Grinton parish:


Grinton, Vicars transcription:

The List of Vicars in St. Andrew's Church, Grinton.

This Parish was appropriated to the Augustinian Priory of Bridlington in the 12th century by
Maud de Gant [or Gaunt] and originally staffed by members of that community. From 1272 a
vicar was appointed by them until the Priory's dissolution in 1537. The Crown was patron until
1890 when patronage was transferred to the Bishop of Ripon. The Parish was in York diocese
until 1547 when it was transferred to Chester diocese. In 1836 it became a part of the new
Diocese of Ripon. The Parish is in both the Archdeaconry and the rural Deanery of Richmond.

1272Symon de SWALDAL1271Marco Polo goes to China
 1346The Battle of Crecy
 1348The Black Deach reaches England
1362Symon de NESSE1390Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
1397William de DARLINGTON1405Scrope's rebellion crushed
1411Roger WARD1415Battle of Agincourt
1425Thomas SWALDALE1431Joan of Arc is burned at Rouen
1448Roger CLYFF1455The Wars of the Roses begin
1465John BRAMSFELD1465Henry VI imprisoned in the Tower of London
1474Nicholas DUKE1492Columbus discovers America
1524John SMYTH1529Cardinal Wolsey falls from power
1535William DOWSON1536-40Dissolution of the Monasteries
1564Matthew BROWNE1570The Pope excommunicates Queen Elizabeth I
1585Alexander STOCKS1585Drake raids Spanish New World
1587Henry SIMPSON1588Defeat of Spanish Armada
1623George SIMPSON1629King Charles I dissolves Parliament and rules without it
1634Edward MORTON1634Ship Money is raised
1637Thomas GENT1642-9The Civil War
 1649Execution of Charles I
 1649-60The Commonwealth
1658Francis ATKINSON1660The Restoration of the Monarchy
1673Tobias WEST1688James II flees abroad
 1689Reign of William and Mary
1717Thomas LIGHTFOOT1720"South Sea Bubble" bursts
1742Timothy DICKINSON1742First performance Handel Messiah
1783Thomas JAY1789The French Revolution
1799Thomas EDMONDSON1815First Corn Law is passed
1822Henry Burdett WORTHINGTON1825Opening Stockton-Darlington Railway
1842Elias TARDY1846Repeal of Corn Laws
1850Charles PORTER1854The Crimean War breaks out
1855Percy SMITH1870Forsters Education Act
1892David WALKER1897Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee
1899Joseph John MERRY1899Outbreak of Boer War
1907Bertrand GREGORY1914-18First World War
1925John Shaw HARRISON1928Women over 21 given the vote
1930Edward Norman SPEAR
1932Gerald FARRINGTON1935George V Silver Jubilee
1938Edward SOMERSET1939-45Second World War
1944Herbert John KINGSLEY1946National Health Service Act
1952Charles William Clarke RICHARDS1952Reign of Queen Elizabeth II begins
1959Wilfrid Michael CASE1973Britain joins EEC
1985Peter Stanley MIDWOOD
1998Timothy Mark TUNLEY

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson