & JaneHusbandmanHind House
1813/08/01cNicholsonMary d Richd & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1813/08/08cKitchenJane d Thos & BarbaraLabourerEppleby
1813/08/12cGrahamEliz d Stephen & ElizWeaverForcett
1813/09/27cWilkinMary d John & AliceFarmerEppleby
1813/10/10cGibsonJoseph s John & MaryHusbandmanGreystone
1813/10/10cPearsonRichd s Wm & SusannaHusbandmanEppleby
1813/10/22cBaisterWm s Wm & FrancesLabourerEppleby
1813/11/03cJamesHannah d Wm & MaryCarpenterCarkin
1813/11/21cBowronEleanor d Geo & JaneHusbandmanWinston Gate
1813/12/01cRaineAnn d Wm & MargaretFarrierLittle Hutton
1813/12/17cRichardsonWm natural s MargaretSprForcett Poor House
1814/02/05cSewellAbraham natural s MarySprForcett
1814/03/13cSmurthwaiteFrancis s John & MargaretCollierOvington
1814/03/13cTinklerJoseph s Chas & MaryLabourerMoor Row
1814/04/11cRobsonDorothy d Robt & AnnLabourerOvington
1814/04/17cMowsonJohn s John & AnnLabourerEppleby
1814/05/23cWilsonThos s John & MargaretFarmerEppleby
1814/06/19cRobinsonAnthony s Thos & AnnTaylorForcett
1814/06/19cRobinsonThos s Thos & AnnTaylorForcett
1814/07/07cRichardsonMargaret d Thos & TamarLabourerForcett
1814/08/18cEmmersonMary d Joshua & ElizFarmerForcett
1814/08/28cHutchinsonFrances d Robt & FrancesCarpenterOvington
1814/10/29cGregoryMary d Wm & MargaretLabourerEppleby
1814/11/13cDavisonAnn d John & IsabellaHusbandmanFoster Gyll
1814/11/20cBowesGeo s Jeffery & JaneHusbandmanForcett
1814/12/04cElgeyJohn s John & ElizFarmerMoor Row
1814/12/04cRobertsJohn s John & HannahHusbandmanHedgeholme
1814/12/07cRansonThos s Wm & FaithLabourerForcett
1815/01/07cWakeMary d HannahSprMoor Row
1815/01/25cRidleyJackson s John & Eliz-----Hedgeholme
1815/03/06cHornbyMary d Thos & AnnFarmerOvington
1815/03/11cTinklerFrances d Chas & MaryLabourerMoor Row
1815/03/12cHopperCicely d Joseph & AnnLabourerEppleby
1815/04/02cCollisonGibson s Gibson & CharlotteHerdsmanForcett
1815/05/06cJamesEliz d Wm & MaryCarpenterCarkin
1815/05/15cBowronWm s Geo & JaneHusbandmanWinston Gate
1815/05/15cBowronGeo s Geo & JaneHusbandmanWinston Gate
1815/05/15cHutchinsonMary d John & JaneCarpenterOvington
1815/05/26cHobsonHarriet Elliot d John & MaryLabourerBrough
1815/06/07cWalkerEliz d Thos & EleanorTaylorForcett Valley
1815/06/25cGrahamAnn d Stephen & ElizInn KeeperForcett
1815/08/05cWhytellWm s Wm & SarahHusbandmanEppleby
1815/08/07cDoddsHenery Whytell natural s Harriett-----Forcett
1815/08/07cKilburnRichd natural s Susanna-----Eppleby
1815/08/17cRichardsonRobt s Thos & TamarHusbandmanForcett
1815/08/20cRaineMary d Wm & MargaretFarrierLittle Hutton
1815/10/08cRobinsonEliz d Thos & AnnTaylorForcett
1815/12/09cChipchaseGeo s Thos & HannahWeaverEppleby
1815/11/10cNicholsonRichd s Richd & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1816/01/14cBrenklerAnn natural d Jane-----Eppleby
1816/03/09cWilkinsonMary d Francis & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1816/03/21cBurtonJohn natural s Jane-----Moor Row
1816/06/02cHoggMargaret d Chas & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1816/06/14cEmersonJoshua s Joshua & ElizFarmerForcett Vale
1816/07/08cHornbyThos s Thos & AnnFarmerOvington
1816/07/24cCraddockHarriet Caroline d Chas & Anna b1815.08.21BooksellerPentonville,London
1816/08/01cWilsonRichd s John & MargaretFarmerEppleby
1816/09/04cRobinsonJane d Thos & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1816/10/14cSmurthwaiteMary d John & MargaretLabourerOvington
1816/11/06cPattonAnn d Wm & DorothyHusbandmanCarkin
1816/12/11cWilkinJane Margaret d Robt & AnnFarmerEppleby
1816/12/19cMowsonThos s John & AnnLabourerEppleby
1817/01/06cStainsbyGeo natural s RachelSingle WomanWinston Gate
1817/01/27cHutchinsonEliza d Robt & FrancesCarpenterOvington
1817/02/09cCreightonThos s Wm & AnnWeaverForcett
1817/02/16cBowesAlice d Jeffery & JaneHusbandmanForcett
1817/03/23cLongtoftMary natural d MarySingle WomanEppleby
1817/04/03cGregoryThos s Wm & MargaretLabourerEppleby
1817/04/04cRichardsonEliz d Thos & TamarLabourerForcett
1817/05/18cRaineMargaret d Wm & MargaretFarrierOvington
1817/05/26cRawsonWm s Wm & FaithHusbandmanCarkin
1817/06/06cTinklerEliz d Chas & MaryLabourerMoor Row
1817/06/06cElgeyRichd s John & ElizFarmerMoor Row
1817/06/13cHutchinsonHenry s John & JaneCarpenterOvington
1817/06/14cHutchinsonMatthew s MargaretSingle WomanOvington
1817/06/14cHutchinsonJeremy s MargaretSingle WomanOvington
1817/08/07cRobinsonFrances d Thos & AnnTaylorForcett
1817/08/10cHopperJoseph s Joseph & AnnLabourerEppleby
1817/08/28cBowronJane d Geo & JaneHusbandmanWinston Gate
1817/11/19cWalkerMary d Thos & EleanorTaylorForcett Valley
1817/12/25cWadeFrancis s Richd & ElizStone MasonOvington Lane
1817/12/28cHeslopThos s Wm & JaneHusbandmanCliff-Farm House
1817/12/29cCollinWm s Jas & SarahBlacksmithCarkin
1818/04/26cEmmersonSusannah d Joshua & ElizFarmerForcett Vale
1818/05/08cChipchaseHannah d Thos & HannahWeaverForcett
1818/06/03cTempleMary d Wm & MargaretCordwainerEppleby
1818/06/10cRowntreeCicely d Chris & SusannaFarmerSwallow Nest
1818/07/05cAkersJohn s Richd & MaryHusbandmanHedgeholme
1818/07/31cGrangerMargaret d Thos & MargaretWeaverLowfield
1819/01/01cFairbarnAnn d Geo & MaryFarmerLow Close
1819/02/28cRobinsonWm s Thos & ElizLabourerPoor House
1819/03/05cWilsonMargaret d John & MargaretFarmerEppleby
1819/03/21cReynoldsMary d John & HannahHusbandmanEppleby
1819/04/06cRaineJohn Dixon s Wm & MargaretFarrierOvington Lane
1819/04/18cWilkinsonEliz d John & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1819/04/25cDoddsThos s John & MaryHusbandmanForcett
1819/05/01cCreightonMargaret d Wm & AnnWeaverForcett
1819/05/23cSteadmanJohn natural s ElizSingle WomanForcett
1819/05/25cCollinsMargaret d Jas & SarahBlacksmithCarkin
1819/05/03cHutchinsonWilson s Robt & FrancesCarpenterOvington
1819/07/04cCollisonHannah d Gibson & CharlotteHerdsmanForcett
1819/07/04cMowsonEliz d John & AnnLabourerEppleby
1819/08/01cElgeyAlice d John & ElizFarmerMoor Row
1819/08/01cTinklerChas s Chas & MaryLabourerMoor Row
1819/08/08cPearsonMary d Robt & ElizFarmerGrey Stone
1819/08/22cYatesJoseph s Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1819/08/29cBrenklerJohn natural s JaneSingle WomanEppleby
1819/10/17cCradockAlice d Chas & Anna (b 1819/09/15)BooksellerBlackfriars,London
1819/10/31cJoblingMary d Thos & AnnHusbandmanCliff-Farm House
1819/11/27cBowronAlice d Geo & JaneHusbandmanWinston Gate
1819/12/11cHodgsonEdw natural s AnnSingle WomanHedgeholme
1819/12/16cGentEliz d Robt & JaneTailorFurster Gill
1820/01/17cElwinEliz Ellen natural d AnnSingle WomanMoor Row
1820/01/19cHutchinsonEllen d John & JaneCarpenterOvington
1820/02/27cRobinsonAnn d Thos & AnnTailorForcett
1820/02/27cBowesJane d Jeffery & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1820/04/16cGrangerJohn s Thos & MargaretWeaverLowfield
1820/04/17cWalkerRobt s Thos & EleanorTaylorEppleby
1820/05/21cRowntreeAlice Jane d Chris & SusannahFarmerBarkin Field House
1820/05/28cWhitellMargaret d Wm & SarahLabourerEppleby
1820/06/18cKilburnRobt natural s HannahSingle WomanEppleby
1820/06/29cBarnbroughJohn Wm s Robt & AnnCarpenterLow Hill p St John
1820/08/27cRobinsonFrances d Thos & ElizLabourerEppleby
1820/09/17cAkersWm s Richd & MaryHusbandmanHedgeholme
1820/10/22cHeslopChris s Wm & JaneHusbandmanCliff-Farm House
1820/10/29cFairbarnEliz d Geo & MaryFarmerLow Close
1820/11/05cWadeSpencer s Richd & ElizInn KeeperOvington Lane
1820/11/19cDowsonAnna d John & AnnaBlacksmithWinston Gate
1821/01/22cRaineThos s Wm & MargaretFarrierOvington Lane
1821/01/26cCokeFrances d Wm & FrrancesHusbandmanSwallow Nest
1821/03/29cCreightonJane d Wm & AnnWeaverForcett
1821/04/14cClarkWm Geo s Robt & SarahFarmerBarford Hall
1821/07/13cYatesJohn s Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1821/06/04cCharletonWm s Wm & DorothyHusbandmanCarkin
1821/09/02cDoddsJohn s John & MaryHusbandmanForcett
1821/10/21cMowsonSarah d John & AnnLabourerEppleby
1821/11/06cCrosbyWm natural s MargaretSingle WomanMoor Row
1821/11/16cRaceEliz d Benjamin & ElizMillerForcett Mill
1821/11/29cJohnsWhitell s Wm & AnnSoldierEppleby
1821/11/21cTinklerWm s Chas & MaryLabourerHedgeholme
1822/01/27cBowesAnn d Jeoffery & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1822/03/21cRobinsonMargaret d Thos & AnnTailorForcett
1822/04/07cHardyGeo s Martin & MaryCarpenterEppleby
1822/04/14cRowntreeSarah d Chris & SusannaFarmerCarkin Field House
1822/05/19cTempleEliz d Wm & MargaretCordwainerEppleby
1822/06/28cHutchinsonJas s John & JaneCarpenterOvington
1822/07/07cCollisonJoseph s Gibson & CharlotteHerdsmanForcett
1822/08/19cRowntreeAnn d Chris & SusannahFarmerCarkin Field House
1822/08/23cSowerbyAnn d Michael & MaryHusbandmanCarkin
1822/11/07cAkersMary Ann d Richd & MaryHusbandmanHedgeholme
1823/01/01cWhitellJane d Wm & SarahLabourerEppleby
1823/02/25cHodgsonEliz d Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1823/03/29cRobinsonFrancis s Thos & ElizLabourerEppleby
1823/03/29cRobinsonLucy d Thos & ElizLabourerEppleby
1823/03/29cWalkerJohn s Thos & EleanorTailorEppleby
1823/04/06cFairbarnGeo s Geo & MaryFarmerLow Close
1823/04/26cRaineMartha d Wm & MargaretFarrierOvington Lane
1823/04/30cCreightonThos s Wm & AnnWeaverForcett
1823/05/25cDowsonMary d John AnnBlacksmithOvington
1823/06/15cYatesEliz d Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1823/07/20cCopelandRachel d Robt & JaneHusbandmanBarford
1823/08/03cSmallEliz d Thos & MaryBrick & Tile MakerOvington Lane
1823/08/31cRaceHannah d Benjamin & ElizMillerForcett Mill
1823/10/12cCradockSheldon s Chas & AnnaBooksellerBlackfriars, London
1823/10/26cRowntreeGeo s Chris & SusannahFarmerCarkin Field House
1823/11/11cBainbridgeGeo s John & JaneLabourerOvington
1823/11/20cHardyJohn s Martin & MaryCarpenterEppleby
1824/03/23cWardAnn natural d ElizSingle WomanEppleby
1824/04/19cDowsonJane d John & AnnBlacksmithOvington
1824/04/25cLambJoseph s Robt & ElizHusbandmanCarkin
1824/05/21cCollisonAnn d Gibson & CharlotteFarmerForcett
1824/05/25cGrangerEliz d Thos & MargaretWeaverEppleby
1824/08/01cMowsonMary d John & AnnLabourerEppleby
1824/08/02cHopperGeo s Geo & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1824/08/02cHodgsonJane d Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1824/08/08cTempleRobt s Wm & MargaretCordwainerEppleby
1824/08/08cBowesEliz d Jeoffery & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1824/08/12cThomasIsabella natural d HannahSingle WomanOvington
1824/11/06cRowntreeJohn s Chris & SusannahFarmerCarkin Field House
1825/01/13cBainbridgeMary d Ralph & MargaretLabourerValley House
1825/01/30cDoddsRoisle d John & MaryHusbandmanForcett
1824/09/06cDobsonAnthony s Robt & MaryHusbandmanEppleby
1825/03/16cSpencerEliz d Geo & AnnHusbandmanOvington
1825/03/16cHutchinsonPhilip s John & JaneCarpenterOvington
1825/04/05cAkersRich s Richd & MaryHusbandmanHedgeholme
1825/05/06cSmallJohn Sppencer s Thos & MaryBrick & Tile MakerOvington Lane
1825/05/14cHornbyWm s Thos & AnnFarmerOvington Edge
1825/05/14cRaineJas s Wm & MargaretFarrierOvington Lane
1825/05/22cYatesThos s Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1825/06/20cCollinsonMargaret d Gibson & CharlotteFarmerForcett
1825/08/14cRobinsonMary d Thos & AnnTailorForcett
1825/08/21cRobinsonThos s Thos & ElizLabourerEppleby
1825/09/01cSpencerIsabel d Richd & AnnLabourerEppleby
1825/09/16cMiddletonJohn s Geo & AnnLabourerCarkin
1825/09/25cFairbarnJas s Geo & MaryFarmerLow Close
1825/10/09cRobinsonEllen d Wm & ThomasinBlacksmithForcett
1825/11/20cRaineMargaret natural d MargaretSingle WomanWinston Gate
1825/12/11cNeeshamJane d Jane & WmLabourerCarkin
1825/12/25cGregoryWm s Thos & GraceLabourerEppleby
1826/01/13cDowsonMargaret d John & AnnBlacksmithOvington
1826/01/29cSowerbyChris s Michael & MaryHusbandmanCarkin
1826/02/12cCopelandMargaret Ann d Robt & JaneHind to Mr ClarkeBarforth
1826/03/10cTinklerMary d Chas & MaryLabourerHedgeholme
1826/04/16cRaceMary d Benjamin & ElizMillerForcett Mill
1826/05/03cRowntreeSusan d Chris & SusannahFarmerCarkin Field House
1826/05/28cWhitellAnn d Wm & SarahLabourerForcett
1826/06/03cTempleWm s Wm & MargaretCordwainerEppleby
1826/08/24cHodgsonMary d Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1826/09/14cHartMary d Wm & MargaretFarmerEppleby
1826/09/30cSmallJohn Spencer s Thos & MaryBrick & Tile MakerOvington Lane
1826/10/26cCharltonKatherine d Francis & MaryHusbandmanHedgeholme
1826/12/24cBowesHannah d Jeoffrey & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1827/01/09cThompsonJohn s John & MatildaCordwainerCarkin
1827/01/19cDeaconRobt s Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1827/02/25cYatesJas s Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1827/03/10cSowerbyChris s Michael & MaryHusbandmanCarkin
1827/03/24cGoundryJoseph s Ralph & AnnBlacksmithForcett
1827/04/08cHopperMary d Geo & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1827/04/09cRowntreeEliz d Chris & SusannaFarmerCarkin Field House
1827/04/24cHodgsonWm s John & AnnFarmerChapel House
1827/06/10cHardyMary d Jas & JaneLabourerEppleby
1827/07/03cBainbridgeJohn s Ralph & MargaretLabourerValley House
1827/08/12cWalkerEllen d Thos & EleanorTailorEppleby
1827/09/09cRobinsonJane d Thos & AnnTailorForcett
1827/10/14cCharltonMary Ann d Francis & MaryHusbandmanHedgeholme
1827/10/19cBellGeo Ingledew s John Lancaster & ElizSchoolmasterEppleby
1827/10/21cWhiteJas s Jas & IsabellaLabourerForcett
1827/11/04cFairbarnSusanna d Geo & MaryFarmerLow Close
1827/12/02cSimpsonAnn d Joseph & MaryHusbandmanCliff Farm House
1827/12/23cAkersJas s Richd & MaryHusbandmanMoor Row
1828/01/16cHallGeo s Edw & MargaretButcherEppleby
1828/01/27cMiddletonThos s Geo & AnnLabourerCarkin
1828/03/02cCollinsonIsabella d Joseph & MargaretFarmerForcett
1828/03/02cSpencerJohn s Richd & AnnLabourerOvington
1828/04/07cHornbyWm s Thos & AnnFarmerOvington Edge
1828/04/20cDoddsMary d Thos & AnnWeaverForcett
1828/04/27cDoddsWm s John & MaryHusbandmanForcett
1828/01/01cRobsonJas natural s MargaretSingle WomanOvington
1828/06/03cJohnsonJohn natural s MarySingle WomanForcett
1828/06/08cThomasEliz natural d HannahSingle WomanOvington
1828/07/27cDowsonJohn s John & AnnBlacksmithOvington
1828/09/23cHodgsonChris s John & AnnFarmerChapel House
1828/10/16cHodgsonHannah d Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1828/11/03cHardyEliz d Jas & JaneLabourerEppleby
1828/11/20cRobinsonAnn d Thos & ElizLabourerSwallows Nest
1828/12/06cWilsonThos s Wm & MaryBlacksmithEppleby
1829/01/05cRowntreeWm s Chris & SusannaFarmerCarkin Field House
1829/01/16cSmallAnn d Thos & MaryBrick & Tile MakerOvington Lane
1829/02/08cDeaconWilson s Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1829/02/15cYatesJane d Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1829/03/14cWalkerJas s Thos & AnnLabourerEppleby
1829/04/14cWhitellJohn s Wm & SarahLabourerForcett
1829/05/03cBrittonAnn d Jas & ElizCordwainerEppleby
1829/06/12cHardyThos s Martin & MaryCarpenterEppleby
1829/08/03cDeaconHannah d Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1828/09/27cWalkerRobt s Thos & AnnLabourerEppleby
1829/11/02cKiplingJane Carpenter d Wm & AnnHusbandmanOvington
1829/11/15cHardyRalph s Jas & JaneLabourerEppleby
1829/11/22cDentJohn s Jas & SarahFarmerGreystone
1829/12/22cHallGeo s Edw & MargaretButcherEppleby
1830/01/31cCollinsonWm s Gibson & CharlotteFarmerForcett
1830/03/07cBainbridgeEliz d John & JaneLabourerOvington
1830/03/19cMosesJohn s Thos & MaryHusbandmanCarkin
1830/03/21cStuartHenry s Isaac & JanePotterGursby, Co Durham
1830/03/28cCowlingJane Hannah Beadnell d MargaretWidowForcett
1830/04/08cDeaconEliz d Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1830/04/08cGarbuttJane d Thos & MaryButcherOvington
1830/06/07cStewartJoseph s John & MaryHusbandmanForcett
1830/06/13cAkersJane d Richd & MaryHusbandmanMoor Row
1830/06/13cCharltonThos s Francis & MaryHusbandmanHedgeholme
1830/07/05cDoddsCatherine d John & MaryHusbandmanForcett
1830/07/11cHodgsonEdw s John & AnnFarmerChapel House
1830/07/11cYatesThompson s Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1830/07/20cTempleMargaret d Wm & MargaretCordwainerEppleby
1830/08/14cRobinsonWm s Thos & ElizLabourerForcett Valley
1830/08/19cWilsonMatthew s Wm & MaryBlacksmithEppleby
1830/08/29cTempleGeo s Wm & MargaretCordwainerEppleby
1830/09/05cSpencerBetty d Richd & AnnLabourerOvington
1830/09/05cHutchinsonWm s Thos & MaryLabourerEppleby
1830/09/08cJohnsonWm s Jas & SusannaBlacksmithEppleby
1830/10/17cRobinsonAnn d Thos & HannahHusbandmanSwallow Nest
1830/10/24cHopperEliz d Geo & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1830/11/07cDowsonWm s John & AnnBlacksmithOvington
1830/12/26cHallEllen d Edw & MargaretButcherEppleby
1831/01/09cMiddletonWm s Geo & AnnLabourerCarkin
1831/02/10cRowntreeJesse d Chris & SusannaFarmerCarkin Field House
1831/03/20cHodgsonIsabella d Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1831/05/02cThomasAlice natural d HannahSingle WomanOvington Lane
1831/05/07cDoddsAnn d Thos & AnnWeaverForcett
1831/05/19cBirkettJane d Wm & MargaretHusbandmanLowfield
1831/05/24cHoggAnthony s Chas & AnnBlacksmithEppleby
1831/07/10cDeaconMargaret d Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1831/10/02cPageAnn d John & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1831/10/16cStephensonRobt s Robt & Mary AnnFarmerLow Close
1831/11/22cBellAnthony s Anthony & MargaretFarmerLowfield
1831/12/26cGarbuttAnn Mary d Thos & MaryButcherOvington Lane
1832/01/29cBrittonThos s Jas & ElizCordwainerEppleby
1832/02/16cOrdHenry s John & JaneHusbandmanCarkin
1832/02/24cJacquesEliz d Geo & MargaretHusbandmanSwallow Nest
1832/04/08cDeaconFrancis s Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1832/05/13cYatesAnn d Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1832/05/27cAndersonJohn s Isaac & MargaretHusbandmanForcett
1832/06/03cHodgsonRobt s John & AnnFarmerForcett Valley
1832/06/16cHardyEliz d Jas & JaneLabourerEppleby
1832/07/15cSpencerWm s Geo & AnnHusbandmanOvington Lane
1832/08/04cCharltonEliz d Francis & MaryHusbandmanHedgeholme
1832/08/12cWalkerSusanna d Henry & EstherHusbandmanCarkin
1832/08/12cDoddsGeo s John & MaryHusbandmanForcett
1832/08/19cGibbonHenry s Geo & SarahHusbandmanOvington
1832/09/16cHopperMargaret d Geo & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1832/12/22cAkersAlice d Richd & MaryHusbandmanMoor Row
1833/02/10cBrownMichael s Thos & ElizMasonCarkin
1833/02/12cDixonEliz d Jas & JaneHusbandmanWinston Gate
1833/02/17cMiddletonAnn d Geo & AnnLabourerCarkin
1833/02/19cRowntreeChas s Chris & SusannaFarmerCarkin Field House
1833/03/17cHoggWm s Chas & AnnBlacksmithEppleby
1833/03/31cRobinsonEliz d Thos & ElizLabourerSwallow Nest
1833/04/15cWatsonChris s Jas & HannahHusbandmanSwallow Nest
1833/04/29cBellIsabella d Anthony & MargaretFarmerLowfield
1833/06/09cSpencerMary d Richd & AnnLabourerOvington
1833/06/14cHodgsonChristiana d Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1833/07/14cDeaconFanny d Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1833/09/19cWhitellSarah d Wm & SarahLabourerForcett
1833/09/29cStephensonJohn s Robt & Mary AnnFarmerLow Close
1833/10/10cHodgsonMary Ann d John & AnnFarmerForcett Valley
1833/10/13cGrahamMary d Wm & MarySchoolmasterEppleby
1833/11/17cDoddThos natural s FrancesSingle WomanOvington
1833/12/12cHarwoodMary d Edmund & JaneTailorOvington
1833/12/18cSpenceGeo s Wm & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1834/01/19cPageHenry s John & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1834/01/30cGarbuttEliz d Thos & MaryButcherOvington
1834/02/10cBrittonWm s Jas & ElizCordwainerEppleby
1834/02/23cTaylorEliz d Jas & AnnHusbandmanCarkin
1834/03/16cDeaconThis s Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1834/03/25cDoddsRobt s Thos & AnnWeaverForcett
1834/03/30cDixonSarah d Joseph & ElizHusbandmanOvington Lane
1834/04/06cHallMatthew s Edw & MargaretButcherEppleby
1834/04/27cYatesWm s Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1834/06/09cPearsonRobt s Wm & SarahFarmerGrey Stone
1834/07/14cJaquesMargaret d Geo & MargaretHusbandmanEppleby
1834/09/16cMudRobt s John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1834/10/21cBellJas s Anthony & MargaretFarmerLowfield
1834/11/01cPoskitChas s John & elizHusbandmanHedgeholme
1834/11/23cMosesAnthony s Thos & RachelHusbandmanCarkin
1834/12/07cDixonJohn s Jas & JaneHusbandmanWinston Gate
1834/12/29cSmith b11/30Ann d Thos & AnnFarmerLowfield
1835/03/01cLambertThos s Matthew & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1835/03/24cGarbuttGeo s Thos & MaryButcherOvington
1835/04/05cLambertStephen s Stephen & AnnHusbandmanSwallow Nest
1835/04/22cDixonJohn s Joseph & ElizHusbandmanOvington Lane
1835/05/29cDeaconRobt s Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1835/06/22cBelwoodThos Newby s Mary AnnSpinsterForcett
1835/07/19cSpencerSarah d Geo & AnnHusbandmanOvington Lane
1835/07/22cHarwoodMary d Edmund & JaneTailorOvington
1835/09/07cPearsonGeo Blackburn s Wm & SarahFarmerGrey Stone
1835/11/15cSpencerMaria d Richd & AnnLabourerOvington
1835/12/13cHodgsonJohn Wm s Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1836/01/10cDeaconFrances d Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1836/01/24cHopperThos s Geo & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1836/02/14cYatesRalph s Thos & JaneHusbandmanBurnt House
1836/03/13cPageEliz d John & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1836/04/24cPoskitMary Ann d John & ElizHusbandmanHedgeholme
1836/04/24cBrittonEliz Jane d Jas & ElizCordwainerEppleby
1836/06/28cSpenceJohn s Wm & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1836/09/05cMowsonWm s Robt & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1836/09/11cBrownEllen d Thos & ElizMasonCarkin
1836/10/23cHallRobt s Edw & MargaretButcherCaldwell
1836/11/02cHodgsonGeo Carter natural s AnnSingle WomanEppleby
1836/12/11cDixonJane d Joseph & ElizHusbandmanOvington Lane
1836/12/26cWhiteJohn s Jas & MaryGentleman's SevantOvington
1837/01/02cShawGeo natural s JaneSingle WomanForcett
1837/01/28cGarbuttThos s Thos & MaryButcherOvington
183702/25cBoddyMary d Thos & JaneShoe-makerEppleby
1837/04/08cPearsonWm s Wm & SarahFarmerGrey Stone
1837/04/18cHarwoodEdmund s Edmund & JaneTailorOvington
1837/04/30cSmithJane d Jas & NancyHusbandmanOvington
1837/06/11cSmithJohn s Francis & JaneButcherOvington
1837/06/25cDeaconEliza d Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1837/07/09cMetcalfeThos s Jas & LucyLabourerOvington Lane
1837/08/17cCroudaceSarah d Edw & Mary AnnButcherForcett
1837/11/03cYatesChris s Thos & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1837/11/05cWhitehouseJane d Geo & ElizCarpenterEppleby
1837/11/12cGibbonEliz Ann d Geo & SarahHusbandmanOvington
1837/11/25cTaylorAnn d Wm & MaryHusbandmanWinston Gate
1838/01/18cWilsonMargaret d Robt & MaryFarmerEppleby
1838/02/18cSmithMary Ann d Wm & AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1838/02/21cRobinsonStephen natural s FrancesSingle WomanForcett
1838/02/25cDeaconPhilip s Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1838/03/18cPoskitJane d John & ElizHusbandmanHedgeholme
1838/03/18cHopperJane d Geo & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1838/04/18cSpencerRedfern s Richd & AnnLabourerOvington
1838/05/11cMudDorothy d John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1838/05/13cNicholsonMark s Peter & MaryHusbandmanForcett Valley
1838/05/13cHardyRobt natural s JaneWidowEppleby
1838/05/14cHodgsonRichd s Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1838/05/29cHodgsonJohn s Geo & MarthaFarrierHedgeholme
1838/06/02cEtheringtonMaria d Richd & MargaretHusbandmanOvington Lane
1838/08/19cDentIsaac s Isaac & ElizHusbandmanCliff-Farm Forcett
1838/08/26cWilsonMary d Edw & JaneHusbandmanOvington
1838/08/26cHutchinsonAlice natural d ElizSingle WomanEppleby
1838/09/03cSpenceSarah d Wm & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1838/10/03cGeldardFrancis s Wm & JaneTailorOvington
1838/10/11cRichardsonAnn d Peter & EstherHusbandmanWinston Gate
1838/10/14cBrittonJas s Jas & ElizCordwainerEppleby
1838/11/25cPageMargaret d John & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1838/11/25cWhitellEleanor d Wm & SarahLabourerForcett
1839/01/13cLambertEliz d Stephen & AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1839/01/15cBoddySarah d Thos & JaneShoe-makerEppleby
1839/02/17cHopperSarah d Robt & Mary AnnMillerEppleby
1839/02/24cSwalesHannah d John & MaryMalster & BrewerOvington
1839/03/31cMowsonJohn s Robt & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1839/04/19cGarbuttWm s Thos & MaryButcherOvington
1839/05/04cSmithSarah d Robt & FrancesHusbandmanCarkin
1839/05/29cDunnJohn s Wm & AnnHusbandmanCarkin
1839/05/31cDeaconMary Ann d Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1839/06/10cCroudaceShady s Edw & Mary AnnButcherForcett
1839/06/25cHolbronGeo s Geo & JaneFarmerOvington
1839/06/30cDobbinMary Ann d Henry & IsabellaHusbandmanEppleby
1839/07/14cMartinSarah d Joseph & IsabellaHusbandmanForcett
1839/07/20cBrownMary d Thos & ElizMasonCarkin
1839/08/05cPearsonJoshua s Wm & SarahFarmerGrey Stone
1839/08/22cWilsonEliz d Robt & MaryFarmerEppleby
1839/08/25cFletcherThos s Thos & MaryHusbandmanLowfield
1839/10/25cBellMary Ann d Geo & SusannahHusbandmanEppleby
1839/11/04cJonesHenry Bainbridge s Henry & HannahChemist & DruggistOvington
1840/02/02cMetcalfeWm s Thos & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1840/03/01cNeeshamEliz Lax natural d MarySingle WomanEppleby
1840/05/03cDeaconMary d Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1840/06/22cHopperIsabella d Geo & MaryWeaverEppleby
1840/07/14cElgey JunrEliz d John & MargaretFarrierMoor Row
1840/07/16cMudJane Eliz d John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1840/08/23cRichardsonEliz d Peter & EstherHusbandmanWinston Gate
1840/08/02cRobinsonEliz d Jas & AnnBlacksmithOvington
1840/09/26cHodgsonChas s Cjas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1840/10/04cHodgsonGeo s Geo & MarthaFarrierHedgeholme
1840/11/01cHolbronThos Wm s Geo & JaneFarmerOvington
1840/11/01cAshtonJohn s John & ElizHusbandmanCarkin
1840/12/06cWilsonMary d Robt & MaryFarmerEppleby
1840/12/13cRaineMargaret Ann d John Dixon & MargaretHusbandmanOvington
1840/12/27cPoskitThos s John & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1841/01/10cBrittonRobt s Jas & ElizCordwainerForcett
1841/02/15cSpenceEliz d Wm & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1841/03/13cSimpsonJoseph s John & AnnBlacksmithForcett
1841/03/15cHopperRobt s Robt & Mary AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1841/03/21cSpencerAnn d Richard & AnnLabourerOvington
1841/04/11cLambertThos s Stephen & AnnHusbandmanBennysin
1841/05/10cDeaconHutchinson s Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1841/06/04cGregoryJane d Geo & AnnBlacksmithEppleby
1841/06/13cDavisonAnn natural d MarySingle WomanLowfield
1841/07/04cStaymanGeo s Geo & JaneCordwainerForcett
1841/08/18cWyattWm Nicholson s Jas & FrancesCoach MakerHedgeholme
1841/08/18cRobinsonStephen natural s FrancesSingle WomanForcett
1841/09/06cHopperBenjamin s Geo & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1841/10/10cBradleyRobt s Robt & MargaretHusbandmanSwallow Nest
1841/11/01cMetcalfeMary d Jas & EleanorLabourerOvington Lane
1841/11/07cPageGeo s Geo & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1841/11/07cDobbinThos s Henry & IsabellaHusbandmanEppleby
1841/12/15cHildrethGeo s Thos & JaneHusbandmanOvington
1841/12/16cElgeyFrederic natural s AliceSingle WomanMoor Row
1841/12/19cHodgsonSarah d Geo & AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1841/12/26cRobinsonJonathan s Jas & AnnBlacksmithOvington
1842/01/21cGarbuttJoseph s Thos & MaryButcherOvington
1842/01/21cGarbuttMary d Thos & MaryButcherOvington
1842/02/21cDixonJohn s Joseph & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1842/02/24cPearsonJohn Fair s Wm & SarahFarmerGrey Stone
1842/03/06cJohnsonJohn s John & AnnHusbandmanForcett
1842/03/06cMosesMary d Geo & EleanorHusbandmanLowfield
1842/04/15cTaylorRobt s Wm & MaryHusbandmanWinston Gate
1842/06/08cHodgsonWm s Geo & MarthaFarrierHedgeholme
1842/07/17cMowsonAnn d Robt & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1842/07/20cAkersIsabella natural d Mary AnnSingle WomanMoor Row
1842/07/31cWhitehouseGeo s Geo & ElizCarpenterEppleby
1842/08/27cSmithJane Ann d Robt & FrancesGame KeeperForcett
1842/12/04cRichardsonJas s Peter & EstherHusbandmanWinston Gate
1842/12/18cMowsonThos natural s MarySingle WomanEppleby
1843/01/01cHopperMary Ann d Joseph & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1843/01/08cDeaconWm s Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1843/01/15cHopperJoseph s Geo & MaryWeaverEppleby
1843/01/29cDoddsThos s John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1843/03/17cHardyAnn d Humphry & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1843/03/19cHildrethEliz d Thos & JaneHusbandmanWinston Gate
1843/03/26cAshtonRichd s John & ElizHusbandmanCarkin
1843/03/26cWaistellAnn d Thos & MargaretHusbandmanMoor Row
1843/03/28cWilsonRobt s Robt & MaryFarmerEppleby
1843/04/06cHildrethJane d Chris & AlicePublicanOvington Lane
1843/04/07cMudEdw s John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1843/04/16cDunnAnn d Wm & AnnHusbandmanCarkin
1843/04/22cDeaconMatthew s Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1843/04/23cDixonWm s John & AnnMillerEppleby
1843/04/23cLambertMatthew s Stephen & AnnHusbandmanRennysin
1843/05/14cHodgsonHugh s Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1843/05/21cBrittonHenry Mennel s Jas & ElizCordwainerForcett
1843/06/04cJohnsonAnn d Simpson & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1843/06/17cElgey JunrMargaret d John & MargaretFarmerMoor Row
1843/07/09cPoskitEliz d John & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1843/07/16cSpenceJas s Wm & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1843/07/30cMetcalfeSusanna d Jas & EleanorLabourerOvington Lane
1843/08/11cMowsonChas s Robt & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1843/08/20cElandChris s Thos A& AliceHusbandmanMoor Row
1843/09/24cHodgsonAnn Jane d Geo & MarthaFarrierHedgeholme
1843/10/14cCraggsRobt natural s MarySingle WomanCarkin
1843/10/25cWardWm s John & JaneHusbandmanValley House
1843/10/25cCroudaceMargaret d Edw & Mary AnnButcherEppleby
1843/10/29cGregoryDorothy d Geo & AnnBlacksmithEppleby
1843/10/29cGrahamAnn d Geo & AnnHusbandmanGrey Stone
1843/11/10cHopperMary Ann d Robt & Mary AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1843/11/22cHodgsonJohn s Wm & MaryFarmerHedgeholme
1843/12/20cBeigentSarah Ellen d Thos & AnnJoinerForcett Mill
1843/12/31cBradleyJohn s Robt & MargaretHusbandmanWood House
1844/01/11cHopperEdw s Geo & MaryWeaverEppleby
1844/01/28cWalkerRobt Laybourn s Thos & SarahTailorHigh Close
1844/02/11cHallEliz d Francis & DinahLabourerOvington
1844/02/25cMosesJohn s Geo & EleanorHusbandmanLowfield
1844/02/25cSalkellJoseph s Wm & JaneHusbandmanCliff Hind House
1844/03/03cBowesJeofery natural s AnnSingle WomanEppleby
1844/03/10cDobinsonRobt s Thos & ElizButcherCarkin
1844/03/13cHopperJas s Geo & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1844/04/13cWilsonAnn d Robt & MaryFarmerEppleby
1844/04/19cStaymanWm s Wm & FrancesHusbandmanForcett
1844/04/30cDunnJas s Wm & AnnHusbandmanCarkin
1844/05/07cStaymanMargaret d Geo & AnnCordwainerForcett
1844/05/19cRogersJas s John & AnnasBlacksmithOvington
1844/07/03cDixonJoseph s Joseph & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1844/07/28cWhitehouseJohn s Geo & ElizCarpenterEppleby
1844/08/25cDentMatthew s Matthew & SarahHusbandmanForcett
1844/09/08cWaistellJohn s Thos & MargaretHusbandmanCarkin Grange
1844/11/24cMillerJoseph s Benjamin & Mary AnnHusbandmanCliff Hind House
1844/12/01cPageMary d John & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1845/01/05cHildrethJane d Thos & JaneHusbandmanWinston Gate
1845/02/09cSimpsonRebecca d Thos & EleanorTile-MakerWinston Gate
1845/02/16cHildrethGeo s Chris & AlicePublicanOvington Lane
1845/03/06cHodgsonAnn d Wm & MaryFarmerHedgeholme
1845/03/26cDerrickJohn s Abraham & FrancesButler to John MichellForcett
1845/03/27cGargateMary natural d AnnWidowEppleby
1845/03/28cNeeshamAlice natural d MarySingle WomanEppleby
1845/04/18cWalkerSarah Ann d Thos & SarahTailorHigh Close
1845/05/19cAkersGeo natural s Mary AnnSingle WomanMoor Row
1845/06/08cDobinsonEleanor d Thos & ElizButcherCarkin
1845/06/08cCarterRobt Anderson s John & ElizStone-MasonEppleby
1845/06/29cDeaconWilson s Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1845/07/10cCroudaceGeo s Edw & Mary AnnButcherEppleby
1845/07/11cDeaconEliz d Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1845/08/24cHornbyAnn d Thos & MaryFarmerOvington
1845/09/07cHodgsonEliz d Geo & AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1845/09/14cSalkellEliz d Wm & JaneHusbandmanCliff Hind House
1845/10/05cStaymanGeo Hanby s Geo & AnnCordwainerForcett
1845/10/21cElandRichd s Thos & AliceHusbandmanMoor Row
1845/11/15cPrattGeo s John & MaryHusbandmanSwallow Nest
1845/11/30cMarkinHenry natural s IsabellaSingle WomanForcett
1845/12/17cRichardsonMatthew s Peter & EstherHusbandmanOvington Lane
1845/12/25cEdenThos s Henry & JaneBlacksmithCarkin
1845/12/28cBrittonMartin s Jas & ElizCordwainerForcett
1846/02/15cHardyMary d Humphry & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1846/02/21cStaymanChris s Wm & FrancesHusbandmanForcett
1846/03/05cWardJane Ann d John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1846/03/08cHopperJoseph s Robt & Mary AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1846/03/08cDunnJohn s Wm & TamarHusbandmanCarkin Grange
1846/03/08cBarassJohn s Wm & ElizHusbandmanForcett Mill
1846/03/22cRogersGeo s John & AnnaBlacksmithOvington
1846/03/30cDunnSarah d Wm & AnnHusbandmanCarkin
1846/04/19cSpenceAnn d Wm & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1846/05/03cPattisonGeo s Thos & AnnRoad MakerOvington
1846/05/03cDoddsKatherina d John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1846/05/24cHodgsonMary d Geo & MarthaFarrierHedgeholme
1846/06/03cPoskitHannah d John & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1846/06/07cHopperCelia d Geo & MaryWeaverEppleby
1846/07/12cBradleyMargaret d Robt & MargaretHusbandmanBurnt House
1846/07/16cHodgsonHenry s Wm & MaryFarmerHedgeholme
1846/08/01cHardyMary Jane d Geo & MariaCarpenterEppleby
1846/08/02cNortonWm s Chas & AnnSchoolmasterOvington
1846/08/26cMudMary Ann d John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1846/11/08cWilkinsonEliz Ann d Wm & JaneHusbandmanValley House
1846/11/08cClaytonMary d John & ElizHusbandmanForcett House
1846/11/29cJansonGeo s Wm & MargaretHusbandmanFox-Well
1846/12/25cGregoryEmma d Geo & AnnBlacksmithEppleby
1847/01/31cWappitWm s Robt & ElizHusbandmanForcett
1847/02/06cHodgsonThos s Chas & MaryFarmerEppleby
1847/03/07cLittleGeo s Hutton & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1847/03/07cLittleJohn natural s Amy AnnSingle WomanEppleby
1847/03/21cJohnsonFrederic s John & AnnHusbandmanForcett
1847/04/08cGargateGeo natural s AnnWidowEppleby
1847/04/11cSiddallJohn Laidler natural s AnnSingle WomanEppleby
1847/04/18cPaseSarah d Robt & ElizHusbandmanLow Close
1847/05/09cBellJoseph s Jas & AnnHusbandmanFoster Gill
1847/05/16cMosesWm s Chas & MargaretHusbandmanWinston Gate
1847/05/23cHildrethAnn d Chris & AlicePublicanOvington Lane
1847/05/30cDobinsonJohn s Thos & ElizButcherCarkin
1847/06/02cPounderJas Nicholson s Jas & Mary AnnCarpenterEppleby
1847/06/06cHardyWm natural s MarySingle WomanEppleby
1847/06/13cDerrickJose[ph s Abraham & FrancesButler to John MichellForcett
1847/06/13cHodgsonMary Ann d Geo & AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1847/06/18cHopperJoseph s Joseph & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1847/08/22cDeaconPhilip s Matthew & AnnCarpenterOvington
1847/10/10cTempleThos Wm s Thos & AliceTailorEppleby
1847/10/24cGrahamEliz d Geo & AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1847/11/21cWhiteAnn d John & MargaretHusbandmanCarkin
1847/11/28cHornbyWm s Thos & MaryFarmerOvington
1847/12/26cDentJohn s Matthew & SarahHusbandmanValley
1847/12/26cHardyMartin s Geo & MariaCarpenterEppleby
1848/01/09cBoydThos s Thos & HannahMasonEppleby
1848/01/10cHardyEliz d Humphrey & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1848/01/23cBarassAnn d Wm & ElizaHusbandmanForcett Mill
1848/02/13cParkinWm s Thos & ElizHusbandmanHedgeholme
1848/02/13cPattisonThos s Thos & AnnRoad MakerOvington
1848/02/20cRobinsonMatthew s Chas & MarthaCordwainerEppleby
1848/03/18cDeaconMargaret d Thos & SarahCarpenterOvington
1848/04/16cWaistellThos s Thos & MargaretHusbandmanCarkin Moor House
1848/05/19cCreightonWm s Thos & MariaShoemakerEppleby
1848/05/20cOrdAlice d Thos & ElizHusbandmanSandwath
1848/05/28cSimpsonJonh s Anthony & MaryHusbandmanCarkin Moor House
1848/06/22cMosesThos s Chas & MargaretTile-MakerWinston Gate
1848/07/16cBrittonJihn Robt s Jas & ElizCordwainerEppleby
1848/07/30cHodgsonMary d Wm & MaryFarmerHedgeholme
1848/09/03cDunnEllen d Wm & AnnHusbandmanCarkin
1848/09/17cRobsonCatherine Eliz d Geo & MaryHusbandmanMoor Farm
1848/09/24cLittleEliz natural d Sarah EmmaSingle WomanEppleby
1848/10/08cStaymanMargaret d Wm & FrancesHusbandmanCarkin
1848/12/03cDoddsJane Ann d Jiohn & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1848/12/11cWardJohn s John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1848/12/17cHodgsonEleanor d Geo & marthaFarrierHedgeholme
1848/12/19cKayAnnie d Richd & Mary HannahFarmerForcett Valley
1848/12/19cKayJane d Richd & Mary HannahFarmerForcett Valley
1848/12/24cHopperJoseph s Robt & Mary AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1848/12/31cBaylesJas s Jas & MaryHusbandmanOvington Lane
1848/12/31cBradleyJoseph s Robt & MargaretHusbandmanBurnt House
1849/02/14cHopperGeo s Geo & MaryWeaverEppleby
1849/03/03cCroudaceJohn Ramshaw s Edw & Mary AnnButcherEppleby
1849/03/10cDobinsonHenry s Thos & ElizButcherLow Close
1849/04/15cShawMary Ann d Geo & ElizHusbandmanOvington
1849/04/15cLaycockIsabella d Richd & SarahHusbandmanValley
1849/04/15cDresserJohn s Nathan & JaneHusbandmanMoor Row
1849/04/16cWilsonMargaret d Robt & MaryFarmerEppleby
1849/04/29cStanwixMary Jane d Geo & HannahFarmerOvington Edge
1849/06/01cCreightonMary Ann d Thos & MariaShoemakerEppleby
1849/08/12cLittleJohn s Hutton & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1849/08/19cMosesThos s Chas & MargaretTile-MakerWinston Gate
1849/08/27cMudGeo s John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1849/09/04cHopperEliz d Joseph & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1849/09/26cMowsonThos s Robt & FrancesHusbandmanForcett
1849/10.14cTinklerEliz d Chas & JaneJoinerHedgeholme
1850/01/06cBarassJoseph s Wm & ElizaHusbandmanEppleby
1850/01/18cHildrethMary d Chris & AliceHusbandmanWinston Gate
1850/01/21cHornbyHannah d Thos & MaryFarmerOvington
1850/03/10cHodgsonGeo s Geo & AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1850/03/29cHildrethJohn s Thos & JaneHusbandmanMoor Row
1850/05/19cRobsonChris s Geo & MaryHusbandmanCarkin Moor
1850/05/26cHopperThos s Robt & Mary AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1850/06/27cHodgsonEliz d Wm & MaryFarmerHedgeholme
1850/07/14cVittyJohn Thos s David & RachelHusbandmanLittle Hutton
1850/08/12cGolightlyMargaret d John & FrancesFarmerGrey Stone
1850/09/10cHopperWm Creighton s Wm & MargaretHusbandmanEppleby
1850/09/21cWaiteJoseph s Thos & AnnHusbandmanForcett
1850/10/27cStanwixGeo s Geo & HannahFarmerOvington Edge
1850/10/27cStaymanThos s Geo & AnnCordwainerEppleby
1850/11/17cAkersRobt natural s Mary AnnSingle WomanMoor Row
1850/11/24cRidleyWm s John & ElizHusbandmanFuster Gill
1850/11/24cRidleyMary d John & ElizHusbandmanFuster Gill
1850/12/29cDentThos s Matthew & SarahHusbandmanValley
1850/12/29cStaymanChas s Wm & FrancesHusbandmanCarkin
1851/01/05cDerrickMary Eliz d Abraham & FrancesButler to John MichellForcett
1851/01/12cDresserHannah d Nathan & JaneHusbandmanMoor Row
1851/02/08cHopperAnn d Geo & MaryWeaverEppleby
1851/02/09cPattisonRobt s Thos & AnnRoad MakerOvington
1851/03/04cLittleMary Jane d Henry & MaryHusbandmanEppleby
1851/04/01cTarnWm s John & MaryHusbandmanEppleby
1851/04/24cShawGeo s Geo & MargaretPostmanOvington Lane
1851/04/27cDobinsonEmma d Thos & ElizButcherLong Riggs
1851/05/11cWhiteJane d John & MargaretHusbandmanCarkin
1851/05/23cHopperJohn s Joseph & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1851/06/15cBarrassGeo Wm s Wm & ElizaHusbandmanEppleby
1851/06/21cCroudaceMary Ann d Edward & Mary AnnButcherEppleby
1851/06/21cWardSimon s John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1851/06/23cJohnsonMargaret Ann d Simpson & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1851/07/13cDoddsAda Mary natural d CatharineSingle WomanForcett
1851/07/21cHardyEliz Ann d Geo & MariaCarpenterEppleby
1851/08/06cKayRichd Philip s Richd & Mary HannahFarmerForcett Valley
1851/10/19cDoddsJohn s John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1851/10/04cTinklerFrances d Chas & JaneJoinerHedgeholme Cottage
1851/11/09cGraingerJohn Robinson s Wm & AnnHindHill Top Farm
1852/01/23cLambMargaret d Thos & ElizHusbandmanCarkin
1852/01/25cDaltonThos s Thos & JaneHusbandmanLowfield
1852/03/11cSpencerAnn Jane d John & ElizLabourerHedgeholme Cottage
1852/03/14cGolightlyFanny d John & FrancesFarmerGrey Stone
1852/03/21cHodgsonWm s Geo & MarthaFarrierHedgeholme
1852/04/04cMowsonEliz d Robt & FrancesHusbandmanForcett
1852/04/18cMichellSophia d John & Sophia Janet OgilvieEsquireForcett Hall
1852/05/02cHodgsonJane d Geo & AnnHusbandmanEppleby
1852/05/02cDresserThos s Nathan & JaneHusbandmanMoor Row
1852/05/02cGeldartJohn s John & MaryHusbandmanForcett Valley
1852/05/26cLittleEliz d Hutton & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1852/06/06cRobinsonChas s Chas & MarthaCordwainerEppleby
1852/06/06cRobinsonEliz d Chas & MarthaCordwainerEppleby
1852/06/06cTarnThos s John & MaryHusbandmanEppleby
1852/06/14cHardyMargaret d Humphry & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1852/07/04cStaymanJas s Geo & AnnCordwainerEppleby
1852/07/17cHartJoseph s Francis John & MargaretFarmerMoor Row
1852/07/25cDeaconThos s Robt & ElizCheesemongerOvington
1852/10/10cMarshallChas s Wm & AnnHusbandmanValley
1852/10/24cBrittonWm Trees natural s AnnSingle WomanEppleby
1852/11/28cWaiteEsther d Thos & AnnHusbandmanForcett
1852/12/12cDoddsWm Barker s Wm & MaryShoemakerForcett
1853/01/31cWilsonWm s John & GraceGamekeeperForcett
1853/02/01cHodgsonSarah d Wm & MaryFarmerHedgeholme
1853/03/03cStaymanHenry s Wm & FrancesHusbandmanCarkin
1853/03/11cHopperThos s Geo & MaryWeaverEppleby
1853/03/13cDobinsonThos s Thos & ElizButcherLong Riggs
1853/03/13cPattisonMargaret d Thos & AnnRoad MakerOvington
1853/03/20cLaycockEliza natural d JaneSingle WomanValley
1853/04/10cGargateMary Greenweel d Joseph & ElizHusbandmanRernysin
1853/04/26cGrahamThos s Jas & MaryTailorEppleby
1853/05/05cWadeWm Edw s Henry & ElizEsquireLowfield
1853/05/06cShawJohn s Geo & MargaretPostmanOvington Lane
1853/05/09cSalkellPaul s Wm & JaneHusbandmanLowfield
1853/05/15cHopperEllen d Robt & MargaretHusbandmanEppleby
1853/05/22cNortonJas s Chas & AnnShoemakerOvington
1853/06/09cKayChas s Richd & Mary HannahFarmerForcett Valley
1853/06/25cHartMaria Margaret d Francis John & MargaretFarmerMoor Row
1853/06/25cSimpsonEliz d Jas & ElizHusbandmanValley
1853/07/17cMichellEdw John s John & Sophia Janet OgilvieEsquireForcett Hall
1853/09/11cTarnJohn s John & MaryHusbandmanEppleby
1853/10/10cBulmerChris Geo s Geo & JaneRailway OfficerEppleby
1853/10/24cDoddsWm s John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1853/10/09cBrownEllen d Edw & ElizHusbandmanLittle Hutton
1853/10/30cAkersHenry natural s Mary AnnSingle WomanMoor Row
1853/12/04cAshtonEliz Ellen d Mark & AnnHusbandmanCarkin Grange
1854/01/01cHardyJohn s Geo & MariaCarpenterEppleby
1854/01/01cBarrassHannah natural d ElizaWidowEppleby
1854/04/03cRobinsonJane d Chas & MarthaCordwainerEppleby
1854/04/09cMerryweatherMary Ann d John & IsabellaLabourerCarkin
1854/04/18cDresserCurry s Nathan & JaneHusbandmanMoor Row
1854/04/20cHarrisonJane d Henry & ElizButcherOvington
1854/04/27cLittleJas s Hutton & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1854/04/30cHillsJoeph s Samuel & MaryLabourerFoster Gill
1854/07/09cKayWalter s Richd & Mary HannahFarmerForcett Valley
1854/07/13cWardMargaret d John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1854/08/07cGolightlyAnn d John & FrancesFarmerGrey Stone
1854/07/30cPearsonRobt s Robt & MargaretFarmerFuster Gill
1854/09/24cRobinsonAnn d Wm & MargaretHusbandmanForcett
1854/10/08cColemanEliz d Jas & AnnHusbandmanValley
1854/10/15cSaddlerGeo Stockdale s Wm Stockdale & HarriettMillerEppleby
1854/11/12cGrahamEliz Ann d Myers & Mary AnnFarmerEppleby
1854/11/19cHodgsonWm s Wm & MaryFarmerHedgeholme
1854/12/24cHartJas Joseph s Francis John & MargaretFarmerMoor Row
1855/02/16cGargateJoanna d Joseph & ElizHindRennysin
1855/02/23cHopperGeo s geo & MaryWeaverEppleby
1855/03/21cStaymanHenry s Wm & FrancesHusbandmanCarkin
1855/04/29cHardyEliz d Humphry & ElizHusbandmanEppleby
1855/05/20cKellFanny d Richd & MargaretHusbandmanForcett Valley
1855/07/01cMichellAlgernon Percy s John & Sophia Janet OgilvieEsquireForcett Hall
1855/08/05cHarrisonSarah d Henry & ElizButcherOvington
1855/08/26cHodgsonJohn Robt s Wm & Mary AnnFarmerEppleby
1855/08/29cWilsonJohn s John & GraceGamekeeperForcett
1855/10/07cDoddsMary Jane d Wm & MaryShoemakerForcett
1855/10/14cTarnWm s John & MaryLabourerEppleby
1855/11/18cAshtonJohn s Mark & AnnHusbandmanCarkin Grange
1856/01/25cHodgsonWm s Wm & MaryFarmerHedgeholme
1856/02/10cHopperRobt s Geo & MaryHusbandmanEppleby
1856/02/10cMosesGeo s Geo & EleanorHusbandmanValley
1856/03/30cRobinsonThos s Wm & MargaretHusbandmanForcett
1856/04/08cLambertStephen s Geo & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1856/04/26cWhardingbyLucy d Thos & ElizWoodcutterForcett
1856/04/27cBrownThos s John & AliceMasonEppleby
1856/05/09cDoddsRichd s John & JaneHusbandmanEppleby
1856/05/29cWoodsonAnna Maria Mary Jane d Wm Henry Howell & ElizSurgeon & Ins AgentHuddersfield
1856/06/22cMetcalfJohn s Bartholomew & MaryInn KeeperOvington
1856/07/13cScraftonHannah d Chris & AnnHusbandmanForcett Valley
1856/07/27cRobsonJane d Edw & ElizButcherEppleby
1856/07/27cGrahamGeo s Jas & Mary AnnTailorEppleby
1856/08/17cAdamsonRalph s Henry & MaryHusbandmanLow Close
1856/08/17cGrahamJohn Myers s Myers & Mary AnnFarmerEppleby
1856/09/02cTinklerJessie d Chas & JaneLabourerHedgeholme
1856/09/14cBrandJane d Danield & Mary AnnLabourerEppleby
1856/09/21cHodgsonEliz Ann d Chris & AnnLabourerForcett
1856/09/28cHartFrancis John s Francis John & MargaretFarmerMoor Row
1856/10/13cRobinsonHutchinson s Robt & AliceLabourerEppleby
1856/10/19cGargetJas s John & MaryLabourerEppleby
1856/11/02cHodgsonChris s Wm & Mary AnnFarmerEppleby
1856/11/05cDresserMary d Nathan & JaneLabourerMoor Row
1856/11/30cAppletonJas s Henry & ElizaHusbandmanLittle Hutton
1856/12/14cGargetJane Ann d Wm & JaneLabourerEppleby
1856/12/28cHardyWm John natural s ElizMarried WomanEppleby
1856/12/02cSpencerThos s John & ElizLabourerHedgeholme
1857/04/09cWaiteThos s Thos & AnnLabourerForcett
1857/04/12cHarrisonEleanor d Henry & ElizButcherOvington
1857/04/19cMartinEmma d Wm & MargaretLabourerForcett Valley
1857/05/03cTempleWm s John & MargaretLabourerCarkin
1857/05/17cHopperSarah d Geo & MaryWeaverEppleby
1857/05/21cKayArthur s Richd & Mary HannahFarmerForcett Valley
1857/05/31cCharltonFrank s John & SarahLabourerEppleby
1857/06/19cGentJas Francis s Wm & ElizCarpenterEppleby
1857/08/02cPrestFrances d John & JaneLabourerWinston Gate
1857/08/23cWilsonEliza d Robt & MaryFarmerEppleby
1857/08/23cRichardsonJane Ann natural d ElizSingle WomanEppleby

The Parish registers.
Transcribed by Allan Akers 1999.