AYTON: Ayton-Cleveland Congregational Church History up to 1868.



The lack of authentic records renders the records of this ancient church very incomplete. Tradition says that, on account of the religious troubles in Scotland about two centuries ago, several natives of Scotland left their country and settled in this vicinity. One of them became Lord of the Manor, and the first meeting-house was built by him on his land. An imperfect account, kept by a John Jollie (who appears to have been an elder), amidst items of business matters, supplies the following facts:-

" Mr. Porteous preached his last sermon at Ayton Feb. 8, 1746-7, from Phil. i. 27, Only let your conversation,' &c." His address then follows : "Rev. Mr. Porteous, Nuneaton, near Coventry, Warwickshire." (The ministry of Mr. Porteous, at Nuneaton, was regarded as having a tendency to Arianism.) Again, "The Rev. Mr. Brown came March 30, 1747." Again, "The Rev. Mr. Blakey came to our house June 4, 1748. Paid him £1 14s." It is not said in what capacity these ministers were engaged, whether as pastors or only as occasional preachers. Again, "Mr. Simpson's last sermon at Ayton, 26th day of August, 1758, from the words (1 Thess. iv. ), 'Furthermore then we beseech you, brethren,' &c."

  • Rev. -- LOGAN. Ob. 1812 or 1813. During the latter years of Mr. Logan's life the congregation became Unitarian. After his death Mr. Hinmers obtained the use of the chapel, preaching in it and at Guisborough alternately. He at length removed from Guisborough.
  • 1826. Rev. W. HINMERS (from Guisborough and Stokesley). Ob. 1846.
  • An interval; during which no settled minister.
  • 1852 Rev, J. ATKINSON (from Free Church). An Independent Church was now formed, and the chapel was rebuilt. Removed Dec., 1855, to Felling, Newcastle.
  • 1855. Rev. H. HUSTWICK. Removed to Honley, 1859.
  • 1859. Rev. THOMAS DAVISON (from Stockton). Resigned Nov. 24, 1859,
  • 1862. Rev. JOHN KAY. Resigned in 1863.
  • May 15, 1864. Rev. ISAAC BRIERLEY (Pickering Acy., from Mixenden). The present minister (in 1868).

* Communicated by Rev. J. Brierley.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.