Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: HAWNBY.     Church dedication: ALL SAINTS.     Church type: Discharged Rectory.

Area 22,250 acres *1. Birdforth wapentake. -Population, 638 *2; Church-room, 205; Net value, £169. -An ancient Rectory, formerly belonging to the patronage of the Malbys, of Acaster, and from them came to the Beckwiths, of Clint, and from them to the Meynells, who last presented in 1613. The presentation passed through various hands till 1731, when it came into the Lowther family, and in 1775, to the Cavendishes ; and it is now in the patronage of the Earl of Burlington.

Valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation, at £13. 6s. 8d.; Nova Tax, £4; in the King's Books (where it is entered in Cleveland Deanery), at £7. 18s. 5d., after deducting for Synodals 4s., and Procurations 7s. 6d.; and in 1818, at £147 per annum *3.

" The tithes are not paid alike in all places ; some farms, nearest to the manor house, are due for all manner of tithes, the most part of the parish pay a small matter of money at Lammas, in lieu of tithe of hay and corn, but are due for wool and lamb, and other small tithes, and other places pay neither the tithe of hay and corn, nor money for it, nor the tithe of wool and lamb, but a small acknowledgment in lieu of it, thus they have been in use to be paid past the memory of man. There is no library, though there is great need for one, lying in a very retired corner, far from any public library." -Notitia Parochialis, No. 1057.

The glebe house is fit for residence. It was rebuilt under faculty granted 31st March 1733.

The Register Books commence in 1653 ; the first book, ending in 1722, is imperfect.

John Smales's rent charge. £3 per annum, for teaching six poor boys to read. -Vide 8th Report, page 705.

Post town: Helmsley.

Torre's MS., page 139. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. iii. page 129. Nonae Rolls, page 232. Bawdwen's Domesday Book (Halmebi), pages 28. 158.

*1 The area of Dale Town is included in that assigned to the township of Arden with Ardenside.

*2 Viz. Arden with Ardenside, 161; Bilsdale Westside, 149 ; Dale Town, 53 ; Hawnby, 275. In 1834, the Population of the parish was returned at 754.

*3 The Valor Ecc. specifies the tithes, mansion, and glebe land. -Page 89, col. 1. A decree in the Exchequer in Trinity Term, 3rd Jac. II., as to tithes is unreported. -Wood's Tithe Case.

Other information:
ARDEN NUNNERY. -The Nunnery of Arden, within the parish of Hawnby, was founded by Peter de Hoton, for Benedictine Nuns, about the year 1115.

Mon. Angl., vol. iv. page 284.

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