Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: FYLINGDALES.     Church dedication: ST. STEPHEN.     Church type: Perpetual Curacy.

Area, 13,010 acres. Whitby Strand liberty. -Population, 1,535 *1 ; Church-room, 500 *2; Net value, £98 *3. This was formerly in the parish of Whitby, and given to the Abbey of Whitby, to which it was appropriated ; and in the year 1353 it was decided by the Court of York, that Fylingdales was not a separate parish, and therefore not liable -to pay procurations to the Archdeacon.

Patron and impropriator, the Archbishop of York.

The Church was valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation at £16; Nova Tax, Augmented in 1786 with £200; in 1792, with £200; in 1811. with £200, from the Royal Bounty, and £1,000 from the Parliamentary grant ; and in 1812, with £400, from the Parliamentary grant, -all by lot.

" £17 a year paid by the Archbishop's lessee to the Curate." -Notitia Parochialis, No. 1061.

An Inclosure Act was passed 48th Geo. III.

No glebe house.

1st August 1821, a faculty was granted to rebuild the naves and aisles, and to repew the Church.

The Register Books commence in 1653. The second book is imperfect.

Edward Harrison's charity, by will, in 1640. rent charge of 24s. 4d. per annum, to the poor.

Another rent charge, donor unknown. 13s. 4d. per annum, to the poor.

Susan Watson's gift, by will, dated 7th March 1814. Dividends on £100. Navy Fives, distributed among poor widows, being housekeepers, and orphan children, by the minister and churchwardens.

Coverdale Richardson's gift, by will, dated 11th June 1785. Interest of £200, to be applied to such charitable purposes as the minister, churchwardens, and overseers of the parish (called in the will the parish of Robin Hood's Bay) should think fit. -Vide 7th Report, page 755.

Post town: Whitby.

Not noticed in Torre's MS. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. iii. page 157. Nonae Rolls, page 231. Charlton's Whitby, page 249. Gent's Hull. Burton's Monasticon, page 85. Valor Ecc., vol. iii. page 80. Mon. Angl., vol. i. pages 408. 421.

*1 The decrease of Population (167 persons) in the parish of Fylingdales is attributable to the stoppage of alum works.

*2 142 additional sittings, of which 112 are free, have been obtained, towards which the Society made a grant of £150.

*3 There were unreported Decrees in the Exchequer in Easter Term, 32nd Elizabeth, and in Hilary Term, 6th Jac. 1. £8; in 1707, the Curacy was certified at £21; and in 1818, at £106 per annum.

From the original book published by
George Lawton in 1842..
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