Guisborough Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1890


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for GUISBOROUGH in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.

  • County Councillor. - A. E. Pease, Esq., Pinchingthorpe

  • Zetland Earl of, Aske hall, Richmond
  • Lowther Right Hon. James, M.P., D.L., &c. Wilton castle, Redcar
  • Palmer Sir C. M., M.P., Grinkle park, Loftus, R.S.O.
  • Pease Sir J. W., Bart., M.P., Hutton hall, Guisborough
  • Pease Henry Fell, M.P., Saltburn-by-the-Sea
  • Turner His Honor Judge E. R., M.A., Rosslyn villas, Saltburn-by-the-Sea
  • Bell Thomas Hugh, Esq., Red Barns, Coatham, Redcar
  • Clarke J. W., Esq., Guisborough
  • Emerson E. B., Esq., Picton house, Redcar
  • Merryweather James, Esq., Guisborough
  • Minchin Henry Charles, Crossbeck house, Normanby
  • Pease Alfred Edward, Esq., M.P., D.L., Pinchingthorpe house, Guisbro'
  • Pease Arthur, Esq., Cliff house, Marske-by-the-Sea
  • Rhodes G. S., Esq., The Gables, Saltburn-bythe-Sea
  • Swan J. G., Esq., Upsall hall, Middlesbrough
  • Trotter Charles, Esq., Kirkleatham Hall, Redcar
  • Walker W. E., Esq., Saltburn-by-the-Sea
  • Wharton J. T., Esq., D.L., Skelton Castle, Skelton, R.S.O.
  • Wharton W. H. A., Esq., Skelton castle, Skelton, R.S.O.
  • Whitwell Wm., Esq., Overdene, Saltburn-by-the-sea
  • Wilson Isa., Esq., M.P., D.L., Nunthorpe hall, Nunthorpe, R.S.O.
  • Yeoman Robert Charles, Esq., M.A., Marske hall, Marske-by-the-Sea
  • Clerk - W. C. Trevor, Town Hall
  • Petty Sessions are held at the Town Hall, Guisborough, every Tuesday, at 10-30 am.; and at the Town Hall, Loftus, the second and fourth Friday in every month, at 1-30 p.m., for the following places :- Guisborough, Commondale, Danby, Easington, Hutton
  • Lowcross, Kirkleatham, Marske, Morton, Pinchingthorpe, Redcar, Skelton, Stanghow,
  • Tocketts, Upleatham, Upsall, Westerdale, Wilton, Loftus, Brotton Kilton Liverton,
  • Moorsholme-cum-Gerrick, Skinningrove.
  • MANOR COURT. - Town Hall annually. Steward, J. W. Clarke, Esq.

  • Meet at the Town Hall 2nd and 4th Saturdays in each month, at 10-30 a.m. Offices, 2 Fountain street. Chairman, Jas. Merryweather, J.P.W. Charlton, O. Davidson, W. Messenger, John Nightingale, G. Taylor, J. E. Whitaker, Robert Wilson, Jph. Wright, J. Parkin, W. Southorn, and Jef. Bulmer.
  • Surveyor, Collector, and Inspector of Nuisances, T.L. Gray
  • Medical Officer - Dr. Stainthorpe

  • Same members and time as above.
  • Superintendent of Cemetery - T. L. Gray
  • Clerk to each - Arthur Buchannan

  • Chairman - Joseph Wright; Vice-Chairman Joseph Parkin; Dr. Merryweather, & Messrs. M. Batterbee, Robt. Wilson, Wm. Charlton, and John Norman
  • Clerk - Arthur Buchannan, Town Hall

  • Governors - Sir Joseph W. Pease, Bart.,(chairman), T. Hugh Bell, Arthur Buchanan, Jph. Hugill, R. G. W. Lee, James Merryweather, J.P., Thos. Petch, Rev. A. Robertson, Wm. Robinson, W. C. Trevor, and R. C. Yeoman.
  • Clerk - John Wm. Clarke

  • Meetings every alternate Tuesday, at Town Hall, Guisborough, at 1 o'clock. The following places comprise the Union :- Brotton, Commondale, Danby, Easington, Guisbro', Hutton Lowcross, Kilton, Kirkleatham, Liverton, Loftus, Marske, Moorsholm-cum-Gerrick, Morton, Newton-in-Cleveland, Pinchingthorpe, Redcar, Skelton, Skinningrove, Stanghow, Tocketts, Upleatham, Upsall, Westerdale, Wilton
  • Assistant Overseer (Guisborough) - J. W. Gaudie
  • Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee - A. Buchannan, Town Hall
  • Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator, Guisborough District - Jas. Merryweather, Westgate, Guisborough
  • Relieving Officers - First district, Cyrus Smith, Bellmangate; Second district, J. Marwood, Redcar
  • Treasurer - E. S. Parker, National Prov. Bank
  • Vaccination Officers - Registrars of Births and Deaths

  • Superintendent - William Robinson, 55 Redcar road; deputy, G. W. Gaudie, Westgate
  • Marriages - Robert Bulmer, junr., Holbeck; deputy, John Child, Fountain street
  • Births & Deaths - Cyrus Smith, Bellmangate; deputy, John Child
  • Other Officers given under the various Townships.

  • Clerk - Arthur Buchannan, Town Hall
  • Treasurer - E. S. Barker, National Prov, Bank
  • Medical Officer of Health - Dr. Stainthorpe, Kirkleatham
  • Inspector - J. R. Paver, Westgate road

  • Clerk - A. Buchannan, Town Hall
  • Attendance and Inquiry Officer - R. Bulmer, junr., Holbeck

  • Coroner for ths East Langbaurgh Liberty - Arthur Buchannan; deputy, Wm. Robinson, Town Hall
  • Certifying Factory Surgeon - Jas. Merryweather, Westgate
  • Collector of Taxes - R. Pinkney, Westgate

  • Meet in the Town Hall First Tuesday in every month, at 2 o'clock. 16 townships.
  • Ex-officio Members - The Magistrates and Way-Wardens; Chairman, J. W. Clarke, Esq.;
  • Vice-chairman, Ralph Robinson; Secretary, J. R. Paver; Treasurer, E. S. Barker; Clerk, W. C. Trevor
  • Clerk to Lord Lieutenant for North Riding - A. Buchannan
  • Clerk to Sub-division Meetings of Lieutenancy - A. Buchannan

  • Langbaurgh East Division of North Riding.
  • Police Station - Bellmangate; Superintendent, Richard Clarkson; Inspector, Thos. Ridley
  • Stamp Office - Post Office

  • 1st North Riding Yorkshire Artillery (5th battery), Captain Wm. Richardson
  • 1st Vol. Batt. Princess of Wales' Own Yorkshire Regiment, K Co. - Captain J. A. Rutherford, commandant; depôt, Fountain street

  • Chairman and Auditor - E. S. Barker
  • Hon. Secretary - William Charlton
  • Hon. House Surgeon - Dr. Merryweather
  • Matron - Miss Lillie MacGregor

  • St. Nicholas' (Parish) - Rector, Rev. F. H. Morgan, M.A., the Rectory; curates, Rev. A. P. Mitchell, M.A., h Fountain street; and Rev. F. F. R. M. Downie, L.Th., h Chaloner st
  • Conregational, Westgate. - Rev. Wm. Tonkin, h 57 Redcar road
  • Society of Friends. - Meeting house, Westgate
  • Wesleyan, Westgate. - Rev. James Kendall, h Redcar road
  • Primitive Methodist, Chapel street - Rev. Jph. Waggott, h 1 Albion terrace
  • Wesleyan Reform, Reed's terrace, Sunnyfield
  • Salvation Army Barracks, 23 New road
  • Post Office, Westgate. Open from 7-0 a.m. to 8-0 p.m. daily, for postal and telegraph business, and from 8-0 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Sundays. Money Order and Savings Bank open from 9-0 a.m. to 6-0 p.m. Letters are delivered at 7-40 a.m., 1-45 p.m., and 5-20 p.m., and are despatched at 8-25 am., 9-30 am., 12 (noon), and 6-30 p.m. On Sundays at 4-5 p.m. only. Miss B. Cockton postmistress. Postal address, Guisborough.
Miscellany of trades
  • Ableson Henry, clothier and pawnbroker, 15 Church street
  • Ableson James, ironmonger, 6 Westgate; and joiner, &c., Albion terrace
  • Ableson Jno. Frank, currier (f.), 25 Chaloner st
  • Ableson Mary Jane, general dealer, 76 Westgate
  • Adams Caleb, horse dealer, 7 Northgate
  • Adams Mrs. Margt., greengrocer, 7 Northgate
  • Allison Mrs. Sarah, Belmont house
  • Armstrong Thomas, joiner and cabinet maker, &c., 49 Westgate
  • Bailes Richard, photographer, &c., 8 Westgate
  • Baker Day. & Sons (Edwin & John Hall), grocers, &c., Church street
  • Bancks Mrs. Mary R., chemist, Market place
  • Beeby Rt., chemist's assistant, 15 Chaloner st
  • Best Ed. Selby, black and white smith, 20 Fountain street
  • Bewick Charlton, outfitter, 19 Westgate
  • Bird Mr. James Mewburn, 47 New road
  • Bird Mr. James, 83 Westgate
  • Blackett John Thos., flour dealer, 25 Redcar rd
  • Blackett Thos., hardware and general dealer, 4 Fountain street
  • Blakeborough Richard, 50 Church street
  • Bolckow, Vaughan, & Co., Ltd., Chaloner mine
  • Bolton Mrs. Ruth, 72 Westgate
  • Bothroyd Alfred, watchmaker, 45 Redcar road
  • Bourn James, gardener, Long Hull
  • Bowmaker William, tinner, 17 Union street
  • Bradley John, milk dealer, &c., 121 Westgate
  • Bradley Thomas, solicitor's clerk, 130 Westgate
  • Brice Mrs. Ann, painter, &c., 49 Church street
  • Bridgewater Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 43 Union street
  • Brown John, apartments, Church street
  • Buchannan Arthur, solicitor, &c. (Buchannan & Richardson), clerk to General Meetings of Lieutency. for North Riding, to Sub-Division Meetings of Langbaurgh East, to Skelton and Brotton Local Boards, to Stanghow and Skelton School Boards, and coroner for East Langbaurgh, &c., &c.; h Miltoun house
  • Bulmer Miss Emma, confr., &c., 20 Bow street
  • Bulmer George, painter, glazier, paperhanger, &c., 4 Westgate road
  • Bulmer Robert, junr., house and land agent, registrar of marriages for Guisbro' District, and school attendance officer, Holbeck farm
  • Bulmer Thomas, ironmonger, 7 Westgate
  • Burrows William, joiner, &c., Westgate
  • Campion William, rope and sack maker, 47 Westgate
  • Cemetery, Redcar road; T. L. Gray, supt.
  • Chaloner Mrs. Amelia. Long Hull
  • Chapman Chas., mineral water manufacturer 39 Church street
  • Charlton William, manager, Slapewath mine; h 92 Westgate
  • Child John, deputy registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, 14 Fountain street
  • Clarke Francis Savile, professor of music, Sunnyfield villa
  • Clarke John William, Esq., J.P., land agent, &c., Westgate
  • Clarke Miss Mary, dressmaker, 15 Union street
  • Clarke Thomas, fruiterer, Bow street
  • Clarke Mrs., music warehouse, Fountain street
  • Collett Mrs. Susannah, 18 Chaloner street
  • Colling Cuthbert, clerk, 96 Westgate (the book says Collin, but it should be as shown).
  • Collinson Rd. Swallow, printer (f.), 80 Westgate
  • Cook Rd., sergt. instructor (Artil.), 53 Redcar rd
  • Cooper Miss I., Mason's Arms
  • Cowen Hy., letter carrier, 28 Fountain street
  • Cromack Abraham, agent, Singer sewing machine depôt, 65 Westgate
  • Cushen Michael, sergt. instructor of 1st Y.B.P.W.O. Yorkshire Regt., K Company, 32 Fountain street
  • Dale Geo., general smith, Three Fiddles' yard
  • Dale Thomas, currier and leather cutter, 16 Fountain street; h 51 Redcar road
  • Darnton W. B., Westgate
  • Del-Strother Mr. William, 73 Westgate
  • Douglas Alfred John, hairdresser, 1 Bow street
  • Dowson George, contractor, &c., Holly house
  • Easton Mrs. Sarah, carter, 44 Fountain street
  • Fairburn Rbt. Walter, chemist, and dealer in wines, spirits, and ale, Market place
  • Fairweather Mrs., apartments, Ivy house, Chapel street
  • Fire Engine, Fountain street
  • Fordham Charles Hy., clerk, music teacher dealer in musical instruments, and organist at S. Nicholas', Guisbro'; h 2 Chaloner st
  • France Mrs. Agnes, 16 Redcar road
  • Frankland Mrs. Mercy, 95 Westgate
  • Frankland Robert, clerk, 67 Westgate
  • Franks Aquila, ironmonger & tinplate worker, 80-4 Church street
  • Franks John Moiser, glass and china dealer, 8 Church street
  • Franks Wm., baker and confr., 18 Westgate
  • Gage Wm., junr., greengrocer, 10 Auckland st
  • Garth Mrs. Ann, 8 Church street
  • Gas Company, Ltd., Fountain street; Robert Johnson, sec and mangr., h Northgate; James Merryweather, M.D., J.P., chairman
  • Gaudle Geo. Wilson, asst. overseer for Guisbro' and Stanghow, 115 Westgate
  • Gilbertson Rd. Hy., confectioner, Market place
  • Gill Edwin, hairdresser and fancy repository, Westgate
  • Greear Henry, agricultural seed merchant and bacon curer, 6 Chaloner street
  • Green John, livery stables, Union street
  • Gunson Wm., com. trav., 23 Chaloner street
  • Hardy Miss Alice, 6 Bow street
  • Harris Jph., photographic agent, 112 Westgate
  • Harrison Mr. George, 18 and 20 Redcar road
  • Harrison Wm. Turner, painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 22 and 24 Redcar road
  • Heckle Wm., joiner and timber merchant, Providence street
  • Hedley George Sedgwick, boot shop manager, 17 Market place
  • Heseltine Francis, 69 Redcar road
  • Howlett Mrs. Mary Ann, newsagent, 17 Westgate
  • Hugill John, 103 Westgate
  • Hutton William, chief engineer, Alton house, Redcar road
  • Jenkinson Thomas, hydropathic establishment, 34 Redcar road
  • Johnson Mr. Rt., senr., Northgate
  • Kaye Mrs. Mary, teacher of music, 10 Foundry street
  • Kendall Rev. James (Wesleyan), 28 Redcar rd
  • Kirtley Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Westgate road
  • Knaggs Mrs. Eliz. Mary, joiner and cabinet maker, &c., 61 Westgate
  • Knaggs Thos., joiner, 36 Fountain street
  • Knox Wm., joiner & cabinet maker, 12 South st
  • Lacy Miss Mary, 17 Redcar road
  • Langburn Hy, accountant and debt collector, (and Middleebrough) 73 Redcar road
  • Layt Alf. & Margetson Chas., fruit, fish, and poultry dealers, 131 Westgate
  • Lees James, printer (j.), 41 Redcar road
  • Leng Thos., plumber, &c., Bakehouse square
  • Leng William, saddler, Westgate
  • Lewis Mr. William, 7 Union street
  • Lynas John, master mariner (retired), 65 Redcar road
  • Macgregor Miss Lillie, matron, Miners' hospital
  • Mariner Mr. John, 173 Westgate
  • Mascall Robt., slater and slate merchant (and at Middlesbrough and Bishop Auckland)
  • Mavins Mr. John, 30 Redcar road
  • Mechanics' Institute, Chaloner street; John Robinson, secretary
  • Merryweather James, Esq., J.P., Westgate
  • Messenger Jas., brewer's traveller, 13 Chaloner street
  • Messenger Wm., under steward to the Chaloner estate, 13 Chaloner street
  • Metcalfe Eliz. Jane, printer, stationer, bookseller and newsagent, 7 Market place
  • Milburn Caroline, dressmaker, Hedley street
  • Mitchell Rev. Andrew Pine, M.A., curate
  • Morton Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker and fancy dealer, 78 Westgate
  • Newcombe Robert, corn and flour dealer, 7 Church street
  • North Eastern Railway Coal Depôt, Fountain st
  • Ord Rd. & Son, tanners, Westgate
  • Orton (Robt. Watson) & Son (John Heselton), saddlers 5 Church street
  • Page Geo., watchmaker & jeweller, 4 Chaloner st
  • Page Mrs. Mary, 61 Redcar road
  • Pallister Robt., shopkeeper, 12 Bow street
  • Pallister Wm., cabinet maker, &c., 36 Redcar rd
  • Parkin Joseph, emigration & insurance agent, Chaloner street
  • Parkin Philip, auctioneer, insurance, & emigration agent, &c., 70 Westgate
  • Pattinson Wm., painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 2 Redcar road
  • Paver John Rd., district surveyor to the Langbaurgh East Highway Board, and inspector of nuisances to the Guisborough Union R.S.A., 8 Westgate road
  • Paver Mrs., Redcar road
  • Peacock Mrs. Miriam, Berlin wool and fancy repository, 14 Westgate
  • Pearson Thomas, fruiterer, 22 Bow street
  • Peirson Sarah, dressmaker, 5 Redcar road
  • Pinkney Robt., watchmaker, 34 Westgate
  • Potter Henry, bricklayer, 106 Westgate
  • Pretty James, picture dealer, 47 Church street
  • Pybus John James, joiner and cabinet maker and parish clerk, 35 Westgate
  • Raine Annie, housemaid, Miltown house
  • Raine John, cowkeeper, 43 Redcar road
  • Richardson Anthony, ironmonger, 11 Church st
  • Richardson Miss Eliz., dress and mantle maker, Bakehouse square
  • Richardson Geo., shopkeeper, 36 Bellmangate
  • Richardson W. G,, irnmngr., &c., 11 Church st
  • Richardson Wm. (Buchannan & Richardson), solicitor; h 73 Westgate
  • Richardson Wm. Fredk., builder, 16 Bow st
  • Richardson Wm., mining deputy, 33 Westgate
  • Rickaby Thos., veterinary surgeon, 26 Bow st
  • Robinson Mrs., 23 Redcar road
  • Robinson Mrs. Anna Mary Ray, fancy repository, 97 Westgate
  • Robinson John William, tobacconist and fancy dealer, 32 Westgate
  • Robinson Jonathan, mining engineer, Spa wood
  • Robinson Wm., superintendent registrar and assist, clerk to Guisboro' Board of Guardians, clerk to Moorsholm School Board, secretary to Guisbro' Building Society, and agent for Sun Fire & Life Insurance Co., Town Hall; h 55 Redcar road
  • Rowntree Joseph, miller, Tocketts; and flour dealer, Redcar road
  • Rutter James, blacksmith, 14 Patten lane
  • Rutter Mr. Robert, Reed terrace
  • Sanderson Jane, Berlin wool repository, &c., 7 Bow street
  • Sanderson William, gamekeeper, Foxdale
  • Sanderson Wm. Hy., solicitor's clerk and agent for Imperial Fire & Life Ins. Co., 7 Bow st
  • Scott Thos., corn and flour dealer, 29 Westgate
  • Simpson Robert Smith, County Court bailiff, 17 Wilson street
  • Smith Cyrus, registrar, Bellmangate
  • Smith Henry, evangelist, 75 Redcar road
  • Smith John, County Court bailiff, 19 Wilson st
  • Smith Robert, farm bailiff, Belmont cottage
  • Southorn William (Sutherst & Southorn), Church green
  • Spencer George, shopkeeper, 8 Bellmangate
  • Stevenson Mrs. Sarah, 12 Chaloner street
  • Stokeld Joseph Thorns, general and mercantile printer and stationer; h 11 Chaloner street
  • Sutherst & Southorn, steel founders and engineers, Cleveland Steel and Ironworks
  • Sutherst Jno. (Sutherst & Soutborn), Albion ter
  • Tallon Miss Mary, dressmaker, 59 Redcar road
  • Temperance Hall: Jph. Parkin, lessee, Chaloner st; Alfd. Watt, sec., W. T. Hewitt, treas.
  • Tetley Rev. Charles Geo.
  • Theatre Royal, Northgate; Maria Clarke, lessee
  • Thompson Mrs. Isabella, 4 Bellmangate
  • Thompson James, tailor (j.), 39 Redcar road
  • Thompson Wilson, land surveyor, 33 Westgate
  • Thomson The Misses Hannah Maria, Mary Emma, & Sarah Ann, Trevelyan house
  • Trenholm Mr. Thomas, 5 New road
  • Trevor Wm. Chas., solicitor, deputy clerk to County Council, tax commissioner, clerk to Commondale School Board; h Overbeck
  • Walker George, draper's assistant, Reed ter
  • Walton John, horsebreaker, &c., 2 Foundry st
  • Ward Miss Annie, dressmaker, milliner, and remnant dealer, 10 Westgate
  • Wardale Thos., market gardener, 85 Westgate
  • Water Co.; J. W. Clark, J.P., sec.
  • Watson Fredk. Wm., agent for Sellers' sewing machines, 13 Redcar road
  • Watson Henry, auctioneer, &c., 67 Redcar rd
  • Wear Geo., baker and confectioner, 13 Church street
  • Weardale Iron Co., Spa Wood and Belmont mines
  • Weatherill Mrs. Margaret, Sunnyfield house
  • Webster Miss Sarah Mary, dressmaker, 15 Reed terrace
  • Whitaker James, watchmaker, &c., 6 and 8 Market place
  • Wiley Christopher, carter, 22 Fountain street
  • Wilkinson George, tinsmith, &c., Westgate
  • Wilkinson Thomas, manager of waterworks, 26 Bow street
  • Wilson John, fruiterer, 11 Redcar road
  • Wilson Mr. Robert, 1 Wilson street
  • Wilson Mrs. Sarah, midwife, 20 Chapel street
  • Winter Edward, coal carter and sexton, 83 Church street
  • Wright Mrs. Anne, general dealer, 9 New road
  • Wynn Thomas, school attendance officer, Church street
  • Young Fras., mason and builder, 27 Wilson st
  • Young George, farm manager, Wood house
  • Young John, currier (j.), 33 Redcar road


Academies & Schools.
  • BOARD:- Barnaby; John Earle, master. Northgate; Thos. Bulman, mstr.; Miss Janet Eliz. Starkey, mstrs.; Miss Eliz. Barraclough, infants' mistress. Providence; Jas. McKay Grant, master; Mrs. Friede Downie, mstrs.; Miss Leah Grant, infants' mistress
  • Farndale Mrs. Eliz. & Hardy Miss Kate, 80a Westgate
  • GRAMMAR; Rev. Rbt. Dobson Eves, M.A.
  • Sterry Mrs. Mary Jane (infts.), 75 Westgate
  • Terry Miss Louisa (ladies), 10 Chaloner street

  • National Provincial Bank of England, Ltd., Market pl; Edwd. Spink Barber, mngr.
  • Post Office Savings Bank; Miss B. Cockton, postmistress
  • York City & County Banking Co., Ltd., 16 Westgate; Jph. Chalder, manager; draw on Lloyds, Barnett, & Bosanquet's, Ltd., London
  • Yorkshire Penny Bank,Congregational chapel; J. F. Ableson, actuary

Boot & Shoe Makers & Dealers.
  • Alliance Boot Co., Market pl; Geo. Sedgwick Hedley,mngr.
  • Brown Robert, 32 Market pl
  • Craig Walter & Matthew Hall, Redcar road
  • Donald Thomas, 5 Westgate
  • Jackson William, 1 Market pl
  • Mills Thomas, 14 Church st
  • Myers Matthew, 40 Westgate
  • Pallister Robert, 14 Bow st
  • Pretty James, 47 Church st
  • Richardson Thomas, 72 Bellmangate

  • Barker William, 133 Westgate
  • Biggins Edwin, 97a Westgate
  • Co-op. Society, 118 Westgate
  • Darnton Mrs. Jane, 89 Westgate, and Bow street
  • Dickinson Wm., 59 Westgate
  • Mawer Thomas Graham, 11 Market place
  • Robson Benjmn., 6 Redcar rd
  • Robson Joseph, 8 Redcar road
  • Robson William, 12 Union st
  • Scott John Wm., Market pl
  • Smithson Mrs. Jane (pork), 41 Westgate
  • Watt Alfred, 13 Bow street
  • Williamson Thos., 46 Westgate

  • Baker D. & Sons, 1 and 3 Church street
  • Bulmer Jeffrey, 22 Market pl
  • Calvert Thos. Wm., 42 Westgate
  • Scaling John, 36 & 38 Westgate

  • Acroyd William, Round close
  • Bulmer Rt., junr., Holbeck farm
  • Buttery John Hy., Barnaby
  • Davidson James, Sleddale
  • Davidson Oliver, Waterfall
  • Dickinson Rt., Sewage farm, and butcher, Westgate
  • Hugill Jackson and miller (H. & Son), Paradise
  • Hugill Joseph, Hemble hill
  • Hugill William, Poplar
  • Lowther Thos., 171 Westgate
  • Nightingale John, Wood house
  • Richardson Wm., Park farm
  • Rickaby Thos., Old Park farm
  • Robinson Job, Stonebridge fm
  • Sayer Geo., Holbeck farm and Carlin How
  • Simpson John, Foxdale
  • Watt Alfred, Redcar road
  • Young Robert, Newstead hill

  • Baker D. & Sons, & wholesale agents for Curtiss & Harvey's blasting gunpwdr., 1 and 3 Church street
  • Bennison Joseph, 39 Westgate
  • Blackburn Ed., 62 Westgate
  • Blackett Jno. Thos., Redcar rd.
  • Bowes John, 7 Reed's terrace
  • Carnell John, 3 Auckland st
  • Collett Geo., 29 & 31 Redcar rd and Market place
  • Colman John, 99 Bolckow st
  • Dodsworth Francis, 114 & 116 Westgate
  • Flower Rd., 24 Cleveland st
  • Forster Stephen, 22 Northgate
  • Garbutt Hy., grocer and tallow chandler, 5 Bow street
  • Greear Rt., 6 Chaloner street
  • Hewitt Thomas, 21 Church st
  • Johnson Rt., 51 Westgate
  • Mills William, 12 Church st
  • Provident Industrial Society, Ltd.; Rt. Walker Wilson, manager, 179 Westgate
  • Robinson John Morley (and flour dealer), 12 Auckland st
  • Rodham Thos. (draper & wine agent), 26 and 15 Westgate
  • Russell Mrs. Ann, 16 Foundry street
  • Salkeld Wm., 2 Thompson st
  • Smith Henry, 12 Redcar road
  • Terry Eliz., 30 Market place
  • Todd Isab., 11 Bellmangate
  • Warner Samuel, 183 Westgate
  • Woodcock Thos. James, 101 Westgate

Hotels, Inns, and Taverns.
  • Abbey Inn, Redcar road; John Cooper
  • Anchor Inn, 16 Bellmangate; Wm. Burton
  • Black Swan, Westgate; John Parks
  • Buck Hotel (commercial, &c.), Market place; Mary Jane Pybus
  • Chaloner Hotel, Northgate; Maria Clarke
  • Fox Inn, 10 Bow street; Chas. Spink
  • George & Dragon, Market pl; John Jordan
  • Globe, 83 Northgate; Walter Slaughter
  • Golden Lion, Westgate; Thos. Cooper
  • Highland Laddie, 63 Church street; Wm. Snow
  • King's Head, 55 Westgate; Rt. Fletcher
  • Mason's Arms, 231 Westgate; Geo. Snaith
  • Mermaid, Westgate; Henry Naylor
  • Miners' Arms, 22 Cleveland st; Matthias Rooks
  • Red Lion, 23 Church st; Jas. Smith
  • Seven Stars, Market place; Thomas Clark, (good accom. for travellers)
  • Ship Inn, 145 Westgate; Abrm. Westacott
  • Station Hotel, 8 Chaloner st; Wm. Robinson
  • Three Fiddles, 44 Westgate; John Hodgson

  • Buchannan and Richardson, Town Hall
  • Ord Chas. Ovington, Westgate
  • Trevor W. C., Town Hall

  • Merryweather Jas., Westgate
  • Messenger Hy., 14 Chaloner st
  • Shand Wm., M.B., C.M., 16 Fountain street

  • Armstrong Isa., 27 Westgate
  • Bramley Wm., 29 Church st
  • Scarth Isa., tailor, 3 Bow st
  • Wright Joseph, 24 Bow street
  • Wright Robert, New road

Markets and Fairs.
  • Cattle Fair, 19th Sept.
  • Cattle Market, fortnightly, alt. Tuesday, behind the Buck Hotel. Hy. Watson, auctioneer
  • General Market, Tuesdays for corn, butter, &c.; Saturday, general
  • Hiring for servants, last Tuesday in April, and second Tuesday in November
  • Wool Market, 27th June and 25th July

  • Railway Station. - Thos. Sanderson, agent

  • Stockton. - Wm. Peacock, 12 Fountain street, Wednesday & Saturday; and Sarah Easton
  • Stokesley. - Wm. Buckworth, Northgate, every Saturday

  • Postal Address, Commondale, Grosmont, Yorks. Nearest Money Order Office, Castleton, about two miles off.

  • Commondale Brick & Pipe Co., Ltd.; Moses Dormant, manager
  • Cruddass Robt., vict. and farmer, Cleveland Inn
  • Earl Robert Francis, master of Board school
  • Kirby Thomas, stationmaster

  • Agar George, West gate
  • Britten Frederick, Bleach mill
  • Clemmit Robert, Maddy house
  • Dewey James, Scale cross
  • Dewey Messrs. Jph. and Jas., yeo., Thornhill
  • Ellerby John Fentries, yeo., Scale foot
  • Kirk Thomas, Putterside
  • Rightson Watson, Thunderbush
  • Robinson John, Double bridge
  • Stainton John, Long green
  • Tanfield John, Northings
  • Webster Eliza, Wayworth

  • Postal Address, Hutton Lowcross, Guisborough.
Miscellany of trades
  • Anderson Miss Margaret, dressmaker
  • Angus George Henry, schoolmaster
  • Cockfield Wm., gamekeeper, Bowsdale house
  • Funnell Isa., estate bailiff, Hutton Hall farm
  • Graveley Arthur Charles, private secretary to Sir J. W. Pease, Bart., The Cottage
  • Martin John, farm bailiff, Gallie hill
  • Pease Sir Joseph Whitwell, Bart., M.P., Hutton hall
  • Tiplady John, stationmaster

  • Bothroyd Jas. H., yeast merchant, Bowsdale, and at 93 North street, Scarborough
  • Martin Robert, Cod hill
  • Moore Messrs. Richard and Son (John Robert)
  • Robinson Ralph, Field house

  • Postal Address, Pinchingthorpe, Guisborough.
Miscellany of trades
  • Hill Richard, wire manufacturer, Middlesbrough (R. H. & Co.), Pinchingthorpe hall
  • Pease Alfred E., M.P., Pinchingthorpe house
  • Stephen Robt., station master and goods agent (Mid. and Guisbro' Br.)

  • Craggs John, Spite hall
  • Thomas Elizabeth, Low farm
  • Ward Messrs. Robert and Thomas, High Pinchingthorpe house

  • Eaton William Moss, brick, and tile manufacturer, Tocketts brickworks; h Guisbo rough

  • Bowman Joseph, farm bailiff
  • Dale Thomas, Thornton fields
  • Garbutt Stephen, farm bailiff
  • Gibson Thomas, Plantation farm
  • Rowntree Joseph; also miller, Tocketts mill
  • Watt Alfred, Redcar Lane farm

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