FYLINGDALES: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1829.


"FYLINGDALES, a dale and a parish in the wapentake and liberty of Whitby Strand."

"ROBIN HOOD'S BAY, is a hamlet, in the parish of Fylingdales, and the liberty of Whitby Strand; its situation is singularly romantic, in accordance with the traditionary story of its being the retreat of the renowned depredator from whom it takes its name, who, it is said, had always several vessels in readiness here, by the aid of which be eluded his pursuers. This place is now a considerable fishing station."
Note: The directory entry for Robin Hood's Bay in Pigot's 1829 Directory is included with Whitby.

[Transcribed from Pigot's National Commericial Directory for 1828-29 ]
by Colin Hinson ©2007