Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: HELMSLEY.     Church dedication: ALL SAINTS.     Church type: Discharged Vicarage.

Area 29,020 acres *1. Rydall wapentake. -Population, 3,411 *2; Church-room, 600; Net value, £315. -In Helmsley there was a Church with a Priest at the time of the Domesday Survey.

The town of Helmsley contained five carucates of land, geldable, (where twenty-four made a knight's fee) ; held of the Lord Ros, and he of the King in capite, by the rent of 4s. per annum.

Roger de Mowbray gave to the Monks of Rivaulx his manor of Helmsley, with wood and pannage for their hogs out of his forest of Hamelac. He also gave a similar privilege to the Canons of Kirkham, together with pasture for their other cattle.

A contest arose between Hugh, Prior of Kirkham, and William de Ros, about the chase in the woods and moors of Hamelac, which in A.D. 1261 was determined, when it was agreed that the said William de Ros should give to the poor &c. one toft in Pockley, with a free passage through the woods and moors of William, the Lord of Hamelac, everywhere except through the park, and also, that the said William and his heirs should give to the Canons three deer yearly, in lieu of the tithe of hunting, and also to give £5 per annum in lieu of the tithe of apples of his manors, which were given by the founder, for which concessions, the Prior and Canons quitclaimed to the said William de Ros all free chase in the said woods and moors.

The Church was an ancient Rectory, belonging to the patronage of Walter Espec, by whom it was given, with one carucate of land, to the Prior and Convent of Kirkham, to which it was appropriated, and a Vicarage ordained therein, in 1299.

A Chantry is mentioned in the Valor Ecclesiasticus.

The endowment is not given by Mr. Torre. The first Vicar mentioned in his catalogue was instituted in 1320.

At the Dissolution the patronage came to the Crown, from whom it went to the Dukes of Buckingham, and from them to the Duncombes.

Present patron, Lord Feversham.

The Church is valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation, at £60; Nova Tax, £20; and in the King's Books, the Vicarage is valued at £11. 8s. 6d. per annum *3.

Augmented in 1764, with £200, to meet benefaction of £200 from Mrs. S. Duncombe.

" Only endowed with small tithes ; viz. hens, ducks, geese, &c., and with a small glebe. No wool or lamb. Value about £30 per annum. Sir Charles Duncombe hath lately given an augmentation of £50 per annum." -Notitia Parochialis, No. 1056.

2nd October 1784, a faculty was granted to erect a mausoleum for the Duncombe family.

28th June 1793, faculty granted to erect a gallery in the Church.

Inclosure Acts were passed 46th Geo. III., 54th Geo. III., and 57th Geo. III. (Beadlam.)

The glebe house is fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1575 ; chasm 1691-1697.

The Town Stock. Interest of £35, amount of sundry benefactions, in the hands of the overseers and distributed at Christmas.

Francis Wheelwright's charity. rent charge of £3 per annum, given in bread among fourteen Protestants. -Vide 7th Report, page 750.

A post town.

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*1 Kirkham Chapel (which is in the township of Bilsdale Midcable) and the area of Laskell Pasture are included in the return of Bilsdale Midcable.

*2 Viz. Bilsdale Midcable (including Kirkham Chapel and Laskell pasture), 759 ; Harome, 445; Helmsley, 1,485; Laskell Pasture, 85; Pockley, 217; Rivaulx, 225; Sproxton, 195. In 1834, the Population was returned at 2,688.

*3 A decree in the Exchequer in Easter Term, 2nd Jac. II., as to tithes is unreported. -Wood's Tithe Case. " The owner of the Rectory is entitled to the tithes of corn, grain, hay, wool, and lambs, arising thereon, in kind. The Duke of Rutland v. Barker." -4 Wood, page 17.

Other information:
ST. JOHN. -(In Helmsley.) -This Chapel was consecrated 29th October 1832, as a Chapel of ease, with the privilege of having the sacraments administered therein.

RIVAULX ABBEY. -(Parish of Helmsley.) ---Founded A.D. 1131, by Walter Espec, who was sent thither by St. Bernard. Its value at the Dissolution was £378. 10s. 2d. per annum. The site was granted to Thomas, Earl of Rutland, a descendant of Walter Espec. Catharine, daughter of Francis Earl of Rutland, married George Villiers, first Duke of Buckingham, and his son, the second Duke, sold it to Sir Charles Duncombe, ancestor of the present noble possessor.

Mon. Angl., vol. v. page 274.

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