Guisborough Directory of Trades and Professions for 1823


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for GUISBOROUGH in Baines's Directory of 1823.

  • Mrs. Mary Pulman, Post Mistress, Market-place.

    Places from whence
    Letter bags are recvd. Distance. Postage Arrival of Mails. Departure of Mails.
    London 218 12d. 8 morning 3 P. M.
    York 49 8 ditto. ditto.
    Thirsk 28 6 ditto. ditto.
    Stokesley 8 4 ditto. ditto.

Gentry &c.:
  • Agar Mrs. gentlewoman, Church street
  • Barker John, gent. Westgate
  • Bulmer Thomas, gent. Westgate
  • Chaloner Robert., Esq. M. P.
  • Coning Ana, gentlwmn. Westgate
  • Corney Samuel, gent. Westgate
  • Danby Elizabeth, gentlwmn. Market place
  • Harrison John, Esq.
  • Hickson Joseph, chief constable for the E. Division of Langbargh
  • Lincoln David, gent. Church street
  • Mason George, gent. Westgate
  • Napper Thomas, yeoman, Waterfalls
  • Pearson Richard, yeoman, Woodhouse
  • Pulman Thomas, gent. Westgate
  • Ricaby Thomas, gent. Bellmangate
  • Sanders Thomas, gent Westgate
  • Scarth Richard, yeoman, Northcote
  • Small Thomas, gent. Church street
  • Weatherill Thomas, gent. Westgate
  • Williamson, Rev. T. P. perpetual curate
Academies - Boarding & Day Schools,
  • Best Ann, (ladies' day) Westgate
  • Chipchase William, (day) Church street
  • Endowed Grammar, Rev. James Willock, master
  • National, R. Medd & Isab. Peacock
  • Sunley George, (coml. day) Market place
  • West Mary, (ladies' day) Westgate
  • York Joseph, (commercial day)
Agents, Particular and Genl.,
  • Child Rd. (Phoenix fire) Westgate
  • Clark Henry, (Atlas fire) Westgate
  • Dale M. H. (newspapers) Market place
  • Marshall Thomas, (Newcastle & Durham newspapers) Market place
  • Clark Henry, Town's hall
  • Hodgson Barwick, Market place
  • Irvene John, Westgate
  • Stephenson Thomas, Westgate
Auctioneers and Appraisers,
  • Dale M. H. Market place
  • Watson & Marshall, Market place
  • Skinner & Co. Westgate, draw on Barclay, Tritton & Co.
Billiard Rooms.
  • Dale M. H. Market place
  • Watson John, Market place
  • Culley Robert Church street
  • Hewitt John, Westgate
  • Pulman Alex. (& furrier,) Westgate
  • Pulman Ralph, near Market place
  • Rawling Thomas, Bow street
  • Rutter William, Patten lane
Booksellers, &c.
  • Dale M. H. Market place
  • Hodgson Ralph, Westgate
  • Marshall Thomas, (& printer) Market place
  • Pearson William, Westgate
Boot and Shoe Makers.,
  • Carter Matthew, Bow street
  • Garbutt Thomas, Westgate
  • Johnson William, North-out-gate
  • Mills George, Bow street
  • Pattison William, Bellmangate
  • Porritt Thomas, Westgate
  • Robinson Thomas, Church street
  • Rymer Richard, Westgate
  • Wharton Robert, Church street
Bread Bakers,
  • Pollard Christopher, Westgate
  • Shepherd Roger, Westgate
  • Williamson John, Patten lane
  • Williamson William, Westgate
Bricklayers, &c.
  • Knaggs John, Westgate
  • Moore William, (plasterer) Church street
  • Williamson Robert, Church street
  • Winter Thomas, Church street
  • Corney Samuel, Westgate
  • Darnton William, Westgate
  • Mascall William, Westgate
  • Sanders William, Westgate
  • Walker Robert, sen. Church street
  • Wright William, Market place
Clock and Watch Makers,
  • Belt Thomas, (watch) Market place
  • Unthank George, Westgate
  • Wilson Thomas, Market place
  • Walker William, Bellmangate
  • Wright Thomas, Market place
Corn Millers,
  • Askew John, Holbeck
  • Pollard Christopher, Westgate
Curriers and Leather Cutters,
  • Ord Richard, Westgate
  • Small John, (cutter) Church street
  • Thompson John, Patten street
  • Walker Robert, jun. Church street
  • Robinson Thomas, Westgate
  • Smith John, Market place
  • Askew Robert, Parkhouse
  • Atkinson Thomas Cass bank
  • Barker Thomas, Holbeck
  • Boys William, Barnaby
  • Corney Harland
  • Dale George, Westgate
  • Dale John
  • Garbutt William, Seagdale
  • Gofton William, Waterfalls
  • Harding Thomas, Bellmangate
  • Johnson Robert, Westgate
  • Mailam William, Church street
  • Moon James, Apple orchard
  • Pearson John, Westgate
  • Pollard William, Bellmangate
  • Potter Thomas, Bellmangate
  • Potter William, Bellmangate
  • Rowland Thomas, Cross Keys
  • Wardle William, Barnaby grange
Flax Dressers,
  • Corney John, Market place
  • Hindson Joseph, North-out-gate
  • Smith William, Westgate
  • Cooper William, Bellmangate
  • English John, Bellmangate
Grocers and Tea Dealers,
  • Baker Hannah, Church street
  • Campion John, Westgate
  • Child Richard, Westgate
  • Corney John, Market place
  • Davison Ralph, Church street
  • Dixon Thomas, Westgate
  • Edwards Elizabeth, Church street
  • Hodgson Ralph, Westgate
  • Hutchinson John, Market place
  • King Matthew, Westgate
  • Lacey E. and T. Market place
  • Robinson Thomas, Westgate
  • Small John, (tea dealer) Church street
  • Smith John, Market place
  • Unthank John, Westgate
Hair Dressers,
  • Pulman Robert, Westgate
  • Sanders Thomas, North-out-gate
Hat Manufacturers and Furriers,
  • Laing James, Westgate
  • Wainwright Thomas, Market place
Inns and Taverns,
  • Anchor, William, Page, Bellmangate
  • Black Swan, John Husband, Westgate
  • Buck, John Watson, Market place
  • Cock, T. Marsh, commercial inn and posting-house
  • Fox, John Holdforth, Bow street
  • George and Dragon, John Scaife, Market place
  • Golden Lion, William Palman, Market place
  • Highland Laddie, R. Greathead, Church street
  • King's Head, Ed. Williamson, Westgate
  • Lord Nelson, Alice Jowsey, Church street
  • Mermaid, John Peart, Westgate
  • Red Lion, Thomas Nattby, Church street
  • Seven Stars, Thomas, Medd, Bow street
  • Ship, James Walker, Westgate
  • Sloop, Mary Hewitt, North-out-gate
  • Sun, M. H. Dale, Market place
  • Three Fiddles, S. Boys, West-gate
Ironmongers and Hardwaremen,
  • Dale John, Market place
  • Dennis Francis, (and jeweller) North-out-gate
  • Moore Edward, (& jeweller) Bellmangate
  • Skelton William, Westgate
  • Wiley James, Market place
  • Wilson Thomas, Market place
Joiners and Cabinet Makers,
  • Davison Thomas, Church street
  • Harpley William, jun.
  • Johnson Thomas, Church street
  • Small Thomas, jun. (and upholsterer) Church street
  • Tylor Benjamin, Westgate
  • Bulmer Thomas, (subscription) Westgate
  • Dale M. H. (circulating) Market place
  • Hodgson Rd. (circulating) Westgate
  • Marshall Thomas, (circulating) Market place
Linen Manufacturers,
  • Hindson John, North-out-gate
  • Smith William, Westgate
Linen and Woollen Drapers,
  • Baker Hannah, Church street
  • Campion John, Westgate
  • Child Richard, Westgate
  • Dillifield Philip, Bow street
  • Dixon Thomas, Westgate
  • Hutchinson John, Market place
  • King Matthew, Westgate
  • Lacy E. T. Market place
  • Smith John, Market place
Maltsters and Brewers,
  • Morritt. William, North-out-gate
  • Peart John, (brewer) Westgate
Milliners and Dress Makers,
  • Campion Isabella, Westgate
  • Child Eliza, Westgate
  • Eston Ann, Westgate
  • Pulman Elizabeth, Westgate
  • Unthank Hannah, Westgate
Painters, &c.,
  • Bulmer John, Bow street
  • Hicks Rt. (colourman) Westgate
  • Sanders Francis, Westgate
  • Wright Robert, Market place
Plumbers and Glaziers,
  • Bulmer Thomas, Bow street
  • Campion Zechariah, Westgate
  • Wright Robert, Westgate
Porter Merchants and Dealers,
  • Dale M. H. Market place
  • Dixon Thomas, Market place
  • Shepherd Roger, Westgate
Rope Makers,
  • Corney John, Market place
  • Hindson Joseph, North-out-gate
  • Lincoln John, Church street
  • Smith William, Westgate
  • Walker James, Westgate
Saddlers and Collar Makers,
  • Cole John, (& tawer) Bow street
  • Dale John, Market place
  • Husband John, Westgate
  • Morley George, Market place
Saddle Horses and Gigs to Let,
  • Butement Mrs. Market place
  • Dillifield and Johnson
  • Medd Thomas, Bow street
  • Nedby Thomas, Church street
  • Askew William, Westgate
  • Corney William, Market place
  • Small John, Church street
  • Easton Thomas, Westgate
  • Watson Elizabeth, Market place
  • Wray Joseph, Bow street
  • Askew William, Westgate
  • Bird James, Westgate
Spirit & Wine Merchants & Dealers,
  • Baker Hannah, (British wines) Westgate
  • Corney William, Market place
  • Dale M. H. Market place
  • Dixon Thomas, (British wines) Westgate
Stone Masons,
  • Pretty Richard, Church street
  • Pretty William, Patten lane
  • Stockton John, Westgate
  • Williamson Edward, Westgate
Straw Bonnet Makers,
  • Cornforth Sarah, Bow street
  • Moore Hannah, Church street
  • Walker Elizabeth, Westgate
  • West Elizabeth, Westgate
  • York Hannah, Westgate
Surgeons &c.,
  • Makereath Michael, Westgate
  • Wilson William, and Son, Bow street
Tailors, &c,
  • Burn William, North-out-gate
  • Dillifield P. (& draper) Bow street
  • Havelock Thomas, Bow street
  • Hodgson Thomas, and Son, Westgate
  • Williamson Richard, Bellmangate
Tallow Chandlers,
  • Askew William, Westgate
  • Bird James, Westgate
  • Corney William, Market place
Tinners and Braziers,
  • Bulmer Thomas, Bow street
  • Skelton William, Westgate
  • Wiley James, Market place
  • Davison Thomas, Church street
  • Harpley William, jun. Market place
  • Nedby James, Church street
  • Orton Michael (& plough mkr.)Westgate
Miscellany of trades
  • Aisleby Anthony, cattle dealer
  • Askew George, attorney's clerk
  • Lacey E. and T. sub-distributors of stamps, Market place
  • Page William, wood turner and line wheel maker, Bellmangate
  • Pulman Robert, Bailiff for the manor, Westgate
  • Robson Benjamin, whitesmith, Church street
  • Scaife John, slater, Market place
  • Shepherd Roger, distiller of herbs, Westgate
  • Symmonds Chas. confectioner, Church street
  • Watson John, bailiff for the liberty of Langbargh
  • Wright William, agent for Genuine Tea Company
  • From the Cock Inn, T. Marsh's Market place,
  • The CLEVELAND, from Redcar to Bedale, during the season, on Mon. Wed. & Sat. arr. at 8 mg. ret. 7 evg.
  • The UNION, from Whitby to Sunderland, on Tu. and Sat. arr. at 11 mg. and ret. at half past 1 aft.
Land Carriage,
  • Baker William, from Castleton on Tu arr. at 10, ret. 3
  • Barker James, from Castleton on Tu. and Fri arr 10 ret. 3
  • Johnson John, to Stockton on Mon. Wed. Fri. and Sat, ret, same evg.
  • Johnson Robert, to Stockton on Mon. Wed. and Sat, ret. same evg.
  • Johnson Thomas, to Whitby on Mon. and Thur. ret, on Tu. and Fri.; and to Stockton and Stokesley on Sat. ret same evg.
  • Kitchen Peter, to Redcar, Marsk, and Kirkleatham, on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for AISDALE GATE in Baines's Directory of 1823.

  • Dunn Richard
  • Handersides Jph.
  • Miller Michael
  • Seaton Jonathan
  • Thompson Joseph
  • Thompson William

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for PINCHINTHORPE in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Farmers & Yeomen,
  • Booth Isaac
  • Foster Thomas
  • Orde George
  • Terry William
  • Young William

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for TOCKETTS in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Farmers & Yeomen,
  • Foster Thomas
  • Walker George
  • Weatherill Thomas
Miscellany of trades
  • Coulson Thomas, corn miller
  • Pearson George, land agent