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SNILESWORTH: Transcription of the Snilesworth population census, 1881.

Transcription of the Snilesworth population census, 1881.

Bell, JohnFarmer (20 acres)55Boltby
Bell, Mary AnnWife47Snilesworth
Bell, GarbuttSon22Snilesworth
Bell, JohnAgricultural Labourer25Hawnby
Bell, DinahWife25Hawnby
Bell, Sarah AnnDaughter10mHawnby
Bentley, MartinFarmer (70 acres)39Snilesworth
Bentley, Sarah JaneWife28Hawnby
Bentley, JohnSon6Hawnby
Bentley, LaviniaDaughter3Snilesworth
Bentley, MartinSon Snilesworth
Atkinson, WilliamFarmer's Son8Hawnby
Bentley, ThomasFarmer (50 acres)41Snilesworth
Bentley, SarahWife25Osmotherley
Bentley, Mary CDaughter (Scholar)8Snilesworth
Bentley, Sarah JDaughter (Scholar)6Silton
Bentley, John WSon3Snilesworth
Brown, ThomasFarm Servant16Boltby
Goodall, JosephVagrant (Labourer)24Washington, Suffolk
Bosomworth, JohnFarmer (200 acres)40Northallerton
Bosomworth, ElizabethWife42Snilesworth
Bosomworth, Edgar WmSon1Snilesworth
Bentley, Joseph WilliamSon in Law14Helmsley
Noble, RobertLodger (Gamekeeper)27Bridlington
Langthorn, JohnGeneral Servant20Northallerton
Vasey, GeorgeGeneral Servant15Northallerton
Chapman, DinahDomestic Servant15Kirbymoorside
Bowes, JohnFarmer (90 acres)64Snilesworth
Bowes, SarahWife54Osmotherley
Weighell, JohnGeneral Servant14Snilesworth
Bowes, RogerFarmer (120 acres)59Snilesworth
Bowes, MaragretWife52Snilesworth
Bowes, WilliamSon23Snilesworth
Bowes, ThomasSon21Snilesworth
Bowes, IsabellaDaughter16Snilesworth
Bowes, JosephSon (Scholar)10Snilesworth
Bowes, RobertSon (Scholar)9Snilesworth
Bowes, HannahDaughter (Scholar)8Snilesworth
Bowes, JamesFarmer (60 acres)26Snilesworth
Bowes, MarthaWife23Bilsdale
Bowes, Jane AnnDaughter3Snilesworth
Bowes, JohnSon1Snilesworth
Bowes, RogerGeneral Servant13Snilesworth
Denny, EdwardSchoolmaster62Flaxton
Dunning, FrancisFarmer (40 acres)24Snilesworth
Dunning, Mary EllenWife31Pockley
Dunning, Mary JaneDaughter2Scawton
Dunning, Sarah AnnDaughter3mSnilesworth
Bowes, CharlesGeneral Servant14Snilesworth
Farnaby, ThomasFarmer (70 acres)58Hutton Rudby
Farnaby, MariaWife41Snilesworth
Farnaby, JohnSon19Snilesworth
Farnaby, Elizabeth ADaughter6Snilesworth
Pennock, StocktonFarmer (50 acres)57Glaisdale
Pennock, JaneWife38Snilesworth
Pennock, ThomasSon13Glaisdale
Pennock, WilliamSon11Glaisdale
Pennock, JohnSon9Glaisdale
Pennock, MariaDaughter7Glaisdale
Pennock, AnnDaughter5Glaisdale
Pennock, HannahDaughter2Glaisdale
Pennock, RuthDaughter8mGlaisdale
Prest, ThomasWheelwright21Hawnby
Prest, CharlotteWife19Hawnby
Prest, Sarah EDaughter2mSnilesworth
Prest, JoabCowkeeper/Grocer53Ardenside
Prest, MargaretWife56Lofthouse
Prest, ElizabethDaughter20Hawnby
Prest, JaneGranddaughter1Snilesworth
Scaife, WilliamFarmer (75 acres)32Snilesworth
Scaife, HannahWife29Snilesworth
Scaife, Mary AnnDaughter4Snilesworth
Scaife, John WilliamSon2Snilesworth
Scaife, MargaretDaughter2wSnilesworth
Bowes, JamesGeneral Servant20Snilesworth
Scaife, JoelFarmer (60 acres)48Snilesworth
Scaife, SarahWife40Carlton
Scaife, WilliamSon (Scholar)15Snilesworth
Scaife, JosephSon (Scholar)11Snilesworth
Scaife, MargaretDaughter (Scholar)9Snilesworth
Scaife, IsaacSon5Snilesworth
Scaife, MatthewSon2Snilesworth
Scaife, MarthaDaughter1Snilesworth
Smith, FannyFarmer (30 acres)52Knottingley
Plews, Margaret ICousin24Hackforth
Wellburn, JaneVisitor41Hartlepool
Ramsden, Thomas HLodger (Land Agent)41Skipton
Close, RachelGeneral Servant18Hawnby
Swan, JohnMiner56Ellerbeck
Swan, SarahWife57Snilesworth
Ward, JohnFarmer (30 acres)31Snilesworth
Ward, Sarah AnnWife34Snilesworth
Ward, WilliamSon10Snilesworth
Ward, MargaretDaughter (Scholar)8Snilesworth
Ward, Mary AnnDaughter6Snilesworth
Ward, JohnSon5Snilesworth
Ward, IsaacSon3Snilesworth
Weighell, JohnFarmer (80 acres)66Osmotherley
Weighell, HannahWife48Faceby
Weighell, ThomasSon17Snilesworth
Weighell, WilliamSon (Scholar)12Snilesworth
Weighell, EmmaDaughter (Scholar)9Snilesworth
Weighell, JosephSon (Scholar)6Snilesworth
Weighell, HannahDaughter3Snilesworth

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott
© 2010