Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: HAXBY.     Church dedication: ST. MARY.     Church type: Peculiar. Parish of Strensall.

Area, 1,840 acres. Bulmer wapentake *1. -Population, 412 ; Chapel-room, 200; Net value, vide Strensall. -" This is a Chapel, formerly in two medieties, one of which was in the parish of Driffield, and the other was in the parish of Strensall. Torre describes the metes and boundaries, viz. from the place where the cross stood in the time of Bertram de Bulmer, the King's Baron, as far as between Ellerpitts, and so towards Oucsendum, Use, Redker, &c. He also describes the possessions of the Prebendary of Driffield.

The town of Haxby is divided between the two Prebends of Driffield and Strensall -Id. July A.D.1328, a certificate was returned to the Dean and Chapter, that the Chapel yard of Haxby wanted its dedication; and the Jury said, that it would be no prejudice to the Prebendaries of Strensall and Driffield, or to any other church, to grant right of sepulture thereunto ; for it was cause of scandal, and a fact detestable, to have the corpses of the dead to be casually lost, as they were carried on the way to be buried, by reason of the very great distance and badness of ways, &c., as the case once actually happened, by the body of Thomas Westeby, which, as they were carrying to Strensall Church to be buried, fell into the river Foss. -They said furthermore to this point, that the Vicar of Driffield received nothing from Haxby, and that of old it was ordained, and hitherto observed, that the Chaplains for the time being, which celebrated divine service at Haxby, received all the oblations and Quadragesimal tithes, as well of the tenants of the Prebend of Strensall, as of the tenants of the Prebend of Driffield, and that the Vicars of Strensall and Driffield received all the small tithes and mortuaries of their respective tenants of Strensall and Driffield. Moreover they said, that as to the dedication of the chapel yard of Haxby, they were excited at the instance and request of the inhabitants of the part of the Prebend of Driffield, in the town of Haxby, that they would be pleased to grant them a certain cemetery or burying place for their dead there ; forasmuch as they had no other, as they affirmed, but the Prebendal Church of Driffield, which is too far distant from it, as it was well enough known. Whereupon, on Friday 17th June 1328, the said cemetery of Haxby was dedicated as a chapel of Driffield, &c.

Again, in A.D. 1472, a petition of the inhabitants of Haxby was exhibited to the Dean and Chapter of York, for to authorize them to have a Priest, to celebrate at their Chapel, and to minister unto them divine service and other sacraments, according to a former license granted them by the Prebendaries of Strensall and Driffield ; in regard, that the one half of the town, belonging to the Prebend of Driffield, is about 18 miles (as they alleged) distant from the parish Church of Driffield ; and the other half, belonging to the Prebend of Strensall, is about two miles distant from that parish Church.

Patron, the Prebendary of Strensall. Not valued in 1707, or 1816. -Valued with Strensall in 1834.

26th July, 1799, faculty to re-pew the church.

An Inclosure Act was passed 9th Geo. III.

No return as to glebe house.

The Register Books commence in 1667.

The Chapel Lands. -This property consists of several parcels of land, containing together about 70 acres, partly of new but principally of old inclosure, and six messuages or cottages, with allotments of land, in lieu of common rights, the whole being situate within the township of Haxby, and held by copy of court roll, partly of the manor of Strensall, and partly of the manor of Haxby ; but for a very long time the lands and cottages have been held by different individuals as their own property, subject only to the payment of certain annual sums, amounting together to £24. 0s. 7d., to the minister of Haxby Chapel. The several yearly sums are collected by the Minister. -It appeared to the Commissioners, that the property had been originally given for the support of the Minister and the maintenance of the Chapel.

Poor folk's close, and ancient doles. Rent of above an acre of copyhold land, and rents-charge of £2, £2, £5, and upwards. £5. 1s. 4d. and £3 distributed among the poor. -Vide 10th Report, page 738.

Post town: York.

Torre's MS. (Peculiars), page 596. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. iii. page 62. Bawdwen's Domesday Book (Haxebi), page 51. Nonae Rolls, page 243.

*1 But in St. Peter's Liberty.

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