Great Edstone parish:


Great Edstone, Vicars transcription:

The List of Vicars in St. Michael's Church, Great Edstone.


The Church of Edstone was given to the Priory of Hextildesham and thereunto was apropriated. And on 13 February 1310 AD
William de Grenefeld Archbishop ordained that there be in the Church of Edstone a perpetual Vicar presentable by the
Prior and Convent of Hextildesham who shall have for the portion of his Vicarage that toft with a Croft on the South side
of the Church with two oxangs of land in the Town and all small tithes within the Parish, viz of Wool, Lamb, Colts,
Calves, Pigs, Brood-geese, Eggs, Pigeons, Line, Hemp and of other fruits growing in Orchards and Virgults. Also all oblations
and Mortuaries. The tithes of the said Religious own Cattle with the tithes of Garbs and hay of the whole Parish only
to them excepted And this said Religious shall bear all burdens extraordinary and repair and rebuild the Chancel of the Church
as oft as need requires And the Vicar shall find Books, Vestments and other Ornaments pay the Archdeacon's
procurations and bear all ordinary burdens on the Church Incumbent whatsoever.

List of The Vicars

4th February 1310John de SALTON pbr.-Edward II
4th April 1321John de BURTON cap.-Edward II
10th August 1324William de APELGARTH DE KYLLUM pbr.DeathEdward II & Edward III
18th July 1330William de BRAFFERTON pbr.ResignationEdward III
2nd November 1336William Abron de CARLUTON IN CRAVEN cap. Edward III
19th February 1349Hugo de PRESTON cap. Edward III
10th October 1351Richard BRADAN pbr.ResignationEdward III & Richard II
12th March 1379William NOBLE pbr.ResignationRichard II & Henry IV
22nd August 1406John SMYTH pbr.ResignationHenry IV
25 April 1412Robert THORMUNDBY pbr.ResignationHenry IV to Henry VI
20th August 1424John COTOM pbr.ResignationHenry VI
23rd November 1425William USHER pbr.DeathHenry VI
11th May 1430Thomas ORMESBY pbr.DeathHenry VI
11th November 1451John THOMPSON pbr.DeathHenry VI to Richard III
17th August 1484John PEROTT cap.DeathRichard III to Henry VII
24th April 1507William BARKER pbr.DeathHenry VII to Henry VIII
4th December 1546William PARKER cl.ResignationHenry VIII to Elizabeth
29th August 1571John HARRYSON cl.DeathElizabeth
9th September 1590John BRIDGEY cl.DeathElizabeth
10th January 1599George WARWYK cl. M.A.ResignationElizabeth & James I
30th December 1604Thomas WARWYK cl. M.A.ResignationJames I
20th September 1605John SHERYNGE cl. James I
23rd October 1606Henry ASCOUGHE cl. B.A.ResignationJames I
1st September 1614John PETTIE cl. James I
4th May 1619John DOBSON cl. M.A. James I
Lawrence HARDWICKDeathCharles I to Charles II
12th February 1680Christopher DOWKER cl.CessionCharles II to William & Mary
23rd September 1697Thomas WATSON cl.DeathWilliam & Mary
18th December 1698George MASTERMANDeathWilliam & Mary to George I
18th August 1726Philip BAINBRIDGE [THE FATHER]DeathGeorge I to George III
28th June 1763Philip BAINBRIDGE [THE SON] cl.DeathGeorge III
8th February 1774John ATKINSON cl.CessionGeorge III
1st August 1788Christopher ROBERTS cl.DeathGeorge III to Victoria
23rd March 1843Robert Keath PEARSON cl.Death 17 December 1783Victoria
30th July 1884Charles WALKER cl.Death 9 January 1895Victoria
18th April 1895John ROBINSON cl.Cession 4 October 1905Victoria & Edward VII
25th April 1906Reginald BROUGHTON M.A.Death 16 November 1912Edward VII & George V
24th June 1913John Charles GAWTHERN M.A.Resignation 2 March 1918George V
8th April 1918William Henry FISHER cl.Death 8 January 1931George V
5th June 1931John William Edward WALKER M.A.Resignation 1 August 1938George V to George VI
12th August 1938Anthony Simpson HARNBY B.A.
(Honorable Canon of York 1945)
Retired 1957George VI to Elizabeth II
31st January 1958Cecil Gordon THOMPSON B.A.
(Honorable Canon of York Minster)
Retired January 1979Elizabeth II
7th February 1980Douglas BAKERRetired July 1982Elizabeth II
19th April 1983Nicholas Newman JONESCession 12 September 1987Elizabeth II
24th March 1988Ronald Richard LETALLCession 14 February 1990Elizabeth II
13th June 1990Gordon Frederick SHERWOODRetired 30 November 1994Elizabeth II
16th June 1995Denis SAMWAYS

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson