Grinton, Monumental Inscriptions transcription


Grinton parish:

Grinton, Monumental Inscriptions transcription:

The Monument to the Peacock family in St. Andrew's Church, Grinton.

In Memory of
Thomas Peacock of Marrick who died December IV MDCCLXII aged CII years
Dorothy his wife who died December VI MDCCX
Aged (blank) years

Also in Memory of
Simon their son of Reeth who died July XIV MDCCLXVII aged LVIII years
Ann his wife who died June XXX MDCCXCVII Aged LXXVIII years
Catharine Orton her sister who died March XXIV MDCCCXI
Aged LXXXXIX years
Ann daughter of Simon and Ann Peacock
Who died March VIII MDCCL Aged VII years
Francis their son who died June XIII MDCCLIV Aged II years
Elizabeth their daughter who died November XXIII MDCCLVIII Aged II years
Ann their daughter who died March XXX MDCCLXX Aged XVIII years
Dorothy their daughter wife of John Haw of West Witton
Who died June XXVIII MDCCCVI Aged LXI years
And of
Simon their son who closed a life of active benevolence
On the XIV of March MDCCCXXVI Aged LXXX years
And Sarah his wife who died July VI MDCCCXXV Aged LXII years.

"Blessed are the Dead Which Die in the Lord"

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson