Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for HELMSLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1834.



  • Post Office, Thomas Pape, Post master

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy,

  • Bearcroft Mr. Richard, Church st
  • Comber Rev. Thomas (rector of Oswaldkirk)
  • Dixon Rev. George (magistrate) Vicarage
  • Dixon Mrs. ---, Borough gate
  • Fairfax Charles, esq. Gilling castle
  • Feversham Right Honble. Lord, Duncombe park
  • Flintoft Mr. George, Church st
  • Garforth William, esq. Wiginthorp
  • Harrison Mr. John, Bound gate
  • Hodgson Mr. Thomas, Bound gate
  • Hutchinson Mr. Simeon, Castle gate
  • Kendle Thomas, esq. Ness
  • Phillips Mr. Thomas, Beadlam grange
  • Proud Rev. Richard, Hovingham
  • Sandwith Mr. John, Market place
  • Simpson Rev. Thomas (incumbent of Cold Kirby) Castle gate
  • Smith Mr. Geo. (attorney) Ampleforth
  • Towers Rev. Richard, Ampleforth
  • Welburn Rev. Matthew, Ampleforth
  • Whitehead Mr. Thomas, Nawton
  • Windross Mr. James, Borough gate
  • Worsley Mrs. Ann, Thwaites lodge
  • Worsley Wm. esq. Hovingham hall

Academies & Schools,

  • Catholic College, Ampleforth -- Rev. Richard Towers, superior
  • Free School, Ampleforth -- Rev. Richard Towers, patron
  • Grammar School, Market place -- Lancelot Blackett, master
  • Lady Feversham's Charity School, Ryegate -- Mary Seamer, mistress
  • Mozley Mrs. & Miss (day & boarding) Church st
  • National School, Church st -- John Rhodes, master
  • National School, Ampleforth -- Richard Pipes, master
  • Pickering M. & E. (day & boarding) Church street
  • Wilson Elizabeth, Church street


  • Bainbridge Robert (to the Yorkshire insurance office) Market place
  • Hutchinson John (general agent & accountant) Rye bridge

Bacon & Butter Factors,

  • Barker John & Thomas, Market place
  • Barker Thomas, Church street
  • Gamble Edmund, Bound gate
  • Warriner George, Bound gate


  • Yorkshire Union Banking Company, Church st -- (draw on Williams, Deacon & Co. London) -- Robert Barker, agent


  • Clark John, Market place
  • Clark Richard, Bound gate
  • Cooper John, Castle gate
  • Emerson John, Nawton
  • Mason John, Bound gate
  • Porteus James, Borough gate
  • Scott George, Ampleforth

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Allenby John, Bound gate
  • Cariss Robert, Ampleforth
  • Comins Thomas, Market place
  • Cooper Isaac, Church street
  • Frazer George, Ampleforth
  • Garbutt William, Bound gate
  • Jones Hugh, Church street
  • Jones William, Market place
  • Miller John, Bound gate
  • Rushton John, Ampleforth
  • Thompson Thomas, Bound gate
  • Wiley John, Bound gate


  • Pape Ann, Market place
  • Simpson Benjamin (& maltster) Market place


  • Abbey Thomas, Borough gate
  • Hill Thomas, Nawton
  • King Thomas, Bound gate
  • Pape Richard, Market place
  • Pickering William, Nawton
  • Robson William, Sproxton
  • Simpson Benjamin, Market place
  • Simpson George, Rivaulx
  • Smailes James, Nunnington
  • Sunley John, Potter gate
  • Wood Christopher, Pockley
  • Wood Joseph, Nawton

Cartwrights & Joiners,
(See also Joiners & Cabinet Makers)

  • Spink John, Nawton
  • Sunley John, Nawton
  • Warriner Richard, Potter gate
  • Warriner Thomas, Potter gate

China, Glass, & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Rook Thomas, Castle gate
  • Spark John, Market place


  • Atkinson George, Bound gate
  • Bowes William, Ryegate
  • Duffield Thomas, Church street

Corn Factors,

  • Comins Robert, Bound gate
  • Winn Thomas, Bound gate
  • Worthy William, Rivaulx

Flour Dealers,

  • Barker Thomas, Church street
  • Cole George, Bound gate
  • Garbutt Thomas, Bound gate
  • Jackson William, Borough gate
  • Seamer William, Ryegate
  • Shepherd Ann, Church st
  • Wainwright John, Bound gate

Grocers & Dealers in Sundries,
Marked thus # are also Drapers

  • Allenby James (& bookbinder) Castle gate
  • Atkinson William, Borough gate
  • # Bainbridge Robert, Market place
  • # Barker John & Thomas, Market place
  • # Barker Robert, Church st
  • # Bentley William Wood, Market place
  • Humble George, Ampleforth
  • Pollard William, Ampleforth
  • Pybus Matthew, Ampleforth
  • Seamer William (& ale and porter dealer) Borough gate
  • Snowdon Mary, Borough gate
  • Wiley Mary, Ampleforth

Hair Dressers,

  • Hill George, Market place
  • Tyerman Abraham, Borough gate


  • Black Swan, Matthew Agar (& excise office) Market pl
  • New Inn, Tate and Coates, Borough gate


  • Mason John, Bound gate
  • Pape Thomas, Castle gate
  • Spark John, Market place
  • Trenan Daniel, Market place

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Frank William, Castle gate
  • Garbutt George, Ampleforth
  • Milner Michael & Son, Borough gate
  • Shepherd John, Bound gate
  • Spark John, Market place
  • Spink John, Nawton
  • Wanes George, Bound gate

Linen Weavers,

  • Garbutt James, Ampleforth
  • Miller John, Castle gate
  • Sowerby Simeon, Ampleforth
  • Thompson James, Bound gate
  • Thompson Robert, Ampleforth

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Allenby Elizabeth, Castle gate
  • Rhodes Ellen, Church st
  • Robson Ruth, Borough gate
  • Wilkinson Elizabeth, Borough gate

Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Catterson Thomas, Castle gate
  • Hudson William, Castle gate
  • Rook Thomas, Castle gate
  • Sonley Christopher (painter) Castle gate
  • Thorpe William, Market place

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Buck John (& sack cloth manufacturer) Church st
  • Hollings John, Potter gate


  • Barwick Thomas, Market place
  • Plummer John, Ampleforth
  • Ward William, Market place

Stone Masons,

  • Cooper John, Ampleforth
  • Preston Edward, Ampleforth
  • Shepherd Thomas, Ryegate
  • Thompson Robert, Ampleforth
  • Todd Joseph, Ryegate

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Barker Jane, Borough market
  • Robson Ruth, Borough gate
  • Sunley Harriet, Borough gate
  • Wilkinson Elizabeth, Borough market


  • Duck John, Borough gate
  • King John, Castle gate
  • Ness John, Market place


  • Atkinson John, Ampleforth
  • Barton William, Ampleforth
  • Betts James, Potter gate
  • Betts Nathaniel, Castle gate
  • Cole George, Bound gate
  • Johnson James, Castle gate
  • Moon John, Castle gate
  • Spencely Joseph, Nawton
  • Webster John, Church st
  • Wilkinson Fortune, Borough gate

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Bainbridge Robert, Market place
  • Cowen John, Market place

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, --- Shout, Church st
  • Crown, John Cowen, Market place
  • Golden Lion, Silvester Catterson, Market place
  • Royal Oak, Ann Pape, Market place
  • Shovel, James Thorpe, Oswaldkirk
  • White Horse, William Eselgrave, Ampleforth
  • White Swan, William Harrison, Ampleforth

Tin Plate Workers & Braziers,

  • Benson John, Ryegate
  • Catterson Thomas, Castle gate
  • Rook Thomas, Castle gate


  • Agar Matthew, horse dealer, Market place
  • Baxter John, tanner, Borough gate
  • Beadnall James, seedsman, Ryegate
  • Burrows Jas. hat manufacturer, Borough gate
  • Coates Thomas & Co. curriers & leather cutters, Borough gate
  • Cooper John, farrier, Ryegate
  • Emerson Charles, baker, Church st
  • Fryer Thomas & Robert, horse dealers, Rivaulx
  • Gamble Edmund, basket maker
  • Jackson William, turner, Church st
  • Jones Hugh, licensed to let post horses, Church st
  • Moore Robert, druggist, tea dealer, and stamp distributer, Market pl
  • Owston Francis, miller, Sproxton mill
  • Ravely William, basket maker, Ryegate
  • Seamer William, retailer of beer, Ryegate
  • Simpson Benjamin, spirit dealer, Market place
  • Simpson Richard, retailer of beer, Ampleforth
  • Swales Peter, cattle dealer, and licensed to let horses and gigs, Borough gate
  • Trenam Daniel, watch maker, Market place
  • Trenam Richard, auctioneer & sheriff's officer, Nawton
  • Ward George, gunsmith, Church st
  • Whitfield Mary, glover, Potter gate
  • Wilson Jon. clog & patten maker, Borough gate


  • To Malton, William Howe, every Thursday & Saturday, and Thomas Wood, Wednesday & Friday
  • To Pickering, Francis Sellar, every Tuesday & Friday
  • To Stokesley, Thomas Wood, Tuesday
  • To Thirsk, Thomas Wood and William Howe, every Monday
  • To York, James White, Monday & Thursday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000